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The sun was shining: The hit on New York Mafia underboss Frank Scalice

By Thom L. Jones

In the only borough of New York to begin with the indefinite article, it was not unusual at end of day to watch “fathers trundling home with a monumental sadness on their shoulders”. * It was a hard place to live for the working man and his family. A good place for organized crime.

Frank Scalice lived at 211 Kirby…


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Thom L. Jones' Mob Corner - Overview

Mob Corner is written by Thom L. Jones. A retired businessman, he has had a long interest in organized crime, and in particular the Sicilian and American Mafia.

A hobby triggered by a book he read while studying at university "God Protect…


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The Phantom of The Grand Hotel: Sicily, the Mafia, a Mystery

By Thom L. Jones

Located in the historical center of Palermo, Sicily. Founded in 1874 and renovated in 1907 by one of the great masters of the Art Nouveau Style, Ernesto Basile, the exquisite Grand Hotel Et Des Palmes hotel exudes historical charm. Grand décor of marble floors and antiques combine nicely with very latest technology to…


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Moon over Sicily

By Thom L. Jones (For more of his stories check out his Mob Corner)

He heard they were going to kill him soon, from the baker who ran a shop at the end of the street. It wasn't that much of a surprise, not like…


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The Woman in Black: Leoluchina Sorisi

By Thom L. Jones

I imagine a scene, long ago, in the town of Corleone, in the heartland of Western Sicily.

I see Doctor Michele Navarra (right). A classic valetudinarian; a sensitive and haunted expression playing across his features. The face of a man who had sold his soul to the Mafia and the devil for an excellent price, as English author Norman Lewis…


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Man is the Cruelest Animal: The story of “Trigger” Mike Coppola

By Thom L. Jones

The man who appeared to be always photographed with a perpetual sneer on his face, seemingly had a temperament to match. Like many short men, he made up for lost inches with a bombastic, in-your-face approach to life. He is best remembered by the media for the way he treated women, rather than for his prowess as a gangster, although he was skilled in…


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La Primula Rossa: The Story of Luciano Leggio (Part 3)

Part One - Part Two - Part Three

By Thom L. Jones

Following Leggio’s acquittal in the second trial, although he was subject to…


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The Evil That Men Do: The killing of Robert Kubecka & Donald Barstow

By Thom L. Jones

Salvatore Avellino recorded by electronic surveillance:

'Do you understand me, now when you got a guy that steps out of line and this and that, now you got the whip. You got the fuckin' whip. This is what he, Tony Corallo, tells me all the time, a strong union makes money for everybody, including the wise… Continue

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A Death in the Family

By Thom L. Jones

In those last few seconds, as his life was disappearing like an evanescent breath, nothing to protect him, no salvation at hand, his thoughts must have been perhaps his wife and children; his family to be torn apart by his sudden and awful ending. Did he cry out in frustration at the inevitability of this act of duplicity locking him into this act of ultimate violence; or the venal manoeuvre that enticed him into a cul-de-sac from which there could be no escape? The… Continue

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Lucky’s Luck: How Charlie Luciano got out of jail and passed go

By Thom L. Jones

Any one interested in the subject of Italian-American organized crime, is probably familiar with the story concerning Charlie Luciano’s final departure from New York.

After serving 10 years of a thirty year sentence for compulsory prostitution, he was released from prison by the very man who sent him away, New York State Governor, Thomas Dewey, transferred to Ellis Island in New York Harbour, and on February 10th 1946, sailed away on a rust-bucket of a…


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Get ’The Right Man’: How the FBN nailed Vito Genovese

By Thom L. Jones

It begins and ends with a man who had a name that sounded like a musk melon.

