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Marseille, France, Loco mayor Simon Sabiani, Bosses Spirito and Carbone
The gangsters Francois Spirito and Paul Bonnaventura Carbone had the control over prostitution, heroin and weapondealings in prewar Marseille thanks to their friend Simon Sabiani the loco mayor. When World War II starts they start to colloborate with the germans.

Dominique Albertini (halfbrother Joseph Cesari)
Dominique Albertini got his start as a pharmacist's assistant and was even before WWII known as a heroin distiller and worked for Spirito and Carbone. Dominique Albertini worked with Dominique Nicoli, Paul Carbone, Francois Spirito and the Guerin brothers. Dominique Albertini is a friend of Samil Khoury and Khoury customers are Marcel Francisci and Charlie "Lucky" Luciano. Marseille boss Joseph Renucci and his italian partner Charlie Luciano.

Corsican Auguste Ricord
At the end of june 1940 Auguste Ricord starts to cooperate with Spirito, Jean D’Agostino and Alfredo Palmieri.

Lepke Buchalter indicted for extorting the garment industry
16 January 1940 Lepke Buchalter and 8 of his men were indicted for extorting the garment industry under them were also Gurrah Shapiro and Hyman “Curly” Holtz.

NY district Attorney??? William O’Dwyer
25 January 1940 officer of justice William O’Dwyer got a letter from the imprisoned Harry Rudolph who told him about the murder of Halpert.

Reles arrested
26 January 1940 Reles and Goldstein went to the police precinct to be interrogated and also Maffetore was arrested.

downfall of Lepke and Murder Inc
20 February 1940 Maffetore confesses and Reles and Goldstein are threatened with the electric chair. Maffetore also confesses the murder of Feinstein and Sol Goldstein. Levine also gets arrested then and started to cooperate and named Harry Maione, Louis Capone and Frank Abbandando.

Anthony Maffetoro disappeared 7 march 1951 and was presumed killed.

Reles becomes witness
21 March 1940 Reles tells police that he is willing to cooperate and names Schultz killers and tells about other murders. He also told about the Atlantic City meeting and the area where Peter Panto had been buried. Allie Tannenbaum and Workman then were arrested in Workman’s house. Also Tannenbaum becomes a witness then.

downfall of Lepke and Murder Inc
The Cartel then orders Siegel to wipe out the former members of Murder Inc for this he hires killers from the Purple gang. But also the imprisoned Maione orders his brother Duke and Vitto Gurino to silence the witnesses to safe his life. As first Charles Workman stands trial and confesses, then stood Maione, Abbandando trial for the murder of Rudnick and got the death sentence.

6 May 1940 the state tries to take away the liquor license of the firm Thomas J Molloy & Co because of gangster links. They would have links with Adonis and the recent shooting in front of the “Half Moon”speakeasy near 19th street and Broadway of Philip Kovalick and Wolinsky who was wounded could have got to do with a liquor war.

Benjamin "bugsy" Siegel's brother in law Whitey Krakow killed
31 july 1940 Whitey Krakow was shot to death while he sat down the road, the months before already, Jimmy Ferraco and Tony Romero (Romanello) had been killed. The other members of Murder Inc like Angelo Catalano, Joe Liberito, Max Gollob, Seymour “Blue Jaw” Maggoon and Sholem Bernstein turned themselfs in and became witnesses. 14 October 1949 police arrest Jack parisi who was sought for 10 years. In December 1982 died Jack Parisi (83).

Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel arrested
16 august 1940 Siegel was arrested for the murder of Greenberg.

Killers Goldstein and Strauss sentenced to death
9 September 1940 Sam Goldstein and Strauss stood trial for the murder of Feinstein and got the death sentence.

Killer Vitto Gurino arrested
The same day (9 September 1940) Vitto Gurino turned himself in after he had just escaped an ambush.

Tampa drugboss Ignacio Antinori
Ignazio Antinori was the first Tampa mob power with ties to Cuba through his friendship with Marchado. In fact, when Marchade fled Cuba before Batista came to power, he stayed at Antinori's house in Tampa.

Tampa drugboss Ignacio Antinori killed
24 October 1940 Ignacio Antinori's head was shot off, his sons are Joseph “Joe” and Paul. Most important bosses are then Lumia and Trafficante sr. 22 October 1940 mob boss Ignacio Antinori was killed, he was one of the bosses in Florida with Santo trafficante sr and they got their heroin via Cuba from Marseille to Florida and distributed it to Thomas Buffa in St Louis and Nicolo Impastato, James De Simone and Joseph De Luca in Kansas City.
Tampa mafiaboss Trafficante sr

New York drugboss George Zarate
He left Tampa in the early 1940s and moved to New York, where he worked with Charlie Lucky Luciano.

(Anastasia and??) Murdercase Leo Tocci
At the end of 1940 Leo Tocci was found killed about 50 miles from Miami.

Waxey Gordon free
In 1940 Waxey Gordon gets free.

Kansas City mobster Gargotta
In january 1941 was Gargotta released after serving 19 months.

Bompensiero returns from Tampa to
In 1941 Bompensiero returns after hiding for years in Tampa after the murder of Phil Galuzo.

St Louis Egan's Rats leader Colbeck
In 1941 Colbeck gets free from prison after 16 years.

Killer Seymour “blue jaw”Magoon
Benjamin “Benny the boss” Tannenbaum was shot and killed 6 february 1941. He had been involved in narcotics and the fur rackets and was a mob accountant for Lepke Buchalter. Seymour “blue jaw”Magoon was later brought in for the murder.

Antonio Magaddino
6 March 1941 Antonio Magaddino was arrested for a traffic violation.

Stefano Magaddino topkiller "johnny keys" Simone moves to Philadelphia
George Meranto slapped Magaddino and was killed for it by "johnny keys" Simone, Simone was rumoured to have killed at least 10 people in his Buffalo time but because police focused on him in the meranto killing he went to philadelphia. Also originally from buffalo were Willie moretti, Russell Buffalino was a nephew of magaddino underboss John Montana. Also working with magaddino were Frank Mogevero from utica and the falcone brothers in Ohio valley.

Lepke friend Farvel arrested
In 1941 Lepke’s friend Little Farvel goes to prison.

