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Salvatore Marino then testified to making a delivery of narcotics from the apartment at 36 East 4th Street for Ralph Polizzano before his
arrest the night of July 5. On cross-examination Marino claimed that in
the police station he was punched in the stomach by the arresting
officer and two other officers for five or ten minutes and was knocked
out. He claimed he saw two or three other officers strike Ralph
Polizzano in the stomach.

Montreal mobster Frank Petrula disappears
In 1957 Frank Petrula disappears.

former Jean Claude "Johnny"Lapres dealer Larry Petrov killed
In july 1957 was Larry Petrov killed.

NYC narcotics agent James Gibbon testified that after he arrested Ralph
Polizzano on July 6, 1957, he went with Polizzano to his apartment #2 on
the ground floor of 36 East 4th Street and that the latter told him the
'junk' was on top of the cabinet in a black zipper case, and that the
cutting apparatus and scales were in another room.

Genovese arrested
1 July 1957 Nelson Cantellops gets arrested and starts to cooperate and 8
july Genovese gets arrested and Philip Lombardo alias “Ben Grasso,
Benny Demaio, Benny Squint, Ben Turpin” becomes acting boss of the
Genovese family and Thomas Eboli “Tommy Ryan” underboss and Mike Miranda
was consiglieri.

Michele "Mike" Miranda
When Genovese went to prison he supposedly name the 3 some of Jerry Catena, Tommy Eboli and
Miranda to head up the crime group. Miranda was said to exert a strong
influence in the Queens and Long Island area.
Genovese boss Philip Lombardo, Underboss Thomas Eboli "Tommy Ryan", Consiglieri Mike Miranda

Acting boss Philip Lombardo, underboss Thomas Eboli “Tommy Ryan”, consiglieri Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno
capo Anthony Strollo "Tony Bender", capo " Trigger" Mike Coppola, capo
Dominick DeQuarto, capo Anthony Carfano "Augie Pisano", capo

Summer 1957 Joseph Bonanno arrives on Rome’s airport and get welcomed by
Italy’s minister of foreign Affairs Bernardo Mattarella.

Bonanno in Rome’s Excelsior Hotel
10 october 1957 Bonanno was observed at the Excelsior Hotel in Rome and
various nightclubs in Rome, in his company were 4 unidentified men.

Palermo meeting in Albergo delle Palmo (Hotel Des Palmes)
10 october 1957 arrived the biggest delegation ever of american mobsters
to visit Sicily they stay in Palermo's Hotel Des Palmes also known as
the Hotel Delle Palme it is the most famous hotel of palermo.

Palermo's Spano Restaurant
12 Octobre 1957 Bonanno is a guest of Luciano in Spano Restaurant in
Palermo at a party which is also attended by Tommaso Buscetta, Carmine
Galante, Salvatore "cicchiteddu" Greco, Gaetano Badalamenti, Angelo and
Salvatore La Barbera.

Philip Brucola visits Luciano and Adonis
Philip Brucola visited in 1957 in Italy Charles Lucky Luciano and Joseph Doto Adonis.

Bonanno at Compani Airport
13 october 1957 Bonanno was observed with the other 4 unidentified men at the Compani Airport.

Palermo meeting in Albergo delle Palmo (Hotel Des Palmes)
14 Octobre 1957 Bonanno also attends a meeting at hotel “Des Palmes”, in
Palermo accompanied by his underboss Carmine Galante and the americans
John Bonventre, Frank Garofalo, John Priziola from Detroit, Santo Sorge
(originally from Mussomeli and Genco Russo’s nephew), Vito Vitale (from
Detroit), John Di Bella (originally from Montelepre), Antonio, Giuseppe
and Gaspare Magaddino. From Sicily there are Giuseppe Genco Russo (boss
of Mussomeli), Salvatore " cicchiteddu" Greco, Cesare Manzella and the
Badalamenti brothers from Cinisi, Calcedonia Di Pisa, Gioacchino
Pennino, Rosario Mancino, Filippo and Vincenzo Rimi (Alcamo), Antonio
Minore (Trapani), "Mimi" La Fatta, Nicola Gentile (Siculiana and US
deportee), Luciano Liggio (Corleone), Frank Coppola (Partinico and US
deportee), Diego Plaia (Castellammare), Salvatore and Angelo La Barbera
(Palermo Central). Luciano and Bonanno get the Sicilians so far they
start La Cupola in Palermo with the American Commission as example. La
Cupola gets presided by Salvatore "cicchiteddu" greco.

Palermo's Cupola (1957):
Chairman Salvatore "cicchiteddu" Greco, Ciaculli- Palermo city
(Giuseppe Bartolino)
(Giuseppe Chiaracane)
Calcedonio Di Pisa
Salvatore La Barbera, Palermo central- Palermo city
Michele Cavataio
Francesco Sorci , Villagrazia Di Carini - Palermo province
Giuseppe pepe Marsala, Vicari
Antonino Salomone , San Giuseppe Jato - Palermo province
Cesare Manzella , Cinisi - Palermo province
Giuseppe Panno , Casteldaccia - Palermo province
Mario Farinella, San Mauro Castelverde - Palermo province
Mario Di Girolamo
Antonino "Nino" Matranga , Resuttana - Palermo city
Mariano Troia , San Lorenzo - borgata di Palermo city
Salvatore Manno, Boccadifalco - Palermo
Lorenzo Motisi

Boiardo's Livingston (New Jersey) estate meeting
10 November 1957 there is a meeting at the Livingston NJ estate of
genovese capo Ruggiero Boiardo some say they discussed the murder of
Anastasia and the selection of his successor carlo Gambino and the
closing of the "books" on new members because of the murdered Scalise
who sold memberships.

