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Former Philadelphia mob boss Ralph Natale’s Last Don Standing reveals a gangster desperately in search of respect

By David Amoruso

Ralph Natale was the first official boss in the American Mafia to become a turncoat and testify against his former underlings. During a short spell in the 1990s, he led what was left of the Philadelphia crime family after nearly two decades of violence. In his biography Last Don Standing: The Secret Life of Mob Boss…


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Founder of Gangsters Inc.: David Amoruso

Fernando Acosta Bernadet

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LeRon L.…


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The Bruno Crime Family - Overview

Estimate members: Around twenty active members.

First Boss: Salvatore Sabella started the family in 1911.



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VIDEO: Philly Mafia boss says he’d kill all terrorists, hang them in front of their homes – If government paid him

By David Amoruso

Move over SEAL Team Six! You guys have tried and failed. You’ve been like “pussycats” while fighting terrorists! At least, that’s what former Philadelphia Mafia boss Ralph Natale…


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Philadelphia Boss: Ralph Natale

By David Amoruso

Ralph Natale was proof that the Philadelphia Crime Family was at it's end and in deep trouble. Natale would become the first Mafia boss to flip, turn government witness, and testifie against his former 'employees'. But was he really the top guy or just an uncle junior type of bulls eye for the feds to aim their guns at?

Ralph Natale started out as an absolute nobody. He wasn't a killer or tough guy and he… Continue

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The Mafia Cops: How Two NYPD Cops Killed for the Mob

Stephen Caracappa (l) and Louis Eppolito (r)

By David Amoruso

Posted in 2006

Copyright ©

I kept a sawed-off shotgun in my locker for just such occasions. It fit snugly under the folds of my trench coat. I spotted Frankie sitting at a card table walked up behind…


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La Organizacion de Narcotraficantes Unidos: The Puerto Rican drug gang that smuggled cocaine and dealt death

By David Amoruso

Lucrative, violent, and very deadly. That’s how you can describe La Organizacion de Narcotraficantes Unidos, a drug organization from Puerto Rico that trafficked cocaine to the Bronx in New York and swiftly executed any rival it deemed necessary to protect its business.

Eight members and associates of La…


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Philly Mafia boss Joey Merlino stands up and goes to trial

By David Amoruso

Try as they might, the feds can’t keep Philadelphia mob boss Joseph Merlino down. The man nicknamed “Skinny Joey” was one of over forty wiseguys from five different Mafia families …


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Puparo presents: The Roaring 1950s (Part 2)

Back to Part 1

Salvatore Marino then testified to making a delivery of narcotics from the apartment at 36 East 4th Street for Ralph Polizzano before his

arrest the night of July 5. On cross-examination Marino claimed that in

the police station he was punched in the stomach by the arresting

officer and two other officers for five or ten minutes and was knocked

out. He claimed he… Continue

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Former associate of Boston mob boss Whitey Bulger in court for 1991 murder of armored truck guard

By David Amoruso

Justice never forgets. No matter how many years pass after the crime is committed, the law and those who seek to uphold it remember those who broke the rules of our society and thought they got away with it. And they will not rest until justice is served.

Just ask 80-year-old…


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The Secret Police in the United States: How local law enforcement took on organized crime and La Cosa Nostra

By Gary Jenkins

The Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit is a private entity whose dues-paying members are hundreds of North American law enforcement agencies. Its founding purpose was, “to promote the gathering, recording, and exchange of confidential information not available through normal police channels, concerning organized…


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Organized Crime in Australia

As the sixth largest country in the world, Australia has a lot of room for people who are looking for new territory to commit crimes. Discovered by Dutch explorers, Australia eventually fell under British rule. The British used the far-away continent as an isolated prison in the sun after they lost control of the…


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Complex Twin Peaks Bandidos biker trial nearing start

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

It’s been almost two years since bikers of the Bandidos and Cossacks motorcycle clubs were involved in a …


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Italian-Australian Gangsters & Mafiosi

By Steven Ralph (He is a beginning writer and will be writing articles on a number of Italian-Australian crimes and criminals, whether overtly mafia related or simply ethnically Italian. Stay tuned for some good stories from the land down under.)

In his classic 1970 work The Criminal Brotherhoods, respected author David Leon Chandler cites information gleaned from…


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Puparo's Gangland History of the Chicago Boroughs

Puparo has done it again! You guys and gals like the Boardwalk Empire era? Well, here are some of the facts and insider details on that period, its gangs, mobs, and players and shakers. With a focus on Chicago because, well, if any city roared during the 1920s it was the Windy City.

So read and enjoy all the crime and corruption Chicago has had to…


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Puparo presents: The Roaring 1950s (Part 1)


Giuseppe "Pep" Cotroni 's drugtrade was financed by Luigi Greco and Cotroni once told an undercover that 5 men in the US controlled the heroin market and prices, those customers of his were Angelo "Angie" Tuminaro, Rocco "Rocky" Sancinella, Anthony "Bootsie" DiPasqua, Frank Mancino and Anthony Strollo "Tony Bender", those were often financed by Squillante.

Constantino Gamba

In 1950 arrested in Italy for trafficking in narcotics

Schiaparelli directing chemist… Continue

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Puparo presents: The Roaring 1980s (Part 2)

Back to Part 1

Genovese boss Salerno

Also meet that year 1984 Maishe and Salerno at the lawyer's Roy Cohn office.

Gaetano Badalamenti arrested

Swiss police arrest 5 april 1984 in Zurich Vincenzo Randazzo a nephew of

Gaetano Badalamenti and 8 april in Madrid Gaetano Badalamenti, his son

Vito and his nephew Pietro Alfano get arrested.… Continue

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Stone Cold Killer Boardwalk Empire Returns This Sunday

By David Amoruso

Get ready for more bootlegging, backstabbing, corrupt politicians, damsels in distress, and stone cold killers when Boardwalk Empire returns for its brand new fourth season this Sunday. We join the series in February of 1924, Nucky Thompson is laying low but faces new challenges, including a clash with the mayor, a battle with his…


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‘Ndrangheta Mob War in Australia

By Steven Ralph

In part 4 of his series on organized crime in Australia, Steven Ralph details the bloody war fought between members of the same ‘Ndrangheta cell in Melbourne in the 1960s. A fight for control over rackets, and revenge.

Muratore family;

I do rite this letter in English as I want your kids to read your roten old man…


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Chicago: A Gangster History Part 2

You can find Chicago: A Gangster History Part 1 here.

By Puparo


Saltis McErlane gang

4 October 1925 was the Ragens Colts Club House (Ralph Sheldon headquarters) machine gunned and died bystander Charles Kelly and wounded was Thomas Hart

Saltis McErlane gang

13 October…


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