Killer Mendy Weiss arrested
26 April 1941 Mendy Weiss gets arrested.

"Boo Boo" Hoff commits suicide
27 april 1941 Max "Boo Boo" Hoff (48) committed suicide.

Atlantic City crimeboss “Nucky” Johnson
“Nucky” Johnson ruled Atlantic City from 1912 till 1941.

Atlantic City’s 500 Club manager Skinny D'Amato
Skinny D'Amato "Mr. Atlantic City" as he liked to be called, was a mob front man from New Jersey who had a reputation as a top notch gambler and pimp operating out of the infamous 500 Club in Atlantic City, which was owned by a vast succession of Mafia bosses over the years. D'Amato had taken over as the manager in the early 40's just after he had finished a term at Lewisburg Federal prison on a White Slavery charge.

Killers Pittsburg Phil Strauss and Bugsy Goldstein executed

12 June 1941 Pittsburg Phil Strauss and Bugsy Goldstein get executed at the electric chair.

Brooklyn policyking Abe Bebchick killed
24 September 1941 was Brooklyn policyking Abe Bebchick killed.

Abe “the killer”Beitler
28 October 1941 Abe “the killer”Beitler commits suicide.

Witness Abe Reles falls to his death
12 November 1941 witness Reles dies when he falls from his room window.

Frank Costello as best man of Fulton fishmarket boss Joseph Lanza
In 1941 marries Lanza the boss of the Fulton Fish market and his best man is Frank Costello. Lanza was listed as a soldier in the crew of Mike Coppola.

Antoine D'Agostino
Between 1941 and 1943 he lived among the Paris underworld in Montmartre where he met Suzanne Filleau, a notorious prostitute who had been married to an international gangster.

Vincenzo Cotroni owner of Montreal's Le cafe royal
Le cafe royal owners Vincenzo Cotroni and Armand Courville started in 1942.

Paris, France, Alfredo Palmieri
In januari 1942 Palmieri becomes the owner of 7 brothels in North france and sold one in St Omer to Ricord. Palmieri works for Abteilung 4 and gets a lot of gold from jews and bought with that 3 Paris nightclubs: L’Heure Bleue, The Chapiteau and the Ange Rouge.

Frank Costello
Beginning 1942 Christopher Sullivan quits the elections when he has to go against LaGuardia. Costello looked after that his protege Michael J Kennedy became the new Tammany leader.

Lucchese capo "Big" John Ormento (born 1 august 1912) imprisoned
In 1941 Ormento (29) was convicted for narcotics violation and was sentenced to 8 years prison.
New York
In 1942 in the US the mobsters Giannini, Petrilli and Frank Livorsi were convicted for drugssmuggle.
East Harlem Capo Trigger mike Coppola Soldier Frank Livorsi
In 1942 Frank Livorsi was convicted and served 2 yrs on a narcotics conviction. Big John Ormento was also involved in this case.

New York, Maione and Abbandando electrocuted
19 Februari 1942 Maione and Abbandando get electrocuted.

NY governor Dewey, vice governor Charles Poletti
In 1942 Thomas Dewey became governor of New York he was chosen with votes largly made out of Italian democrats and unions who were under control of the Lansky group (Costello and Adonis) who also gave 250000 dollars to his campaign. As replacing governor Dewey takes his friend Charles Poletti.

Luciano in Great Meadow prison
Luciano moved 12 may 1942 from Maximum Security prison Dannemora to the more luxury Great Meadow prison with warden Vernon Morhous??.

Kansas City
At the end of 1942 thanks to witness Carl Caramussa 7 Kansas City mobsters get convicted for drugssmuggling under whom Antonio Lopiparo (from St Louis but originally from KC), Giuseppe Antinori (from Tampa), Thomas Buffa (from St Louis but originally from KC), Nicolo Impastato, Sebastiano Nani, Joseph De Luca (both from Kansas City) and James De Simone (the boss of St Louis). The heroin was found in a briefcase of Peter Di Giovanni. During the trial Paul Catanzaro was send away because he threatened witness Caramussa.

Dominick Petrilli
In 1942 was Dominick Petrilli arrested with drugs in Tucson, Arizona. 6 july 1942 Salvatore Santoro and Dominick Petrilli got 2 years. Joseph Spitaleri a year. Philip Lombardo and John Schihasi each got.

Morris “Moey Dimples” Wolinsky aka Morris Wolen (53) killed
3 august 1942 gambler Max Fox shot and killed his gambling partners Robert B greene (40) and Morris “Moey Dimples” Wolinsky aka Morris Wolen (53) in a cardclub at 846 Seventh Avenue. Fox got 20 years.

New York, Tresca murder
Tresca's continuing harrasment of Generoso Pope, a very succesful businessman and the first Italian-American who became a millionaire, who was closely connected to Garafola. And secondly, on a personal level, Tresca had laid serious charges of conduct in connection with an affair Garafola was having with a New York Assistant D.A. called Dolores Faconti. The man who allegedly ordered the Tresca hit was Frank Garofalo, Bonanno's underboss. As Bill Bonanno explains it, his father, Joe, let his capos vote to either not go through with the hit on Tresca or let him do what he wanted. They voted that it was his personal affair and up to him what to do. Bonanno told him that Garofalo would get no assistance of any kind if he were caught. In the night of 11 januari 1943 the anarchist Carlo Tresca crossed with a friend the road in New York and a car stops. Out steps the killer Carmine Galante who shoots to death Tresca, Galante's driver was possibly Bastiano Domingo????. He had gotten the order from Garafola who wanted to please newspaper owner Generoso Pope sr who wanted to please Italy's dictator Mussolini who was attacked in Tresca's newspaper. Generoso Pope sr was the owner of the LL Progresso Daily paper, the largest italian language newspaper in the Us for years, he was suspected of having ties with Mussolini but denounced him after world war 2, Pope sr was also believed to have ties with bonanno man Frank garofalo and died in the 50ties. His son Gene jr was supposedly the "godson" of frank costello, when he was left out of the will of sr he allegedly borrowed 20 grand from Costello and started the national Enquirer. (Charlie)

In 1943 “Big” Al Polizzi the boss of Cleveland moves to Florida and John Scalish becomes boss of Cleveland. Polizzi becomes partner in Florida with Tatum Wofford in the Sands and Grand Hotels in Miami in which also Carfano has an intrest. Wofford has also opened in Miami the Wofford Hotel where his bosses Frank Costello and Meyer Lansky often stay.

