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Profile: Genovese crime family capo Salvatore Lombardi

By David Amoruso

Salvatore “Sally Dogs” Lombardi was a perfect fit for the Genovese crime family. Low-key and a huge earner. He derived the bulk of his illegal income from drugs.

His first arrest came in 1979, when he was charged with conspiracy to manufacture and sell Quaaludes. After that he remained on the law’s radar and in 1992 was sent to prison for heroin trafficking after a wiretap on his home telephone revealed he planned to buy a large amount of heroin.

He did his time. Serving 22 years. He died in 2009, just a few years shy of 70.

And also just in time to be spared the spotlight that would come just three years later, when his niece Angela “Big Ang” Raiola shared her Mafia connections with millions of viewers around the world on the “reality” television show Mob Wives on VH1.

It was a new world for the American mob, one where omerta was to be shared with an audience, preferably on television and social media.

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