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Well, friends I am currently my second husband he is the love of my life I have a son from my first marriage and he has my dads personality , being half Greek doesn't help matters much , I have my hands full with him, 

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With all due respect Ms. Ashton, nice to know you have a nice life and a great son. To have your hands full means you spend a lot of time together, fantastic. I'm a little lost here. Are you the daughter of Mr. D'Arco of the Lucchese FamiIia? If so, from what I've read, and I don't believe everything in print, but for the most part in my most humble opinion, I believe Mr. D'Arco got a bum rap all around. From the Feds and from the Familia.Wow, 2016. Hope good days for Mr. D'Arco.

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