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New Jersey Teamster local 560 business agent Nunzio Provenzano
The 1970 appointment of Nunzio Provenzano as business agent.

Persico’s man Shorty Spero
Capo Persico’s man Shorty Spero had in his crew Gravano, Ralph Ronga (killed later by police during a holdup), Joe Colucci, Tommy Spero and Lenny the Mole. Beginning 1970 Sammy Gravano (25) got the order from his boss “Shorty” Spero to murder his friend Joseph "Joe" Colucci who he shoots to death in a car and present in the car was Tommy Spero. After that Thomas "shorty" Spero married Colucci's widow. (anybody knows the date of the murder??)

Coney Island based Colombo capo Dominick “Mimi” Scialo and double murder of brothers Dunn
In january 1970 were the brothers Arthur and Joseph Dunn, who owned at Coney Island a local carshop, killed possibly by the Colombo capo Dominick “Mimi” Scialo but Gravano was tried for the murders. In 1974 stood on trial for the Dunn murders: Dominick “Mimi”Scialo, Sammy Gravano, Louis Milito (former Ramper sidekick) and Ally Boy Cuomo. They were accused by Michael hardy.

Coney Island based Colombo capo Carmine “Mimi”Scialo killed
9 October 1974 police dig up the body of the disappeared capo Carmine “Mimi” Scialo.

Colombo soldier John "Sonny"Franzese (FBN book page 454) imprisoned in Leavenworth
In 1970 Franzese starts his sentence of 50 years in Leavenworth and when Artie Intrada asks Colombo what he is going to do for Franzese he was beaten to death 2 months later. Intrada's boss was the capo Joey Brancato who later with Pannarella killed Scialo.

Gerald Martin Zelmanowitz
Gerald Martin Zelmanowitz became in 1969 a witness against Angelo DeCarlo after being arrested when he tried to sell stolen bonds.

East Harlem Genovese capo "fat"Tony Salerno
After DeCarlo's conviction would Salerno been tried (Salerno's activities were talked over at the DeCarlo trial by Gerald Zelmanowitz) but then disappeared Zelmanowitz his former partners Gil Beckley and Joe Green for ever after which he refused to testify.

Gilbert Lee Beckley “the Brain” killed
Beckley starts to inform the FBI and Patriarca's men kill him and the body disappears in February 1970. (Morton Paul Kane and martin Sklaroff)?? Beckley was possibly killed at the orders of Patriarca.

martin Sklaroff
6 june 1964 was martin Sklaroff arrested by the IRS.

New Jersey Genovese capo Catena soldier Angelo " Ray or Gyp" DeCarlo
In march 1970 was DeCarlo sentenced to 12 years for the beating of Saperstein. After 19 months president Nixon pardoned DeCarlo. Extortion trial of DeCarlo also Daniel “Red”cecere??? Polverino and Landusco got a severed trial 15 janaury 1970.

New Jersey Teamster Local 170
In march 1970 in New Jersey Teamsterboss Joey McGreal and 2 others were tried and in september they confess and McGreal had to do 8 years in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania in the same cellblock as Hoffa.

Carlo Gambino indicted
23 march 1970 Carlo Gambino was indicted for the highjacking of a moneycar of the Chase Manhattan Bank with about 3 to 5 million dollars. Mobsters had hired for this job John J “Red” Kelley from Boston but he couldn't do the job because Kelley was arrested in Massachusetts for holding up a Brinks moneycar in Boston with 542000 dollars and he became a witness.

Carmine "The Doctor" Lombardozzi (Born 18 december 1913 in Brooklyn, FBN book page 506)
12 June 1970 lombardozzi got a year in a stolen check case. He had tried to conspire to cash 50000 dollars in stolen brokerage checks.

Coney Island based Colombo capo Dominick “Mimi” Scialo
11 June 1970 were 35 mafiosi arrested under whom: Dominick Scialo, Gandolfo Sciandra (77 Harold street, Staten Island), Angelo Sparaco (2221 Belmont Avenue, Bronx), George Tropiano (2730 Ford Street, Brooklyn), Paul Zaccaria(2268 National Dr, Brooklyn),

Pasquale Macchirole's nephew Thomas Dilio
18 Februari 1970 was “Salvation” (on Sheridan square in Greenwich Village) clubowner Robert Wood found shot dead. Macchirole's nephew Thomas Dilio (30) was charged in the slaying of Queens restaurateur Wood.

Pasquale Macchirole’s son John Macchirole
1 august 1970 Pasquale Macchirole’s son John Macchirole married.

Ignazio Denaro died August 20, 1970 of natural causes

Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano
Tony came out of Lewisburg in 1970 though he was barred from the teamsters for 5 yrs. During that time Tony spent alot of time in Florida leaving the union's affairs to brothers Nunzio and Salvatore "Sam".

In 1970 was a witness in the theft of 43 million dollars woth of stock and securities at Airport slain.

In 1971 testified the thiefing partners Robert Cudak and James Schaeffer for the senate. Cudak testfied that he and his partner between december 1967 and september 1970 had done about 125 postal thefts about 100 million dollars worth of jewels, cash, fur and bonds. Cudak worked for Ricchiuti and also the gang of Anthony Capucci was active with postal thefts at Kennedy Airport. Cudak testified also that after the theft of 125000 dollars Ricchiuti suggested to kill Cudak’s partner Joe Russo so they wouldn't have to share with him.

Colombo mobster Joseph Russo (womankiller)
1 Januari 1971 were the bodies of Charles Shepard and his wife Shirley Green found, the black pair had been hired to serve at the newyearsparty of mobster Joseph Russo, Russo had shot to death Shepard because he had danced with one of his guests while Russo hates negros. After this murder he killed Shirley because she was a witness. He was spoken free because the bosses Joseph Yackovelli, Persico and Carmine Di Mase decided to help him with their political relations.

Colombo soldier Joe Gallo friend Bobby Bongiovi “Bobby Darrow”
Bobby Darrow real name Bongiovi allegedly shot "Apples" MacIntosh a long time friend of Carmine Persico in the groin in Feb 1971 at a 5th Ave Brooklyn social club after Apples supposedly slapped Darrow around.

New Jersey Teamster local 560 businees agent Thomas Reynolds sr
The 1971 appointment of Thomas Reynolds sr as business agent in spite of his criminal record.

Teamster Local 945 (Wayne, New Jersey Waste management)
Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano
Teamster Local 945 president Michael “Mike”A Ardis challenged Provenzano’s authority and disappeared in june 1971. Linked to Ardis murder was Gerardo “Jerry”Catena lieutenant Giovanni Larducci “John Lardiere”

Genovese associate John "Johnny Cokes" Lardiere
2 august 1972 was imprisoned Genovese associate John "Johnny Cokes" Lardiere’s wife mrs Carolyn S Lardiere poisoned and dies. The medical examiner said the soft drink she drank contained enough arsenic to kill 50 people.

Colombo soldier Joe Gallo comes free
In may 1971 Joey Gallo came free from Greenhavenprison and bribed Joseph Colombo`s bodyguard Gennaro Ciprio, then he hired the negro Jerome Johnson as hitman. By 1971 when Joey got out many of those he counted on in the early 1960s had either been killed, or went with other crews where there was more money to be made. Gallo had as men Bobby Darrow, Pete the Greek, The Syrian, Roy Roy Musico, Bobby Boriello, Preston Gaietano, Punchy Iliano, Albert and Stevie Gallo (son Larry??) and Armando the Dwarf. Rumors on the streets also was Gallo was forming a "army of blacks".

boss Colombo in coma after being shot
The founder of the Civil Rights League Joseph Colombo brought a lot of difficulties with his behaviour for the other Commission members. So they gave a contract on his life to his soldier Joseph Gallo. 28 June 1971 Colombo was shot and severely wounded by Johnson, immediately Ciprio went after Johnson to kill this dangerous witness. Johnson got caught by an agent and while the two wrestled Ciprio shot Johnson through the head and then escapes. Colombo was severely wounded and lived a few years in a coma before dying. Thomas Di Bella became the new boss eventually he stepped aside for capo Carmine Persico in 1974 and he became consiglieri.

Colombo’s underboss was Charlie Mineo and consiglieri Joseph Yacovelli and the last became acting boss but soon made place for Vincent Aloi who had been since 1964 a capo. Aloi soon stepped aside for the imprisoned Persico who made Tommy DiBella acting boss.

Colombo acting boss Thomas DiBella
Acting boss was Thomas DiBella who made Johnny “Irish” Matera a capo and in his crew is Tommy Farese.

“Crazy”Joey Gallo killed
7 April 1972 was Crazy Joey Gallo (43) shot and killed when he celebrates his 43th birthday in Umberto’s clam house on Mulberry Street in Lower Manhattan. (Luparelli testimony on killers)

10 april 1972 was Gennaro Ciprio shot and killed while he left his restaurant and walked to his car when he was shot 3 times. He was the proprietor of Gennaro’s Feast Specialities restauarant in Bath Beach, Brooklyn.

Gambino soldier Bruno Carnevale was shot and killed near his house in queens village.

A day later was Staten Island mobster Tommy Ernst fatally wounded.

New Jersey janitor Frank Ferrano was found in a Lower Manhattan parking lot with his head blown away with a shotgun on 10 april 1972.

Hours later was credit card swindler Richard grossman who works for the Colombo family found in the trunk of a car in Brooklyn with both eyes shot out.