New York: Davidoff brothers (brothers of Boxer Al “Bummy” Davis Davidoff)
From Brownsville came also Harry “little Gangy” Davidoff and his brother Bill “Big Gangy” they were wounded in 1943 when they were shot down in a bar.

Sir Harry Oakes killed at Bahamas
7 July 1943 there arrive 4 killers from Lansky on the Bahamas and meet Harold Christie from Boston and Sir Harry Oakes and they murder Oakes and put his body on fire. Oakes son in law Alfred de Mariguy gets acquited for Oakes murder. According this theory had Oakes accepted a million dollar from Lansky to allow a casino in the Bahamas but he didn’t deliver.

Frank Costello phones Phil Kastel
13 August 1943 Costello phoned Phil Kastel at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans

Frank Costello and judge Aurelio
Summer 1943 police hear a phonecall from Thomas Aurelio to Costello in which he thanks Costello for his election in to the High Court as judge.

Paul Bonnaventure Carbone killed
16 december 1943 Carbone was killed by the resistance when they blow up his train in France. When the Spirito Carbone gang went under german orders it was even more difficult to Carbone and Spirito to get even with Bonny because now they were all working for Sipo-SD. Now it seems that the attempt against the train where traveled Carbone wasn’t a lucky hit by the resistance but instead a plot by Bonny who asked a favor from the resistance , by the way of gangsters who have sided with the resistance . At last this is what declared to investigators – before to be executed – Francis Andre , a friend of Carbone and chief of the french Gestapo of Lyons . Francis Andre said that Carbone was traveling with a suitcase full of documents .These documents he always carried with him . Keeping them as a “ money of exchange “ in case he have to deal with the gaullist authorities after the war ,when it was clear Germany was losing the war . Still according to Francis Andre , Carbone had somehow put is hands on the Stavisky’s counterfoils, a document he maybe got from some high-ranking of the police in exchange of a favor during the defeat of 1940 ..... He originally intented to get even with Bonny thanks to this checkbook . And later to use it to bargain his liberty ,since many politicians of the french IIIrd Republic who has been involved in the Stavisky’s affair were coming back within the De Gaulle’s Liberation Committee . When the train exploded and Carbone has died , Francis Andre ,in Lyons ,received on the spot a phone call from the PPF collabotationist party’s local headquarters of Marseilles . No less than Spirito himself was on the phone , ordering Andre to go to get the suitcase of Carbone who contained the famous checkbook of counterfoils from Stavisky/Prince . When Andre got on the place of the sabotaged train,the suitcase was there ,in the hands of the french police. Andre flashed his Gestapo ‘s badge and recovered the suitcase. The checkbook was sent to Maurice Lebrun ,one of the PPF high-rankings in Paris .

East Harlem Trigger mike Coppola
By the early 1940’s, Coppola had consolidated his position in the Luciano family, growing rich on the proceeds of his gambling activities. In 1943, he married Doris Lehman, a young dancer at the Copacabana Club. She was tall, with dark hair, flashing eyes and great legs. In 1944 she gave birth to their first child, a boy they called Michael David.

Killers Buchalter, Mendy Weiss and Louis Capone executed
2 March 1944 Buchalter, Mendy Weiss and Louis Capone get electrocuted.

Louis “Babe” Silvers (29),
20 June 1944 was in Brooklyn the bookmaker Jack “the Ox” Finkel (45) shot and killed and soon police arrest former prizefighter Louis “Babe” Silvers (29), the brother of Joseph Silvers who had been killed in 1929.

Naples Senior Civil Affairs Officer Charles Poletti ‘s adjunct Vito Genovese arrested
27 August 1944 was in Italy Vito Genovese arrested, he was the adjunct of Charles Poletti. When Genovese was grabbed up in Naples, Italy for black market activities, there was a guy living in the apartment below Vito, who was supposedly good friends with him, he was a Mobster from St. Louis, who supposedly had been deported as well, His name was Umberto Costello. He went by the name Humbert Costello in St. Louis. He was a lt. in the Hogan Gang and its chief gunman. He was deported after spending jail time for a jewelry store robbery. His boss, Edward Hogan, kept getting continuances for him, but he was finally deported in probab1y 1936, his real name was probably Umberto Miri.

Michele "Mike" Miranda
He was identified as being in Italy in 1944. The Shadow indictment eventually "faded away" and at some point Miranda {and Genovese} returned to the US. Miranda was said to be a "powerhouse" in the garment industry and allegedly involved in extortion and was on the international narcotics "list" { person #229}

Adonis moves to New Jersey
In 1944 Joseph “Joe” Adonis relocates his activities to New Jersey and uses as headquarters Duke’s Bar and grill in Cliffside Park, Palisades, New Jersey.

Siegel associate Enrique Diart killed
In november 1944 was narcotics peddler and Siegel associate Enrique Diart murdered in Tijuana, Mexico.

Las Vegas, The Flamingo casino
In 1944 Siegel starts building the casino The Flamingo in Las Vegas, the money was fronted by Lansky, Luciano and others.

Vincenzo Cotroni owner of Montreal's Le cafe Val 'or
In 1944 Vic Cotroni, Armand Courville and the brothers Edmond and Marius Martin from Marseille together bought the nightclub Le Cafe Val d’Or which gets renamed Faisan Dore, one of the most succesfull cabarets in Canada.

Friedrich Berger
In 1944 the Gestapo requisitioned for him a flat at 180 Rue de la Pompe, where Berger and his acolytes conducted interrogations of apprehended resistance personnel.

