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Puparo: Recent Mafia activities - Brancaccio and Porta Nuova


By Puparo

Giovanni Lucchese (and wife Micciche?? Who was from a well known mafia family??) had as sons Salvatore Lucchese (born 10 September 1948), Giuseppe Lucchese Micciche “Lucchiseddu” (born 2 September 1958 and is from Brancaccio but became a Ciaculli killer) and Antonio Lucchese (born 5 October 1950 and wife Luisa Gritti who was killed in 1984) and their daughter Giuseppina Lucchese (she and her husband Giuseppe Giuliano were killed 6 April 1983)

Contorno escapes from ambush
25 June 1981 drove Contorno and his nephew Giuseppe Faglietta (10) through Palermo when Contorno suddenly sees Pino D'Angelo and then he also recognized Vincenzo Buffa, Giuseppe Lucchese, Filippo Marchese and Giuseppe “Pino” Greco. By acting immediately he saved their lives when their car was riddled with bullets, but they were slightly wounded and were bandaged by Contorno's friend the doctor Sebastiano Bosio.

10 September 1981 was carabinieri Vito Ievolella (born 4 December 1929) six times shot and killed at piazza Principe di Camporeale by Giuseppe Lucchese and 3 other killers. Also in the killer team were Giuseppe “Pino” Greco, Filippo Marchese, Mario Prestifilippo, Giovanni Ficci, Antonino Marchese, Pietro Senapa, Salvatore Cancemi (pentito) and Salvatore Cucuzza (pentito). Life sentences in 1983 got Kalsa capo mafia Tommaso Spadaro for ordering the murder (because the carbinieri was investigating his drugs lines and had published a report with the names of about 50 people that worked for the Kalsa boss) and the shooter Giuseppe Lucchese.

Giuseppe Di Girolamo and Santo Barranca arrested
18 September 1981 police arrest the ??multi killer?? Because he had a list on him with the names and surnames of about 10 recently killed people??? Giuseppe Di Girolamo and Santo Barranca (a suspect in the murder of carabinieri Vito Jevolella)

In March 1982 was general Dalla Chiesa asked to become prefect of Palermo.

30 April 1982 were in the centre of Palermo the PCI party secretary of the PCI at Sicily, Pio La Torre (55) and his chauffeur Rosario Di Salvo shot dead in their car by a killer team made out off Salvatore Rotolo, Pino Greco, Giuseppe Zaccheroni, Mario Prestifilippo, Giuseppe Lucchese, Salvatore Cancemi, Pietro Aglieri and Giovanbattista Pullara. La Torre had been the driving force behind the making of a new anti mafia law with which the properties of convicted mafiosi could be seized. Dalla Chiesa’s first working day he had to attend the funeral of La Torre.

The general started checking the building firms of the Catanese builders Carmelo Costanza, Mario Rendo and Gaetano Graci. They were building Palermo full what proofed that Santapaola and the Corleonesi worked togather. Dalla Chiesa got a lot of information about them from the recently in Milan for a hash trans¬port of a 1000 kilos arrested boss Alfio Ferlito, Ferlito suspected Santapaola of having him tipped away to police.

Alfio Ferlito brother in law Michele Vinciguerra

judge Gian Giacomo Ciaccio Montalto arrests North Italy represent Giacomo Riina
Giacomo Riina was arrested in June 1982 in Budrio at the orders of judge Gian Giacomo Ciaccio Montalto.

12 July 1982 commissioner Antonino Cassara accused 162 members of the Corleonesi and their supporters (under them Michele Greco) and arrested some for the hundreds of murders the years before. Judge Rocco Chinnici decides to run this case himself instead of his men the judges Falcone and Borsellino.

Giuseppe Lucchese Micciche “Lucchiseddu” killed 26 July 1982 the Neapolitan musician Giuseppe Marchese because he is the lover of Lucchese’s married sister Giuseppina Lucchese

agent Calogero Zucchetto of the Mobile Police Squad worked with his superior “Ninni” Cassara the chief of the Mobile Police Squad .

agent Calogero Zucchetto arrested in November 1982 Giuseppe “Pino” Greco’s cousin Giovanni Fici while escaped Giuseppe “Pino” Greco and Mario “Mariolino” Prestifilippo

14 November 1982 was agent Calogero “Lillo” Zucchetto (27) shot and killed by Mario Prestifilippo, Pino Greco and Giuseppe Lucchese

Giuseppe Lucchese Micciche “Lucchiseddu” was Italian kickboxing champion in 1982 and 1983 ???

Giuseppe Lucchese Micciche “Lucchiseddu” killed 6 April 1983 his sister Giuseppina Lucchese and her husband Giuseppe Giuliano because of the affair his sister had before. Lucchese was helped in this double murder by Pino Greco “scarpazeddu”

Brancaccio capo mafia Giuseppe Abbate killed
Brancaccio capo mafia Giuseppe Abbate was in 1983?? strangled by Giuseppe Lucchese Micciche “Lucchiseddu” testified pentito Vincenzo Sinagra. Also accused of the murder was Brancaccio man Leonardo Grippi.

Giuseppe Lucchese Micciche “Lucchiseddu” killed in 1984 his sister in law Luisa Gritti (the wife of his imprisoned brother Antonio Lucchese) because she had a lover

Giuseppe Lucchese Micciche “Lucchiseddu” was arrested 24 December 1984 when he was at he home of his mother ??

Giacomo Riina trustee Giuseppe Leggio (nephew Luciano Leggio) arrested
30 December 1984 Giuseppe Leggio (49 and nephew of Luciano Leggio), was arrested at the home of some relatives in Casteldaccia. Also arrested during the raid was Pietro Vitale Mesicatti (40)


Croceverde Giardini capo mafia Giovanni Prestifilippo
Giovanni Prestifilippo and his sons Mario Giovanni Prestifilippo (killed 29 September 1987), Francesco Prestifilippo, Girolamo Prestifilippo and Giuseppe Prestifilippo. Their nephew Santo Prestifilippo (killed 27 July 1988)

Santa Maria del Gesu mafia family Marsalone
Michele Greco's heroin lab was hidden at the citrus fields of the Prestifilippo family and his distillers were the brothers Rocco Marsalone (his son is Giuseppe Marsalone), Salvatore Marsalone and Giuseppe Marsalone (killed in September 1988). The Marsalone family works for Santa Maria di Gesu boss Aglieri.

heroinchemist Carlo Greco
heroinchemist Giovanni Pullara
heroinchemist Giuseppe La Mattina
heroinchemist Salvatore Profeta

a mario prestifilippo sono stati attribuiti anche altri clamorosi omicidi, tra i quali quelli dei boss stefano bontade, antonino badalamenti, salvatore inzerillo, giovanni mafara.

Salvatore Riina allowed “Pino” Greco to become more important than his boss Michele Greco so he could replace him. When Pino Greco became bold Riina had Greco in October 1985 shot to death by his friends and capos Vincenzo Puccio and Giuseppe Lucchese in the kitchen when he makes coffee for them. Also there were the soldiers Agostino Marino Mannoia and Filippo La Rosa. Giuseppe “Pino”Greco get succeeded by Mario Prestifilippo as boss of Ciaculli.