Frank DeSimone in New Yorker Hotel
Frank DeSimone and Simone Scozzari occupied a suite at the New York’s New Yorker Hotel from 11 november 1957 till 15 november.

Newark Airport Hotel
On 12, 13 and 14 november 1957 James Coletti of Colorado and Frank Zito of
Springfield were registered at the Newark Airport Hotel, Newark, new
Jersey that was managed by Anthony Peter Riela (detained also at
Appalachin) a man of Joseph Bonanno the owner. The report also says that
Simone Scozzari and Frank De Simone of the Los Angeles family stopped
in New York City on their way to Appalachin. Probably in those days
there was only a direct flight from LA to NY.

Barbara's underboss Russell Bufalino
The report also said Russell Bufalino of Kingston and James LaDuca of
Buffalo (son in law of magaddino) also stopped in NYC on their way to
Appalachin because they had business before and Bufalino as Barbara's
underboss was there to make arrangements for their flights.

Pittsburg mobster John LaRocca
Other guests also flew 13 november 1957 from Newark into Binghamton like
someone using the alias "Gordon" and LaRocca (probably John LaRocca from

James Colletti
14 November 1957 Barbara's cadillac gets from the airport Riela, Olivetti and Larasso from NJ and
boss Colletti and Frank Zito who arrived from Newark Airport.

Pittston boss Joseph Barbara's Apalachin estate meeting
The guests came from all places to Pittston boss Joseph Barbara's estate at
Appalachin to hear Vito Genovese about the latest events in New York.
Then sergeant Croswell and his men move 14 novembre 1957 in, the guests
were warned by the meat deliverer Bartolo Guccia and there is panic. In
the first car that Croswell controls are Russel Buffalino, Vito
Genovese, Joseph Ida, Gerardo Catena and Dominick Olivetto who may pass
but the police arrest the other 58 attendants. IT IS PROBABLE THAT SOME

Dominick Alaimo, Pittston, Pa
Dominick Alaimo from Bufalino.

Joseph Barbara, Sr., Apalachin, N.Y.

Joseph Mario Barbara Jr., Apalachin, N.Y.

Melvin J. Blossom, Apalachin, N.Y. (caretaker for Barbera)

Joseph Bonanno, Brooklyn, N.Y.

John Bonventre, Brooklyn, N.Y.
John Bonventre,

Russell Buffalino, Kingston, PA
Russell Bufalino

Ignatius “Ignazio” Cannone, Endwell, N.Y.
Ignatius cannone (born 12 november 1925 in Ny) was at Appalachin with Bonanno
capo Natale Evola of who he was a godson. Cannone is also related to Joe
Barbara's wife Vivona.

Roy Calisi, Buffalo, N.Y.
Roy Carlisi (whose brother is Sam "Wings" Carlisi from Chicago) from Buffalo

Paul Castellano, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Paul Castellano

Gerardo Vito Catena, Orange, N.J
Gerardo Vito Catena (born 8 january 1902) and his brothers were Eugene and
Frank Catena. 11 august 1923 arrested in Newark (NJ) for shooting crap
(game). Suspended sentence 13 august 1923. 9 December 1923 arrested in
Newark for gambling and fined 2 dollars on 11 december 1923. 26 october
1924 arrested in Newark for interfering with officer and got 2 years
probation. 27 July 1926 arrested in Newark as a suspect aka material
witness. 15 January 1927 arrested in Newark for grand larcency and got 9
months Essex County Penn. 24 January 1928 arrested in Rahway (NJ) for
robbery. 17 november 1930 arrested in Newark as material witness in
Pacelli murdercase. 3 November 1933 arrested in Orange (NJ) for
loitering. 23 January 1934 arrested in Hammonton S.P. (NJ) for bribery
of federal juror. Got 1000 dollars fined and 8 months County Jail. His
known associates were the brothers Albert and Anthony Anasastia, Joe
Adonis, James o’Connell, Mike Miranda, Anthony Guarino, Angelo “Gyp”
DeCarlo, Josep Barbera, Vito Genovese, Russell Buffalino, Joseph Ida,
Dominck Olivetti, Abner Zwillman, Al Dugan, Richard Bordiato and Frank
Cardinale from Hoboken (NJ).

Carlo Charles Salvatore Chiri, Bergen, N.J.
Carlo "Charles" Salvatore Chiri (born 10 august 1898)

Joseph Francis Civello, Dallas, Texas
Dallas boss James "Joe" Civello (arrested),

James Colletti, Pueblo, Colorado
James Colletti (born 3 october 1897). James Colletti the boss of Denver and
Pueblo in Colorado is owner of the Colorado Cheese Company of Pueblo
(Colorado) and is partners with Joe Bonanno in a cheese business in
Colletti's area Colorado. James Colletti was arrested 7 October 1927 for
receiving stolen goods. He was discharged of the receiving stolen goods
charge 1 may 1933. Reputed associates of his were: Dobert Dionisio of
Trinidad (Colorado), John Spadero (Spadaro) of Brooklyn, Joseph Bonanno,
Frank Garofalo, Carmine Galante and John Bonventre. Denver, Colorado
boss James Colletti (arrested),

Frank Cucchiara, Boston, Mass.
Frank Cucchiara (born 29 march 1895). Reputed associates: Philip Brucola,
Frankie Carbo, Carlo Gambino and Christoforo Robino (narcotics fugitive
since 1955).

