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The Genovese Crime Family - Overview

Estimate members: Between 200 and 225 (according to Jerry Capeci)

First Boss: Charles "Lucky" Luciano

Primary activities: The most powerful and wealthy crime Family in the New York area, and perhaps the entire country. The Genovese Family maintains major…


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A Mean Street in Queens: To Kill a Cop

By Thom L. Jones

It’s a definite no-no. If you are part of the Mafia, you do not go after, and certainly do not kill, police officers. In America at least. In Sicily. That’s a different story altogether.

So how and why the events of the night of Tuesday, January 21st, 1987, unfolded on a street in the borough of Queens, New York is almost as big a mystery now…


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Lucchese Soldier: Frank "Frankie Pearl" Federico

By David Amoruso

Posted in 2006


Frank "Frankie Pearl" Federico was born on January 3, 1928. On August 10, 1989 Federico murders Long Island carters Robert Kubecka and Donald Barstow at the offices of the Kubecka Carting Company at 41 Brightside Avenue, East Northport, New York because of their cooperation with law enforcement’s investigation of the carting industry on Long Island. In…


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Deal with the Devil - Q&A with author Peter Lance

Before Whitey Bulger became a big shot crime boss in Boston while feeding information to the FBI, Colombo mobster Gregory Scarpa was already using the Feds as his get-out-of-jail-free-card. He eventually manipulated the FBI in such a manner that he changed that card into a license to kill.

Five-time Emmy Award-winning author Peter Lance has done extensive…


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Gambino Capo Bartolomeo Vernace Found Guilty

By David Amoruso

After more than thirty years, Gambino capo Bartolomeo “Pepe” Vernace finally faced the music this past week as he was found guilty of a 1981 murder and various racketeering charges. His victim was an innocent bar owner who had nothing to do with the mob. Vernace on the other hand began rising rapidly through the underworld as he managed to…


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Mob Hit in South Philadelphia

By David Amoruso

The Philadelphia crime family is finally returning to its dysfunctional roots. After a decade of relative peace and quiet under the guidance of boss Joseph Ligambi, South Philadelphia was shocked on Wednesday by the first mob hit in years.

On Wednesday, around 3 p.m., gunshots were heard across Iseminger Street in Philadelphia. Gino DiPietro, 50, was…


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Genovese Soldier: George Barone

By David Amoruso

When George Barone died late last year, an adventurous life came to an end. He was a hero of the second world war. A founding member of the Jets street gang made famous in the musical West Side Story. And spent decades as a Genovese mobster who ruled the docks and was a favorite hitter for family boss Tony Salerno. To top it off, Barone became a… Continue

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Bonanno Soldier: Benjamin Ruggiero

By David Amoruso

Posted in 2001

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Benjamin 'Lefty Guns' Ruggiero was one of the true Cosa Nostra Mafioso, a guy who was old school and knew how Mafia politics worked. Lefty was a Bonanno soldier who was feared and respected by his fellow Mafioso and in the end Lefty showed them all, when he just wouldn't break Omerta. Most of you probably know Lefty from the… Continue

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Lucchese Soldier: Frank Gioia

By David Amoruso

Posted in 2006

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Frank Gioia was born in 1967. Gioia was born into 'the life', his father Frank Gioia senior was a Lucchese Family mobster. Growing up around mobsters it was`nt long untill Gioia himself became one. At age 12 he hung around a mob owned social club, getting drinks for wiseguys and doing small tasks for them. By the age of 18 though Gioia had left behind the errand-boy role. He… Continue

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Gambino Soldier: Charles Carneglia

By David Amoruso

Posted on March 4, 2010

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When Charles Carneglia was arrested on the morning of February 7, 2008, he looked (see photo on the right) like more like Charles Manson than a slick member of New York’s Gambino Crime Family. But though looks can be deceiving, in Carneglia’s case the “Manson look” was pretty appropriate.

As a… Continue

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Gambino Soldier: Samuel Corsaro

By David Amoruso

Posted in 2003

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Samuel "Little Sammy" Corsaro was born in 1943 in Nutley, New Jersey. Later he moved to Clifton, New Jersey where he would remain till his death. Like all mobsters Corsaro also started out in petty crime but in 1969 he decided to rob a liquor store. During the robbery things went drastically wrong and Corsaro shot the liquor store clerk, the clerk did not survive his wounds.… Continue

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