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Anybody besides me read about Nino Gaggi in Murder Machine? ive read
This book so many times very interesting.

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I've never read the book but had seen a doc on the crew. A crazy bunch! So was the book written by the nephew? Did Paul Castellano really meet with the Westies?

i have read Murder Machine a good 6 or 7 times it's a fantastically written book. the book was written Gene Mustain and Jerry Capeci as dictated to them by dominick Montiglio , Nino gaggi's nephew who they leaved for many years together in a house Dom called the bunker.Roy Demeo and the Gemeni crew was thought to have committed at least 250 murders.These guys were putting in a lot of work but in the end all those murders brought to much heat and lead to the murders of crew members Chris Rosenberg for the murder and kilo cocaine rip off of some cuban gangsters from Miami. and then the murder of the head killer Roy Demeo. If you have never read the book and love New York mafia books this is a must read and own a fantastic book.

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