Ciaculli boss Mario Prestifilippo
3 February 1986 Giovanni Prestifilippo (65) and his son Francesco Prestifilippo (30) get arrested.

Vincenzo Prestifilippo (41) and Giovanni Prestifilippo (58) arrested
18 March 1986 were the brothers Vincenzo Prestifilippo (41) and Giovanni Prestifilippo (58) arrested

Ciaculli capo Vincenzo Puccio arrested
Ciaculli capo Vincenzo Puccio was 13 October 1986 arrested

Camorra boss Francesco Caccamo killed in villa in Cruillas (Palermo)
16 March 1987 police find the bodies of Camorra boss Francesco Caccamo (34) and his bodyguard Carlo Gallarate (44) shot and killed in villa in Cruillas (Palermo). For the murders were convicted Francesco La Marca, Vincenzo Passafiume and Francesco Sciarratta. Later pentito Calogero Ganci accused the Noce bosses his father Raffaele Ganci and his brother Domenico Ganci of the murders and they got life for them

Riina orders the killing of Ciaculli boss Mario Prestifilippo (30) because he becomes to popular, he get succeeded by Vincenzo Puccio as boss of Ciaculli when he gets 29 September 1987 shot of his scooter in Bagheria. For the murder was Giovanni Drago convicted

Corleonesi enemies Giovanello Greco and Salvatore “l’Ingegnere” Greco houses burned
Within 24 hours were the abandoned houses of Giovanello Greco and Salvatore “l’Ingegnere” Greco burned.

Contorno’s nephew Rosario “Saruzzo”D’Agostino killed (killer Spatuzza??)
Rosario “Saruzzo”D’Agostino was shot and killed 11 October 1987 with his friend Santa Maria di Gesu mafioso Vincenzo Taormina in their car. Rosario D’Agostino was the son of the killed Ignazio d’Agostino and was the first suspect of the first Maxi trial to be killed. Giovanni Drago was a suspect in the murder of Vincenzo Taormina. ??Another suspected shooter was Spatuzza??

Roccella capo mafia Conigliaro killed by Brancaccio (Corleonesi) killer Giovanni Drago
9 January 1988 was Michele Greco’s nephew Roccella capo mafia Giacomo Salvatore Conigliaro (30) killed and later that day they also killed Michele Greco’s man Antonino Casella (44). 9 January 1988 were Giacomo Salvatore Conigliaro (nephew of Michele Greco “Papa” and brother of a pentito) and Guadagna Mafioso Antonino Casella killed. Suspect is Brancaccio killer Giovanni Drago


the Ciaculli killer Giovanni Fici (one of the killers of carabinieri commander Vito Jevolella) was killed 1 February 1988 because Fici wanted to kill his cousin Giuseppe “Pino” Greco’s killers Giuseppe Lucchese and Agostino Marino Mannoia. Giovanni Drago got 16 years for his murder

Brancaccio killer Giovanni Drago wounds Girolama Miceli
7 March 1988 was Girolama Miceli (36 and girlfriend of the killed Giuseppe "Scarpuzzedda" Greco) wounded in an attack

Brancaccio killer Giovanni Drago (Corleonesi)
Drago was accused of trying to kill Giuliano Miceli. (Girolama Miceli?? Brother??)

Corso dei Mille killer Francesco Adelfio
Corso dei Mille killer Francesco Adelfio was suspected in 4 murders???

Ciaculli man Santo Prestifilippo (26) killed
Ciaculli man Santo Prestifilippo (26) was killed 27 July 1988 .

Giuseppe Graviano and Francesco Marino Mannoia murder Francesco Adelfio (other one family??)
Francesco Adelfio was killed by Giuseppe Graviano and Francesco Marino Mannoia (strange he was imprisoned so his brother??) in 1988 in Palermo, because he was suspected of being a police informer. Later got for his murder life sentences: capo mafia Giuseppe Battaglia, Giuseppe Giuliano “Folonari”, Giuseppe Graviano, Giuseppe Lucchese and Marchese killer Pietro Salerno.

Ciaculli man Salvatore Prestifilippo (56) arrested
18 June 1989 was Salvatore Prestifilippo (56) arrested, he was the uncle of the killed Mario Prestifilippo



9 June 1988 was Andrea Dugo (50) killed

Villabate capo mafia Pietro Messicati Vitale (Corleonesi)
He had gotten 8 years at the Maxi Bis trial. his son is Antonino Messicati Vitale

Villabate capo mafia Pietro Messicati Vitale (Corleonesi) killed by Gateano Grado
12 July 1988 was Villabate capo mafia Pietro Messicati Vitale (41) killed in Bagheria by Gaetano Grado. Giovanello Greco was suspected.

Villabate capo mafia Pietro Messicati Vitale (Corleonesi)
Villabate capo mafia Pietro Messicati Vitale (Corleonesi) his allies are the D’Amico family who is then attacked by the anti corleonesi faction led by Francesco Fricano

Antonio D’Amico and Giuseppe D’Amico killed
Late July 1988 were the nephews Antonino D’Amico (44) and Giuseppe D’Amico killed. Giovanello Greco was suspected.

Giuseppe Aiello ( 73) killed in Bagheria
4 August 1988 was Giuseppe Aiello ( 73) shot and killed in Bagheria and he was a friend of the killed Antonino D’Amico

Cosimo D’Amico (23) killed
Biagio Greco (Pietro Scaduto friend) was a suspect in the 18 August 1988 murder of Cosimo D’Amico (23) in Bagheria. Cosimo D’Amico is a nephew of the killed Antonino D’Amico

Under the leadership of Francesco Fricano they had already killed 5 Corleonesi supporters.

pentito Salvatore Contorno's friends Francesco Fricano (26) and Giuseppe Lombardo (27) killed
27 September 1988 the Corleonesi murder Contorno’s brother in law Giuseppe Lombardo (27) and their friend Francesco Fricano (nephew of Giovanello Greco ?? Contorno??) (55 who leads the fight for the Contorno, Lombardo and Grado families against Riina’s Corleonesi). Gaetano Grado now leads the war for their families against Riina. ??Suspected killers were Giuseppe Di Peri and Giovanni Spataro??


Giovanni Bontate and wife Francesca Giovanna Citarda killed
28 September 1988 police find the bodies of Bontate's brother Giovanni Bontate (43) and his wife Francesca Giovanna Citarda (42) in their palace, the corleonesi had them murdered by Pietro Aglieri who killed his own capo Giovanni Bontate.

Guadagna capo mafia and heroin distiller Carlo Greco
Carlo Greco was accused of involvement in the murders of Giovanni Bontate and his wife Francesca Giovanna Citarda.

Santa Maria di Gesu capo mafia Pietro Aglieri
The Corleonesi then made Pietro Aglieri capo mafia of Santa Maria di Gesu

Giuseppe Marsalone killed
5 October 1988 police find the body of Giovanni Bontate’s chauffeur and bodyguard Giuseppe Marsalone (58).

Misilmeri capo mafia Giovanni Amato murder by Brancaccio killer Giovanni Drago
21 November 1988 they killed at Piazza Scaffa the Misilmeri capo mafia Giovanni Amato (67 and in 1946 he had been a suspect in a murder) and his innocent friend Michele Virga (52). One of the killers was Giovanni Drago

Contorno’s brother in law Sebastiano Lombardo killed
11 January 1989 was Contorno’s brother in law Sebastiano Lombardo shot and killed (brother Giuseppe Lombardo).