Friedrich Berger
Berger had also something to do with the SONDERKOMMANDO PANNWITZ (ROTE KAPELLE).

the Palmeri, Berger and Gionani Group
the Palmeri, Berger and Gionani Group were moved to north-western Italy in December 1944. They were thought to operate on behalf of Abteilung VI of RSHA and go from Italy to Spain to build there an agent network.

the Palmeri, Berger and Gionani Group
In Paris they worked under Sachgebiet IV N 1 of the Gestapo (BdS Paris, 11 Blvd. Flandrin). Head of the Dept. was Hstf. Wenzel, assisted by Ustf. Schnell, Sturmscharf. Schomburg, Wolf, Oscharf. Schmidt, Uscharf. Kuhn, Ustf. DR. Kley, Scharf. Hensch and others. They were supposed to be responsible for many of the more violent police actions of that time in Paris. For this purpose they had at their disposal the Palmeri, the Berger and the Gionani Group of thugs.

the Palmeri, Berger and Gionani Group
From OSS papers it seems that the BERGER Group was known to have “disposed of” some 250 persons. Members of the Group were Denise DELFAU and Helene MUZZIN, sisters, allegedly both mistresses of BERGER and his shorthand typists, “Manuel STERBINA”, his torturer, allegedly a White Russian, “Jacques LE DUC”, alias “L’EVEQUE”, allegedly a French Jew, Jacques PERRETTI, a professional Montmartre thug, an Algerian Jew married to a White Russian, MALLANDRI, a Frenchmen of Corsican origin who was a journalist. The Group was joined after the retreat from France by three members of the bodyguard of DARNAND named FRECHOT, VANON and GALLET.

Angelo ONADO, general manager of the GIONANI Group, was also cashier and “talent spotter” for PALMERI’s brothel circuit. This Group carried out arrests of members of the Paris underworld for the Gestapo and later was entirely occupied with the cases of Anglo-American Pilots and SAS personnel.

PALMERI (Alfredo, Leo, Michel, brothers and “Coco”, son of Alfredo), “Francois-Alexis” and “Ricco” (both thugs from Marseilles) Palmeri f.i. was a "souteneur", owner of a chain of brothels in France.

Antoine Guerini takes over from Spirito in Marseille (France)
In 1944 Spirito and Sabiani flee to Spain. The underworld in Marseille was taken over by their man Antoine Guerini who had joined the resistance. Also other warcriminals fled. Joe Orsini and Auguste Ricord, two of Spirito’s lieutenants, fled respectively to Canada and South America, there to become important international narcotics figures.
Jo Renucci
This allowed Jo Renucci's gang to assume the no. 2 spot. Renucci, Lucky Luciano's French contact, was politically active for the right wing SO du RPF. His lieutenants included Marcel Francisci and the brothers Dominique and Jean Venturi.

France warcriminals Pierre Bonny and Lafont executed
27 december 1944 were Pierre Bonny and Henri Lafont executed

Kansas City
In 1944 Lococo is set free.

Buffalo mobster Joseph DiCarlo moves to Youngstown
In 1945 Buffalo mobster Joseph "Joe the wolf" Di carlo (born in 1899 at Vallelunga, sicily) goes to Youngstown after being named Buffalo's Public Enemy Number One and takes over the numbers operation there and works with "Joe fats" Aiello and "Moosey" Caputo. DiCarlo was an associate of Joseph "Joe" Massei from Detroit.

East Harlem Genovese capo Trigger mike Coppola soldier Frank Livorsi
In 1945 Frank Livorsi was involved in a company called Tavern Fruit Juice, which was involved in a sugar rationing scam. Livorsi was also involved in a company called Eatsum. Livorsi would run into "tax problems" because of his busines dealings.

Tampa mafia boss Trafficante sr (Florida)
Wall's bodyguard was Johnny Rivera but when Wall was pushed out of the rackets Rivera joined the Italians. 27 June 1945 Rivera was arrested.

Florida gangster Trafficante jr settles at cuba's Capri Hotel and casino
In 1945 buys Santos Trafficante Jr the Capri Hotel and casino at Cuba and settles there.

St Louis boss John Vitale sr
In 1945 Toni Lopiparo was send by Kansas City to St Louis to run business with John Vitale the local boss and Thomas Buffa.

Chicago murdercase Kansas City witness Carl Caramussa
in 1945 Joseph De Luca came free after which Carl Caramussa was shot to death in june 1945 in Chicago possibly by Lococo.

New Orleans Beverly County Club opened
4 December 1945 in New Orleans the Beverly County Club was opened and the owners were Frank Costello, Meyer Lansky, Phil Kastel, A.G.Rickerfor and Carlos Marcello. Frank Coppola from St Louis watched over the intrests of New York, one of the men that worked in the club was Michael J. Tanico.

After the japanese occupation during WWII proclaimed king Norodom Sihanoek in 1945 independence.

In 1946 got Cambodia autonomy.

Chili president Gabriel Gonzalez Videla
In 1946 was president Gabriel Gonzalez Videla chosen and he accepted 3 communists in his government.

St Louis boss Vitale war with Springfield boss Zito
John Vitale's St Louis family got into war in the early 40ties with Frank Zito's Springfield family for territory in Southern illinois. Zito died in 1974.

Frank "one ear" Fratto from Chicago's Des Moines murders St Louis green ones leader Frank Agrusa (which date??)
"Greenie" Frank Agrusa from St Louis was killed in Hot Springs, Arkansas, possibly in the 40ties by Frank "one ear" Fratto after which he was made, Fratto was even picked up at the time. "Greenie" Frank Agrusa from St Louis would be killed sometime before 1946 in Hot Springs and his green ones would merge with Frank Coppola's group after the war, they became allies and divided the area.

Kansas City
In 1946 the elections are totally rigged but only Morris "Snag" Klein was convicted, he was a partner in a race wire service owned by Binaggio.

Charlie "Lucky" Luciano gets deported
2 Februari 1946 the US state let Charlie Luciano walk from jail because of his works during World War II, he is still getting deported to Italy.

Charlie "Lucky" Luciano ‘s travel with the Laura Keena (the picture: only dockworkers in it that block the road and view, so nobody on picture because of intimidation)
9 Februari 1946 there is a goodbye party for Luciano on the Laura Keene which will bring him to Italy. The party is attended by Lansky, Costello, Siegel, Moretti, Adonis, Zwillman, Lucchese, Bonanno, Anastasia, Steve Maggadino, Carlo Gambino, Kastel, Madden and Moe Dalitz.

Luciano in Palermo
First Luciano has to settle in Palermo.

Luciano in Naples
but later he is allowed to live in Naples.