10 August 1972 the body of Brooklyn hoodlum Carlo Anthony Lombardi was found beside a road in Sullivan County next to him is a severely wounded woman (22). Carlo Anthony Lombardi had recently had troubles with Carmine Consalvo. Lombardi had shot in Dellacroce’s headquarters the Ravenite Social Club at Dellacroce associate Carmine Consalvo.

Pleasant Avenue drugdealer Joseph “Jojo”Manfredi
10 August 1972 were Joseph “Jojo” Manfredi’s nephews Philip John Manfredi and Philip D Manfredi found shot and killed in their car in the Bronx. 19 september 1972 were Joseph “Jojo” Manfredi and 8 others found quilty of narcotics trafficking. In November 1972 Manfredi was sentenced to 30 years.

New Jersey Teamster local 560 fund trustee Salvatore briguglio
The 1972 appointment of Salvatore Briguglio as Fund Trustee

Provenzano man Armand Faugno disappeared in 1972 and his place was taken in by Stephen Andretta

genovese capo DeCarlo soldier jack "panels" Santoli dies
jack "panels" Santoli (who works for genovese capo DeCarlo) died in 1972.

Vittorio Amuso
In 1959 Alphonse D’Arco met for the first time Vittorio Amuso. 21 December 1972 was Vittorio Amuso arrested by police outside the “House on Morgan Avenue”a front for the Bronx connection kickback scheme selling prison paroles. Presumably to meet with the building owner and Lucchese associate Richard Curro who acted as liaison between inmates and the Lucchese family.

1 january 1973 three unidentified bodies found???

Emanuel Gambino kidnapped and killed (who was E. Gambino???????)
In may 1972 Emanuel Gambino (29) a nephew of Carlo Gambino was kidnapped and after being paid a ransom of 100000 dollars they kill him and let his body disappear. The FBI suspects businessman Henry Robert Sentner and his men William Joseph Coolin, John Edmund Kilcullen and John Peter Harrington. Mannie gambino's partner was New York mobster Murray Kessler (anybody knows him ?????) who was Guy Banister's partner in the Cuban business. (Source Barry and the boys by Daniel Hopsicker). Henry Robert Sentner and John Edmund Kilcullen admitted extortion in the kidnapping of Emanuel Gambino.

Carlo Gambino‘s nephew Emanuel Gambino killed
26 Januari 1973 the body of Emanuel Gambino (29) was found. The Gambino family suspects James McBratney an Irish gangleader. He had kidnapped before criminals for a ransom but not mafiosi.

John Gotti and Angelo Ruggiero help murder McBratney
22 May 1973 John Gotti, Angelo Ruggiero (a nephew of underboss Dellacroce) and Ralph Galione go to the Snoope`s Bar and Grill in Staten Island. McBratney was there and was held by Gotti and Ruggiero while Galione shot McBratney 3 times in the head.

John Gotti friend and informer Willie Boy Johnson
In august 1973 were Ruggiero and Gotti arrested after being betrayed by Willy Boy Johnson and Gotti got as lawyer Ray Cohen.

Gerard Papa (Genovese soldier and nephew of the killed Vincent Papa) murders murdersuspect Ralph Galione
In December 1973 was Ralph Galione shot to death in front of his house in Brooklyn by Gerard Pappa to protect Gotti and Ruggiero for the trial, they get light sentences, Gotti got 2 years.

11 march 1973 Robert bongiovi “Bobby Darrow” (36) shot and killed Sam Wuyak the nightmanager of the broadway Pub (133 West 45th Street). Darrow was sentenced to life in 1973. He was a cousin of Rocco Miraglia Sr the righthand of Joe Colombo.

New Jersey Teamster local 560 fund trustee Thomas Reynolds sr
The 1973 appointment of Thomas Reynolds sr as Fund Trustee.

Genovese capo Ruggerio Boiardo soldier Angelo Chieppa killed
The body of genovese soldier angelo chieppa (53, of 364 Beaufort Avenue in Livingston) was found with 2 bullets in the head 20 may 1973 in the trunk of his wife’s cadillac, he had worked 30 years for Boiardo. his brother is Larry Chieppa. The shooter could have been James "jimmy Higgins" Palmieri. Chieppa would have been a bodyguard for Boiardo.

Vincent Rizzo en Ledl
In august 1973 were in New York Vincent Rizzo and Ledl indicted for the world wide laundering of stolen securities with a worth of 16.000.000 dollars.

Paul vario
10 october 1973 were two television cameramen and a police detective severely beaten outside a Brooklyn church at the funeral of leonard vario, the son of Paul vario

Genovese capo Ruggerio Boiardo
17 october 1973 dies Boiardo’s daughter (7) when she falls from an open window.

Genovese capo Ruggerio Boiardo
24 November 1973 was Boiardo associate John Malanga (68 of Belleville) found with a bullet wound behind the ear in his car on Third Street near First Avenue in Newark.

25 November 1973 was the son (20) of an alleged mafia member found shot dead in a locked car with a revolver on the floor , he had just come from his brother’s wedding.

James "jimmy Higgins" Palmieri did a lot of work.i think it would be safe to bet your last dollar he was the shooter in the tommy ryan hit and the angelo chieppa hit. two other pieces of work that had jimmy's stamp on it were that of charlie[mad dog]monto in 68 on blmf.ave and that of alvin little,a black numbers man and pimp from newark.picasso

New Jersey Teamster Local 170 president Ralph Natale
In december 1973 Joey McGreal was shot to death in his car, he was just free for 10 weeks, so Ralph Natale stays head of Local 170.

Bonanno capo Galante leaves Atlanta prison after 12 years
23 Januari 1974 Carmine Galante leaves Atlanta state prison where he had done 12 years on heroin charges. Within 48 hours the heavy bronze doors of Frank Costello's grave were blown up. Philip Rastelli is head of the Bonanno family. Rastelli's stepson James Fernandes was shot to death 7 march 1974 in front of his clothingshop in Brooklyn.

Gallo war aftermath
Frank Illiano switched from the Gallo camp to the Genovese family but was in 1974 shot by a sniper but was only wounded, he started to work for Quit Dom Cirillo.

Bobby Boriello became John J. Gotti's one time driver and was murdered. Preston Geritano {sp} is hooked into the Genovese family. Punchy Illiano and Albert Gallo switched to the Genovese family where Punchy became a "street boss" for a while. Pete the Greek Diopoulos who was with Joey at Umbertos wrote the book THE SIXTH FAMILY. Also another early Gallo crew guy was Joseph "Joey T" Tomasello who became a bigshot with the Colombo's in the 80s-1990s. Nicky Bianco who moved back to Providence Rhode Island. Interestingly an Alfred Bianco was killed in Brooklyn not long after Joey Gallo went down He was a cousin of Joey's

Canadian Willie Obront moves to Florida
In 1974 moves Willie Obront from Montreal to South Florida.

narcotics informer Anthony Finn killed
Around 1974?? Was narcotics informer Anthony Finn in a bar beaten to death on the Lower East side.

New Jersey Teamster local 560 business agent Salvatore Briguglio
The 1974 resumption of duties as business agent by Salvatore Briguglio following completion of his prison sentence for counterfeiting.

New Jersey Teamster local 560 fund trustee Luizzi
The 1974 appointment of Luizzi as fund Trustee.

Ralph Picardo operated the Cargo Truck Leasing company
When Ralph Picardo’s frontman in Lift Van was jailed for murder in 1975 he sold the firm.

Colombo associate Anthony Orlando killed
26 march 1974 was Colombo associate and gambler Anthony Orlando (41) strangled and killed in Brooklyn by his wife and her lover Farley who left his body in the trunk of a car at Coney island.

Macchirole’s nephew Thomas Dilio killed in Queens
Macchirole's nephew Thomas Dilio (30) (once charged in slaying of Queens restaurateur Wood) was found murdered 29 march 1974 in the trunk of a car in Queens. He had worked at his uncles freight company and they did in smuggled cigarettes.

Carlo Gambino soldier Robert consalvo
27 april 1974 was Robert consalvo (30), a reputed soldier in the Carlo Gambino family shot and seriously wounded by an agent after he had allegedly shot an other man during an argument in an East Side night spot.

acting boss DiBella
In june 1974 Anthony Abbatemarco, Tommy DiBella, Sally Albanese and Charlie Panarella meet and they talk about the sentence that threatens acting boss DiBella.

drugdealer Michael Viggiano killed
26 august 1974 was the body of drugdealer Michael Viggiano found in the trunk of a burning car in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, he had been shot in the head and stomach. 3 others were also slain around this date. Charles Gagliodotto??? Viggiano had stood on trial with 13 other dealers. ?? Viggiano is held as a witness in the Glick murder as is Dennis Brown of jersey City who is under indictment n New jersey.

Chicago killer Frank Schweihs murders David (Daniel) Seifert
In 1974 Irwin S Weiner, Allen Dorfman, Tony Spilotro and Joey Lombardo stand trial in Chicago for fraud they had taken from the Teamsterpensionfund an amount of 1,4 million dollars. It was a loan for a bucket factory in Mexico that doesn't exist. Just before the trial witness David Seifert was killed 27 september 1974 by Frank Schweihs and Joseph Lombardo and the defendants got free.

Attica prison
In August (april) 1971 escapes Joe “Mad Dog” Sullivan as the only prisoner ever from Attica prison. 13 September 1971 prisoners in Attica in New York start a mutiny and 40 die when the national guard opens fire, under the killed are 10 prison guards, in Attica is at that moment also Cummiskey imprisoned.