Dominick D'Agostino, Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Luigi Selesi alias Dominick D'Agostino. ????? Joseph Silesi “Joe Rivers”???

John Anthony DeMarco, Shaker Heights, Ohio
Giuseppe Di Marco??? Joe De Mooca???????

Frank Desimone, Los Angeles, Calif.
Los Angeles boss Frank DeSimone (arrested),

Natale Joseph Evola, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Bonanno capo Natale Evola

Joseph Falcone, Utica, N.Y.
Sal and Joe Falcone

Salvatore Falcone, Utica, N.Y.

Carlo Gambino, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Michael James Genovese, Gibsonia, PA
Michael Genovese (38) from Pittsburgh

Vito Genovese, Atlantic Highlands, N.J.

Anthony Frank Guarnieri, Johnson City, N.Y.
Anthony Frank Guarnieri

Bartolo Guccia, Endicott, N.Y.

Joseph Ida, Highland Park, N.J.
Philadelphia boss Joseph Ida (arrested)

James V. LaDuca, Lewiston, N.Y.

Sam Lagattuta, Buffalo, N.Y.

Louis Anthony Larasso, Linden, N.J.
John Anthony "Louis" Larasso. DeCavelcante capo Louis Larasso from New Jersey

Carmine Lombardoz, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Gambino capo Carmine Lombardozzi

Antonio Magaddino, Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Stefano Magaddino (brother of Antonio) and his son in law James La Duca

Joseph Magliocco, East Islip, N.Y.
Joe magliocco,

Frank Thomas Majuri, Elizabeth, N.J.
DeCavelcante underboss Frank Thomas Maiuri,

Rosario Mancuso, Utica, N.Y.
Rosario Mancuso

Gabriel Mannarino, New Kensington, PA
Gabriel mannarino from Pittsburgh

Neil Migliore, Bay Side, N.Y.

Michele Miranda, Forest Hills, N.Y.
Michael Miranda

Michele "Mike" Miranda
Miranda was arrested at the Apalachin Meeting in 1957. according to a
investigation after Apalachin Miranda allegedly travelled to Apalachin
{by train to Binghamton NY] with Carlo Gambino Paul Castellano and
Armond Rava. which at least suggests a closeness to the Gambino family.
Miranda listed his {1957} occupation as a salesman for a Caddy dealer on
55th St in NYC called Huntoon and Raffo. His 1957 address given to
police was North Greenway in Forest Hills Queens. Miranda also had a
"summer home" on Long Beach Island.

Patsy Monachino, Auburn, N.Y.
Sam and brother Patsy Monachio

Sam Monachino, Auburn, N.Y.
Sam and brother Patsy Monachio

John Charles Montana, Olean, N.Y.
Magaddino's consiglieri John C. Montana from Olean, New York

Dominick Oliveto, Camden, N.J.
Philadelphia boss Joseph Ida underboss Olivetti from New jersey. Dominick Olivetto
had replaced Marco Reginelli as underboss in the Philadelphia family
when he died in may 1956.

John Ormento, Lido Beach, N.Y.
John Ormento (born 1 august 1912). In 1937 Ormento (25) was convicted for
narcotics violation and was sentenced to 3 years prison. In 1941 Ormento
(29) was convicted for narcotics violation and was sentenced to 8 years
prison. In 1948 Ormento (36) was convicted for bookmaking and was fined
50 dollars. In 1951 Ormento (39) was convicted for narcotics violation
and was sentenced to 2 years prison. 18 march 1955 were Ormento (43) and
Salvatore Lo Prato arrested in NY in possession of 2 loaded pistols: a
.38 caliber and a .22 caliber equipped with a silencer which had been
hidden in a secret compartment of a Chrysler owned by Lo Prato’s sister
Betty Licatto. A short time after this incident Lo Prato’s brother in
law was involved in an accident and his wife was killed. In the crashed
car was an exact duplicate of the first concealed compartment. Reputed
associates: Russell Buffalino, Natale Evola, Vincent Rao, Joseph
Barbara, John Dio, Rocco Pellegrino, Anthony Guarnieri, Salvatore
Santora and Joseph Vento the last 2 being heroin and opiumsmugglers.

James Anthony Osti, Pittston, PA
James Ostico from Bufalino

Joseph Profaci, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Joseph Profaci (arrested)

Vincent Rao, Yonkers, N.Y.
Vincent Rao (a nephew of the former boss Giuseppe Gagliano now followed up by Lucchese),

Armand Thomas Rava, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Alfred Rava,

Joseph Riccobono, Staten Island, N.Y.
Gambino consiglieri Joseph "John" Riccobono

Anthony Peter Riela, West Orange, N.J.
Bonanno capo Anthony Riela

Joseph Rosato, Jackson Heights, N.Y.
Joe Rosato,

Santo Trafficante, Havana Cuba
Tampaboss Louis Trafficante Jr (arrested)

John Scalish, Cleveland, Ohio
Giuseppe "John" Scalish (arrested)

Angelo Joseph Sciandra, Pittston, PA
Angelo Joseph Sciandra from Buffalino

Patsy Sciortino, Auburn, N.Y.
Patsy Sciortino (born 5 march 1915). Reputed associates Sam Monachino, Tony
Randazzo, Emanuel Zicari, John castiglione and patsy Monachino.

