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Fuggedaboutit! You won a dvd of The Godfather!

Two weeks ago, Gangsters Inc. in cooperation with EPIX offered you guys the chance to win a dvd of the mob classic The Godfather. All you had to do was tell us who your favorite character was and why. We’ve had many great send-ins but the following three are considered the best. Congratulations, guys! You have all won a dvd!

Mike: “The Godfather character I like most would have to be Michael. Being I come from a family with three brothers and a sister, the contrast between the brothers is what makes it so interesting. One brother feels left out an carried throughout his life. Another is a pure street guy who has the intangibles of a Boss but his quick temper would be enough to eventually topple a crime family. And then there's Michael, a smart skilled thinker with every intangible to lead a nation more less a crime family. Thank you.”

Ricky: “Marlon Brando AKA Vito Corleone said the famous line "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer". He was great father and grandfather as well as took great care of his family, friends and his people under him. I loved it when he was in the garden with his grandson tending to his tomatoes and chasing his grandson around with the orange in his mouth acting like a monkey. It made you cry to see him die but it was better than seeing him get whacked by some other family. He died doing what he loved. Vito Corleone in short taught me to be loyal, love my family & friends. To live life and cherish every precious moment of it. He was a man of honor, guts, love and cheer. But be careful and not double cross him. It might be the last person you do that to. Marlon Brando. Rest in peace my friend.”

Manny Gina, from Norfolk, VA: “My favorite character is Sonny Corleone. He made the first film. The temper and subsequent violence, the disregard of mafia codes and family values, it set in motion the entire film and Michael’s rise. And even though Mike was a great boss, I missed Sonny. He brought the action. In a war I’d want Sonny by my side.”

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Comment by Michael G on September 8, 2011 at 4:40pm
Thanks so much for the DVD!. I'm a huge true crime fan an this site is so diverse as far as what type of gangsters you guys cover. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
Comment by Gangsters Inc. on September 9, 2011 at 4:52am
Thanks for the kind words, Michael! And you earned that dvd :D Enjoy it!


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