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Lucky at the California Restaurant in Naples, Italy

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Comment by DaLenosgirl on May 11, 2012 at 1:09pm

Italian men are as tough looking as they come until they hold a coffee mug or demitasse cup. Why are they so proper? They always drink with their pinky in the air. I've seen it a dozen times and it bothers me for some reason. Has anyone else ever noticed this or been bothered by it?

Comment by DaLenosgirl on May 21, 2012 at 5:15pm

I like that--classy yet street smart! Good combination.

An overly confident son, got one of those at home myself. Last year at school, the kids appointed him as their bodyguard to keep the bullies away. This was in kindergarten, can you imagine? Too funny.

Comment by DaLenosgirl on September 9, 2012 at 8:24pm
Leonard, You know I was talking to my 95 year old aunt and she says this Italian way of doing things is called "Bella figura". Appearances, pride, respect, loyalty to famiglia and not revealing our true emotions to outsiders is all part of our code. It is why so many other cultures try to imitate the Italians.
Comment by Gaspar Vetrano on May 6, 2014 at 7:39am

I come from a place, East Boston, the only famous person to ever come out of Eastie as it is called is a guy by the name of Frank Renzulli, he wrote a screenplay that was called Maverick Square, where the Italian young men, myself included, hung around instead of going to work, the screenplay was turned into an HBO series, The Sopranos! As boys we all thought we wanted to be gangster's, when I got back from Viet Nam the last thing I wanted to be involved with was gangster's or wannabees, my Godfather used to call me Lucky Luciano, his name was Joe JR Russo, died in the federal prison in 1998, but enough of my life you can buy my book, I Make No Apology, if you wish, as a grown man I resent my Godfather calling me Lucky because Lucky Luciano was a RAT, yeah I had a hard time believing it too but it's true, as a young man selling drugs he rolled on someone, I don't hold anything against him for selling drugs, I was a drug dealer for a couple of decades and have done my share of Prison time, in three different states, but a Rat well to me none of them deserve to draw breath

Comment by DaLenosgirl on July 7, 2014 at 4:53pm

Yea I heard that about Luciano calling him a snitch, a rat. This guy Frank Renzulli's name rang a bell right away and sure enough I found a video on him talkin about the neighborhood. Of course I watched Sopranos being a Jersey girl it was like listening to my pops n his pals (without all the killing).

Welcome. Good luck with your book.

Comment by Gaspar Vetrano on July 8, 2014 at 7:02am

Hi DaLenosgirl, Thank you for the Good luck wish on my book (I make no apology by Gaspar Vetrano) Calling Lucky a rat was not one of the nicest things I have done in my life but I don't care if it was a hundred years ago or today, when you entire a life of crime that is the first rule you learn, YOU DON'T TELL, but today there seems to be a whole new set of rules, and it sickens me, you can't turn on a TV or read a news paper without seeing some new person telling the world about someone else's  crime. To date my circle consists of my wife of 22 years, my cat and me, the rest of the world can do what it wishes. You take care DaLenosgirl and my new book "The price we pay" will be out in a couple of months



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