Tony Frankos
3 Januari 1974 Tony Frankos goes into prison for possesion of a concealed weapon and met in prison again Joe "Mad dog" Sullivan, no family of John.

Tony Frankos
Tony Frankos stabs to death 28 oktober 1974 in prison Lucchese associate Richard “Richie” Bilello (his biological father is Lawrence “Larry”Bilello). Attica inmate Richard “Richie” Bilello, the first inmate to be sentenced for crimes arising from the 1971 Attica prison rebellion (he raped a fellow inmate), died 29 october 1974 after being stabbed by another inmate at the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora prison. In the Bilello murder was Tony Franos represented by lawyer Gino Gallina.

Project Alpha
Delaney's tour as a good guy posing as a bad guy began in November 1974, when Lt. John J. Liddy of the New Jersey State Police visited the Somerville barracks. Delaney was a 24-year-old uniformed patrolman there. "Box everything up," Liddy told him. "You're leaving." Project Alpha was a prototype. The decision was made to set up shop on the Newark waterfront run by the Bruno and Genovese families. Delaney went undercover with the name Covert. Informer Patrick John Kelly was already on close terms with several organized criminals in the Newark Port area, including Dominick DiNorscio's crew of the Angelo Bruno crime family of Philadelphia. DiNorscio used Patrick John Kelly to manage the family's operations on the waterfront. Others who came to trust and rely on Patrick John Kelly included Genovese family soldier Tino Fiumara. With two other State Police detectives and three FBI agents working offstage, Covert and Patrick John Kelly set up Alamo Transportation Co., designed to serve as a magnet for the mob. With Patrick John Kelly working behind the scenes, the company quickly attracted the attention of organized crime, initially winning a contract with a firm controlled by Genovese family underboss Pasquale (Patty Mack) Macchirole. Also taking the bait was Genovese boss John DiGilio, a one-time prizefighter who controlled the waterfront unions. Initially, both the Genovese and Bruno families were taking 25 percent of the company's profits. Delaney recalled having dinner one night with a major mobster who controlled the port and sections of Newark for the Genovese family. One of the hood's top aides, Michael Copolla, excused himself from the table and said he was going to his car to get something out of the trunk. ???

Joseph Lemmo sr is president of Edison Disposal Co. Inc of South Plainfield and is an associate of John J Albert who was an associate of deceased Genovese Gigante capo Joseph “Joe Beck”Lapi.

John J Albert’s partner in Jersey Sanitation was the late George “Kitten”Katz of Fort Lee . In december 1974 Katz resigned from the Jersey Sanitation Company and J B Disposal Company. In april 1975 stood on trial for bid rigging secretary of State Edward Crabiel and George Katz (was excused from trial because of his health)

In 1974 Michael Franzese stood trial with the Chubby brothers, Frappolo and Zimmerman. In 1975 is recordcompany Kama Sutra Buddah failliet.

Black Harlem heroinkings Leslie "Ike" Atkinson and Frank Lucas
The blacks bought their heroin mainly from the former sergeant Leslie "Ike" Atkinson who had been stationed in Bangkok during the Vietnamwar. He delivered also to Frank Lucas who worked with his 5 brothers ( Shorty and Larry) and their organisation which they called the Country Boys. They worked in Newark, the Bronx and New Jersey.

Frank Lucas
Frank Lucas was arrested 28 January 1975, when an NYPD/DEA strike force, acting on a tip from two Pleasant Avenue guys, staged a surprise raid on his house in New Jersey. In the ensuing panic, Julie Lucas, screaming "Take it all, take it all," tossed several suitcases out the window. The cases were found to contain $584,000 in rumpled bills. Also found were keys to Lucas's Cayman Islands safe-deposit boxes, property deeds, and a ticket to a United Nations ball, compliments of the ambassador of Honduras. In 1975 Lucas got a sentence of 70 years thanks to a member of his gang who was later killed.

Lawyer Gino Gallina and Frank Lucas
Frank Lucas reckons he must have spent "millions" on high-priced criminal lawyers through the early eighties. Gino Gallina, however, was the only lawyer Lucas ever physically assaulted, the incident occurring in the visiting room of the Rikers Island prison. Lucas had reputedly given Gallina a large payoff to fix a case, $200,000 of which became "lost." Upon hearing this, Lucas, said the Daily News, "leaped across the table in the visitors' pen and began punching Gallina savagely." Acknowledging that he told Gallina "if I didn't get my money in 24 hours he was a dead man" and asserting that the lawyer "did not deserve to live".

Lucchese man Matthew Madonna
From 1970 till 1975 delivers Lucchese man Matthew Madonna 20 to 30 keys of heroin a month to Barnes and Barnes also buys from Mike Pugliese and they kill Pugliese when they suspect him of cheating them. Once a month, Barnes would meet Madonna, a smuggler he befriended in an upstate prison in 1959, on a street corner in Manhattan to get the keys and location of a car with heroin in the trunk that was parked in a nearby municipal lot. One night in February, 1975, Barnes was eager to retrieve a 20-kilogram load of white powder from Bangkok that was in a car that Madonna had parked in a 24-hour lot in Manhattan. After eluding the cops, Barnes picked up the car and drove to one of several apartments, where underlings cut and packaged the heroin for sale on the streets of New York.Two days later, Barnes returned the car, its trunk full of cash, to another lot, met Madonna on another street corner and gave him the keys.The feds nailed Madonna that year, but Barnes found another supplier and kept going for two more years - beating another case in the Bronx - until the feds nailed him. In 1975 Madonna was busted and got 30 years for heroin trafficking. Madonna served 20, a year less than Barnes, and was released in 1995.

Leroy (Nicky) Barnes
Leroy "Nickey" Barnes was known as "Mr. Untouchable" and was the chairman of a board of 7 black heroindealers (who were they?)who had carved up Harlem in territories, under them are Frank James and Ishmael Mohammed (those 2 seem to be 2 of the 7, there is a picture of them with Barnes).

Genovese capo James Vincent Napoli (US biggest numbers operator)
7 may 1975 was Genovese capo James Vincent Napoli arrested with 8 men and accused of operating the USA biggest numbers operation from the bar on Metropolitan Avenue for the 5 families. 15 October 1976 Genovese capo James Vincent Napoli got sentenced to 5 years.

Carmine Consalvo "suicide"
Gambino member and cocainedealer Carmine Consalvo was 7 september 1975 thrown through his window at the 16th floor.

Francesco "Frank" Consalvo "suicide"
Two weeks later his brother Francesso "Frank" Consalvo had the same happen to him when members of the Gambino family threw him from his appartment because he wanted to avenge his brother. They were killed at the orders of Vincent Gigante because they had to stand trial on a heroinindictment.

7 October 1975 police find in a van the bodies of narcotic traffickers George Adamo (33) and Charles La Rocca (28) associates of the gambino family. They had been close to Carmine Consalvo.

Anthony Verzino was imprisoned from 1966 through august 1973 and when he came free he went into heroin which he bought from the group Pallatta, Joseph “Joe the Grind”Magnano and Bollella who also sold to Ernest Malizia and Mario Perna.

Caffe Palermo was run by Anthony De Lutro at 148 Mulberry Street. Fama was seen meeting in Caffe Palermo his uncle Albert Palmieri who is a chief lieutenant of drugking Anthony De Lutro. 24 October 1975 was Anthony De Lutro found guilty of distributing narcotics. 3 december 1975 Anthony De Lutro (sold 5 kilos of heroin) was sentenced to 20 years. Co defendant Soldano (sold 3 kilos heroin) got 15 years.

Lucchese capo Di Palermo arrested
In 1975 were Lucchese capo Di Palermo and Salvato arrested for herointrafficking. In 1978 Di Palermo got 12 years??

Colombo family
31 october 1975 were Michael Franzese and Jimmy Angellino inducted in the Colombo family and present were John Matera, Tom Di Bella, consiglieri Alphonse "Allie Boy" Persico and Franzese's capo Andy Russo "Jojo Vitacco"?

Nicky Scarfo in Atlantic City
The 1975 kidnap and murders of Scarfo associate Albert Meglia of Montclair and bystander Michael White , charged were scarfo members Gerardo “Jerry”Fusella and “Happy” Bellina and William “Billy Blonde”Layton, it is believed Antonino Caponigro personally shot Meglia. The bodies were dumped into a Newark landfill in 1975.

New Jersey Teamster local 560 president Nunzio Provenzano
The November 1975 appointment of Anthony and nunzio Provenzano to the positions of secretary treasurer and president.

New Jersey’s Philadelphia capo Caponigro imprisoned
In december 1975 Caponigro was arrested. In 1976 Caponigro went into prison.

Prison inmates Ruggiero and Gotti
In august 1975 were Ruggiero and Gotti send to Green Haven after their conviction and later Gotti was send to Dannemora where also in september 1975 Frankos arrived and also there imprisoned were Willie boy johnson, Joe Sullivan, Jerry Rosenberg, Jackie Coonan, Bobby Bongiovi, Arnold “Zeke” Squiteri, Philly Rastelli and Nicky G. Frankos was transferred to the Federal House of Detention in Manhattan. Gotti is soon back in Green Haven and free.

Carlo Gambino’s brother in law Paul Castellano
Vito Borelli had been dating Castellano’s daughter but had made fun about Castellano. In 1975 Bonanno associate Massino murdered Vito Borello at the behest of Paul Castellano.