Japan police instructor Lewis J Valentine
Lewis J Valentine then quits his job and starts to train the japanese police for general Douglas MacArthur as acknowledged by General MacArthur when, in February 1946, he requested the services of former New York City Police Commissioner Lewis J. Valentine. The police reform units were headed by Lewis J. Valentine and the other by Oscar J.??? Lewis J Valentine arrived in Japan on March 11, 1946 with Inspector Charles J. LaForge of the New York State Constabulary, and Captains George C. Gallagher and ???.

Late july 1946 was the yakuza boss Giichi Matsuda of the Kanto Matsuzakaya Matsuda gumi shot and killed by a gangmember, he fought against the Korean gangs which had stayed in Japan.

Japan’s Yamaguchi gumi oyabun Nobura dies
In 1946 dies Nobura and Kazuo Taoka becomes the boss of the gang
Japan’s Yamaguchi gumi oyabun Kazuo Taoka

Charlie "Lucky" Luciano in Cuba’s Hotel Nacional
At the end of septembre 1946 gets Charlie Luciano 2 Italian passports after which he disappears from Naples. Luciano turns up in octobre in Hotel Nacional, Havanna where Lansky has arranged a room for him.

East Harlem Trigger mike Coppola and John Scottorigio murder
A major part of Coppola’s strength and power base, rested on the support he and other mobsters received from the Democratic Congressman for East Harlem, the corrupt, Harlem based politician, Vito Marcantonio (a good friend of Tommy Lucchese). They helped get him the votes for re-election, and he made sure things worked smoothly in their favor. He was fighting a primary in 1946, but his position was being jeopardized by the actions of a Republic party captain called John Scottorigio. In a meeting held in his apartment at 400 East 105th. Street, Coppola decided that Scottorigio had to be put out of action. He was waylaid early in the morning of election day in November 1946 by four men, who beat him so badly, he died 6 days later in hospital. Present that night at the meeting in the apartment, apart from the conspirators, were Doris and her father David Lehman. Coppola quickly came under suspicion. Trigger Mike and two of his crew, Joe Rao and Joe "Stretch" Stracci were indicted for the Scottoriggio murder, and bailed in the high amount of $250,000 following their arrest as material witnesses. The police went after other suspects (over 800 witnesses would subsequently be interviewed in the Scottorigio case) including Doris and her father. investigations revealed that shortly after Trigger Mike was picked up on the Scottoriggio case on Nov 16, Doris and their 2 year old son Michael David, and her father took off for the hills. Drahman was spirited away by Coppola because she had heard him talking over the hit on Scottorigio, in their house, one night prior to the beating. First they went to the home of a relative in Queens NY. Then in December 1946 they went to Florida where they stayed on Palm Island in Biscayne Bay, near Miami.

Charlie "Lucky" Luciano in Cuba’s Hotel Nacional
22 December 1946 begins a convention in Havana which is attended by Genovese, Adonis, Anastasia, Bonanno, Costello, Lucchese, Profaci, Magliocco, Moretti, Pisano, Miranda, Maggadino, accardo, Charlie and Rocco Fisschetti, Marcello, Trafficante, Gambino, Lansky, Kastel and Stacher. Siegel wasn’t there because he was a point of discussion at the meeting. When Siegel’s casino The Flamingo opens it loses money and when his friends Lansky and Luciano phone him he curses them and they put a contract on his head.

Las Vegas (Nevada)
In 1946 settles Chicago mobster Roselli in Las Vegas.

in the time area around the end of 1946 and the beginning of 1947 KNIL captain Raymond Westerling broke down in about 3 months the Indonesian resistance in South Celebes in this would have been killed several 10s of thousands of civilian victims.

OSS ?? (later CIA) agent Lucien E. Conein
He was assigned to the Central Intelligence Agency when it was formed in 1947, keeping his military rank and position as a cover.

In early 1947 General de Gaulle had formed a right wing anti-Communist front, the Rassemblement du Peuple Francais (RPF), forerunner of the present-day Gaullist, party (UDR). It soon established a security corps known as the Service d'Ordre du RPF (SO du RPF). The corps made extensive use of Corsican gangsters against its political enemies. Dominique Ponchardier, its commander, later glorified the escapades of his Gorilles in a series of novels; other ringleaders included Roger Frey, Roger Barberot, Alexandre Sanguinetti, Paul Comiti and Jacques Foccart. Among the criminals recruited in 1947 by the CIA and SO du RPF were the Guerini brothers, the Francisci clan, Jo Renucci and Jo Attia. Unfortunately for the six-man CIA team, word of their underworld partnership arrived before them in Washington, where they were fired on the Spot.

SO de la SFIO
The Socialist party also plunged in headlong against the Communists, and worked especially closely with the CIA. Its security corps, the SO de la SFIO, also numbered Corsican hoods in its ranks.

Marcel Francisci
Starting in 1947 Renucci lent Francisci and other underlings to the SO du RPF as campaign guards and anti-Communist strongmen. Seizing the opportunity, Francisci befriended members of the coterie surrounding Charles de Gaulle-future secretary general Sanguinetti, future interior minister Frey, future police chief Jean Bozzi, future Parliament chairman Achilles Peretti, future minister for African Affairs and intelligence chief Jacques Foccart, and future chief bodyguard for de Gaulle, Paul Comiti, to name a few. Francisci himself was to become a leader of the Gaullist party on Corsica and sit prominently on the island's administration, his residency in Paris notwithstanding.

London West End vice: brothers Messina
Another gang led by Carmelo Vassalo, demanded protection money from the prostitutes, who went to the police. As a result four of the Vassalo gang were sentenced to penal servitude for up to four years. In 1947 Eugenio Messina was goaled for 3 years for cutting the tips off two of Vassalo’s fingers. His brother Carmelo was goaled for bribery.

The CIA used the Mafia's allies, the Union Corse, to take Marseille away from the independent and communist unions, leaving the Corsican hoods in control of the most important port in France. The geopolitical rationale for this, from both the French and the American perspective, wasn't only the threat the leftists posed to control of France, but to the Indochina war. The Vietminh had considerable support among French leftists in 1947. In an attempt to force the French government to negotiate with the Vietminh, the communist dock worker unions, which were full of former Maquis fighters, refused to load American arms destined for Vietnam.

