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Keeping the New York docks in the (Mafia) family: From the Gigantes to the daughter of “Lefty” of Donnie Brasco fame

By David Amoruso

In the past few decades, various prosecutors have announced the end of the American Mafia several times, but each time La Cosa Nostra popped up at exactly those places where it was said to have become extinct. A NY Times piece about the New York harbor showed that despite prosecutions, the area made famous by On the…


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Bonanno capo smashed glass in face of sushi lounge owner

By David Amoruso

Alleged Bonanno family captain Peter Lovaglio was arrested Friday morning and charged with assaulting the owner of a popular sushi restaurant in Staten Island. According to crime reporter Murray Weiss at…


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Top 5 of True Stand Up Wiseguys

By David Amoruso

Joseph Massino, the first New York mob boss to become a cooperating witness, feels he has earned a release from prison. This week, the New York Daily News reported that the FBI agrees and asked the judge to reduce the former Bonanno big wig’s life sentence as a reward for his unprecedented cooperation. “As the first official boss of the American Mafia to…


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Exclusive Interview With The Men Behind Crime Beat

In a very short time Crime Beat Radio has become a huge hit on the world wide web. Run by Ron Chepesiuk and William Hryb the show covers the shady world of crime. Its topics range from the Italian Mafia to mob wives to serial killers to crimes committed by states and governments and Chepesiuk and Hryb invite the best and most knowledgeable guests to shine…


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Bonanno Soldier: Benjamin Ruggiero

By David Amoruso

Posted in 2001

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Benjamin 'Lefty Guns' Ruggiero was one of the true Cosa Nostra Mafioso, a guy who was old school and knew how Mafia politics worked. Lefty was a Bonanno soldier who was feared and respected by his fellow Mafioso and in the end Lefty showed them all, when he just wouldn't break Omerta. Most of you probably know Lefty from the… Continue

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