Bonanno capo Phillip “Philly Lucky”Giaccone soldier Massino
In 1976 Massino was inducted in the Bonanno family and his capo became Phillip “Philly Lucky”Giaccone. 1 June 1976 was close to Massino’s social club and Deli in Maspeth the body of Joseph Pastore found in a dumpster with 2 shots in the head. Pastore was a truck hijacker who supplied Massino with stolen goods to fence. Massino and Richard Dormer (Pastore’s halfbrother) were taken to the morgue to identify the body, Dormer threw up when he saw Pastore’s corpse. Prior to the murder had Massino his brother in law Salvatore Vitale borrow 9000 dollar from Pastore on behalf of Massino.

Gotti friends the Carneglia brothers
11 march 1976 agent Albert Gelb (25) was in his car cut of by an other car from which John Carneglia stepped out and shot Gelb dead. Gelb would testify 4 days later against Charles Carneglia who had been arrested 13 months earlier by him when Gelb`s girlfriend saw in restaurant “Esquire Diner (Howard Beach) that Charles Carneglia carried a gun when Carneglia was attending the wedding of Lucchese associate Tommy deSimone.

Gotti friends the Carneglia brothers
it is believed Charles Carneglia stabbed and killed 6 november 1977 gambino associate Michael Cotillo in the heart in a diner in Queens following a fight with carneglia.

Gambino capo Gaggi soldier DeMeo
20 May 1976 Joseph Brocchini was killed by Henry Borelli and Roy De Meo. 12 June 1976 was Vincent Governa killed by Roy De Meo, Dominick Montiglio and Anthony Frank Gaggi. 14 July 1976 George Byrum was killed by Roy De Meo and Gaggi.

Carmine "The Doctor" Lombardozzi (Born 18 december 1913 in Brooklyn, FBN book page 506)
1 june 1976 Lombardozzi?? Got 18 months

In june 1976 Atkinson`s organisation was rolled up by police and he and the 5 others got sentences of 25 years.

Leroy (Nicky) Barnes
His syndicate made enormous profits by cutting and packaging low-quality heroin. Barnes controlled heroin sales and manufacture throughout New York State and extended his business into Canada and Pennsylvania. By 1976, he had at least seven major lieutenants (who were they?) working for him, each of whom controlled a dozen mid-level distributors, who in turn supplied up to 40 street-level retailers.

Nicky Scarfo in Atlantic City
Louis DeMarco was shot to death in Atlantic City by Vincent Falcone and Leonetti in 1976 because he was robbing the offices of bookmakers who worked for Frank “Chickie”Narducci in Philadelhpia.

Philadelphia boss Angelo Bruno meets Scranton boss Russel Bufalino
In 1976 meet Bufalino and Angelo bruno and Bufalino had ties with the LaRocca family.

Scranton boss Russel Bufalino meets Teamster Frank Sheehan
The same year (1976) meet at Vesuvio's Restaurant in Ny Russell Bufalino, his bodyguard John Francis, Mike Rizzitello, Ed Sciandra, Anthony Guaneri and Teamster Frank Sheehan.

Gambino capo Joe Armone’s soldier Tommy Agro imprisoned
In june 1976 Agro goes for 10 months to prison.

Gambino capo Joe Armone’s soldier Tommy Agro
In july 1976 they were ripped in the Bobby Kelly case.

New Jersey Gambino capo Paterno moves
In 1976 New Jersey based Gambino capo Joe Paterno was forced to leave New Jersey to avoid a state grand jury appearence.

116th Street crew Genovese capo Anthony fat tony Salerno

Genovese underboss Salerno
In 1977 Salerno became underboss and Antonio Ferro consiglieri.

Joseph Pagano’s son James “Jimmy” Pagano (20) killed
Joseph Pagano's son Jimmy was found shot dead 24 november 1973 in a car belonging to Irwin Schiff at the intersection of route 287 and 45, upstate New York.

Genovese Zicardi
Eli Zeccardi (Eli Zicardi) who ruled the numbers game for the Genovese family. Eli Zeccardi had as busiensspartner Benjamin Cinguegrana.

Genovese underboss Zicardi
In 1976 Eli Zicardi became the underboss of the Genovese family when he replaces Tieri who is ill, Salerno is consiglieri and Lombardo is again the boss.
Genovese boss Lombardo, Underboss Eli Zicardi (Zaccardi), Consiglieri Salerno

Pasquale "Pat Ryan" Eboli disappears
"Pat Ryan" Eboli went missing around 1976, he was known as a go between for Luciano,and he supposedly was in Italy when Lucky died. Pat Ryan also was involved with Local 958. {laborors union NYC}. He also owned a popular NYC restaurant. Pasquale Eboli {thru his wife} was also said to be involved in a major NYC carting company with Angelo Ponte of Ponte & sons, one of the biggest trash haulers in the New York area. Pasquale Eboli was considered 'vulnerable' because his older brother Tommy had been killed.

George Barone and murder of Hell's Kitchen’s irish boss Mickey Spillane
20 July 1976 Thomas Devaney a killer for Spillane was shot to death. George Barone supervised the murder of West Side gangleader and ILA racketeer Tom Devaney who was shot to death inside a Motown bar by Joseph “Mad dog”Sullivan.

Hell's Kitchen’s irish boss Mickey Spillane
20 August 1976 Spillane`s top killer Eddie "the butcher" Cummiskey was killed by Joseph "Mad dog" Sullivan a topkiller for Salerno a capo of Tieri???.

Local 488
In 1978 was William “Willie” Nordstrom president of Local 488 shot to death in the Eastern Bronx, he had criticized the union leadership.

San Francisco ILA local 6
ILA reformer Robert Flotte was murdered inside the union hall in San Francisco.

Bonanno mobster Rastelli
6 march 1975 was Philip Rastelli arrested for the lunch wagon racket. 23 April 1976 Philip Rastelli was sentenced for the Lunch Wagon rackets and got 10 years. Rastelli's brother Louis was paralyzed from the waist down in the late 70's after he had been shot.

Lucchese soldier Vincent Pappa
Vincent papa was 4 february 1972 arrested with almost 1 million dollars (967550 dollars) in cash in a green suitcase in the Bronx and had been convicted of possessing 160 pounds of heroin. Vincent Papa was indicted 21 april 1972 for heroindealing. 14 may 1975 Vincent C Papa got 20 years. It is papa’s second years term in the drugstheft. 19 september 1975 were Vincent C papa an d 15 others indicted on drugcounts. Papa was the key to the theft of 398 pounds of heroin from the New York City Police Department's property room (Boston Globe, 10 August 1978).

Dominique Orsini
The last of the Ricord organization to be arrested was Dominique Orsini. In 1975 he was tracked down in Senegal, Africa by DEA agents and brought back to the U.S.

Loanshark Vincent “Vinnie” capone (39) was shot and killed in august 1976 in Hoboken when he stopped his Cadillac in front of a red light with a .22 a hit allegedly ordered by John Digilio jr. Capone would start to inform on DiGilio

Bonanno capo Galante and murder of Andinno Pappadia (FBN book page 573)
24 september 1976 Galante had his men kill Andinno Pappadia "Andimo Papadio"(married to Eleanor Rose Atera, a cousin of mrs John Ormento), a power in the Lucchese family, who was a close friend of Genovese and Ormento, and who also went down on Genovese's bust. Pappadia was shotgunned to death in front of his home.

Garbage industry
3 june 1976 was Custom Disposal Service (of Middlesex County) owner Alfred DiNardi shot to death while picking up his car at a parking garage in NYC.

Carlo Gambino (74) dies
15 October 1976 in his summer home at Massapequa, Long Island, Carlo Gambino (74) suffered his final heart attack and died in his sleep in his bed.

boss Paul Castellano
The next month (so november 1976) Carlo Gambino his brother in law Paul Castellano was chosen the new head of the family during a sit down at the house of the capo Anthony Gaggi which was attended by Castellano, Dellacroce, Gallo, Failla and other capos. Gaggi`s nephew Dominick Montiglio is there armed to guarantee the safety. Castellano lives in exclusive Todt Hill (the highest part of Staten island) with a beautifull view at the river.
Boss Paul Castellano, Underboss Dellacroce, Consiglieri Joe N Gallo, Capo Salvatore “Toddo” Aurello, in his crew are “Boozy” DeCicco, Gravano and John Rizzo, capo James “Jimmy Brown” Failla in his crew are "boozy's" son Frank DeCicco

Knickerbocker Avenue's Bonanno capo Pietro Licata (FBN book page 497) killed
4 November 1976 was the capo Pietro Licata (70) of the Bonanno family shot and killed in his cadillac possibly by Cesare Bonventre. Licata was followed up as capo of Knickerbocker Avenue by the sicilian mobster Salvatore "Sal" Catalano the leader of Bonanno capo Galante`s zips (sicilian born mobsters).
Knickerbocker Avenue's Bonanno capo Salvatore “Sal the baker” Catalano

Long Island Teamster local 282 president John O’Rourke
John O’Rourke was president of Local 282 from 1931 to 1965 and was closely associated with Lucchese family members John Dioguardi and Antonio “Tony ducks” Corallo.

Long Island Teamster local 282 president John Cody
Long Island Teamster local 282 president John Cody was a close personal associate of Carlo Gambino and Ettore Nappi. In 1976 became Long Island Teamster local 282 president John Cody

Long Island Teamster local 282 president John Cody
Union leader John Cody's first driver was Charles Daglia who worked for Cody as a Teamster foreman but also for the Carlin and Atlas Construction Company, but his only job was to drive Cody around. Later Cody was chauffeured by Louis Ambrosio and Bruce Kay, both members of his local who got a salary from companies while they drove around Cody.