Simone Scozzari, San Gabriel, Calif.
Simone Scozzari (born 7 january 1900). Reputed associates J. Cerrito, J.
Civello, James Lanza, Frank Desimone, Russell Buffalino, Joseph barbara
and Frank Vultaggio. Simone Scozzari from Palermo

Salvatore Tornabe, New York, N.Y.
Salvatore Tornable

Patsy Turrigiano, Endicott, N.Y.
Patsy Turrigiano (born 6 august 1906). Reputed associates Joseph Barbera, Emanuel Zicari, Ignatius Cannone and Joseph Genovese.

Contenze Peter Valenti, Rochester, N.Y.
Frank and Costenze Peter Valente (Rochester and arrested)

Frank Joseph Valent, Rochester, N.Y.
Frank and Costenze Peter Valente (Rochester and arrested)

Emanuel Zicari, Endicotti, N.Y.
Emanuel Zicari (born 10 February 1900). Reputed associates Sam Monachino, Patsy Monachino and Joseph barbara.

Frank Zito, Springfield, Ill
Frank Zito (born 24 february 1893). Reputed associate James Colletti. Illinois baas Frank Zito (arrested).

Escapees Civello and Filardo
Nick Civello and Joseph Filardo, both of Kansas City were not picked up at
the roadblock but entered a public building in the vicinity to telephone
for a taxicap to the railroad station. Nick Civella and Joseph Filardo

Escapee Larocca
Michael Genovese and John Larocca of the Coin Distributing Company, Pittsburg,
Pa., registered at the Arlington Hotel in Binghamton, sharing rooms 852,
854 and 856. Both men's bills were charged to Barbara's Canada Dry
THE STATE POLICE ROUNDUP. John LaRocca from Pittsburgh

Escapees Lanza and Cerrito
San Francisco boss James Lanza and San Jose boss joe Cerrito were registered in a hotel near but weren’t arrested.

Escapees Giancana and Magaddino
Giancana and magaddino got taped where they complained the meeting should be
have held in chicago. Anthony "Joe Batters" Accardo had promoted Sam
Giancana as Boss and taken the position of Consigliere in 1956, but was
still the top Boss with Paul Ricca, so Giancana and his new Underboss
Frank "Strongy" Ferraro were there to meet all the Bosses.

Neil Migliore
15 november 1957 Neil Migliore collided with his car an other car. There
were several men in Migliore’s car. It is believed that Migliore came to
Binghamton to drive some Apalachin attendants back to NYC.

Tampa boss Trafficante jr at Cuba
In november 1957 grand jury subpoenas were issued for Trafficante jr and
other Apalachin attandees, however he fled from his Florida home to
Havana, Cuba to evade service of subpoena.

Pittsburgh mobster LaRocca at Appalachin
In 1957, LaRocca attended the infamous meeting of mob leaders at a house
in Apalachin, N.Y., with his lieutenants, Michael Genovese and Gabriel
"Kelly" Mannarino but laRocca escaped from being arrested.

Pittsburgh mobster Mannarino
Mannarino ran his own empire in New Kensington with his brother Sam and became a
local legend, enjoying a cozy relationship with politicians. When the
Mannarinos' mother died in 1957, according to old FBI files, federal
agents were stunned to see Pittsburgh Mayor David L. Lawrence arrive at
the Mannarino home to pay his respects.

East Harlem Genovese capo Trigger mike Coppola's acting boss Tony Salerno
By the end of 1957, Mike Coppola had decided to withdraw from New York for
good. He would leave his huge, profitable numbers business in the
capable hands of Tony “Fats” Salerno, who would also take over the
running of his crew. They settled the details when “Fats” came down for
the winter break, to catch some sun in south Florida. Tony would courier
Coppola’s share of the profits each month, and he would concentrate his
efforts on his other business efforts in the sunshine state, the
Caribbean, where along with Myer Lansky and Vincent Alo, he had
interests in Bahamian casinos, and was a director of General Development
Corporation which had bought up half of the Grand Bahamas Island for
casino and gambling developments, and Nevada, that generated him
substantial income from the points he had in various casinos. The money
that came in brown paper parcels from New York was supplemented by
bundles of money from these ventures also. Anne estimated that his
income from these sources was at least $1 million every year. In October
1957?? , he and Anne visited Las Vegas, and one night at the Riviera
casino, Coppola got into a marathon crap game that went on for
twenty-eight hours, and cost him $140,000. On October 13th., he was
arrested at the Stardust casino. Although no charges were brought
against him, as a result of this brush with the law and the authorities,
he was essentially banned from Vegas.

Cuba's Riviera Hotel and casino owner Lansky
In the first week of december 1957 the mobsters opened Lansky's 21 story,
383 hotelrooms big Havana Riviera hotel at the cost of 14 million
dollars, run by the Cellini brothers with a floor show headlined with
Ginger Rogers. Lansky's official title in the hotel was kitchen

Trafficante jr in Havana, Cuba
3 January 1958 the department of invest Cuban National Police in Havana start an inquiry
against Trafficante jr and the Cuban National Police question him about
his attandency at the Apalachin meeting.

29 January 1958 Stanley Grossman, who is an attorney in the office of Angelo F
Scalzo, tells that he accompanied Scalzo and Antonio Magaddino to Albany
and NY for the hearing.

Buffalo consiglieri John C Montana resigns
In 1958 John C Montana lost his position as consiglieri, a relative of his
was married to Stefano's son Peter Magaddino. Also his nephew Charles A
Montana was married to Josephine Magaddino the daughter of Stefano

french heroindealer Lucien Rivard
8 january 1958 was Rivard arrested shortly with Bisson.

french heroindealer Lucien rivard at Cuba
30 january 1958 Rivard returned to Cuba via Miami where Vic Cotroni and Irving Ellis had been staying for the past week.