Casteldaccia capo mafia Angelo Ficano (Fricano??) killed
Casteldaccia capo mafia Angelo Ficano (Fricano??) (51 and godson of Antonino Mineo) was killed 27 March 1989, because he would have met 10 days earlier Buscetta say the Corleonesi

Pentito Gateano Grado (brother of killed Antonino Grado)
29 March 1989 Gaetano Grado, Agostino D’Agati, Gabriele Giglio and Giuseppe Di Peri killed in Casteldaccia Francesco Baiamonte. (family Marchese’s underboss Angelo Baiamonte???)

Pentito Gateano Grado (brother of killed Antonino Grado)
14 April 1989 Gaetano Grado, Agostino D’Agati, Gabriele Giglio and Giuseppe Di Peri killed Antonino Aspetti in Casteldaccia.

Bagheria's former capomafia Antonio Mineo killed by Brancaccio man Giovanni Drago
Antonio Mineo (80) former boss of Bagheria gets killed 18 April 1989. Antonio Mineo’s nephews the brothers Bagheria CD secretary Francesco Mineo and senator Ignazio Mineo (killed 9 September 1984). For Mineo’s murder got pentito Giovanni Drago 16 years which he also got for the murder of the killer Giovanni Fici who he had killed 1 February 1988 because Fici wanted to kill Pino Greco’s killers Giuseppe Lucchese and Agostino Marino Mannoia. Spoken free of the murder was Salvatore Montalto. For the murder was convicted Brancaccio killer Giovanni Drago

Bagheria capo mandamento Leonardo Greco
Bagheria capo mandamento Leonardo Greco was appointed boss in 1989 by Salvatore Riina.

Ciaculli mafioso Agostino Marino Mannoia killed (Francesco Mannoia's brother)
20 April 1989 the corleonesi Cancemi kills Ciaculli mafioso Agostino Marino Mannoia (23) and let his body disappear (police only found the car of his sister Vincenza Marino Mannoia which he had loaned). His brother Francesco Mannoia (son in law of Pietro Vernengo) from Santa Maria di Gesu.

Ciaculli capo mafia Vincenzo Puccio rebels against Corleonesi
Agostino Marino Mannoia had been tortured by Antonino Madonia because he was suspected of a complot with Ciaculli capo mafia Vincenzo Puccio and he had named as participants Francesco Baiamonte (strange he was already killed??), Giuseppe Leggio (disappeared 12 September 1989 even while family of Luciano Leggio and trustee of Bologna based North Italy Sicilian mafia represent Giacomo Riina), Giuseppe Abbate, Matteo Corona and Bartolomeo Scaduto who were all killed

Vincenza Marino Mannoia
Vincenza Marino Mannoia was the fiancée of Giuseppe Scaduto (son of killed boss Bartolomeo Scaduto and the brother of Pietro Scaduto)

pentito Francesco Marino Mannoia
After the murder of his brother Agostino Marino Mannoia began Francesco Mannoia to talk to the police. Mannoia belonged with Contorno to Bontate's most trusted men but was left alone because his brother Agostino was an important killer for his bosses Greco and Puccio. Francesco Marino Mannoia had committed 17 murders and was the heroin distiller of the Corleonesi.

6 May 1989 was in Bagheria in his car shot and killed Calogero Lo Galbo (52 and the brother of the since 1981 fugitive Domenico Lo Galbo who had gotten 18 years with his uncle Filippo Ragusa for smuggling drugs to the USA and he was reputed to be close with the killed boss Antonio Mineo, 80)

Contorno and his nephew Gaetano Grado murder Domenico Russo
8 May 1989 was Domenico Russo killed by Gaetano Grado (Contorno nephew) and also accused of the murder are Contorno and his nephew Roberto Mandala

Gateano Grado (brother of killed Antonino Grado)
9 May 1989 Gaetano Grado, Agostino D’Agati, Gabriele Giglio and Giuseppe Di Peri killed in Palermo Domenico Russo. Domenico Russo is killed in Brancaccio. This last one was seemingly an act of revenge against a businessman, a trader in wines and spirits, who had allegedly embezzled money from Stefano Bontate. Salvatore Contorno allegedly shoots him, dead, early on the morning of May 9th in Via Conte Federico as he goes to open his retail shop. Another mark against Russo was that he had been close to Michele Graviano, of the Brancaccio cosca.

Giuseppe Di Peri
11 May 1989 was Giuseppe Di Peri severely wounded when he was attacked by Gaetano Grado and Antonino Grado

Pietro Scaduto’s friends Paolo Lima and Biagio Greco (he had been a suspect in the August 1988 murder of Cosimo D’Amico) disappeared 11 May 1989 in Bagheria. Pietro Scaduto was the son of Bartolomeo Scaduto

11 May 1989 Ciaculli boss Vincenzo Puccio gets killed in Ucciardone prison by the brothers Giuseppe Marchese and Antonio Marchese and Giovanni Di Gaetano. 7 Minutes later Vincenzo`s brother Pietro Puccio (36) get shot to death at a cemetery. The Ciaculli boss had rebelled against Riina. The Ciaculli boss becomes now Giuseppe Lucchese (he is from Brancaccio)

Giuseppe Di Peri (brother later arrested Salvatore Di Peri) Band Giovanni Spadaro arrested
15 May 1989 were Giuseppe Di Peri (still wounded from the recent attack and his brother is Salvatore Di Peri), Giovanni Spadaro (24), Salvatore Buscemi (59) and his son Gaetano Buscemi (24), Giuseppe Lo Cicero (51) and his son Giovanni Lo Cicero (21) arrested after a phone call to police in which they were accused of the 27 September 1988 murders of Francesco Fricano and Giuseppe Lombardo. ???The brothers are enemies because Giuseppe Di Peri chose for the Corleonesi and his brother Salvatore Di Peri chose for the Perdenti ???

Pietro Messicati Vitale righthand Biagio Cerva killed
17 May 1989 was Biagio Cerva (50) killed and his son Luciano Cerva (19) wounded. Biagio Cerva was free since 15 April 1989 after serving his sentence from the Maxi 3 trial. He was the underboss of the killed Pietro Messicati Vitale (who was killed in July 1988)

23 May 1989 were killed the boss Bartolomeo Scaduto (48 and the father of Pietro Scaduto and Salvatore Scaduto) and his bodyguard Onofrio Tutino (39). Scaduto had worked with the in prison killed Vincenzo Puccio.

Killed Bartolomeo Scaduto’s sons Pietro Scaduto (25) and Salvatore Scaduto were 15 January 1990 arrested in Bagheria

the brothers Peter Scaduto and Salvatore Scaduto had fled to Canada in 1989 (1990?) when their father Bartolomeo Scaduto had been killed in Bagheria.

