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Crime Beat: Meyer Lansky, NY Mafia History & More

Crime Beat: Issues, Controversies and Personalities from the darkside on Artist First Radio Network is pleased to announce its forthcoming schedule for April 17, 2014, through June 19, 2014. Topics covered include Mafia History, the Pizza Bomber, Joseph Mengele, private investigation work and more.

Here is the lineup:

  • April 17 — Mike Russell, author of…

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Always a gangster: Racketeering in the nursing home

By David Amoruso

Oh, how we miss The Sopranos! Tony and his two families. The drama. The violence. And those storylines that seemed too funny to be true. Like when Uncle Junior started running the mental institution as his personal fiefdom. Great entertainment, but that would never happen in real life, right? Wrong.…


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Bonanno goodfellas turned in by former boss Massino

By David Amoruso

Are you ready for Goodfellas: The Sequel? You better be, cause the story has arrived. Yesterday, FBI agents arrested five wiseguys of the Bonanno crime family and hit them with various counts of racketeering. One Bonanno mobster is charged with participation in the 1978 Lufthansa heist immortalized in Martin Scorsese’s movie…


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Stone Cold Killer Boardwalk Empire Returns This Sunday

By David Amoruso

Get ready for more bootlegging, backstabbing, corrupt politicians, damsels in distress, and stone cold killers when Boardwalk Empire returns for its brand new fourth season this Sunday. We join the series in February of 1924, Nucky Thompson is laying low but faces new challenges, including a clash with the mayor, a battle with his…


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James "Tony Soprano" Gandolfini (1961–2013)

By David Amoruso

Rest in peace, James Gandolfini. You have passed away at far too young an age.

As Tony Soprano he gave the performance of a lifetime and created a character that has become a television icon. Gandolfini’s broad shoulders carried that terrific show and lifted it to great heights. The Sopranos was the first groundbreaking television series,…


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Christmas Presents You Can't Refuse

‘Tis the season to be jolly… and also to enjoy some quality gangster books or movies with family and friends of ours! And who better to point you guys towards those great Christmas presents than your own criminal mastermind David Amoruso! Here are a couple of must-have gangster books, and television series that offer a little bit of everything to the fans of the…


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Nothing Personal: New Mob Docu Series Premieres March 9 on Investigation Discovery

By David Amoruso

“It's not personal, Sonny. It's strictly business,” Michael Corleone says to his older brother in The Godfather. This quote has come to influence how a large percentage of the public views how organized crime groups operate. These gangsters don’t kill at random. They kill with good reasons. For profit, territory: business. It doesn’t mean they…


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Art Imitating Life Imitating Art

By David Amoruso

“Fuck you. Pay me.” You all know this line from the classic movie Goodfellas. In the movie a troubled bar owner asks Henry Hill and his mob superior Paul Cicero to become his partners so he falls under their protection and his business can flourish without harassment from other…


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