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Mafia author shares dark stories behind Garden State Gangland: The Rise of the Mob in New Jersey

By David Amoruso

Organized crime in New Jersey goes way back and features some of the most colorful characters and powerhouses one can imagine. Gangsters Inc. sat down with mob author Scott Deitche, who details this rich and violent history in his new book Garden State Gangland: The Rise of the Mob in New…


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Prequel of The Sopranos is in the works – Creator David Chase returns with movie titled The Many Saints of Newark

By David Amoruso

Over a decade ago, when his epic The Sopranos ended with a black screen, David Chase left us sitting in the dark. Now, just like that, he pulls us back out into the light with a prequel movie to his hit television series titled The Many Saints of Newark.

Set in the 1960s, the film…


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Nicodemo “Little Nicky” Scarfo, infamous boss of the Philadelphia crime family, dies in prison at age 87

By David Amoruso

Infamous Philadelphia mob boss Nicodemo Scarfo passed away in prison on Friday, underworld sources told mob reporter George Anastasia, who…


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The DeCavalcante Crime Family - Overview

First Boss: Filippo "Phil" Amari

Primary activities: Extortion, gambling, drugs, loansharking, union corruption, prostitution.

Boss: ?…


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Crime Beat: A Hitman, a Drug Dealer & the New Jersey Mob

Crime Beat: Issues, Controversies and Personalities from the darkside on Artist First World Radio Network is pleased to announce its forthcoming schedule for July 18, 2013, through September 5, 2013. Topics covered include the Iraq War, a hitman, the Tyson-Holyfield, and surveillance in America, among others.

In addition, each week, Crime Beat will…


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Genovese and Gambino Mobsters in Garbage Bust

“I'm in the waste management business. Everybody immediately assumes you're mobbed up. It's a stereotype. And it's offensive. (…) There is no Mafia.” - Tony Soprano

By David Amoruso

Thirty-two members and associates of the Genovese, Gambino, and Lucchese crime families were hit with various racketeering charges yesterday, all…


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Nicky Scarfo Junior Following in Daddy's Footsteps

By David Amoruso

Growing up as the son of Philadelphia mobster “Little Nicky” Scarfo, it was pretty clear that Nicodemo Scarfo “Junior” would have a hard time avoiding the notoriety that came with the family…


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Mobsters In Prison: A Story From Behind Bars

By Seth Ferranti (

Goodfellas, the Godfather, Donnie Brasco, The Sopranos- Hollywood's obsession with mobsters dates all the way back to the turn of the century. A litany of wise guys have gained fame and notoriety and eventually been incarcerated by the feds. Beginning with Al Capone and stretching to…


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The Lucchese New Jersey Faction

By David Amoruso

Posted May 26, 2007

Copyright ©

The Lucchese Crime Family's New Jersey faction was once among the most powerful in the state. They operated from Bergen County through Essex County, Morris County, Passaic County and Union County, to Sussex County. Their criminal business included illegal gambling, loansharking, drug trafficking, cigarette smuggling, fraud, extortion, and anything else that made a fast… Continue

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Whack Out on Willie Moretti

By Thom L. Jones

He went to church every Sunday in Deal, New Jersey, with his wife and three daughters. The kids in the neighbourhood called him 'cump.' He had a home there on five acres, where he raised prize ducks, that was valued at $400,000. By to-days standards, many millions. He was short and squat with thinning hair, brushed straight back and whenever you see a photo of him, he's wearing the most hideous, hand-painted silk ties.

One of a kind was Willie… Continue

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DeCavalcante Boss: John D'Amato

By Luca

Posted on: September 7, 2008

You could be easily forgiven for not mentioning John D’Amato in the same breath as Carlo Gambino or Carlos Marcello. Truth is he won’t go down as one of the most powerful nor successful mob bosses of all time. But the former DeCalvacante Godfather led an intriguing life, one that led to his death in 1992. Here’s the story.

Sam ‘Sam the plumber’ DeCalvacante certainly didn’t have a name… Continue

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DeCavalcante Capo: Francesco Polizzi

By Maarten Anthonissen

Posted: April 27, 2007

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Francesco Polizzi never was a very important figure in the world of American wiseguys. A typical soldier who climbed the ladder and became a capo. His income, and that of his whole crew, came from typical mob rackets; loansharking, gambling, extortion, and especially drugs. But eventhough he won't get a place… Continue

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Turncoat Mobster Once Again Involved in Dirty Business

By David Amoruso

Posted on September 19, 2009

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DeCavalcante mobster Vincent “Vinny Ocean” Palermo (photo right) disappeared into the witness protection program at the turn of the millennium after giving testimony about mob rackets in New Jersey and New York. Like all criminals who decide to cooperate, he hoped to get a second chance at life. But it seems he is up to his old tricks… Continue

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Gambino Capo: Robert Bisaccia

By David Amoruso

When you ask people about their favorite scene in the classic mob movie Goodfellas, a lot will answer they loved the "You think I'm funny? I'm funny how?" scene. The scene illustrates perfectly how mobsters could go from having a casual dinner where they are laughing, to cold blooded intimidation and perhaps murder, back to joking around. Joe Pesci based his performance on a childhood friend, who by then had…


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