Casteldaccia mayor
From 23 May 1989 till 12 January 1990 served PSI (socialist) mayor Gaetano Ingenio

26 May 1989 Gaetano Grado, his wife Santa Di Maria and Salvatore Contorno get arrested in Palermo in a small area called the triangle of death (Bagheria, Altavilla and Casteldaccia) where the last months were 17 killings of Riina supporters. Now police arrest 16 mafiosi who helped Contorno with his vendetta under them Adolfo Fiorini who had a machinegun. Police also arrested Pietro Mancarella, his daughter Gioacchina Mancarella, her husband Agostino D'Agati (becomes pentito), Giovanni D'Agati, Salvatore Di Peri (brother of Giuseppe Di Peri) and Gaetano Grado’s brother Salvatore Grado

Bartolomeo Scaduto’s friend Michele D'Asta killed
30 May 1989 was killed Bartolomeo Scaduto’s friend Michele D'Asta (45 and a male nurse at a hospital) shot and killed (he had done favours for prisoners)

Pentito Contorno’s (Francesco Mannoia's??) family members killed (killer Spatuzza??)
Ciaculli boss Giuseppe Lucchese orders the murders of Contorno’s wife Graziella Lombardo family members Giorgio Mandala (50) and his nephew Salvatore Mandala (32) who were killed 3 July 1989. Also family of Mannoia???

Pentito Salvatore Contorno
4 July 1989 was Simone Di Maria (34) killed, he is the brother of Santa di Maria the wife of Contorno’s nephew Gaetano Grado. He is the 24th family member of Contorno who was killed

Antonino Puccio (53) the last of the Puccio brothers get killed 5 July 1989.

Bagheria mayor
From 20 July 1989 till 19 July 1990 served CD mayor Antonio Gargano

Bagheria supervisor Giuseppe Leggio (Provenzano)
A settembre furono nominati due supervisori della famiglia di Bagheria. Si chiamavano Giuseppe Leggio (trustee Giacomo Riina) e Bartolomeo Castronovo. Secondo le rivelazioni del pentito Marino Mannoia erano due uomini imposti dal corleonese Bernardo Provenzano. Molto breve la loro reggenza: sparirono, lupara bianca.

Giacomo Riina trustee Giuseppe Leggio killed (at orders of Riina)
9 September 1989 disappeared Giuseppe Leggio (55 and a nephew of Luciano Leggio and his wife is Anna Castronovo) and his brother in law Bartolo Castronovo (50). They get killed and Riina is present tells much later Ganci.

Giacomo Riina
When Giuseppe “Pino” Leggio (the nephew of Giacomo Riina) was killed his uncle Giacomo Riina’s relation with the Corleone bosses cooled that much that after the events that happened in 1994 and 1995 Bagarella suspected that Giacomo Riina was behind the rebellion against the Corleonesi.

Roccella capo mafia Giuseppe Abbate
Roccella capo mafia Giuseppe Abbate (64) was shot and killed 15 September 1989

Brancaccio killer Giovanni Drago murders Francesco Mannoia's mother, sister and aunt in Bagheria
3 November 1989 imprisoned Francesco Marino Mannoia 's mother Leonarda Costantino (65), his sister Vincenza Marino Mannoia (25 and the girlfriend of Scaduto) and aunt Lucia Costantino get machine gunned to death by Ciaculli killer Pietro Salerno and Brancaccio killer Giovanni Drago.

Francesco Fricano (42) killed
28 November 1989 was Francesco Fricano (42) shot and killed, he is from Casteldaccia

pentito Francesco Mannoia testimonies on Palermo's pizzo racket
In December 1989 police arrest 17 men of 30 of the Madonia cosca on Mannoia's testifying. Aglieri`s underboss Profeta was the leader of the extortion rackets for all the palermitan families in Palermo and every shopkeeper pays the pizzo. Also connected the arrested Antonino Madonia, his father Francesco Madonia, Francesco's brother Diego madonia, Francesco`s sons Giuseppe Madonia, Antonino Madonia and Salvatore Madonia, Noce boss Ganci, Arenella bossses Vincenzo Galatolo, Giuseppe Galatolo and Raffaele Galatolo, Carlo Greco, Antonino Pipitone, Marco Favaloro, Antonio Avitabile, Lorenzo Tinnirello, Gaspare Compagnone, Vincenzo Alicata, Francesco Rappa, Baldassare Ruvolo and Roberto Enea. Some got arrested much later.

Pentito Marco Favaloro’s wife Giuseppina Mandarano

Mannoia's father in law the boss Vernengo get the order from the Cupola to silence his son in law and Vernengo orders 22 December 1989 the killing of Mannoia`s uncle Carlo Schiavo (57 and the husband of the killed Mannoia aunt Anna Costantino).

Francesco Imburgia murder
23 January 1990 disappeared Francesco Imburgia (25 and his wife is Dorotea Megna and he is the son of Salvatore Imburgia) . Later police arrested for the murder Francesco Lombardo (34), Francesco Zarcone (51) and Giovanni Canale (24). Also arrested were the brothers Andrea Carbone (25) and Salvatore Carbone (21), Silvio Napolitano (34), Gaetano Romano (18). The police operation was in Casteldaccia, Altavilla and Termini Imerese


Brancaccio killer Giovanni Drago
11 March 1989 was Francesco Di Piazza (16) strangled and thanks to pentito Giovanni Drago got Francesco Tagliavia life for the murder

Corso dei Mille family Tagliavia
Francesco Tagliavia (born 8 June 1954) and wife Giuseppa Sansone had as son Giovanbattista Tagliavia

Corso dei Mille family Tagliavia
The Tagliavia family owns 2 fish markets at Corso dei Mille and at Piazza Sant Erasmo in Palermo, they live at a beautiful palace at via Messina Marine 600 (it has got a swimming pool, a garden and a barbecue)

Brancaccio killer Spatuzza
Brancaccio killer Gaspare Spatuzza told about the murder and disappearance of Pietro Greco in 1990

Brancaccio killer Giovanni Drago
Brancaccio mafia killer Giovanni Drago told also about the murder of Francesco Trerre (Trere). Francesco Tre Re venne ucciso perche' aveva insidiato moglie e figlia di un uomo d' onore: "Era ritenuto un maniaco e fu ucciso dentro la sua auto. Il corpo venne trovato con i pantaloni abbassati, ma non siamo stati noi ad abbassarli", ha precisato Drago.

Brancaccio killer Giovanni Drago
Brancaccio mafia killer Giovanni Drago told also about the murder of Giovanni Matracia. Giovanni Matracia fu eliminato con "lupara bianca" per aver infastidito i figli di un uomo d' onore

Brancaccio killer Giovanni Drago
Brancaccio mafia killer Giovanni Drago told also about the murder and disappearance of the brothers Domenico Masucci and Giuseppe Masucci (the brothers were killed at the order of Gaetano Tinnirello)

Brancaccio killer Giovanni Drago
Brancaccio mafia killer Giovanni Drago told also about the murder of Antonio Traina fu ucciso invece perche' , entrato con due complici per rubare nell' appartamento del boss Giovanni Marciano' , "defeco' sui divani, ma un vicino prese il numero di targa della sua auto e Cosa nostra lo identifico' .

Brancaccio killer Giovanni Drago
Brancaccio mafia killer Giovanni Drago told also about the murder of Francesco Bertolini fu ucciso perche' aveva molestato la moglie di un boss detenuto.

Brancaccio killer Giovanni Drago (pentito) arrested
8 March 1990 was Giovanni Drago (26) arrested with the brothers Giovanni Sacco (28) and Antonino Sacco (40), Giovanni Puglisi (25) and Mario Brunettini (26). Giovanni Drago had committed about 10 murders.