In 1947 the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was established, just at the peak of France's political crisis. The center of unrest was Marseilles, where U.S. intelligence agents were already on the job. Jay Lovestone and Irving -Brown, under cover of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU), had infiltrated French trade unions and were handing out money left and right. In November 1947, the CIA's first director, Admiral Hillenkoetter, sent a team of experienced anti-Communist agents to Paris and Marseilles. It consisted of three OSS veterans and three "representatives" of the American Federation of Labor (AFL). They were told to "do something, Pitched battles disrupted Paris the day the team arrived. The Communists had called for a struggle against the "parti Americain" and the Ramadier government had been toppled. When the agents hit Marseilles, the red flag waved over the Palace of Justice, and the leftists appeared in control of the city. The six agents wired home that the situation was desperate and that drastic measures were needed. Those measures required gangsters from the Italian and Corsican underworld, hordes of whom were sent into battle. Their methods were brutal, the fight short but bloody. Within weeks the hoods had the situation under control. The CIA had been able to mobilize them so rapidly thanks to an important local ally.

Singer Frank Sinatra in Colonial Inn (casino?)
10 Februari 1947 are Frank Sinatra and the brothers Rocco, Charlie and Joseph Fischetti in the Colonial Inn that is owned by Adonis and Lansky.

Luciano meeting in Cuba’s Hotel Nacional attended by singer Sinatra
The next day (so 11 february 1947) Frank Sinatra and the brothers Rocco, Charlie and Joseph Fischetti fly to Cuba where they visit in Hotel Nacional Charlie Luciano. Also in Cuba are Albert Anastasia, Carlo Gambino, Willie Moretti, Vito Genovese, Frank Costello, Augie Pisano, Joe Magliocco, Joe Bonanno, Tommy Lucchese, Joe Profaci, Joe Adonis, Tony Accardo, Carlos Marcello, Phil Kastel, Santo Trafficante, Meyer Lansky, Joseph “Doc” Stacher, Mike Miranda, Steve Maggadino and Moe Dalitz. (mentioned in the Green Felt jungle by Ed Reid and Ovid Demaris page 197 where they quote deceased mirror columnist Lee Mortimer"saying he had in his collection a photostat of the manifest of a Pan American flight from Miami to Havana in february 1947 which revealed that Sinatra went there accompanied by Joe and Rocco Fischetti and that he had a photo of Sinatra leaving the plane in Havana surrounded by 2 men who try to hide their faces for the photographer but who can still be identified as the Fischetti brothers!!!!)

Ricord meeting Luciano/????
As early as 1947 Ricord is alleged to have made contact with America's future narcotics king, Santo Trafficante, jr., who was then running several Havana casinos for the Mafia. Ricord alias Dargelles reportedly headed that year to Cuba, where he sat in on a meeting with, among other notables, Ralph (brother of Al) Capone, Frank Costello, Albert Anastasia, Trafficante and Lucky Luciano; (see V. Alexandrov: La Mafia des SS (Stock, 1978).

Santo Trafficante jr
Santo Trafficante, Jr.'s first important appearance in his role as overseer of the heroin traffic might have been at a 1947 summit in Havana reportedly attended by Auguste Ricord, alias Lucien Dargelles, the French Nazi collaborator who became Latin America's narcotics czar (see V. Alexandrov: La Mafia des SS (Stock, 1978).

St Louis mobster Thomas "Tom" Buffa killed
27 march 1947 (1946??) was Thomas "Tom" Buffa shot to death in his car as he drove through Lodi (California), because he had testified that Joseph DeLuca's girlfriend had perjured herself. His gang merged with the Green ones and John Vitale to form one St Louis family under Frank Coppola.
St Louis boss Frank Coppola, underboss Anthony Lopiparo, consiglieri John Ferrara.

St Louis mobster Paul Buffa killed
Within a few years also Thomas "Tom" Buffa familymember Paul Buffa was killed by the Kansas City mobsters. The St Louis family is not so happy about that.

Luciano deported from Cuba
In march 1947 deports Cuba then Luciano under pressure of the US. (beautifull picture available of unshaven hasty Luciano hurrying on board!!!!)

Luciano arrives in Genua
He arrives 11 april 1947 at Genua and gets promptly arrested.

Luciano free in Italy
14 may 1947 Luciano is free again and goes to Palermo but then he goes first to Naples and settles then in Rome.

Tampa mafia boss Trafficante sr (Florida)
2 April 1947 Rivera was arrested.

In 1947 Meyer Lansky met Dunn in Florida.

Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel killed in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles)
The contract on Siegel was given to Jack Dragna who probably gave it to Frankie Carbo. When Siegel sits 20 june 1947 on the couch in Virgina Hill’s mansion in Beverly Hills next to Allen Smiley somebody shoots 9 times through a window of which 2 shots destroy Siegel’s face. Virginia was not present but her brother Chick and his girlfriend Jerri Mason were. 20 minutes after the murder Moe Sedway, Gus Greenbaum and Morris Rosen enter the Flamingo and declare they are the new owners with Sanford Adler as front. The Flamingo will become America’s first legal casino. Other owners in 1947 are Donald “Dave” Berman, Israel “Ice pick Willie” Alderman and Lansky. After Siegels' murder Hy Goldbaum took over Grace's Dress shop at the Flamingo and from his shop Piscopo, Abe Benjamin and Polack Mike ran their bookmaking operation.

Las vegas, Flamingo manager Greenbaum
The Flamingo's next manager was Gus Greenbaum, who started in the rackets with Al Capone and who handled the wire service out West for the Chicago outfit. Greenbaum was a master of the skim, the money stolen from the casino winnings before it could be taxed, and unlike Siegel, Greenbaum was a professional, he was a man who could be trusted and depended upon. Greenbaum did his job. The hotel was completed and enlarged from 97 to two hundred rooms. By the end of the year the casino posted a $4 million dollar profit, $15 million before the skim, clearing the way for the skimming to begin.

Antonio Magaddino
21 June 1947 Antonio Magaddino was naturalized.

singer Sinatra and Moretti
In 1947 Sinatra sings at the wedding of Moretti's son.

US deportee Dominick Petrilli in Italy
In 1947 deported the United States Petrilli to Italy when he came free.

boxer Primo Carnera back in USA
After the war, he tried boxing again, winning his first two fights by KO before losing three in a row. He returned to the U. S. in 1947 and became a professional wrestler.

