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Italian police raid Camorra Mafia-run coke lab near Naples

By David Amoruso

Italian police raided a cocaine refining laboratory in a town south of Naples today, arresting five people including two members of the Camorra and three Colombian nationals. They found 7 kilos of cocaine paste and 20 liters of a coke-based liquid that would have been worth 3 million euros on the street once processed.

The lab, police told reporters, was set up in the kitchen of an apartment. It was used to extract the drug from a plastic-looking material. “It was easier to hide the coke in this raw state,” Police Lieutenant Colonel Giuseppe Furciniti told Reuters. “Probably the Colombians had come to Italy to explain the extraction process, because obviously only those who prepared it know how to refine it.”

Drugs are a huge problem in the city of Naples and the region surrounding it. Camorra clans are currently involved in yet another bloody gang war over drug territory and profits. The situation has reached a boiling point with, as Gangsters Inc. reported yesterday, the arrival of 250 Italian soldiers to reestablish law and order in the seaside city.

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