Cuba dictator Fulgencio Batista
23 Februari 1958 kidnapped Cuban rebels the racing coureur Juan Manuel
Fangio. In 1958 fled Jorge Mas Canosa from Cuba after he had criticised
in a radio program dictator Batista

Tampa mafiaboss Trafficante jr
The Bolita game was run by Pelusa Diaz, Eddie Blanco and Virgilio Fabian.
In 1958 there is an article about the murder of Joe pelusa Diaz which
had also a mugshot of Phillip Piazza and in which Angelo Bedami sr was
questioned. Phillip Piazza's sister was married into the family of
former tampa boss Salvatore "Red" Italiano. Phillip's nephew John was
married to Maria LoScalzo the sister of nowadys boss Vincent LoScalzo
the son of Angelo LoScalzo.

an unsigned statement of Aviles made after he was arrested on June 3, 1958. In this statement Aviles referred
to a meeting with 'Ralph' Polizzano at the Squeeze-Inn Bar, related
that Ralph wanted him to buy stuff directly from him instead of the
Spanish fellow who had introduced him and stated that the stuff he
bought from Ralph was delivered by a man he called 'Junior.'

When Cantellops gave testimony again about Rodriquez four days later, he
testified about a delivery of drugs to Rodriquez's runner which he
places as occurring in the spring of 1956. The only other evidence
against Rodriquez was the testimony of a Treasury Agent that, when
Rodriquez was arrested in his home on June 4, 1958, he found three cans
of milk sugar and upon analysis one of these cans contained some

Montreal, Salvatore Giglio
In 1958 arrives Galante's man Salvatore Giglio (FBN handbook page 470) in Montreal.

Montreal mobster Giuseppe "Pep" Cotroni in New York
10 July 1958 Giuseppe "Pep" Cotroni and his men Nicholas Elacqua and Joseph De Paolo visited the Lexington Hotel in NY.

Vito Genovese indicted for herointrafficking thanks to witness Cantellops
In 1958 in the US 25 persons get accused of trafficking drugs, witness is
the convicted Nelson Cantellops who had gotten 5 years, some say he was
manipulated by Frank Costello in his story. The federal drug indictment
was handed down in NY on July 8 1958. Besides Genovese and the Chin
Gigante the indictment included "Tom Mix" Santoro, Natale Evola, the
DiPalermo brothers, Rocco Mazzie, woman Jean Capece, Joe "Babo" Vento,
Carmine and Ralph Polizzano, Nick and Danny Lessa, Louis Fiano, Big John
Ormento and Carmine Galante.

The principal conspirators according to the proof were Vito Genovese, John Ormento, Joseph Di
Palermo, Natale Evola, Rocco Mazzie, Carmine Polizzano and Salvatore
Santora, among others. Their sources of supply were from such people as
James Laurensano, 'Montanez,' 'Cuba' and 'Mexican,' in Cuba, Mexico and
Puerto Rico. According to Cantellops' testimony, he himself went to
Puerto Rico and mailed narcotics from there.

Jean Capece, Charles Di Palermo, Ralph Polizzano, Vincent Gigante and assistants such as
Nelson Cantellops, Salvatore Benanti, John Russo and Salvatore Marino
who delivered to Joseph Basile, Peter Contes and William Rovira.

Ralph Polizzano was concerned actively with many of the deliveries and
pickups and he seems to have been more or less in charge of the plant
and the activities centering around 36 East 4th Street and Al's

Others such as Rocco Mazzie and the Lessa brothers, Daniel and Nicholas, had to do with distributing the narcotics to
various minor outlets, such as the witness Peter Contes. Others in the
group of minor distributors were the appellants Charles Barcellona and
Alfredo Aviles.

Daniel and Nicholas Lessa, Charles Barcellona and Alfredo Aviles all purchased narcotics for resale from one or more of
the central conspirators Vito Genovese, Joseph Di Palermo, Charles Di
Palermo, Carmine Polizzano, Ralph Polizzano, Rocco Mazzie, Natale Evola
and Jean Capece on numerous occasions.

Profaci soldier and heroindealer Cristoforo Rubino (Salemi diaspora) killed
18 July 1958 was Profaci soldier Cristoforo Rubino shot and killed in New
York, he was accompanied by his brother in law charles la Cascia who
survives. Italy based Calogero Robino (Rubino) the cousin of US based
and killed Cristofaro Robino who he delivered 20 kilos of heroin a

Siculiana group (Agrigento province)
Mira and Caruana were spotted in 1958, their supplier was Antoine Cordoliani. In 1958 an
undercover agent of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics met Gentile. The
police had intercepted a courier with a letter from Gentile to a certain
'cuniglieddu', in which Gentile complained about not receiving his
money, which would be handed to him by Nino Gatto. The Narcotics Bureau
decided to set up a trap by pretending that Gatto (who Gentile didn't
know personally) wanted to meet him. Gentile told the undercover that
'cuniglieddu' was Joe Biondo, and of his friendship with Luciano and
relations with drug traffickers.

Cleveland mafioso Salvatore F. Poliafico (brother in law of John de Marco who married his sister Mary Poliafico)
was incarcerated 23 april 1957 in Leavenworth penitentiary in Kansas in
connection with a 15 year sentence received for violation of the federal
narcotic Laws.

Cleveland mafioso Sam Papalardo (brother of sylvester)
was acquitted 13 february 1958 at NYC for conspiracy to violate the federal narcotic Laws.