He was arrested on April 1, 1990, and imprisoned for multiple murders.


Casteldaccia mayor
From 23 May 1990 till 15 January 1991 served DC mayor Salvatore Fricano

Villabate mayor
From 27 June 1990 till 13 June 1994 served CD mayor Gioacchino Garbo

Villabate lawyer and swindler Giovanni Sucato “slotmachine”
Capo mafia Filippo Quartararo had done a swindle for 60 billion lire in 1990 with Palermo based Villabate lawyer Giovanni Sucato (24).

Villabate lawyer and swindler Giovanni Sucato “slotmachine”
Giovanni Sucato had ties with Montalto of Villabate and paid a percentage to Montalto.

Villabate lawyer and swindler Giovanni Sucato “slotmachine”
22 November 1990 was Sucato’s collaborator Elio Montenegro (46) found strangled and bound in the trunk of a Fiat in Palermo. His murder was ordered by the Graviano brothers

Bagheria mayor
From 26 November 1990 till 11 March 1993 served CD mayor Giuseppe Lo Bue


Brancaccio killer Giovanni Drago becomes pentito
Giovanni Drago became in December 1990 pentito

Camporeale war
24 January 1991 were Salvatore Castelli and Angelo Belmonte attacked in Camporeale but survived.


Casteldaccia mayor
From 15 January 1991 till 9 March 1992 served CD mayor Michele Virruso

Villabate lawyer and swindler Giovanni Sucato “slotmachine”
5 March 1991 was Francesco Quartararo (an uncle of Filippo Quartararo the chauffeur of Giovanni Sucato) killed and Giovanni Torregrossa wounded

Rosario Segreto (53) and his son Benedetto Segreto killed
7 March 1991 disappeared Rosario Segreto (53) and his son Benedetto Segreto (26) in Caccamo and they had ties to Sucato?


Leoluca Bagarella set free from prison
In January 1991 was Riina's brother in law Leoluca Bagarella set free from prison and immediately goes into hiding.

Leoluca Bagarella and wife Vincenzina Marchese
Leoluca Bagarella married 29 April 1991 Vincenzina Marchese

Leoluca Bagarella murders Francesco Castelluccio in Monreale
Francesco Castelluccio was 17 May 1991 kidnapped, tortured and strangled, his body was found back but had been burned. Castelluccio was suspected of the murder of Andrea Modesto who had been killed 7 October 1989. Pentito Giovanni Brusca confessed the murders and got 13 years for them and thanks to his testimony Monreale capo mafia Giuseppe Balsano, Leoluca Bagarella and Simone Benenati (from Alcamo) got life sentences for the 3 murders under whicht the murder of Francesco Castelluccio.


Roccella capo mafia Filippo Quartararo killed at Graviano orders
26 June 1991 was capo mafia Filippo Quartararo killed by Francesco Tagliavia and Francesco Giuliano “Olivetti” (from the Graviano cosca of Brancaccio) and they get life sentences for the murder. His murder was ordered by the Graviano brothers. Brancaccio killer Pietro Romeo got as pentito 13 years

Brancaccio (Palermo borough) capo mafia Giuseppe "Pino" Savoca
The Savocas had supported Bontate but changed sides during the war. Riina replaces them by the Graviano brothers.

Brancaccio (Palermo borough) capo mafia Giuseppe "Pino" Savoca
24 July 1991 Giuseppe Savoca`s brother Salvatore Savoca (27) disappeared. Salvatore (Francesco ?) Savoca was killed by Brancaccio killer Pietro Romeo at the orders of Leoluca Bagarella. They are nephews of Pino Savoca and Vincenzo Savoca (60) who got convicted at the mammoth trial.

Brancaccio (Palermo borough) capo mafia Giuseppe "Pino" Savoca replaced
26 July 1991 in Palermo Giuseppe Savoca (30) and his son Andrea Savoca (4) get shot to death, his wife Diana Seggio (her brother is Lorenzo) and son Massimiliano Savoca get wounded. Giuseppe Savoca got killed in front of the Tinnirello home where also was the attack at Contorno in 1981.
Brancaccio capo mafia Benedetto Graviano

Brancaccio capo mafia Benedetto Graviano
Brancaccio capo mafia Giuseppe Graviano had as chauffeur Fabio Tranchina (Brancaccio pentito and his brother in law is Cesare Lupo) and as trustee Giovanni Drago (a nephew of pentito Giovanni Drago)

Brancaccio capo Giorgio Pizzo
Giorgio Pizzo his man Fabio Tranchina had as wife Giovanna Lupo (brother Cesare Lupo). Later Brancaccio capo Giorgio Pizzo his wife Antonella Lo Giudice got as friend Fabio Tranchina who also became pentito

Brancaccio killers Graviano, Grigoli, Spatuzza murder former policeman Serafino Ogliastro
Former policeman Serafino Ogliastro disappeared 12 October 1991. pentito Salvatore Grigoli got 15 years for the murder and the others indicted thanks to his testimony were Giuseppe Graviano (life sentence for the murder with Gaspare Spatuzza), Nino Mangano convicted and the others: Giuseppe Arnone, Benedetto Graviano, Cristofaro “Fifetto” Cannella were spoken free. According to pentito Salvatore Grigoli had the Graviano brothers been afraid that former policeman Serafino Ogliastro knew who had killed Filippo Quartararo.

Ciaculli murder of Salvatore Mattaliano (killer Spatuzza??)
21 April 1992 was Salvatore Mattaliano (24 and his brother is butcher Stefano Mattaliano) killed by Brancaccio killer Cristofaro “Fifetto” Cannella, Brancaccio killer Giuseppe Barranca and Misilmeri capo mafia Pietro lo Bianco

Brancaccio killer Antonino “Tony” Calvaruso (pentito)
2 June 1992 was Corso dei Mille mafioso Damiano Rizzuto (39) killed by Brancaccio killer Tony Calvaruso


Casteldaccia mayor
From 9 March 1992 till 10 February 1994 served PSI (socialist) mayor Giuseppe Pinello

Giuseppe Di Peri (Villabate)
15 April 1992 escaped Villabate mafioso Giuseppe di Peri (43) again from an attack

Salvatore di Peri arrested
9 September 1992 was Salvatore di Peri arrested ( he is the brother of the 19 May 1989 arrested Giuseppe Di Peri)


Giovanni Brusca was tasked with killing Falcone. Leoluca Bagarella assisted at the scene during preparations. Brusca detonated the device by remote control from a small outbuilding on a hill to the right of the highway on 23 May 1992. Giovanni Falcone, his wife Francesca Morvillo and police officers Rocco Dicillo, Antonio Montinaro and Vito Schifani were killed in the blast.


judge Paolo Borsellino talks over Silvio Berlusconi
The judge Paolo Borsellino speaks in a French television of inquiries about the connections between Berlusconi, Dell’Utri and Cosa Nostra; the video will disappear.

judge Paolo Borsellino killed
19 July 1992 were judge Paolo Borsellino and his escort the policemen Emanuela Loi, Agostino Catalano, Vincenzo Li Muli, Walter Eddie Cosina and Claudio Traina murdered with a bomb car in Palermo.