His impact on the American Mafia was much more than to just have helped the law incarcerate a man who at the time, they considered perhaps the most powerful hoodlum in the country. By helping to nail him and thus sending him to prison, he created a chain of events that would have perhaps, the most significant repercussions on Italian-American organized crime since its recognized… Continue

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Death in the Afternoon, The shadow of a Dream: The Story of Carmine Galante (Part 2)

Back to part 1

During Lunch

As his nephew drove away from the drop-off, Galante walked into the restaurant, whose front windows were masked by yellow curtains. It was a favourite meeting place, where he often arranged sit-downs with his closest associates. Knickerbocker Avenue had for over 50 years been the turf of the Bonanno crime family, according to… Continue

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Death in the Afternoon, The shadow of a Dream: The Story of Carmine Galante

By Thom L. Jones

Before Lunch

It was not quite the dog days of August, but almost. The temperature was in the upper eighties by mid-day, baking the cracked asphalt that shimmered under the relentless rays of the noon-day sun, beating down on the city like a blow-torch, tempered by the 80 degrees of humidity.

In Bushwick, Brooklyn, inland from whatever on-shore breezes may have been blowing in from the East River, there was no relief from the wilting heat.…


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Mob Meeting at Apalachin: The Big Barbeque

By Thom L. Jones

November 1957

The question, to my mind, has to be why?

Why was this meeting held?

There are a number of other interesting questions as well of course, and none of them have ever been answered satisfactorily.

Who actually arranged it?

Who first thought of the idea?

Who in fact brought the whole thing together?

Long before the days of rapid…


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Whack Out on Willie Moretti

By Thom L. Jones

He went to church every Sunday in Deal, New Jersey, with his wife and three daughters. The kids in the neighbourhood called him 'cump.' He had a home there on five acres, where he raised prize ducks, that was valued at $400,000. By to-days standards, many millions. He was short and squat with thinning hair, brushed straight back and whenever you see a photo of him, he's wearing the most hideous, hand-painted silk ties.

One of a kind was Willie… Continue

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The Trouble With Harry

By Thom L. Jones

Way back in 1955, Alfred Hitchcock made this great movie called ‘The Trouble with Harry’ starring John Forsythe. An offbeat, hilarious black comedy about a bothersome corpse that keeps getting buried and then keeps re-appearing, causing all sorts of problems for peaceful neighbours in a New England township.

There was another Harry who caused all sorts of people, all sorts of problems, often involving dead bodies, but for quite different reasons.

At… Continue

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Dead Men On Leave: The Mafia Murder of Carlo Tresca

By Thom L. Jones

The man with the heavy black beard had left his comfortable, six-room apartment at 130 West Twelfth Street. It was late in the morning, and he had to go to his office; but first he had a lunch meeting.

It was January 11th, 1943.

There were four of them gathering late on this morning, and they went to eat at one of his favourite restaurants- John’s- also on Twelfth Street, a few blocks east from where he lived. Opened in 1908, it still to this…


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Hit in Harlem: The Life and Times of Eugenio Giannini

By Thom L. Jones

By all accounts he wasn’t that nice a person.

Described as small, lecherous and ugly, with a temperament to match, it’s hard to find anything redeeming in a life like his, cut short by the mid forties. He played one shady card too many, and found out the hard way that the mob doesn’t tolerate rats or double-crossers. It was only because of Joe Valachi that he made more than just a mention in the New York daily papers: another gangster taken for a one-way… Continue

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The Color Purple: Detroit's Early Mob

By Thom L. Jones

Whatever they amounted to as a bunch of criminals, the derivation of their name is intriguing enough in itself. There seems to be more versions of its origin and meaning, than combinations of a Rubik Cube.

One story goes that two Hastings Street shopkeepers, whose places had been targets for the gang, said something like:

'These kids, they’re tainted, they’re rotten, purple, like the colour of bad meat, they’re the Purple Gang.'

Detroit… Continue

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Being Ernest: The Life and Hard Times of Ernie 'The Hawk' Rupolo

By Thom L. Jones

I think he is one of my favourite mobsters of all time. The one-eyed killer who couldn't shoot straight.

Most people have never heard of him. He never achieved any immortal status as a big player in the Mafia crime families of New York, although he longed for and lusted after it. He was probably the rule rather than the exception when it came to setting the standard for the street hoodlums that made up the rank and file of organized crime. A grifter,… Continue

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