At the hearings after Apalachin Constenze “Stanley” Valenti and his
brother Frank get send to prison because they refuse to answer. Stanley
starts his sentence in august 1958 and sits 16 months. And Jake Russo
takes his chances and takes over. Frank opposes against Russo but gets 3
years. Frank Valente was a capo of Pittsburgh boss John La Rocca and
worked for Antonio Ripepi. Stanley Valenti was married to Ripepi’s

22 April 1958 Antonio Magaddino was heared before the Federal Grand Jury about the Appalachin meeting.

Buffalo men arrested in Niagara Falls, ont.
18 august 1958 Buffalo wiseguys Ralph Agretta (56) and Isadore Segal (62)
were picked up at the Ramsey Club in Niagara Falls, Ont., and charged
with various racketeering counts.

In 1958 a handgrenade gets thrown through a kitchenwindow of maggadino.

Buffalo- Niagara falls
Frank Aquino's stiff corpse was found stuffed under the dashboard of his
mother's Lincoln in a residential area of Lacckawanna 13 september 1958.

Buffalo- Niagara falls
Frank Aquino's brother Freddie "the fox"Aquino was discovered four days
later, naked and mutilated in a Tonwanda field. The irish mother of the
Aquino brothers was Belle Conley.

Buffalo- Niagara falls
Arthur DaLuca (23) a Niagara Falls bricklayer, was found stuffed in the trunk
of his Cadillac in a North Tonawanda parking lot. He was an ex football

Buffalo- Niagara falls
Rico Cicatello, who had apartments both in Buffalo and in the Falls, went missing a short while later.

Buffalo- Niagara falls
Guido D'Antuono and Leo Bartolomei (who were questioned in the disappearance
of Cicatello and the murders of DaLuca, the Aquino brothers) boarded a
plane for NYC in march 1959???? and were never seen nor heard from

Luciano’s wife Igea Lissoni dies
27 September 1958 Luciano's wife Igea Lissoni dies.

New York heroindealer Accardo partner Genovese soldier Vecchio
In october 1958 an undercover contacted Genovese soldier Joseph Vecchio (Settimo Accardo's partner).

france topboss Jo Renucci dies
Renucci's death in november 1958 spawned the Francisci-Venturi clan.

Robert Blemant starts to work from Tangiers with Marcel Francisi
when Renucci died in november 1958, Blemant reportedly took over his
operation in Tangiers and began acquiring narcotics from drug smuggler
Marcel Francisi in Lebanon. Renucci's death in november 1958 spawned the
Francisci-Venturi clan.

The outfit had sent Greenbaum west to Phoenix, Arizona in 1928 to manage the Southwest
division of its wire service, Trans-American. In the early forties, he
was moved to Vegas where he took over the Flamingo after the Bugsy
Siegel murder, and put the place in the black within the first six
months of his management. By 1950, Greenbaum was widely recognized as
the driving force behind the success of the $50 million Tropicana as
well as being known and respected in the underworld as a reliable source
of information on Las Vegas real estate. Like Willie Bioff, Greenbaum
lived in Arizona, part time, and was close to Barry Goldwater, then a
Phoenix Arizona Councilman. In fact, Goldwater's family operated a
branch of Goldwater's Department store inside the Desert Inn, which was
the excuse Goldwater used for visiting Vegas so often. After his
phenomenal success at the Flamingo and the Tropicana, Greenbaum was
called in to put the Riviera Casino in the black after the place lost
five million dollars for its original investors. Greenbaum didn't want
the job, but Tony Accardo and Jake Guzak, the Chicago mob's money
manager and technically, Greenbaum's boss, personally flew out to
Phoenix to try to persuade him to take the position at the Riviera.
Greenbaum heard them out, but turned the job down, because, he told them
the strain of correcting the outfit's stupid mistakes was starting to
take its effects on him. After seven years on the hot seat, he had
enough. He was tired, he was rich and he wanted to retire away from
Vegas to Phoenix. Accardo and Guzak said they understood and returned to
Chicago. A week later, Greenbaum's sister-in-law was found murdered in
her bedroom. The message was received. Greenbaum moved back to Vegas to
run the Riviera for a 27% interest in the place. This time he lasted
only three years. In 1958 Johnny Roselli, who was close to Greenbaum,
was told by Paul Ricca and Accardo to order Greenbaum to step down. He
was addicted to heroin, drunk when he wasn't high, running around with
women half his age who stole from him, and was deeply in debt from
gambling at the tables, losing up to $20,000 a week. Worst of all, he
was skimming from the joint, "Beyond," said Johnny Roselli, "what Mooney
(Giancana) and the guys back in Chicago considered reasonable." Roselli
went out to Vegas and gave Greenbaum the order, he was to sell his
share in the Riviera to one of the outfit's front men and leave town. Do
that, he could live. All past transgressions forgiven. But Greenbaum
refused. "This town is in my blood, Johnny," he told Roselli and went
right back to stealing from the skim. Then Marshal Caifano, Chicago's
enforcer in Vegas, was sent in to handle the problem. On December 3,
1958, the police found Greenbaum dead in bed, his throat was cut so
completely, that his head was almost falling off. Down the hall, in a
different bedroom, they found Greenbaum's wife's throat cut as well. She
had been knocked out with a heavy bottle which caved in the right side
of her eye. Newspapers were piled around her to keep the blood from
staining the carpet. The Chicago outfit, which, by mob standards anyway,
normally showed a loyalty to those who served it, would have let
Greenbaum's sins go. After all, he had made them a fortune, but Meyer
Lansky had a piece of the Riviera and pushed for Greenbaum's demise.
"That was Meyer's contract," Johnny Roselli said years later.