Bok Chung “Frank Chin” (48) professional wiretapper was gunned down with 6 bullets to the head by Genovese killer Richard DeSciscio in a new York City apartment building 20 january 1977 He was a potential witness against Digilio who had hired him to screen the gangster’s offices for police eavesdropping devices and had agreed to testify against the Hudson County gangster. The .22 caliber slugs that killed Capone and Chin came from the same weapon and both were connected to DiGilio. Bugs installed by Chin in the East side digs of dutch prostitute Xaviera Hollander yielded the raw material for her 1972 book “The happy hooker”. According to time magazine it was also Chin who had sold the Watergate burglars the electronic eavesdropping equipment they had in their possession when arrested.

Arthur Milgram (48) head of a company that sells New York State lottery tickets through vending machines, he was executed 8 february 1977 in a Queens parking lot. Milgram was going to inform police about loansharks that were going to take over his business. Milgram had been shot 7 times in the head and chest by a .22 caliber automatic which was the trademark of the East harlem Purple gang.

New Jersey Teamster local 560 trustee Reynolds
The February 1977 appointment of Reynolds as Trustee.

Hell's Kitchen, Genovese family takeover
27 Januari 1977 Tom "the Greek" Kapatos a killer for Spillane was killed. Barone was killer????

Teamsters Local 945 (waste) Business agent and Genovese soldier John "Johnny Cokes" Lardiere killed
In 1977, Lardiere, an associate in the Genovese crime family, was being held at the Clinton Reformatory, a women's prison that also held a small number of male inmates. Johnny Cokes--the nickname stemmed from his childhood home in Newark around the corner from a Coca-Cola bottling plant--had been convicted of contempt of court for refusing to testify about organized crime activity in New Jersey before the State Commission of Investigation. He wasn't the only wiseguy cooling his heels for repeatedly taking the fifth before the commission. But as their incarceration dragged on and weeks turned into months, their mob solidarity began to crumble and tempers grew short. Lardiere had irritated the others all along with his big mouth and in-your-face personality. The way Ricciardi had heard it, Lardiere and a fellow mobster got into an argument one day, the culmination of a festering animosity between the two men. The confrontation escalated and turned ugly. By showing this kind of disrespect, Lardiere sealed his own fate. On Sunday, April 10, 1977, Lardiere was granted a 26-hour furlough to observe the Easter holiday. Around 2:30 Easter morning, Lardiere checked into the Red Bull Inn on Route 22 in Bridgewater. After registering at the front desk, he got into his car and moved it closer to his room, parking outside room 235. He shut off the engine and retrieved his suitcase from the trunk. Suddenly a man wearing a hat came out of the shadows and called out to Lardiere. According to Ricciardi's sworn statements, Lardiere looked up to find Michael Coppola standing before him holding a .22 automatic pistol fitted with a silencer. Coppola raised the gun, took aim at Lardiere, and squeezed the trigger. But the gun didn't fire. Coppola pulled the trigger again, but it still wouldn't fire. The gun was jammed. Lardiere's initial shock quickly turned to contempt. Coppola had come to a hit with a half-assed weapon. What the hell kind of hitman was he supposed to be? That's when Lardiere recited the mocking line that would make him famous: "What're you gonna do now, tough guy?" But Johnny Cokes had underestimated Michael Coppola. According to Ricciardi, Coppola discarded the .22, rolled up his pant leg, and pulled out a .38 revolver from an ankle holster. He pointed the backup gun at his target and started firing. Someone at the motel heard the shots and called the police. A Bridgewater patrolman parked nearby rushed to the scene and found Lardiere's body sprawled on the pavement, the key to room 235 clutched in his lifeless hand. The jammed .22 and the murder weapon were found at the scene. Later that night an ankle holster and a blue hat were discovered nearby. Despite exhaustive efforts by police to identify the shooter, no suspects were ever pinpointed. The case languished. Michael J Coppola of the Genovese family is the underboss of Tino Fiumara.

In april 1977 was government informant Thomas j Palermo killed.

Genovese underboss Carmine "Eli" Zeccardi disappears
In april 1977 disappears Genovese underboss Eli Zeccardi (67). Also disappeared that month his righthand Dominick Dequatro (55). Tieri was also suspected in the murder and disappearance of Eli Zeccardi. Eli Zicardi, who ruled the numbers game for the Genovese family (underboss or Tieri???), was kidnapped according to Tieri by Michael J. Spillane a gangsterboss who rules Hell`s Kitchen. After the ransom was paid they didn't set him free but killed him and had the body disappear.
Genovese boss Lombardo, Underboss Alphonse Frank "Funzi" Tieri, Consiglieri Alongi

Nicholas "Jiggs" Forlano dies
Nicholas “Jiggs” Forlano and his partner Charles “Ruby” Stein (wo worked for the Genovese family) are the biggest loansharks in New York but worked for all the 5 New York families. Forlano scares Julio Grazia (who owns Stein still 150000 dollars) so much that he goes to Vito Genovese’s brother Michael who settles the argument, Grazia is related through his wife to the brothers genovese. Forlano (62) died of a heart attack in april?? 1977 allegedly at a race track. a week later Ruby Stein’s body was found floating.

New York’s biggest loanshark Ruby Stein killed
5 May 1977 was New York`s biggest loanshark Ruby Stein , who works for the Genovese family, invited by his friend Jimmy Coonan the leader of the violent Westies. When Coonan lets him in and closes the door, Gambino soldier Danny Grillo stormed into the room and shot Stein dead. Also there were the Westies Richie Ryan, Billy Beattie and Tommy Hess. Nick "the Greek" Kagabines dumped the cut to pieces body into the river.

Hell's Kitchen’s irish boss Mickey Spillane killed
13 May 1977 Spillane the boss of Hell`s Kitchen was shot to death from a car. Salerno had the gang wiped out for lucrative building contracts.

Vittorio Amuso
Amuso was arrested 30 may 1977 with Anthony “gaspipe”Casso and 2 associates for involvement in a drug trafficking ring to smuggle heroin from far East asian. Amuso had 3 pounds of heroin in his possession and was sentenced to several years.

Vincenzo Napoli arrested in New York
Sicilian mobster Vincenzo Napoli was out on bail after he had been arrested for the sale of a kg of heroin in which case also Victor Amuso had appeared.

soldier Sally Albanese disappears
In june 1977 disappears the Colombo soldier Sally Albanese at the orders of Alphonse Persico who had replaced his imprisoned brother.

In 1977 Nick Scibetta the younger brother of Gravano’s wife Debra Scibetta was killed by Gravano’s crew and it was done by Louie Milito and Joe “Stymie” D’Angelo after which they cut up the body and had it disappear.

The Colombo family also killed Johnny Grimaldi, the brother of Louise Grimaldi, a former girlfriend of Gravano. Tommy Grimaldi was Jackson Heights top bookmaker and owned the Dinner Bell and led the Orchid Room for Sonny Franzese. Those places lay in the Queens neighborhood Jackson Heights. ??Gimaldi killer of informer Greaves??

24 July 1977 at a party William Cantalupo (22) was stabbed to death by Joseph Gerald Chilli the son of Bonanno soldier Gerald Chilli. William's brother Anthony was thrown out of a window by Richard Sabatino (28) who protects Chilli by confessing the murder of William, it was just a brawl. Anthony wasn't wounded and he and his brother William were halfbrothers of Joseph Cantalupo.

31 August 1978 disappeared Joseph Cantalupo with his family into the witnessprotection plan, he had worked for years as an informer for the FBI. As Cantalupo`s role became clear to the mobsters the same year they killed Murray Berger and had his body disappear because Cantalupo had taped a conversation when Berger met the capo Anthony Scarpati, a loanshark, who he paid money.

Atlanta prison inmate and Lucchese soldier Vincent Pappa killed
In july 1977 Vincent Pappa was slashed to death in Atlanta prison by black convicts who were possibly paid by jewish drugdealer Herbie Sperling. 26 October 1979 were 2 convicts sentenced to life for the prison murder of Vincent C Papa.

Gerard Papa (Genovese soldier and nephew of the killed Vincent Papa)
In 1977 Genovese associate Richard scarcella was killed by Jerry Pappa and buried in the fabric of Pete Savino.

Benjamin “lefty”Ruggiero
Benjamin “lefty”Ruggiero lived in an apartment on Monroe Street in Manhattan in the same building as his friend and later enemy Anthony Mirra. In September 1977 Benjamin “lefty”Ruggiero married Louise. Was his best man Brasco????

New Jersey police operation project Alpha
In September of 1977, Project Alpha went public. Some 30 suspects were rounded up and herded into the National Guard Armory in West Orange and charged with an array of activities ranging from loansharking to unlawful sale of handguns. When it was over, most of those charged pleaded guilty or were convicted. Largely on testimony from Patrick John Kelly the mobster who joked about the car trunk got 25 years in prison for shaking down the owner of a New Jersey restaurant in exchange for protection. He was subsequently released but was later picked up by federal authorities for violating the terms of his parole and remains behind bars. Bruno family capo DiNorscio served time; he has since died. His son, Jackie DiNorscio, was later jailed on a federal narcotics charge and remains in prison. John DiGilio, who oversaw Bayonne and other areas for the Genovese family, was eventually convicted of an Alpha-related charge, but before he could be sentenced, his body was found floating in the Hackensack River, the victim of a gangland execution. Among the others caught up in the aftermath of Project Alpha were Michael Copolla, who served 10 years for extortion, but who has since vanished; Fiumara assocate Raymond Tango, a Genovese family figure, who is serving a life term for murdering William Earl Mann by gunning him down in 1998 with more then 20 bullets in the parking lot of the Sheraton Inn in Elizabeth; Patty Mack Macciarole, who was shot to death and stuffed in the trunk of a car (how could he been involved ??? he was killed 2 years earlier??); Angelo Bruno, known as "the Gentle Don," who was shot to death in his car, and William "Woody" Brown and John Simone, both found shot to death. All of the murders remain unsolved. Delaney spent years testifying at trials, including the one that put Fiumara away.