Corleone mobster Liggio in Brooklyn (NY)
In 1947 Liggio apparently goes to New York and lives in Brooklyn for 6 months. (source Thomas where did this came from). Then he goes back to Corleone.

East Harlem Trigger Mike Coppola and Manhattan Cigarette Company
He invested in 1947 in the Manhattan Cigarette Company a firm founded in 1936 by Joe Stacher, a close aide of Meyer Lansky, and Mike Lascari, a relative of Luciano’s. The business, originally called the Public Service Tobacco Company, was the largest cigarette-vending machine business on the East coast. Other investors in this booming business included Joe Adonis, Gerry Catena and the New Jersey, Jewish gangster, Abner Zwillman.

East Harlem Trigger Mike Coppola and John Scottorigio murder
Spring 1947 Doris, the child and her father traveled to Providence Rhode Is., staying in the home of Morelli at 315 Mount Pleasant, Providence and the home of Del Guidice. At some point Danforth and his team of investigators connected Coppola to Morelli. Danforth traveled to Rhode Island in search of Doris and her father who were deemed to be key witnesses in the murder. While in Providence Danforth met resistance from that cities police department and others. He also received threatening phone calls at his hotel room. Danforth began to make some headway in his search. He found out that Doris had been staying in the home of one Anthony Del Guidice, a former NYC cop who was discharged from the force in 1928 for "creating a one man riot" at the 68th St. station in NY. Danforth also found out that a Mr. Lehmann was staying at the Morelli home. He discovered that Lehmann who the chapter described as "old and feeble" had fallen down and a nurse was called in to care for him. Danforth and his team than located 5 neighborhood teenagers who identified Mrs Coppola. The teenagers were taken under supposed tight security to the NY grand jury, however the press found out about them and had a field day beginning at the train station in NY and during their stay at the Hotel Barclay After the teenagers testified, Butsy Morelli was called to testify. Morelli appeared before a NYC grand jury on 7/24/1947 that was investigating the murder of Joseph Scottoriggio {sp?} a republican party worker from the East Harlem area who was murdered in 1946. Eventually Doris and her father surrendered to the grand jury. Doris told little although she did admit to staying at the home of Del-Guidice. Mrs Coppola and her father were indicted on perjury charges facing up to 10 years in prison. The perjury charges were based on their denial of not knowing "Butsy" Morelli.

Vincenzo Cotroni
In 1947 he was arrested for impersonification at a municipal election but again managed to get off scot free.

corsican warcriminal Antoine D'Agostino settles in Montreal (Canada)
In 1947 settles the corsican Antoine D'Agostino (a warcriminal) in Montreal and start to work with the brothers Vincent, Giuseppe and Frank Cotroni in heroin. D'Agostino had worked for Spirito and Carbone and established contacts with Spirito, Joseph Orsini and the Martin bothers in Montreal. They got their heroin from Joseph Renucci the boss of Marseille and suspected partner of Luciano. Orsini and Spirito then move to New York and leave D'Agostino as leader. D'Agostino and "Pep" Cotroni own the restaurant Le Chalet Blanc. The heroin they send via Toronto and Hamilton to Stefano Maggadino (the boss of Buffalo) and to the Corsican Jean Laget in New York. Laget delivers the heroin to John Ormento's 107th Street Gang of which Giacomo Reina (the son of the boss), his brother in law Joseph Valachi, Valachi's nephew Fiore Siano, Salvatore Shillitani, Pat Pagano, Pat Moccio and Eugenio Giannini are part. Paul Mondolini was the righthandman of Marcel Francisci and was connected to Tony D’Agostino in Montreal.

Corsican Ricord in Paraguay
Ricord and Palmieri later escape to italy. 8 December 1947 Ricord leaves Spain and goes to Buenos Aires and arrives the same year in Paraguay and becomes the leader of the part of the french connection that goes via S America.

Marseilles policeman Robert Blemant
During the War, Blemant worked for French intelligence in North Africa, and afterwards for the Surete in Marseilles. Ostensibly fired in 1947, he went underground with his files.

Paris (France) Trois Canards gang
The Trois Canards gang was formed by erstwhile Marseilles policeman, Robert Blemant (according to Alain Jaubert) and then he set up a chain of nightclubs across the Mediterranean with his old informant, Antoine Guerini. The owner of the Trois Canards bar was Francois Scaglia. The third gangmember was Maurice "Le Petit" Castellani.

London pimp Eugene Messina kidnapped by Paris (France) Trois Canards gang member Francois Scaglia
Francois Scaglia was a suspect in the kidnapping of brothelkeeper Eugene Messina from London and several other kidnappings.

St Louis boss Francesco Paolo “Frank” Coppola
In december 1947 Frank Coppola gets arrested in Detroit.

St Louis boss Frank Coppola deported
11 January 1948 Frank Coppola was deported and made John J Vitale boss. Frank Coppola returned in 1948 but was that christmas again deported.
St Louis boss John J Vitale

Miami meeting of NY bosses and Maggadino
In 1947/1948 is Bonanno in Miami with Vince Mangano, Joe Profaci, Anastasia, Stefano Maggadino and Willie Moretti.

Antonio Magaddino
In 1948 arrive Antonio Magaddino's wife and children in Canada.

East Harlem Genovese capo "Trigger" Mike Coppola's wife Doris dies in Hospital
Early in March 1948 , Doris was admitted to St. Vincent’s Hospital at 153 West Eleventh Street, Manhattan, to await the birth of her second child. On March 17th., 1948, a baby girl, Doris Patricia arrived. On March 18th., the mother died, very conveniently in hospital, of complications from child birth. No autopsy was ever held to determine the cause of death, and Coppola, contrary to his religious beliefs, had his wife’s body cremated. The case against “Trigger Mike” died along with his wife. The D.A's office never prosecuted Mr Lehmann because of his age although they keep the indictment open while the government waited for a 'break in the case". The grand jury was open on this case for 3 years. Doris was waked out of the Ferncliffe Mausoleum at 207 East 11th., Street, and it seemed as though half the New York underworld came along to say goodbye Among the crowds of somber men in black were Augie Cafarno, Vito Genovese, Big John Ormento, Frank Morelli and Albert Anastasia, who simply signed the register of condolences as “Albert.”