Phoenix, Riviera front Gus greenbaum killed
5 Decembre 1958 get Gus Greenbaum and his wife Bess murdered in Phoenix
by orders of Accardo, Giancana and the Fischettis because he stole from
them in the Riviera casino, Lansky approved.

Montreal heroinimporter Cotroni's men Nicholas Elacqua and Joseph De Paola in New York
6 December 1958 NY police searched the car of Cotroni's men Nicholas
Elacqua and Joseph De Paola, they were probably going to contact Rene
Robert in the Edison Hotel in NY.

Angelo Tuminaro's nephew Pasquale Fuca murders Lucchese drugtrafficker Joseph DeMarco
In december 1958 Lucchese drugtrafficker Joseph De Marco was killed by
Pasquale "patsy" Fuca. (Fuca is the nephew of Angelo Tumminaro, a
Lucchese member who was close with John Ormento)

Lucchese capo "Big" John Ormento trustee Salvatore Lo Proto (born 22 april 1926, FBN handbook page 509)
Salvatore Lo Proto’s brother in law was involved in an car accident in 1958 and
Salvatore Lo Proto's wife Mildred Pisciotta was killed in the crash. In
the crashed car was an exact duplicate of the first concealed
compartment of Lo Proto his arrest of 18 march 1955.

New York heroindealer Accardo partner Genovese soldier Vecchio dies
In december 1958 the undercover again contacted Joseph Vecchio (FBN
handbook page 327???) who brought him into contact with Edward "Eddie"
Lawton Smith, a few weeks later Genovese soldier Joseph Vecchio died in a
strange auto accident on the George Washington bridge.

Palermo born brothers and heroinexporters Ugo and Salvatore Caneba
In 1957 was Ugo Caneba arrested in connection with the Berti Gamba narcotics case.

Francesco Paolo Saverino
In 1958 was Francesco Paolo Saverino arrested in connection with the Berti Gamba narcotics case.

dr Enzo Berti
In 1958 convicted of narcotic trafficking in Switzerland and for years imprisonent.

New York heroindealer Accardo partner Genovese soldier Vecchio deal??
In january 1959 undercovers bought 5,5 pounds of heroin from Richard
McGovern and Samuel Monastersky. They had gotten the heroin from the
brothers Philip and Marcantonio Orlandino.

New York heroindealer Accardo partner Genovese soldier Vecchio deal??
14 February 1959 police arrest then McGovern, Monastersky, the Orlandino
brothers and their men William Bentvena and William Struzzieri, police
find 24 pounds of heroin which was supplied by the Cotroni group.

Lucchese capo and heroinimporter "Big"John Ormento arrested
Ormento (still at large) gets at the end of march 1959 arrested and will die in the 70ties in prison.

Vito Genovese trial starts
17 April 1959 the trial began against Genovese, DiPalermo bros, Natale
Evola, Gigante and Mazzie and lasted about 90 days. Nelson Cantellops
was on the witness stand for about 19 days.

police informer and heroin courier Edward "Eddie" Lawton Smith
28 April 1959 the undercover and "Eddie" Smith took a plane to Montreal
and met Giuseppe "Big Pep" Cocolicchio in the Cafe Romeo, the next day
they met Giuseppe Cotroni and Arthur David. 5 May 1959 Vic and Frank
Cotroni and Jos DeFrancesco stayed at the Edison Hotel in NY. 15 May
1959 Giuseppe Cotroni phoned Edward "Eddie" Lawton Smith. 21 may 1959
the undercover and Smith went to Montreal where they met Cotroni and
Rene Robert. 18 June 1959 the undercover and Smith got 4 kilos of heroin
from Rene Robert. 27 June 1959 Vincent "Vic" Cotroni, John Rao and
Michel Listorti entered the US.

french heroinexporter Rivard thrown from Cuba
19 june 1959 Cuba threw out Lucien Rivard.

heroindealer George Feracco (Farraco)
In 1953 arrives drugdealer George Feracco in Atlanta prison and came free
in 1959 and immediately he started dealing drugs again.

Lucchese soldier and heroindealer Ralph Cuomo
In 1956 police shoot dead a robber (somebody knows who he was?) and beat
up the other robber Ralph Cuomo who later starts in 1959 the original
Ray’s Pizza and became a member of the Lucchese family and heroindealer.

Vito Genovese gets 15 years for herointrafficking
In July 1959 Genovese and DiPalermo got 15 yrs Gigante 7. The Beck
brothers 12 and 15 yrs. Rocco Mazzie 12 years, Natale Evola 10 yrs
Santoro, who was later sentenced to 100 yrs in the Commission case would
get 20 yrs. Vito Genovese and 15 others like Gigante, Joseph Di Palermo
and Angelo Tuminaro (still at large and at Apalachin) got convicted.

Charles Barcellona and Jean Capece received five year sentences; Vincent
Gigante and Ralph Polizzano received seven years; Carmine Polizzano--
eight years; Alfredo Aviles, Natale Evola and Benjamin Rodriquez-- ten
years; Charles Di Palermo, Nicholas Lessa and Rocco Mazzie-- twelve
years; Deniel Lessa-- fourteen years; Joseph Di Palermo and Vito
Genovese-- fifteen years; and Salvatore Santora-- twenty years. In
addition, fines of $20,000 each were levied on Joseph Di Palermo, Natale
Evola and Vito Genovese

At a later trial Ormento and Galante convicted
At a later trial Ormento and Galante were convicted with Ormento dying in
prison in the 1970s. In 1959 was Galante convicted and became John
Morales the new underboss. Galante was underboss from 1957 until he was
jailed in 1962, thats when Johnny Morales officially was given the
title, as Bill Bonanno states in his book, saying that Morales was his
fathers unofficial #2 since Garofalo's retirement, more or less his
right hand man or the defacto Underboss of Joseph Bonanno's closest
associates. John Tartamella was Consigliere from 1931-64.
Bonanno borgata capomafia Joseph Bonanno, sottocapomafia John Morales, consiglieri John Tartamella sr

New York's Ormento and Galante heroinring dismantled
In all 29 Montreal and New York traffickers were indicted by the grand
jury which estimated the amount of heroin they had put on the market
since may 1957 at 600 kilos (1320 pounds).

