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The role of the Indian Mafia, gangs and match fixing in international cricket

By David Amoruso for Gangsters Inc.

Cricket may not be the world’s most famous sport, but it is a multi-billion-dollar industry that has over a billion fans around the globe. Such high stakes have attracted shady elements looking to rig the game and…


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Locked up: The pharma boss who ran “world’s biggest” anabolic steroid distribution network

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

The head of an international pharmaceutical firm has been jailed for heading up what is believed to be the world’s biggest ever illegal…


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Cocaine and guns? Nah, the real money is in stealing hair weaves and vanilla

By David Amoruso

Crime is a flexible business. It can go from dealing in cars to trafficking cigarettes in the blink of an eye. Hell, it can do both at the same time. It can take bets and break skulls in the same inning. But crime usually revolves around a certain number of products and vices. Well, prepare to have your…


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Boss of international drug syndicate known as the Sultan arrested following joint investigation by DEA, agencies

By David Amoruso

It’s a drug case that has all the ingredients of a James Bond movie. An alleged international drug lord known as the Sultan was arrested at his London home on Friday, following investigations by the National Crime Agency and US Drug Enforcement Administration (…


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The Rise of the Indian Mafia and Bollywood

By Gary K. Busch

One of the least well-known of the international criminal organisations is the Indian Mafia. It is not only centred on India but has spread across the globe. Among other areas of influence, it has thrived through its engagement with the Indian entertainment industry, better known as “Bollywood”. It has come into prominence recently for its…


Added by Gary K. Busch on April 26, 2017 at 5:07am — No Comments

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