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U.S. Treasury sanctions Yakuza groups and its bosses

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

The United States continues its fight against organized crime abroad. Yesterday, the United States Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control sanctioned the Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi, a powerful group within the Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia, and…


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Organized Crime in Australia

As the sixth largest country in the world, Australia has a lot of room for people who are looking for new territory to commit crimes. Discovered by Dutch explorers, Australia eventually fell under British rule. The British used the far-away continent as an isolated prison in the sun after they lost control of the United States. Britain sent its most hated inmates to…


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Largest ever cocaine bust in Australia’s history – Ex-rugby player, Bondi entrepreneur, fishermen arrested

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

Australian police wrapped up a very successful operation aimed at taking down a multi-million-dollar cocaine ring on Christmas Day, arresting fifteen men, and seizing over 1,100 kilograms of cocaine in Australia…


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Outlaw biker offers 10K reward to public for info on men who threw a “hand grenade” into his home

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

A high-ranking member of Dutch outlaw motorcycle club Satudarah is looking for a criminal and he needs your help! Laurence Sapulette, the Sergeant-at-Arms of motorcycle club Satudarah, has put up a reward of €10,000 euro for information on the men who threw a hand grenade into his residence in the Dutch city of…


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Profile: Belgian crime boss Marcel “Le Grande Marcel” Habran

By Milko

Marcel Habran was born on June 5, 1933. Nicknamed “Le Grand Marcel,” which means “The Big Marcel,” he was known as the godfather of the underworld in the Belgian city of Liège. His first arrest came at the age of 18, after he stole some copper. During those early years, Habran worked in bars in Liège’s red light district. Besides his…


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Public church mass in memory of slain Montreal Mafia boss Rocco Sollecito canceled – Mass was to be held in Italy

By David Amoruso

A mass in memory of murdered Montreal Mafia boss Rocco Sollecito has been canceled, Italian news agencies report. The priest at the church in Grumo Appula, a town near the city of Bari in Italy,…


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Top Nuestra Familia bosses sentenced for racketeering, murder, robberies, drugs, and violence

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

The Nuestra Familia prison gang was dealt a big blow on Wednesday when its top leader and three lower ranking bosses were sentenced to considerable time in prison for racketeering, murders, robberies, drug offenses, and related violence.

Following a three-month trial and subsequent guilty verdict, 60-year-old…


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Gangster Warlords author to talk about book, drug cartels, Latin America at Mob Museum in Las Vegas

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

The Mob Museum in Las Vegas has booked Ioan Grillo, a veteran Latin American journalist and author of the critically-acclaimed El Narco: Inside Mexico’s Criminal Insurgency, to speak about his book Gangster Warlords: Drug Dollars, Killing Fields and the New Politics of Latin America.

Grillo will discuss…


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Fugitive British cocaine smuggler gets 13 years

By David Amoruso

David McDermott seemed to have it all figured out. He’d smuggle cocaine to get rich and when cops were on to him he fled to Ghana where he married the daughter of a high-ranking government official and continued living in luxury. But British law enforcement has a long reach and got the fugitive drug smuggler back to the …


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Montreal mobster Raynald Desjardins gets 14 years for murder of ex-Bonanno boss Salvatore Montagna

By David Amoruso

Longtime Montreal Mafia member Raynald Desjardins was sentenced to 14 years in prison for his role in the assassination of former Bonanno…


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South America is quickly becoming a deadly destination for enterprising gangsters from the Netherlands

By Milko

Dutch gangsters going to South America for some illegal business face a high risk of ending up murdered. In just two years, four men were killed, while another survived getting shot in the head in Panama. All of them were deeply involved in the Netherlands’ underworld.

One week ago, on December 11, 23-year-old Mitchell…


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Gangsters Inc. at the movies: Arsenal, starring Nicholas Cage as terrifyingly crazy mob boss (WATCH TRAILER)

By David Amoruso

Who doesn’t love to see Nicholas Cage do his Nicholas Cage thing? In a gangster movie no less! We sure do! And we loved all the violent craziness we saw in the brand-new trailer of Arsenal, an action crime thriller starring Cage, Adrian Grenier, and John Cusack.

Set in the hot south, two brothers, played by Adrian…


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Former associate of Boston mob boss Whitey Bulger in court for 1991 murder of armored truck guard

By David Amoruso

Justice never forgets. No matter how many years pass after the crime is committed, the law and those who seek to uphold it remember those who broke the rules of our society and thought they got away with it. And they will not rest until justice is served.

Just ask 80-year-old…


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Genovese family mobsters charged with running off-shore gambling operation, loansharking, and cigarette smuggling

By David Amoruso

Thirteen mobsters part of New York’s Genovese crime family were arrested yesterday and charged with running an illegal off-shore gambling operation, loansharking, tax evasion, and selling untaxed cigarettes.

The highest ranking wiseguy in this typical mob bust is Salvatore “Sallie” DeMeo. At age 76, DeMeo has seen…


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New tactics needed in hunt for Sicilian Mafia’s boss of bosses Messina Denaro – Prosecutor: “He’s not normal.”

By David Amoruso

Matteo Messina Denaro, Sicilian Cosa Nostra’s boss of bosses, has been on the run for 23 years, but despite recent arrests of those closest to him authorities are far removed from catching the fugitive crime lord.

When police in Castelvetrano,…


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New Jersey Bloods gang boss pleads guilty to murder, racketeering charges

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

Rajohn “1090” Wilson, a leader of the Sex Money Murder set of the Bloods street gang in New Jersey Tuesday admitted his role in a racketeering conspiracy involving murder and heroin trafficking charges.

The 25-year-old…


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Sacra Corona Unita Mafia clan busted for vote-buying

By David Amoruso

Italian police arrested 22 individuals today in connection to their involvement in buying votes in the 2015 regional elections in Italy’s Puglia region. At the center of the scheme, prosecutors say, is the city of Bari’s Di Cosola clan, a crime group that is part of the…


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Gangsters Inc. at the movies: 22 Bullets with Jean Reno as a Marseille mob boss

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

In a world where most gangster movies based on a true story tend to deviate and take a left turn into a fictional alley a film like 22 Bullets is a breath of fresh air. Known under its original French title as L’immortel, 22 Bullets tells the fictional-yet-true story of Marseille mob…


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FUNNY VIDEO: Walter “Heisenberg” White to become head of DEA under President Donald Trump (SNL sketch)

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

President-elect Donald Trump is gathering quite the staff. Promising to seek the best and brightest to form his cabinet, he has made a few appointments that seem a bit contradictory. Someone who doesn’t believe in climate…


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