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250 troops deployed to Naples to halt Camorra violence

By David Amoruso

We can go ahead and just call the Camorra by its Roberto Saviano-given nickname: Gomorrah. The Mafia group has turned the city of Naples into a blood-soaked battlefield littered with corpses and addicts as a drug war is raging between various Camorra clans.

In response, the Italian government deployed 250 soldiers to Naples to halt a recent upswing in mob-related violence, Italy’s Interior Minister told reporters yesterday.

“These back-up units will be a more forceful representation of the defense of law and order that we intend to set against the incidents of violence, criminality, and internal feuds that characterize [the Camorra] right now,” Alfano said. He hopes the troops will boost local security and strengthen citizens' confidence in government institutions.

If it will help remains to be seen. The Camorra clans have been waging several deadly wars in the past decades, each one more vicious than the one before. In 2008, garbage piled the streets of Naples and the Italian government called in the army to bulldoze the waste from the streets of Caserta, but nothing was solved as several hundred thousand tons of waste still remained.

The Camorra may tone the violence down while soldiers patrol the streets, but for how long? And what happens when the army leaves again? Gomorrah will once again rule the streets with its murderous carnage.

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