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The DeCavalcante Crime Family: "The Sopranos... Is that supposed to be us?"

First Boss: Filippo "Phil" Amari

Primary activities: Extortion, gambling, drugs, loansharking, union corruption, prostitution.

Boss: ?



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“I chopped him up so bad” - Profile of DeCavalcante Mafia family soldier Anthony Capo

By David Amoruso for Gangsters Inc.

Every Mafia family has its go-to guy when it comes to violent acts. For New Jersey’s DeCavalcante crime family one of those men was Anthony Capo, a soldier with a hair-trigger temper who relished hurting people and…


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Pinky rings and murder: Brooklyn gangland of the ‘80s comes to life in new Mafia series Gravesend

By David Amoruso for Gangsters Inc.

Is Brooklyn in the house? Hell. Yes. The brand-new mob series Gravesend just premiered on Amazon Prime and is set to become the latest Mafia epic to mesmerize viewers. Gangsters Inc. sat down with…


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A Gangster Christmas: Stories from the underworld

By David Amoruso for Gangsters Inc.

‘Tis the season! Merry Christmas everyone! At Gangsters Inc. we don’t really do presents. But we do do gangster stories! Lots of ‘em! Especially for Christmas we’ve dug up four stories that show how mobsters spend their Christmas. Spoiler alert: Two end in murder.

“Carmine DiBiase went out on Christmas Day and got drunk. Very…


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“Take responsibility as a captain to your family” - Profile: Bonanno crime family capo Joseph Sabella

By David Amoruso

Bonanno crime family captain Joseph “Joe Valet” Sabella is a prime example of the persistence of the American Mafia. At age 54, he has held a senior position in the New York mob during the 2010s. In that period, he’s done pretty much the same as what a typical mobster did in the…


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If a man looks like a mobster, is he also guilty of being one?

By David Amoruso

The trial of alleged Bonanno crime family boss Joseph “Joe C” Cammarano Jr. began last week and he showed up looking the part. It brought up the question: Does looking like a mobster, make you guilty of being one?

A stupid question, of course, but one that needs to be addressed. With his gray hair,…


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SNL does The Sopranos finale parody with Robert De Niro as Robert Mueller and Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

Saturday Night Live finished off its season with a bang last night when it brought in a star-studded cast to parody the infamous final episode of HBO’s The Sopranos. As Journey’s Don’t…


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Mafia author shares dark stories behind Garden State Gangland: The Rise of the Mob in New Jersey

By David Amoruso

Organized crime in New Jersey goes way back and features some of the most colorful characters and powerhouses one can imagine. Gangsters Inc. sat down with mob author Scott Deitche, who details this rich and violent history in his new book Garden State Gangland: The Rise of the Mob in New…


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Prequel of The Sopranos is in the works – Creator David Chase returns with movie titled The Many Saints of Newark

By David Amoruso

Over a decade ago, when his epic The Sopranos ended with a black screen, David Chase left us sitting in the dark. Now, just like that, he pulls us back out into the light with a prequel movie to his hit television series titled The Many Saints of Newark.

Set in the 1960s, the film…


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VIDEO: Gangster Land, indie mob film shows Al Capone's story through eyes of “Machine Gun” Jack McGurn

By David Amoruso

Chicago mob boss Al Capone’s story never gets boring. It has been told in many ways and through the eyes of various of his associates and enemies. In Gangster Land, we get to see Capone through the eyes of his infamous…


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“Mob Artist” Michael Bell about fighting the system, being teacher of the year, and painting portrait of John Gotti

By David Amoruso

Michael Bell is a prime example of a man with many talents. Despite overcoming great odds as a youth, he always turned towards good, eventually becoming a national award-winning teacher of the year and sought-after artist. After painting portraits of mob boss John Gotti and several cast members of The…


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“Now go home and get your fucking shine box!” – Iconic actor Frank Vincent passes away at age 78

By David Amoruso

Actor Frank Vincent, best known for his roles in Goodfellas and The Sopranos, passed away of…


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The Mafia and SEAL Team 6 joining forces?

By David Amoruso

What is it about the Mafia and hunting terrorists? A couple of weeks ago we had a former Philadelphia mob boss who told us that he’d kill every terrorist and hang their dead bodies in front of their homes – if the government paid him enough – and now we have “Big Pussy” getting together with the “man who shot Osama bin Laden.”

“Had a…


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Owner of Rao’s and notable actor Frank Pellegrino Sr. dies at age 72 – Starred in The Sopranos and Law & Order

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

Frank Pellegrino Sr. passed away on Tuesday at age 72. He had been diagnosed with cancer last year. Pellegrino Sr. is best known among the general public for his role as FBI Bureau Chief Frank Cubitoso on HBO’s The Sopranos…


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Rumble at Rao's: It's not over 'till The Fat Lady Sings - The night Louie Lump Lump chose the gun over the cannoli

By Thom L. Jones

When you mention Rao’s to someone, you can see their eyes light up. Probably they’ve never been there-you can’t get in the place-but they’ve heard about it: the location, the ambience, the mystique, all those stories. You can only image what it’s like. And then one night, you get lucky. You get in and find out…


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How someone stole the watch off a dying Tony Soprano

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

The death of actor James Gandolfini shocked fans around the world. No one saw the man they knew best as fictional mob boss Tony Soprano dying at an age as young as 51. While many were shocked and surprised, another…


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New Jersey mob boss Francesco Guarraci dies at age 61

By David Amoruso

Reputed DeCavalcante crime family mob boss Francesco Guarraci passed away on April 14, 2016, at home surrounded by his loving family. He was 61. Guarraci became acting boss of the New Jersey mob around 2006.

Guarraci was born in Ribera, Sicily, and came to New Jersey in 1967, where he settled in Elizabeth. According to his …


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Tony Soprano’s white Cadillac up for auction

By David Amoruso

When fans of HBO’s The Sopranos think of Tony Soprano, most of them picture the mob boss with a cigar, his leather jacket on, cruising in his shiny white Cadillac Escalade looking for “cocksuckers” to stomp on. And now fans could live the fantasy themselves because Tony’s white Cadillac is going up for auction.

On November 12,…


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Profile: Bonanno crime family capo Jack Bonventre

By David Amoruso

“What the fuck is there? Everybody runs to the law. Everybody’s a fucking rat. Everybody, they’re fucking horrible.” – Bonanno gangster Jack Bonventre

Bonanno mobster Jack Bonventre knows all about “the life” and its many hardships. Bonventre was convicted of a federal charge of illegal gambling in 2007, for which he…


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