Republican party captain Anthony Lagana dies
Also shortly after her death another material witness Anthony Lagana described as a Republican party captain was found floating in the East River. At first it was believed to be a case of murder but somehow the autopsy showed it to be suicide.

Lucchese capo "Big" John Ormento (born 1 august 1912)
In 1948 Ormento (36) was convicted for bookmaking and was fined 50 dollars.

USA deportee and Luciano friend Joe Pici arrested
In 1948 was the deported sicilian Joe Pici caught sending 35% pure heroin to his friends in Kansas City (so he came from Kansas City???). He confessed an earlier shipment in 1948 of 15 kilos of heroin smuggled into Kansas City that brought in millions of dollars? Many books write that Joe Pici was a close friend of Luciano in Italy and that they had started to smuggle in large shipments with the Corsicans.

France warcriminal Fancois Spirito in New York (originally a napolitan)In 1948 emigrates the french warcriminal Francois Spirito (originally a napolitan) to America.

Tampa mafia boss Trafficante sr (Florida)
12 Decembre 1948 Jimmy Velasco gets killed.

Jean Claude "Johnny"Lapres dealer Larry Petrov
Shortly before Roger Denizet's arrest had Lapres associate Larry Petrov negotiated the sale of 2 kilos of heroin with Emile "Jack"Nadeau.

Jean Claude "Johnny"Lapres dealer Roger Denizet
Roger Denizet who had been arrested in Vancouver in december 1948 for possession of 32 ounces (a kilo) of heroin.

New York narcotics trafficker George Zarate (formerly from Tampa)
In 1948 and 1949 the Federal Bureau of Narcotics conducted a joint investigation with U.S. Customs officers and local police at New York City against a group of Cubans operating in New York City. These Cubans were engaged in smuggling large quantities of Peruvian cocaine to the United States, via Cuba. George Zarate was one of the principal defendants.

Jean Claude "Johnny"Lapres
31 March 1949 Gerard Gagnon phoned the Montreal narcotics squad and wants to inform them on Jean Claude "Johnny"Lapres a partner of Eddie Labonte. 21 april was one ounce of heroin bought for 300 dollars from Lapres. 14 july was six ounces of heroin bought by an undercover for 1500 dollars (250 dollars an ounce). Police found out that Jean Claude "Johnny"Lapres and Eddie Labonte bought their heroin from corsican Antoine D'Agostino. the heroin bought by undercover agent de Cheverry.

New York herointrafficker Sebastiano Bellanca (FBN handbook page 289)
police also discover that the previous months april and may several calls had been made to New York herointrafficker Sebastiano Bellanca from the Contact Club. The same months had also Giuseppe Cotroni made phonecalls to Sebastiano Bellanca.

Jean Claude "Johnny"Lapres arrested
19 july 1949 was Jean Claude "Johnny"Lapres arrested on a charge of counterfeiting.

Antoine D'Agostino arrested in Montreal
14 september 1949 was 32 ounces (one kilo) of heroin bought for 225 dollars an ounce by an undercover from Antoine D'Agostino who was arrested. Police searched Antoine D'Agostino's house and arrested his girlfriend Suzanne Filleau, a parisian. The search of his house revealed that he had been running a brothel there. besides his girlfriend two other women were there when police searched the place, one of them was Gisele Denizet the wife of Roger Denizet who had been arrested in Vancouver in december 1948 for possession of a kilo of heroin. In Antoine D'Agostino's papers police found the name and address of Sebastiano Bellanca and the name of the Brooklyn company Carol Paper Products Corporation which belonged to the brothers Carlo and Paolo Gambino.

Montreal heroin kingpin Johnny Young arrested
26 september 1949 police arrest Johnny Young and find in his appartment 52 ounces of heroin with a street worth of 200000 dollars. In february 1950 Johnny Young was convicted and got 5 years.

Lucky Luciano and Gentile meet Joe Biondo
Gentile and Luciano met New York gangster Joe Biondo in 1949, when the latter stayed in Italy for a few months. Biondo supervised the Gambino Family's heroin traffic and Biondo was introduced to Egidio Calascibetta of the Italian pharmaceutical company Saci in Milan, who legally produced heroin, but illegally sold it to the mafia.

Francesco Paolo Saverino (born in Salemi)
arrested in 1949 for possession of kilos of cocaine and convicted in 1950 in Palermo for it.

executed Lepke Buchalter man Philip Cohen “Little Farvel” killed
16 September 1949 was Little Farvel shot through the head and killed.

Los Angeles jewish boss Cohen associate Frank Niccoli killed
Cohen’s bodyguard Frank Niccoli was arrested for grieving great harm and Cohen stood garant for Niccoli’s bail with his house worth 50000 dollars and Frank Niccoli came free and was invited by Fratianno 2 september 1949 to talk at his home and he wanted him to betray Cohen who was at war with Dragna. Frank Niccoli refused and Fratianno had Sam Bruno, Joseph Dippolito “Joe Dip”, Nick Licata and Carmen Carpinelli enter his home and they strangled Niccoli and had his body disappear. It is suspected Frank Niccoli was buried at the Cucamonga Ranch of Charlie and Joseph Dippolito. Internet writer “Jiggy” wrote that also Gaspare Matranga was connected to the murder and disappearing of Niccoli.

Los Angeles jewish boss Cohen associate Dave Ogul killed
10 October 1949 Cohen man Dave Ogul was betrayed by Cohen man Happy Meltzer who brought him to his killers.

Magaddino archenemy Patsy Collino disappears
Martin T Considine (former superintendent of Police in Niagara Falls, NY) says in october 1949 that Patsy Collino the righthand of former mayor William Lupton had disappeared in Niagara Falls since april 1949. Collino had been an archenemy of the Magaddino brothers.

boss Joseph Profaci
In 1949 a group of leading italian Americans petitioned Pope Pius XII to confer a knighthood on Profaci. But the Brooklyn district attorney Miles McDonald protested that Profaci was a leading racketeer and nothing came out of it.

Antoine D'Agostino flees from Canada
31 december 1949 came Antoine D'Agostino free on bail. 1 february 1950 Antoine D'Agostino jumps bail and doesn't appear in court and leaves Canada. 7 march 1950 french police identify Antoine D'Agostino as a sought warcriminal.

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