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By David Amoruso
Posted in 2006
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Frank Gioia was born in 1967. Gioia was born into 'the life', his father Frank Gioia senior was a Lucchese Family mobster. Growing up around mobsters it was`nt long untill Gioia himself became one. At age 12 he hung around a mob owned social club, getting drinks for wiseguys and doing small tasks for them. By the age of 18 though Gioia had left behind the errand-boy role. He shot a bouncer who had disrespected a Lucchese wiseguy. This act of violence earned Gioia huge respect from his mob buddies.

In these early years of Gioia's mobster career he was heavily into drugs. By the age of 21 he had earned more than $1 million dollars dealing in drugs. In October 1991 at age 24 Gioia became a made guy in the Lucchese Crime Family, his sponsor was George Zapolla. Where most wiseguys believe that upon becoming made all their problems are solved it usually means the opposite, this was true in Gioia`s case. In June of 1992 he got arrested on gun charges. And a year later he got arrested again on serious federal drug charges. He was charged with running a heroin pipeline from Manhattan to Boston. Gioia was sentenced to 7 years inprisonment.

In prison Gioia did`nt do quiet time. He got into a fight with another inmate and broke that inmates jaw. Then he got some bad news from his cousin, Vincent Salanardi. The Lucchese Family was plotting to whack Gioia's father Gioia senior over some money dispute. On hearing this Gioia called the feds and began cooperating. Gioia was moved to a special prison unit for witnesses and there he, for the second time in his prison sentence, broke an inmates jaw. This time it was a argument over use of the prison phone. After serving 6 years in prison Gioia was released early, given a new identity and was relocated under the federal witness protection program. Gioia went on to give testimony on scores of mobsters and drugdealers. As it stands now his testimony saw to it that over 80 criminals, including one cop killer, were convicted. Gioia also lectures rookie and veteran FBI agents about Organized Crime.

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Comment by Gaspar Vetrano on May 7, 2014 at 7:37am

AHHHHH another fine ending for the NYC mob, Gioia grows up in it, goes to prison because of it, and WHAT becomes a rat because they were going to kill his father??? Stories like this are confirmation to me that as a young man I made a better decision for myself.

Comment by Gino Alfieri on March 30, 2016 at 12:18pm
Any one have a pic of him


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