Jack Di Norscio enforcers William "Woody" Brown and Larry Maturo.

Between the fall of 1977 and spring 1978 there took 13 mob related murders place in and around NYC.

Jack Di Norscio enforcer William "Woody" Brown was 12 november 1980 shot and killed in front of Anthony’s Pub in Newark, New Jersey.

Philadelphia underboss Phil Testa

Philadelphia consiglieri Joe Rugnetta dies
In 1977 dies Bruno's consiglieri Joe Rugnetta and Scarfo was named by Testa but Bruno refuses, he makes Antonio Caponegro consiglieri in 1978 when he gets free. Upon his release from prison Caponigro turned his New Jersey crew over to Ralph Napoli because he became consiglieri. Napoli is a friend of Genovese capo Manna. Boss Angelo Bruno, underboss Phil Testa, consiglieri Caponigro, Northern New Jersey capo Ralph Napoli
Philadelphia consiglieri Antonio Caponegro

Nicky Scarfo in Atlantic City
In 1977 was Giuseppi “Pepe”Leva killed by Alfredo Ferraro (who works in Scarfo’s Penguin Club) at the orders of scarfo. 25 August 1978 was Philip Leonetti arrested for the murder of Giuseppe Leva (35) he was also the suspect in the murder of Helfant.

Meyer Lansky
Meyer Lansky's stepson Richard Schwartz shot and killed in Miami's casino Forge (owner Alvin Malnik) in june 1977 Craig Teriaca, son of Dream Bar manager Vincent Teriaca (FBN book page 115 and dream bar owner is genovese killer Pasquale Erra FBN book page) an alleged underworld figure and friend of Lansky, after a quarrel over $10. in october 1977 Meyer Lansky's stepson Richard Schwartz was shotgunned to death in his Cadillac outside his restaurant "The Inside Restaurant" on the Bay Harbor Islands.

NY Purple Gang
The New York Purple Gang (named after the Detroit Purple Gang) started of in the 1970's up in the Bronx and East Harlem and operated mostly out of Pleasant Avenue. They were a notorious group of young hoods operating mainly out of the Bronx and East Harlem, with a lot of business dealings down in Florida. Their roots seemed to have been Pleasant Avenue, and they were involved in extortion, labor-racketeering and drugs. They may well have been second generation Genovese descendants, and included, Fred Zangaglia, Paul "Rizzo" Caiano (in july 1979 he got 2 years for tax evasion) , Joseph "little joe" Solce, Richie "Fats" Rocco, Ray-Ray Recildo, Frankie and Joe Meldish, Patty and Angelo Prisco. Bosses were Richard "fats" Rocco and Frank John Viserto jr (aka Frank Celese, Frankie Price and Frank Goodz) the son of Genovese member Viserto sr and his father in law was genovese soldier Carmine "Johnny Lamps" Saglimbene. It was alleged that members of the Purple Gang pioneered the use of .22 caliber shooters as a standard "hit" weapon. Rumour had them kill in 1976 alone 17 people using .22 guns, Viserto claimed to have murdered Eli "Joe the Baker" Zeccardi who disappeared in 1977 and also to him was attributed that year the murder of famed NY attorney Gino Gallina.

Lawyer Gino Gallina
the lawyer Gino Gallina (42) had testified in Newark about a killerteam armed with caliber 22 pistols with sounddempers who had at least killed 20 people the last 2 years under whom 6 FBI informants, the murders were committed at the orders of the Genovese men in New Jersey Vincent Gigante, John DiGilio, Salvatore Briguglio and Tommy Principe.

Lawyer Gino Gallina killed
5 November 1977 was Gino E. Gallina (42), then a Pelham Manor lawyer for "top drug dealers (like Frank Lucas) and organized-crime figures (like Pappa and orsini) rubbed out mob style as many passersby looked on in horror on an evening at the corner of Carmine and Varick Streets. He had been an ex assistant prosecutor for Hogan. According to judge Johnson behind the murder was Frank Lucas. Frank still maintains he has "no idea at all" about who murdered Gallina. it was rumoured the rubout was done by the New Jersey purple gang leader Viserto.

Leroy "Nickey" Barnes, Black Harlem
2 December 1977 was Barnes convicted and 19 January 1978 Nicky Barnes was in the Federal District Court in Manhattan, sentenced to life in prison on a federal charge that he headed a drug ring in New York City."

NY Purple Gang leader Frank John Viserto jr imprisoned in Leavenworth
Viserto was convicted in 1978 on heroin charges and spend the next 10 years mostly in Leavenworth prison and became close there with Tony provenzano. Viserto was released 31 december 1988 and started to work in a pizza parlour and lived in new jersey.

Atlanta prison murdercase Dominique Orsini
12 April 1978 Dominique Orsini was found slashed to death in his isolation cell in the Federal pen in Atlanta. Earlier his cellmate Vincent Papa had been murdered, as had been their lawyer Gino Gallina. Orsini and Papa had allegedly been negotiating with the FBI via Gallina for reduced sentences in return for information (France Soir, 13 April 1978). Perhaps the information concerned policemen involved in the theft.

“Black Harlem” herointycoon Charlie Pretorius
16 March 1978 at the British airport Heathrows a black girl was caught with 10 kgs of asian heroin. She told police that 2 days later also 2 couriers would arrive accompanied by Glenston Laws (30) and Bobby Beutel (30) members of the famous Pretorius Gang who deal in Harlem and the Bronx. Laws became a witness after arrest and so police can arrest Charlie Pretorius (37) and 12 of his bosses.

20 March 1978 were Nino Martini and Michael Mandelino found in a car both had been shot in the head.

In 1978 ???? Charles Monaco was having a drink in a bar when he was murdered. Frank Morici had just said good night to his girlfriend when he was shot four times and left to die in a snow covered street. Michael Paradiso said he had killed Gambino associate Frank Morici in 1978 because he had informed o his brother . Michael Paradiso also boasted he killed Robert Di bernardo. Police said 4 gangtype killings in Brooklyn were linked to feud over narcotics. Consalvo “Suicides??

Salvatore "Sally Bugs" or "Sally Balls" Briguglio killed
Salvatore “Sally Bugs” Brigigulio was shot down on Mulberry St at age 48 on March 21, 1978. The most widely believe reason he was killed was simply he knew too much about Provenzano. Briguglio had introduced Picardo to their gang and then Picardo had become witness. 21 March 1978 Salvatore Briguglio was shot to death by possibly Joe Sullivan in front of the Andrea Doria Social Club at 165 Mulberry street where also lays Umberto`s Clam House, Cortele and Casa Bella and Benito's II restaurant at 163 Mulberry (famous because at 163 police found the heroin stash which was squeeled by Luciano in 1923). Some say at the murderscene were matty the horse ianniello and provenzano, the last stood trial at the time for bribery with Anthony Bentro. A few days after the murder Provenzano and bentro got convicted.

Genovese associate Patrick Presenzano killed
23 March 1978 police find the body of Patrick Presenzano who was connected to the Genovese in Brooklyn, he was a suspect in narcotics selling in the Fulton Fish Market area.

Colombo associate Americus Scotes killed
23 March 1978 was in Brooklyn found the shot to death Americus Scotes who was connected to the Colombo's.

Pasquale Macchirole
Pasquale Macchirole had owned a truck and freight company (Frigid??) in Jersey City, new Jersey. He was a loanshark and partner of James Napoli with whom he had to stand trial. There is a theory that he and Briguglio had tried to take over Local 560 while Provenzano was in trouble with the law.

Pasquale Macchirole killed
23 March 1978 the body of Pasquale Macchirole was found in the trunk of a car along the road in Canarsie, Brooklyn. Later witness Peter Savino testified that Macchirole's murderer was Salvatore "Sally Dogs" Lombardi who was imprisoned in october 1992 with Joey "Mann" Maniscalco, Allie Boy Cuomo and john "moose" marone, but was spoken free of the murder. in the other case against Lombardi was the witness Tommy Demino who had worked for Maniscalco. Macchirole had been missing for 3 weeks and was thought to have been buried and then been dug up again to be left in a place to be found.

Macchirole collector Leopold Ladenhauf killed
24 march 1978 was the body of the killed Pasquale Macchirole “collector”Leopold Ladenhauf found in the trunk of his car parked at Kennedy International Airport. With Ladenhauf's body police found a document signed by Raneri in which he agreed to turn over the restaurant to Ladenhauf and Crimi if he failed to make his payments. Crimi was indicted for Ladenhauf's murder but was acquitted, also had stood on trial for Ladenhaufs murder Rudy Calalgari and John Cody's driver Bruce Kay. Bruce Kay was found in the trunk of his car at La Guardia Airport, less then a year after this arrest.

