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As the sixth largest country in the world, Australia has a lot of room for people who are looking for new territory to commit crimes. Discovered by Dutch explorers, Australia eventually fell under British rule. The British used the far-away continent as an isolated prison in the sun after they lost control of the United States. Britain sent its most hated inmates to penal-colonies in Tasmania and New South Wales.

This peculiar practice did not harm the Australia’s growth or development. It is among the most wealthy and prosperous nations on earth and a favorite among tourists who, out of free will, come to enjoy the beautiful nature and cities the country has to offer.

Despite the happy ending, Australia has got its fair share of problems with organized crime. From outlaws like Ned Kelly (nineteenth century) and Mark “Chopper” Read (1970s and on) to the Italian Mafia and biker gangs, Australia has them all.

Gangsters Inc. will bring you the news and stories behind these gangsters and criminal groups. Below you can find our most recent postings dealing with Australia and its criminal elements.


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Italian-Australian Gangsters & Criminals


How to destroy outlaw biker gangs
Police ask for info about Bandidos clubhouse bombing
Australian bikers fighting wars while cashing with the Cartel
Biker News: War Down Under
Biker News: Gang war in Australia, Angels go to trial in Denmark

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