Vincenzo Scarantino and his brother in law Salvatore Profeta


Paceco capo mafia Vincenzo Milazzo's brother Paolo dies
Vincenzo Milazzo had lost his brother Paolo Milazzo in June – July 1992 who got killed in a fire fight with police only a few days before his own murder, the body of Paolo Milazzo was secretly buried.

Bagarella murders Paceco capo mafia Vincenzo Milazzo
In July 1992 Riina let his men torture and question Vincenzo Milazzo with his pregnant girlfriend Antonella Bonomo (23) and then his men kill them, Bagarella was the leader of the killer team in which participated Giovanni Brusca, Giuseppe La Barbera, Antonino Gioe, Francesco Denaro and Gioacchino Calabro. Riina had his men kill them because Milazzo didn't exterminate in Alcamo the cosca of Carlo Greco. The bodies were buried next to the body of Paolo Milazzo

Matteo Messina Denaro
Ha premuto il grilletto (1992) con l' amico Antonino Gioe' (uno dei sicari di Capaci, morto suicida a Rebibbia) contro il boss di Alcamo (Trapani) Antonino Milazzo: per chiudere definitivamente la partita ha poi personalmente strangolato la donna del suo nemico, Antonella Bonomo, incinta di tre mesi.


Giacomo Riina’s underboss Vincenzo Porzio (from Pachino) arrested
19 October 1992 police arrested: Milan garage owner Giovanni Salese (from Pachino), Rosario Medica (from Pachino), Ambrogio Crescente (from Vittoria, Ragusa), Emanuele Zuppardo (from Gela), Andrea Giuffrida (from Catania), Vincenzo Caccamo (Pachino), Fabio Mazziotti, Vincenzo Denaro (from Rosolini, Siracusa), Pietro Spinale (Catania), Antonio Schettino, Biagio Ferrigno, Giuseppe Troina, Antonino Maccarone (Catania), Leggio’s nephew Francesco Paolo Leggio, Vincenzo Porzio (Pachino), Ludovico Tancredi, Luigi Miano, Salvatore Leggio, Pietro Pace and Remo Giacomelli

Giacomo Riina’s underboss Vincenzo Porzio (from Pachino) suicide
Giacomo Riina’s underboss Vincenzo Porzio (from Pachino) committed 7 December 1993 suicide in prison


San Giuseppe Jato (Palermo province) mafia family Di Maggio
Baldassare “Balduccio” Di Maggio and his 3 brothers under whom Emanuele Di Maggio (52 when he was killed 21 March 1998 and his son is Andrea Di Maggio) and Salvatore Di Maggio

Bagarella supporter Balduccio Di Maggio's family members killed
8 January 1998 Giuseppe Prestigiacomo (26) and his father Salvatore Prestigiacomo (70) (the nephew and uncle of Balduccio DiMaggio) get shot to death near Poggioreale and the murders were ordered by Brusca trustee Partinico capomafia Vito Vitale. Salvatore Prestigiacomo was also the father in law of Salvatore La Rosa (and brother in law of Giuseppe Prestigiacomo)

San Giuseppe Jato underboss Baldassare "Balduccio" Di Maggio pentito
2 January 1993 Baldassare DiMaggio gets arrested in Novara and he tells police that at the moment Salvatore Riina is a lot with his trustee Salvatore Biondino (40). Police start to observe Biondino’s home.

Salvatore "Toto" Riina was arrested 15 January 1993 with his driver Salvatore Biondino thanks to pentito Baldassare DiMaggio. but the police incredibly doesn’t search his lair; it was searched 3 February, but the lair was clearly empty (the future trial against the secret service leader Mario Mori and the police captain Sergio De Caprio shows inside the lair there were important documents regarding the agreement with the State).

Riina trustees brothers Sansone arrested
3 February 1993 were the brothers Gaetano Sansone and Giuseppe Sansone arres¬ted because they had offered the latest times a hideout for Riina.

Riina chauffeur Vincenzo Di Marco arrested
7 February 1993 was Vincenzo Di Marco in San Giuseppe Iato arrested he is Riina's chauffeur.

policeman Michele Condipodaro informer Rosario Alaimo killed
In 1993 gave policeman Michele Condipodaro the name of his informer Rosario Alaimo (29 and he is originally from Bologna but lived in Palermo) to members of the Noce family (capo mafia Ganci). The man was in February 1993 kidnapped, tortured and killed (his body was found 17 February 1993) for which were convicted Aurelio Neri and Marco Neri and they had been helped by Vincenzo Passafiume

Riina trustee arrested
12 March 1993 was Riina trustee Alberto Lo Cicero arrested.


Villabate capo mafia Giuseppe Montalto arrested
4 February 1993 was Cupola member Giuseppe Montalto (34) arrested he is married with Giovanna DiMaggio (of the DiMaggio Spatola Inzerillo Gambino families) and their children are Salvatore Montalto, Calogero Montalto and Antonia Montalto.

Bagheria mayor
11 marzo 1993 21 gennaio 1995 Saverio Miraula Comm. straordinario
11 marzo 1993 15 maggio 1995 Maria Rita Li Greci Comm. straordinario
11 marzo 1993 8 giugno 1993 Sebastiano Rigoli Comm. straordinario

Bagheria mayor
From 8 June 1993 till 15 May 1995 served Santo Naselli (Comm. Straordinario)


Altofonte capomafia Antonino Gioe and sottocapo Gioacchino La Barbera arrested (Bagarella)
23 March 1993 were Altofonte boss Antonino Gioe, Giuseppe La Barbera and Salvatore Bentivegna in Milan arrested. The police taped them while they were planning the coming bomb attacks. They are allies of Bagarella

Riina’s successors Bagarella and Giovanni Brusca order bomb attacks
The bomb attacks were done at the orders of Riina’s successors Giovanni Brusca and Bagarella and the Graviano brothers and the Madonia family had arranged the order to be executed.

journalist Maurizio Costanzo attack in Rome
15 May 1993 exploded in Rome a bomb when tv presentator Maurizio Costanzo drives by the perpetrators are the in Germany living brothers Matteo and Calogero Bordini the sons of a boss from Palma di Montechiaro. Costanzo had an anti mafia program. Maurizio Costanzo, collaborator of Berlusconi, survives a bomb attack in Rome (he opposes the Dell’Utri’s plan).

Matteo Messina Denaro
Il ruolo di Messina Denaro nell' attentato a Costanzo e' stato raccontato da tre collaboratori di giustizia: Antonio Scarano, Vincenzo Sinacori e Francesco Geraci. Una testimonianza in "presa diretta", a cominciare dal momento in cui Toto' Riina, nel settembre del 1991, comunico' la decisione di uccidere il popolare conduttore televisivo.

Florence bomb attack
27 May 1993 a bomb attack in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence provokes 5 dead and several wounded.
The large explosion caused the death of five people: Caterina Nencioni (50 days old), Nadia Nencioni (9 years old), Dario Capolicchio (22 years old), Angela Fiume (36 years old), Fabrizio Nencioni (39 years old)

Milan, Rome bomb attacks
27 July 1993 die in bomb explosions in Milan and Rome 10 people, the bombs were placed by Camorra members according to Annacondia was that arranged in prison by the Sicilian families Ferrero, Vernengo and Prestifilippo who contacted the Camorra clans of Mariano, Giuliano and D'Alessandro who did the attacks for the sicilian Cupola.