Pasquale Macchirole's son John Macchirole killed
Pasquale's son John Macchirole was murdered a few weeks after his father, the murder of John Macchirole {the son of Paddy Mac} came from the book Ency. of Organized Crime by Jay Nash.

Nicky Scarfo in Atlantic City
In 1977 came Nicholas “Nick the blade" Virgilio free from prison after serving 6 years. 15 Februari 1978 former judge Edwin Helfant was shot and killed in the bar of his Flamingo Motel in Somers Point in the company of his wife by Nicholas “Nick the blade" Virgilio who was driven by his friend Scarfo.

Garbage industry
In 1976 DiGilio, Fiumara, Palmeri, Crescent Roselle, San Felice and others held a meeting at which Fiumara told San Felice to give back the contracts to Crescent Roselle.

Garbage industry Alfred “Pogy”Torriello
Also pizza trial defendants Alfredo “the butcher” Toriello (owner of Alfred and Miriam Pizzeria at 1025 vermont Ave. NW) and Claudio Schibachi pleaded guilty. Other defendants John, Robert and Joseph Mongelli (their boss is Mario Giganti) and the brothers Frank and John Coppola..

Garbage industry
In 1977 the Mongelli family (their boss is Mario Giganti) took over the Penaluna Road Landfill in Warwick (NY) which was already in 1980 ordered closed because of dumping hazardous waste there.

Garbage industry
31 may 1978 was San Felice shot and killed while unloading a rolloff container at a landfill in Old Bridge.

Vincenzo Napoli arrested in New York
12 April 1978 was in New York the Sicilian mobster Vincenzo Napoli arrested when he sold an undercover a pistol with a silencer. He disappeared into prison because he was still out on bail after he had been arrested for the sale of a kg of heroin in which case also Victor Amuso had appeared. Police then start to tap his phonecalls from prison. From his cell he phoned also the in Munchen living Agostino Flenda who with his partner the turk Ertem Tegmen did in heroin, he also phoned with Dominick Mannino from Mimmo's Pizzas in Philadelphia, with his at Sicily living partner Sebastiano Pisciotta, with Salvatore Montalto (underboss of Inzerillo), with his brother Antonino in Caracas and his brother Gaetano Napoli in Brooklyn who gave through his messages.

Bonanno capo Michael sabella soldier Lefty Ruggiero and brasco meet Milwaukee boss Balistrieri
29 July 1978 meet in Snug's Restaurant Milwaukee boss Frank P Balistrieri, his son J Peter Balistrieri and Buscemi's men Joseph Zito, Phillip J Emordeno and Charles Vince and Bonanno gangster Lefty Ruggiero and Donnie Brasco of the Bonanno family.

Atlantic City
Commission member Angelo Bruno Annelore, the boss of Philadelphia ruled Atlantic city via his unionman John McCullough, the president of the roofersunion in Philadelphia, but he was also important in neighbouring Atlantic City. Also Bruno's underboss Phil Testa was represented there by his friend the capo Nicodemo Scarfo. In may 1978 opened RI the first legal casino in Atlantic City what was okayed two years earlier.

DeCavalcante soldier Joseph “Joe Pit”Conigliaro
1 November 1973 James Gallo (39) and Joe Conigliaro (42) want to shoot in a car stoolpigeon Vincent “Vinnie” Ensulo aka “Baba”aka Vincent Ennisie (37) but instead shot each other and Conigliaro ended up in a wheelchair. Gallo was released from prison 14 february 1978 and soon police informer Vincent Ensulo was shot and killed in Manhattan. James Gallo was charged with the crime.

DeCavalcante soldier Vincent “Vinnie Ocean”Palermo
22 July 1978 was John Suarato shot and killed in his car by his nephews the brothers Vincent “Vinnie Ocean”Palermo and patsy Palermo (a Colombo soldier).

Salvatore Sinno was a member of the Provenzano group since the 1940’s and he became a government witness against Provenznao .

New Jersey Teamster local 560 secretary treasurer Josephine Provenzano
Tony's daughter Josephine Provenzano (23) was in july 1978 elected secretary-treasurer and received a salary of $64,000 following the conviction of her father for the Castellitto murder.

116th Street crew Genovese capo Vincent Di Napoli
Di Napoli was also suspected of ordering the 1976 murder of Danny Evangelista, a dissident union leader of Local 385, who was shot to death while sitting at his desk at Local 385 headquarters. Evangelista had opposed Genovese candidate Theodore Maritas candidacy for the district council presidency.

Joseph Di Napoli has a brother named Louis who is a soldier for the genovese family.

restaurantowner Raneri testified he started in 1976 (a year before he got the SBA loan) borrowing from the loansharks Leopold Ladenhauf and Michael Crimi. Police said the money came from Genovese capo Pasquale Macchirole. Later Crimi was convicted and sentenced to 5 years probation for the Raneri loans.

restaurantowner Raneri was later arrested with ??? Larry Iorizzo??? on a federal tax scam involving an oil company.

William “Billy the butcher”Masselli
In 1976 Genovese soldier William “Billy the butcher”Masselli seized control of a small construction firm that held subcontracts on large Schiavone projects, the firm was owned by Louis nargi who had borrowed 350000 dollars from William “Billy the butcher”Masselli and Louis Cirillo who took it over even while Nargi was the brother in law of Bonanno soldier Salvatore “Sally Blind”Frascone. After a sitdown the decision was in favor of masselli and Frascone continued to object and massellli ordered Mike Orlando to kill Frascone. Orlando claims he shot and killed 22 september 1978 Frascone who was fingered to him by bookie Joe “Bugs”Bugliarelli, the getaway car was driven by masselli claimed Orlando. William “Billy the butcher”Masselli and Bugliarelli were charged with the 1978 murder.

Raymond Donovan (then part owner of Schiavone Construction Co.)
In 1978 Schiavone won a New York City Transit Authority contract for up to 186 million dollars to construct the East 63d Street subway tunnel in Manhattan. The contract obligated Schiavone to subcontract 18,6 million dollars of the work to minority run companies. Two thirds of the minority work went to the Jopel Contracting Trucking Corporation in the Bronx owned by the black state senator Joseph L galiber and William masselli.

Raymond Donovan
Raymond Donovan (then part owner of Schiavone Construction Co.) would have met Genovese soldier William “Billy the butcher”Masselli and Genovese capo Albert “Chink”Facchiano in Miami in janaury 1979 to discuss an illegal financial skimming scheme.

Genovese man Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano
in 1979 Provenzano was convicted on RICO charges for receipt of labor peace payoffs from the Seatrain Corporation with him were also convicted his men Gabriel Briguglio and the brothers Thomas and Stephen Andretta. Provenzano got 20 years extra for extorting Seatrain Lines, one of the biggest container moving firms of the US and also Thomas Andretta got 20 years.

West Paterson new Jersey Teamster Local 945
President is Joseph Campisano and secretary treasurer is Vito Cariello. Business representatives were Ernest P Palmeri sr, Flen Chestnut and Frank Smith. In November 1973 was State bank of Chatham president Alexander Smith introduced to Ernest P Palmeri sr. in the spring of 1974 Frank Rando introduced Ernest P Palmeri sr to Robert Prodan vice president of the Bank of Bloomfield.

Involved with Franconero in defrauding banks were Joel Sokol and Stanley resnick and became state witnesses.

New Jersey attorney George Franconero
In 1976 the United States attorney's office and the FBI in Newark began investigating a series of Mafia banking scandals that caused the failure of at least four banks in New Jersey alone. Attorney George Franconero pleaded guilty to submitting false data on a loan application. His sister, singer Connie Francis came to court to support him. U. S. District Judge Herbert J. Stern sentenced Franconero to probation after announcing that Franconero had agreed to give the government information about other culprits in the Scheme. He was disbarred as a result of this scandal. Franconero represented Thomas "Timmy Murphy" Pecora and his brother Joseph known as Joe Peck, members of the Genovese family extensively. Franconero was close to Ernest Palmeri. Palmeri and Franconero shared hidden ownership in a bar and restaurant in Bergen County. Palmeri's father, Paul had a long arrest record. Ernest brother Frank assisted Mob boss Jerry Catena in the much-publicized attempt to monopolize the supermarket sale of detergents.

On request of the Sci had Teamster local 97 attempted in vain to contact Thomas "Timmy Murphy" Pecora a boss of Teamsters Local 97 through a registered letter. When Pecora failed to attend a meeting of the union’s Executive Board 29 june 1970 the Board notified the SCI that pecora was no longer affiliated with it.

New Jersey murdercase James Queli
In October?? 1978 Joseph Queli's brother James Queli (35) was murdered in his New Jersey home. Newark high school principal James Queli was murdered 1 november 1978. His close friends included Tino Fiumara and Michael Coppola. Because tino Fiumara set Jim Queli up and helped him get where he.??/

New Jersey murdercase George Franconero (40)
George Franconero was a lawyer for the Newark board of education at one time, he was involved with Louis Turco president of the board of it and with James Queli principal of east side high school. Franconero was gunned down in a Mob hit in front of his home in North Caldwell, New Jersey on March 5, 1981. At the time of his death he was cooperating with federal authorities against organized crime figures. he had quarreled with DeCavelcante boss John Riggi and Turco went to prison.

Leroy "Nickey" Barnes, Black Harlem
19 december 1978 was the body of William Terrell found, he was an associate of Leroy “Nicky”barnes.

capo Louis Pacella
In june 1978 were 10 men indicted for the bankruptcy of the Westchester Theatre under whom the capo Louis Pacella and Thomas Marson.