New York's Ormento and Galante heroinring dismantled
Montrealers Giuseppe Cotroni, Luigi Greco, Peter Stepanoff, Rene Robert, Conrad
Bouchard, Jack Lutherman and Solomon Schnapps, the Corsican Gabriel
Graziani: the Americans Carmine Galante, "Big" John Ormento, Salvatore
Giglio, Angelo Tuminaro, Anthony Di Pasqua, Carlie Di Pietro, Frank Mari
(FBN handbook page 525), Frank Mancino, Joseph Vecchio, Rocco
Sancinella, Carmine Polizzano, Salvatore and Carmine Panico, Philip and
Marcantonio Orlandino, David Petillo (FBN handbook page 580), Salvatore
Sciremammano, Angelo Loiacano (FBN handbook page 504), William Bentvena,
William Struzzieri, Charles Gagliadatto or Charles Gagliodotto
(suspected murderer of Tuminaro and himself a month later killed),
Benjamin Indiviglio (FBN handbook page 480), Anthony Mirra, Joseph
Fernandez, Richard McGovern, Jack Gellman and Samuel Monastersky (FBN
hnadbook page 543) were accused or denounced by a grand jury for
drugtrafficking in may 1960.

Montreal heroinimporter Pep Cotroni arrested
Around 7 july 1959 the undercover met Giuseppe Cotroni and Rene Robert and they were arrested.

Montreal heroinimporter Giuseppe "Pep" Cotroni convicted
In 1959 Giuseppe "Pep" Cotroni (39) gets arrested with his partner Giglio
and got 9 november 1959 ten years and later that month Rene Robert (31)
got 8 years. His brother Vic Cotroni takes over and he entrusts the East
end to Giuseppe Coccolicchio and the West end to Louis Greco. He is
also close with Conrad Bouchard, Jimmy and Frank Soccio.

Lebanese opiumking Samil "Sami" el Khouri (Khoury) underboss Antoine Araman arrested in Beirut (Lebanon)
27 january 1959 were in Beirut Antoine Araman and his partner Antoine
Harrouk (Khoury's former bodyguard) and Agop Kevorkian arrested.

Lebanese opiumking Samil "Sami" el Khouri (Khoury) heroin chemist Omar Makkouk sentenced
2 July 1959 was Omar Makkouk sentenced to 6 months for bribing, he was
the best chemist in Lebanon, he was an associate of Samil Khoury.

Marius Antoine Aranci
In 1959 arrested in possession of 5 kgs of heroin.

Marius Antoine Aranci associate Antoine Cordoliani
convicted in France in 1959 for a narcotics violation

John Papalia
John Papalia started to collaborate with Vincent Mauro in drugdealing and
became some years later representative of the Buffalo based maggaddino
family in Hamilton. Also Albert Agueci joined forces with Papalia.
Papalia's cousin is Ned Italiano. Monarch Vending Machines was Papalia's
first legal venture, a business he started in 1958. That same year he
became part owner in Toronto's Star Vending Machine Company, with
Alberto Augeci. Three years later, Augeci's burned and battered body was
found in a field near Rochester, N.Y.

Joseph Valachi
In august 1959 stood Joseph Valachi, Vincent Mauro, Frank Caruso, Salvatore
Maneri, John Papalia and the brothers Albert and Vito Agueci on trial
(Mauro, Caruso and Maneri are still at large) with Mauro's man Salvatore
Rinaldo as a witness.

Florida’s Genovese capo Carfano killed in NY
25 September 1959 Carfano who handled the Genovese businesses in Miami
gets invited by capo Tony Bender to a restaurant, Carfano takes with him
Janice Drake. When they leave the restaurant and step into Carfano's
car a killer let them drive to a lonely spot and executes them and
Anthony Mirra is a suspect, Mirra is the nephew of Al Walker Embarrato.
Janice Drake had also been a "close" friend of the killed Nat "The
Manufacturer" Nelson, who had been shot dead either while in her company
or just after she left him.

Albert Agueci murder
Albert Agueci came free at bail and went to his boss Stefano Maggadino and told
him that he wanted his brother free or else! 23 November 1959 they find
the burned body of Albert Agueci, they had tortured him.

Atlanta prison
All get convicted but Mauro, Caruso and Maneri are still at large. But
genovese now mistrusts Valachi. Valachi and Ralph Wagner get send to
Atlanta federal Penintentiary where also Genovese is imprisoned who
rules Atlanta prison, also imprisoned there were Vito Agueci, John
“Johnnie Dio” Dioguardi, Mike Coppola, Charles Barcelona, Pete La Placa,
Joseph “Joe Beck” DiPalermo and his brother Charles Di Palermo.

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the address was not 36 east 4th street it was 57 east 4th street. I should know I lived there Ralph Polizzano was my God father and my Dad Jack russo 's best friend. we lived down stairs from them.


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