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Genovese capo Pagano hit with racketeering charges

By David Amoruso

Genovese captain Daniel Pagano (above) was hit with racketeering charges yesterday. Authorities allege he participated in a racketeering conspiracy in which he committed extortion, loansharking, and operated an illegal gambling business. It’s the latest bust in a long mob career for the 61-year-old Pagano.…


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Kennedy Targets Labor Boss Jimmy Hoffa

By William Hryb

With the McClellan hearings spearheaded by Robert Kennedy came a daily dose of shocking disclosures that organized crime had crept into the very inner circles of the labor movement. The hearings conducted between 1957 and 1959 had a carnival-like atmosphere, where prosecutors dissected every word of suspected persons who had ties to organized crime…


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5 of the dumbest moves in Mafia history

By David Amoruso

The world of organized crime is one considered to be inhabited by individuals who are a cut above the rest. People who can work together to achieve a goal, think out of the box, who can rob and murder and protect their newfound riches through sheer strength. What separates them from other criminals is stated right there in the label “organized…


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Get ’The Right Man’: How the FBN nailed Vito Genovese

By Thom L. Jones

It begins and ends with a man who had a name that sounded like a musk melon.

His impact on the American Mafia was much more than to just have helped the law incarcerate a man who at the time, they considered perhaps the most powerful hoodlum in the country. By helping to nail him and thus sending him to prison, he created a chain of events that would have perhaps, the most significant repercussions on Italian-American organized crime since its recognized… Continue

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Hit in Harlem: The Life and Times of Eugenio Giannini

By Thom L. Jones

By all accounts he wasn’t that nice a person.

Described as small, lecherous and ugly, with a temperament to match, it’s hard to find anything redeeming in a life like his, cut short by the mid forties. He played one shady card too many, and found out the hard way that the mob doesn’t tolerate rats or double-crossers. It was only because of Joe Valachi that he made more than just a mention in the New York daily papers: another gangster taken for a one-way… Continue

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