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Trump’s White House designates most threatening transnational crime groups

By David Amoruso

Call it a “Wanted: Dead or Alive” list straight from the White House. On Monday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions designated five transnational crime groups it deems pose the biggest security threat to the United States.

According to the White House,…


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Trafficker who supplied Schuele Boys Gang with $1 million of cocaine a month gets over 10 years in prison

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

A drug trafficker nicknamed "Blue Demon" was sentenced to over a decade in prison on Tuesday. 34-year-old Julio Contreras was convicted of racketeering conspiracy in which he supplied the Schuele Boys Gang in Buffalo with upwards of $1 million dollars’ worth of cocaine a month.



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Grape Street Crips member indicted for murder of bystander at 2010 summer cookout

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

A member of the Grape Street Crips gang was indicted today on additional charges in connection with the murder of a bystander at a summer cookout in 2010. 34-year-old Khalil “Stod” Stafford (photo above) is accused of a June 19, 2010, shooting that left a woman dead and two other people wounded.…


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The Uneasy Accord of a Mobster and a Cop in Cleveland, Ohio in the 1970s: “Bomb City, USA”

By Robert Sberna

By the 1970s, Cleveland’s once-powerful underworld was merely a shadow of itself. Just 20 years earlier, the city’s Mafia was a thriving enterprise, with up to 60 made (formally inducted) men involved in loansharking, gambling and union rackets.

The dwindling of the…


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Crime network suspected of trafficking thousands of people into US, Canada and UK busted in Balkan region

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

Seven members of an organized crime network involved in people smuggling were arrested the past weeks, Europol reports. The ring dealt in false passports and is suspected of trafficking thousands of people. Various groups from the extensive network had already been dismantled in…


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Gangsters Inc.’s Mafia Speak

Learn how to talk the talk of a real American mobster or learn to understand the difficult code and words Italian and Sicilian Mafiosi use as they go about their business. Of course, the underworld is always changing and evolving, as does its language. That's why we will be keeping this list up to date with the latest lingo.…


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Gangsters Inc. at the movies

Take a seat at the Gangsters Inc. cinema and check out trailers of the best and newest gangster movies and television series. This is where you see the bullets fly on the silver screen, the horse heads in the beds of studio bosses, and the most beautiful mistresses as they seduce top dogs and marks. Enjoy the show!…


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Member of large-scale drug trafficking organization sentenced to over 6 years in federal prison

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

Jermaine Christopher Pleasant was sentenced yesterday to over 6 years in prison after being convicted of drug charges. 36-year-old Pleasant was charged in an extensive federal, state, and local investigation aimed at dismantling a large-scale heroin trafficking network based in Ascension Parish,…


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High-ranking Bloods gangster arrested for organizing murder of Bonanno family mobster - At behest of Albanian Mob?

By David Amoruso

New York’s melting pot of an underworld has erupted into a violent volcano with the city’s Bonanno crime family and the Bloods street gang involved in a deadly dance that resulted in the murder of Mafia associate Sylvester Zottola at a McDonald’s drive through in The Bronx last week.



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Chairman of Sicily’s Anti-Mafia commission receives bullet

By David Amoruso

Decades after the slaughter of journalists, police officers, judges, and politicians, termed “excellent cadavers” by the media, Sicily remains a harsh place for those fighting the Mafia. Claudio Fava, the chairman of Sicily’s anti-Mafia commission, received a threatening envelope, one with a bullet…


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Legendary mob boss Al Capone’s Miami Beach mansion up for sale for $15 million

By David Amoruso / originally published on May 7, 2018 - updated October 8, 2018

Don’t you just wish you could get away from all the madness and enjoy some peace and quiet? Al Capone also had that wish, so he got himself…


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VIDEO: Clint Eastwood smuggles cocaine for the Sinaloa cartel in The Mule

By David Amoruso

One last job. It’s cliché but always manages to deliver the goods. Just like the brilliant Clint Eastwood has done for so many decades. Now, he’s back. Directing and starring in The Mule, based on the true story of World War II veteran Leo Sharp, who became a trafficker for the…


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Surrounded by police MS-13 leader commits suicide rather than return to prison

By David Amoruso

MS-13 leader Anderson Daniel Cabrera Cifuentes (photo above) hated doing time. Not a good thing when you’re looking at serving 162 years in a cell for murder, murder conspiracy, and extortion. But for every problem, there’s a solution.

Last year, in August of 2017, Cifuentes thought he’d found a way…


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Murder at the Drive-Thru: Bonanno family mobster shot in the head while getting coffee at McDonald’s

By David Amoruso

Sylvester Zottola had problems. The Bonanno family mobster was beefing with someone and that person was intent on murdering him over it. After surviving several attempts on his life, Zottola’s number was finally up on yesterday evening when an assassin shot him dead while he waited for his coffee at a…


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Crime Beat: Women in organized crime, police corruption, boxing

By Ron Chepesiuk

CRIME BEAT: ISSUES, CONTROVERSIES AND PERSONALITIES FROM THE DARK SIDE on Artist First Radio Network is pleased to announce its forthcoming schedule for October 4, 2018, through November 29, 2018. Topics covered include…


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“Good jobs, boys!” fugitive Liverpool gangster tells cops when they arrest him

By David Amoruso

Dark humor. What else can you do when you’re facing over three decades behind bars? That’s what fugitive Liverpool gangster Shaun Walmsley must’ve thought when cops slapped handcuffs on him after he spent 18 months on the run after breaking out of prison with the help of some of his machine gun-wielding…


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Houston drug boss admits taking over family heroin trafficking business

By David Amoruso

Family is everything. No surprise then that 35-year-old Victor Manuel Morales-Moreno moved from California to Houston to run a drug ring once operated by his imprisoned relatives.

Morales-Moreno took over following the arrests and incarceration of his relatives Jose Herrera-Alvarado and Pedro…


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Lucchese family mobster who laid in ambush for snitch pleads guilty to attempted murder

By David Amoruso

Lucchese crime family mobster Joseph “Joey Glasses” Datello (photo above) pleaded guilty on Monday to various acts of racketeering, including the attempted murder of a witness against him, narcotics trafficking, and collecting debts through the threat of violence.

67-year-old Datello faces a maximum…


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Ride and die in prison: Former National Vice President of Bandidos Motorcycle Club sentenced to life

By David Amoruso

The former National Vice President of the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Club, 59-year-old John Xavier Portillo, was sentenced on Monday to two consecutive life sentences, plus twenty years, in federal prison for racketeering and drug trafficking charges.

Portillo (photo above) was convicted alongside…


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“Corey Hamlet is as smart as any CEO we’ve prosecuted” – Profile of Grape Street Crips leader Corey Hamlet

By David Amoruso

Newark gang boss Corey Hamlet went by many nicknames. “Blizzie”, “C-Blaze” or simply “Blaze”. But it’s the name “Castor Troy” that sticks out when reading his indictment. The character portrayed by Nicholas Cage in the 1997 movie Face/Off was a criminal mastermind who reigned by engulfing the world around…


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