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Top 4 stone cold gangsters who look like total wimps

By David Amoruso

Looks can be deceiving. Never was that more true than for the following four gangsters. When looking at them, one doesn’t see a bunch of tough guys. One doesn’t get the idea he’s looking at murderers. Yet, these men were all just that: Stone cold gangsters who instilled fear and respect among even the scariest of men. This, despite the fact…


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British Boss: Arthur Thompson Sr.

By David Amoruso

Posted on August 22, 2007

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Arthur Thompson was born in September 1931 in Glasgow, Scotland. He was born to two law abiding parents. His father was a steelworker. The Thompson family lived in Springburn in the north west of Glasgow. Growing up Arthur Thompson got into a lot of fights. In his early years these fights were decided with bare… Continue

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British Boss: Tam McGraw

By David Amoruso

Posted on August 15, 2007

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Glasgow`s Mr Lucky or King Rat?

"Glasgow's a town called malice. Everybody's jealous of everybody else. Nobody likes to see that you are getting on in Glasgow. I am not one of the controlling influences in the city. I don't think… Continue

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