Milan bomb attack
27 July 1993 a bomb attack in Milan provokes 5 dead and several wounded.

Brancaccio men brothers Vitttorio Tutino and Filippo Marcello Tutino
La strage di via Palestro è stato un attentato dinamitardo avvenuto a Milano la sera del 27 luglio 1993, ad opera di cosa nostra. L'esplosione di una autobomba in via Palestro, presso la Galleria d'arte moderna e il Padiglione di arte contemporanea. provocò l'uccisione di cinque persone: i Vigili del Fuoco Carlo La Catena, Sergio Pasotto e Stefano Picerno, l'Agente di Polizia Municipale Alessandro Ferrari e Moussafir Driss.
Nel maggio 1993 alcuni mafiosi di Brancaccio e Corso dei Mille (Giuseppe Barranca, Gaspare Spatuzza, Cosimo Lo Nigro, Francesco Giuliano) provvidero a macinare e confezionare altro esplosivo in una casa fatiscente a Corso dei Mille, sempre messa a disposizione da Antonino Mangano (capo della Famiglia di Roccella)

Altofonte capomafia Antonino Gioe (Bagarella) commits suicide in prison
28 July 1993, was Gioe found hanging in his cell, he committed suicide because through his phone calls police had found a spur to the murder of Falcone which would anger the other bosses, police find a letter from which they understand that he had participated in the murder of Falcone.

Attempted train bombing
21 September 1993 was a bomb found in a train that was put there at the order of Salvatore Zizolfi the underboss of the Camorra boss Ciro Mariano who did this at the request of Augusto Maria Citanna (46) who is a member of the secret service SISDE.

Pentito Annacondia
11 October 1993 were thanks to pentito Annacondia arrest warrants against Cutolo`s trustee Raffaele Catapano (boia delle Carceri), Francesco Cocozza (member of D'Allessandro's clan in Catellammare) and Vincenzo Rinaldi for the attack at the train. They had this arranged with imprisoned members of the Sicilian families Ferrero, Vernengo and the camorra families Mariano, Giuliano and D’Alessandro.

Citanna and the bomb layer Allocca arrested
16 October 1993 were also Citanna and the bomb layer Allocca arrested.

camorra boss Mariano his underboss Zizolfi killed
25 October 1993 was camorra boss Mariano his underboss Zizolfi killed and he was involved in the bomb campaign

Massimo Scarano (son Antonino Scarano).
Antonio Scarano and Aldo Fabretti were arrested in July 1994 because they had stolen a car that was used in a bomb attack in 1993

Castelvetrano capocosca Mateo Messina Denaro (Trapani province)
he is in 1993 also the coordinator of the bomb attacks in Rome, Firenze and Milan.

Matteo Messina Denaro
Pochi, quasi una casta di eletti, hanno avuto modo di vederlo in azione in due missioni di morte: nel '93, a Roma e Firenze. Nel primo caso, su delega di Riina, il giovane figlio di Francesco (il patriarca divenuto capomandamento della famiglia di Castelvetrano e morto durante la latitanza) aveva avuto l' incarico di preparare l' attentato al giornalista Maurizio Costanzo

Matteo Messina Denaro
Nel 2002 Messina Denaro e' stato condannato definitivamente all' ergastolo per la stagione di bombe del 1993 tra Roma (l' attentato a Maurizio Costanzo e a San Giorgio al Velabro), Firenze (l' autobomba in via degli Uffizi) e Milano (l' esplosione di via Palestro). Bombe che hanno provocato dieci morti, 95 feriti e danni miliardari al patrimonio artistico del paese. E che, nei progetti di Riina, dovevano servire per mettere in ginocchio lo Stato.


Brancaccio capo mafia Benedetto Graviano orders murder of priest Giuseppe Puglisi
Brancaccio boss Benedetto Graviano and his brothers Filippo Graviano and Giuseppe Graviano had ordered the 15 September 1993 murder of the Brancaccio priest Giuseppe Puglisi. Don Giuseppe Puglisi of Brancaccio was killed by Salvatore Grigoli (pentito) and Gaspare Spatuzza. For the murder of priest Giuseppe Puglisi got Gaspare Spatuzza, Antonino Mangano, Luigi Giacalone and Cosimo Lo Negro a life sentence.

Diego Alaimo killed
Diego Alaimo was killed with as only reason to suggest that Alaimo had killed priest Puglisi and had been killed as revenge by the mafia

Brancaccio capo mafia Benedetto Graviano arrested
30 September 1993 was Benedetto Graviano (35) the boss of Brancaccio arrested, he and his brothers Filippo Graviano and Giuseppe Graviano had ordered the 15 September 1993 murder of the Brancaccio priest Giuseppe Puglisi.
Brancaccio capo mafia Gaetano Tinnirello


Altofonte sottocapo Gioacchino La Barbera (Brusca ally ?) pentito
Altofonte underboss Gioacchino La Barbera became in November 1993 pentito.

Judge Falcone murdercase arrests (Brusca allies?)
12 November 1993 were Altofonte mafioso Gioacchino Calabro, Salvatore Damiani, Giovanni Marciano and Salvatore Scamardo arrested as suspects in the murder of judge Falcone.

San Giuseppe Jato capomafia Giovanni Brusca orders kidnapping of pentito Di Matteo's son Giuseppe (11)
Giovanni Brusca orders 23 November 1993 the kidnapping of pentito Santino Di Matteo's son Giuseppe (11), police suspect of the kidnapping also the brothers Salvatore and Nicolo Vitale. Other suspects in the kidnapping were Brusca man Francesco Bonuso, Vincenzo Chiodo and Giuseppe Monticciolo


28 February 1994 were Giuseppe Tumminia (54) and his son Giovanni Tumminia (24) killed in Belmonte. Police arrested Benedetto Spera and his son Antonino Spera, brothers Benedetto Tumminia and Salvatore Tumminia and the killed Giuseppe Tumminia’s son in law Giorgio Chinnici to prevent a war between them

In March 1994 was Belmonte bar owner Francesco Bisconti killed.

Misilmeri capomafia Pietro LoBianco (Bagarella) man Casella killed
In March 1994 was in Misilmeri Filippo Casella killed, he is close to boss Pietro LoBianco.

Santa maria di gesu capomafia Pietro Aglieri
14 March 1994 was Benedetto Capizzi (49) arrested he is a member of the cosca Santa Maria di gesu of Pietro Aglieri. He was mainly in the drug trade and had occupied an open place in La Cupola and had been sentenced at the Maxitrial.

Misilmeri: Ocello versus Cammarata- Carlino
1 April 1994 was Andrea Vicari (65 of Cammarata Carlino clan) killed and police arrested Giusto Bonanno (65 of Ocello clan)


Partinico family Vitale
Capo famiglia Vito Vitale “Farduzza” (wife wife Maria Lo Baido and their sons Vito Vitale jr and Giovanni Vitale), his brother Leonardo Vitale (his wife is Maria Gallina and their daughter Maria Vitale is married with Nicola Lombardo), brother Michele Vitale (his reputedly illegit son Giovanni Intravaia) and their sisters Giuseppina “Giusy” Vitale (married with Angelo Caleca) and Antonina Vitale.