In 1978 Salvatore Bonanno goes to prison. In 1978 Joseph Bonano goes to prison.

Henry Hill
12 July 1978 Hill came free from prison.

Teamster local (Garmentindustry) official and Lucchese soldier Anthony Di lapi
In 1978 was Teamsterofficial Tony Di Lapi bribed by IDC boss Sidney Lieberman so that his business didn't have to hire union members. 200 Workers of IDC wanted to join the union of Matthew Eason, Tony Di Lapi offered then Eason bribes from Lieberman to refuse their approach. Eason stepped to the FBI after their threats when he refused and taped meetings with Di Lapi and Lieberman. De FBI indicted them. In july 1979 was Lieberman`s niece Judith and her husband shot dead, she was the treasurer of IDC and knew incriminating evidence and was a potential witness. In may 1980 was Di lapi convicted to 5 years. After he came free casso had him shot and killed in Los Angeles by Joseph d’Arco (son of?).

Atlantic City
In 1979 also Bally Manufacturing Company got permission to build in Atlantic City but they have to fire William O`Donnell because of his contacts with criminals.

Colombo soldier Michael Franzese crew
16 Januari 1979 was Joseph Anthony Laezza (36) stabbed to death by "Champagne" Larry Carrozza who was protecting his Colombo boss Franzese.

Colombo soldier Michael Franzese crew
Beginning 1979 (which date??) was Franzese’s man Thomas “Tommy” Genovese found murdered in the trunk of a car. He was just free from prison after a long sentence and matera had arranged the murder.

Colombo soldier Michael Franzese crew
Also Luigi Vizzini was killed (which date??) he had tried to set up michael franzese.

Colombo soldier "Sonny" Franzese free
In februari 1979 "Sonny" Franzese came free.

Colombo boss Persico free
Around the same time Sonny Franzese came free from prison also Persico was set free from prison.

Bonanno capo Carmine Galante
In march 1979 wins Rosenberg a case for Bonanno capo Carmine Galante.

Las Vegas Jolly Trolly casino manager ??? Anthony Russo
Anthony “little pussy”Russo was serving 3 to 5 years in Trenton State Prison for giving false testimony and got 12 february 1972 stabbed in prison by a Black Muslim. When Anthony russo had been stabbed in prison it had been done by a group of blacks led by Teddy Gibson who also stabbed several of Russo’s friends like Charlie Heilig and elsewhere in prison Russo’s friend Stanley Mars was stabbed. The next morning another Russo associate Mike Masucci was attacked and badly cut. He survived and was paroled and ran the Jolly Trolly casino in Las Vegas.

New Jersey based Genovese capo Boiardo soldier Anthony “Little pussy” Russo (63) killed
26 April 1979 Anthony Russo was found murdered by his associate Louis “killer Louie”Ferraro in his locked apartment in Harbor Island Spa in pin Long Branch, NJ supposedly because he had gotten Patrick Pizzuto into the family who became an informant. His killers were according to an informer Thomas “Pee Wee”DePhillips, Anthony DeVingo and Joe “Z”Zarro.

Castellano underbos Dellacroce
Yonkers bookmaker and Gambino loanshark Charles Calise was found shot and killed in the back seat of a parked car 7 july 1974 because he was suspected of being an informer. Gambino mobster Anthony “Tony Plate”Plata , the boss of Calise, had him murdered at the orders of Dellacroce.

Castellano underbos Dellacroce
15 May 1979 was Castellano underbos Dellacroce arrested on suspicion for the murder of Calise, with him stand on trial Anthony Plate. Then Dellacroce send wiseguy Willie Boy Johnson, John Gotti and Ruggiero to Florida to murder Anthony Plate in august 1979 who left the Miami Beach hotel and the body disappeared. Dellacroce was then spoken free.

Castellano soldiers John Gotti, Gene Gotti and Ruggiero inducted
In 1979 was John Gotti made with Gene Gotti and Angelo Ruggiero. Was later told by Willie Boy Johnson.

Colombo soldier Gregory Scarpa jr
In 1979 meet Gregory Scarpa jr (30) and Larry Mazza (18) and start to work togather.

Colombo capo Allie La Monte dies
In 1979 dies Allie La Monte and his crew was taken over by Dominic Montemarano.
Colombo capo Dominic Montemarano

New York (Agrigento diaspora)
FBI files showed that a certain Gerlando Sciascia became head of the Bonanno Family in Canada. Sciascia was born in Cattolica Eraclea, just like Nick Rizzuto and others of Cuntrera-Caruana Montreal branch of the clan. Sciascia had close relations with Giuseppe Bono and Sal Catalano, key figures in the Pizza Connection. According to RCMP intelligence officer Yvon Thibault, Sciascia, in Bonanno's name, acted as the liaison between the Sicilians of New York and those in Montreal. With Montreal mobster Joe Lo Presti (also born in Cattolica Eraclea), Sciascia supplied the New York Gambino Family with heroin from the Cuntrera-Caruana clan.

NY Purple Gang
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement stated in 1979 that the Gang operated with the support and protection of Carmine Galante ( prior to his last lunch at Mary and Joe’s) as well as various capos in the Genovese family. Their undisputed leader was Frankie Viserto jr aka Frankie Celeste aka Frankie Price aka Frank Goodz. His father, Frankie Senior, dob 1/17/27 may have been a soldier in the Genovese family. Viserto junior was linked in to Tony Provenzano and Gerardo Catena.

Rebelling Bonanno capo Carmine Galante killed
Bonanno capo Carmine Galante was seen by the Commission as a danger, they gave the contract at his life to capo Salvatore "Sal" Catalano whose men Cesare Bonventre and his nephew Baldassare Amato were bodyguards of Galante. (Bonventre lived at 83th street in Brooklyn and was related to the Bonventre's and Bonanno's). 12 July 1979 Galante smokes his cigar at the veranda of the restaurant of his nephew Giuseppe Turano in Knickerbocker Avenue, Brooklyn. His bodyguards were with him and also in his company were Leonardo Coppola and Giuseppe Turano. Three killers under whom Anthony Indelicato, wearing skimasks, entered the restaurant from the backdoor and walked to the veranda. Galante and his guests were shot to death, his bodyguards drew their pistols but not to help their boss, Bonventre gave the coup de grace to one of Galante`s friends. Amato and Bonventre left with the killers the restaurant and stepped in a car driven by Santo Giordano.

Ravenite club surveillance film of Indelicato jr
Short time later policecameras register at the Ravenite club of the Gambino family, the arrival of the Bonanno capos Anthony Indelicato Sr, Philip Giaccone and Bonanno consiglieri Steve Canone. They were greeted by Anthony Indelicato Jr who brings them the news of the hit and who got congratulations. After their talk Canone entered the restaurant to inform "Neill" Dellacroce.

Bonanno boss Rastelli
Imprisoned boss Rastelli demoted Galante`s friends the capos Mike Sabella and Nick Marangello to soldiers. Dominick Napolitano, Joey Massimo and Cesare Bonventre became capos. Catalano and his underboss Giuseppe Ganci got as thanks the import of heroin in New York.

Castellano orders murder of his capo Jimmy Eppolito sr
3 November 1979 had Castellano his capo Jimmy Eppolito sr and his son Jimmy jr shot and killed in a car in Coney Island by De Meo, Piacente and Nino Gaggi. They had given a benefit party with as special guest the wife of former president Carter after which they embezzled the funds. Castellano then ordered their deaths because he thought they attracted this way unwanted police attention.

boss Castellano capo Gaggi imprisoned in Attica prison
26 March 1981 Gaggi goes to Attica prison for the murders of the Eppolitos and was free within a year.

Bonanno capo Bonventre and murder of Settimo Favia
In november 1979 was the cook Settimo Favia shot death in front of his house by Bonventre, he gambled and had lost more then 3000 dollars after which Bonventre and Filippo Ragusa had approached them. If Favia would take a package of heroin for them from Italy and smuggle it into the US he wouldn't have to pay his gamblingdebt, he refused and was killed because they were afraid he would inform the police.

Nicky Scarfo in Atlantic City
At the end of 1979 was dealer Michael “Coco”Cifelli killed by Chuckie Merlino and Sal Testa. 16 December 1979 Philip Leonetti kills margate cement contractor Vincent Falcone in the presence of Scarfo, Lawrence Merlino and Joseph Salerno. 23 December Salerno starts to cooperate with police.

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Comment by james hicks on August 16, 2012 at 10:40pm

hello mr conforti

  what if any role did richard kuklinski have in the many mob hits that he claimes to have done or is he strictly b,s,

  thank you jimmy hicks

Comment by Gary Dickson on October 1, 2012 at 1:13pm

During the time Patrick Kelly was in the Mafia, I was involved with his Daughter Donna. Here is my story. I met the Kelly family in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I dated Pats daughter Donna for several years. We would meet at Pats farm Larret Acres in Pittstown NJ on weekend and during the whole summer and in their home at Cross brook Ln, West Caldwell, NJ when Donna was not able to get to Pittstown NJ. As teen agers Donna and I where really in love. I have been lookingfor her since 1979 when I left te military. They were already in the witness protection. I have tried everything to find her. A peace of my heart has been missing ever since and still today contiue to locate Donna and the family that I Really loved. Please anyone that reads this and has any info to re-connect me and Donna. Please find my Angel..Please call 908-581-9765 or e-mail  


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