Partinico capo mafia "Nene"Geraci (Provenzano) versus Vito Vitale (Riina- Bagarella)
In Partinico the Geraci’s, their heir Filippo Nania and their allies the Lo Iacono's were loyal to Bernardo Provenzano, while the Vitale’s were supported by Totò Riina and Leoluca Bagarella. In the 1990s a war of power in Partinico set the Geraci family, headed by Nenè Geraci, against the Vitale family.

Corleonesi Brusca, Vitale, Bonomo, Gerardi murder Leonardo Ortoleva (Provenzano)
The war in Partinico between “Nene” Geraci and Vito Vitale began when Totò Riina ordered the 30 March 1994 murder of Leonardo Ortoleva (59) (he was suspected of hiding the sought Nene Geraci??). Pentito in the case is Giovanni Brusca after which Partinico mafioso Giovanni Bonomo, Leonardo Vitale and Giuseppe Gerardi were indicted for Ortoleva’s murder.

Partinico family Bonomo (Bagarella)
Capo famiglia Giovanni Bonomo (his sons are Antonino and Giuseppe Bonomo), his brother Vincenzo Bonomo and the boss his nephew Giuseppe Mollame. Giovanni Bonomo his son in law Partinico mafioso Giuseppe Gerardi

Partinico capo mafia "Nene"Geraci (Provenzano) versus Vito Vitale (Riina- Bagarella)
In April 1994 was Antonino Cangialosi killed in Borgetto


Casteldaccia mayor
From 26 June 1994 till 25 May 1998 served mayor Giuseppe Schembri

Villabate mayor
From 28 June 1994 till 25 May 1998 served Forza Italia mayor Giuseppe Navetta


Brancaccio man Gioacchino Pennino (56) arrested
9 March 1994 was Brancaccio man Gioacchino Pennino (56) arrested in Croatia (sought in Golden Market trial)

Brancaccio killer Tony Calvaruso
3 June 1994 was Francesco Bronte (53) killed by Brancaccio killer Tony Calvaruso. I killer, Franco Stancanelli di 24 anni e Giuseppe Rizzuto di 33, furono arrestati un anno dopo, il 26 aprile 1995.

Brancaccio killer Spatuzza murders
Gaspare Spatuzza killed Francesco Bronte

Brancaccio killer Spatuzza
Brancaccio killer Gaspare Spatuzza told about the murders of the Tunisians Jelassy Merez and Azahuny Kamel at the behest of Pasquale Di Filippo

Brancaccio killer Tony Calvaruso
Giovanni Ambrogio and Giuseppe Ambrogio were killed by Brancaccio killer Tony Calvaruso

Piazza Scaffa murder of Giuseppe Ambrogio (22)
24 March 1994 was Giuseppe Ambrogio (22) shot and killed and his friend Massimo Filippone (21) wounded at Piazza Scaffa in the borough Corso dei Mille

Brothers Passafiume
Brothers Antonino Passafiume (8 August 1994 killed), Gaetano Passafiume, Enrico Passafiume and Giuseppe Passafiume

Brancaccio killer Tony Calvaruso
8 August 1994 was Antonino Passafiume killed by Brancaccio killer Tony Calvaruso. Antonino Passafiume had said that capo mafia Mariano Tullio Troia should be the boss in Palermo and not Bagarella

Antonino Castiglione killed
18 November 1994 was Antonino Castiglione (his son is Girolamo Castiglione who was arrested 27 may 1998 as member of a drug gang led by Salvatore Lauricella the son of Antonio Lauricella of the Brancaccio family) killed because he had offended in public two men of Bagarella


Leoluca Bagarella men Brusca, Spatuzza search for pentito Contorno
14 April 1994 put Bagarella men under whom Gaspare Spatuzza a car bomb near Rome for Contorno but police find the bomb. The ambush had been partially prepared by Giovanni Brusca was later told by his underboss Giuseppe Monticciolo who became later a pentito. Also mafiosi from Altofonte had participated.

Pentito Santino DiMatteo escapes 9 June 1994 from protective custody. Police say the father made a desperate trip to Sicily to try to negotiate his son's release from Brusca.

Girolamo La Barbera was pressured to denounce his son and refused always telling around to the other mafiosi that his son’s Gioacchino La Barbera decision to become pentito was the right choice. 10 June 1994 Girolamo La Barbera (born in 1925 in Altofonte) was found dead in his house, it looked like a suicide but pentiti later told the real story. Girolamo La Barbera “zu Mommu”had been killed by Michele Traina (41), Altofonte mafioso Francesco Paolo Caffri (himself soon killed as revenge) and Altofonte capomandamento Domenico Raccuglia (39) (they got life sentences in June 2005 for the murder and pentito Giovanni Brusca who confessed he had ordered them the murder got 13 years, the other pentiti who testified were his brother Enzo Brusca and Vincenzo Sinacori from Trapani province). Also a suspected killer had been Giacomo Bentivegna but he had been spoke free.

Corleonesi Brusca, Bonomo murder Francesco Reda (pentito Balduccio DiMaggio friend)
13 August 1994 was Balduccio DiMaggio's friend Francesco “Ciccio” Reda (41) in San Giuseppe Jato kidnapped and disappeared. He was killed by the Brusca clan after which Bonomo made the body disappear. for his murder was later indicted Partinico mafioso Giovanni Bonomo.

Corleonesi Brusca, Bonomo, Gerardi murder Vito Salvia
8 September 1994 was in Borgetto (Palermo province) the small criminal Vito Salvia (69) who had spoken bad about the bosses killed and his killers were Giovanni Brusca, Partinico mafioso Giovanni Bonomo and his son in law Partinico mafioso Giuseppe Gerardi and Partinico mafioso Leonardo Vitale.

Mario Baretta murder??

Bagarella orders murder of entrepeneur Massimo Capomaccio
24 September 1994 was in piazza Boccaccio (San Lorenzo mandamento) entrepeneur Massimo Capomaccio shot and killed. Later Leoluca Bagarella got a life sentence for ordering the murder just like the shooter Michele Traina. Pentito Giovanni Brusca got 12 years and spoke free Domenico “Mico” Farinella (the son of San Mauro Castelverde capo mafia). Capomaccio was a close friend of Domenico Farinella and had been talking with the victim when the killers killed his friend. Capomaccio had refused to pay pizzo to Domenico “Mico” Farinella’s father. According to pentito Giovanni Brusca had Mico not been involved in the attack that killed his friend Capomaccio.

Traina lo venne a sapere per caso da Alberto Raccuglia, latitante di Altofonte e prese la decisione di muoversi subito. Era necessario, però, chiedere l’autorizzazione di Leoluca Bagarella reggente del mandamento di San Lorenzo, luogo in cui sarebbe stato consumato il delitto. Nel giro di un paio d’ore Traina entrò in contatto con Bagarella ed ottenne il permesso. Questa ricostruzione dei retroscena della morte di Capomaccio da parte di Brusca non ha del tutto convinto il gup Fabio Licata. Tuttavia Farinella ha ottenuto ugualmente l’assoluzione.

Giovanni Brusca supporter Domenico Raccuglia
7 October 1994 escaped Michelangelo Camarda from an attack by Domenico Raccuglia which had been ordered by Giovanni Brusca and he became pentito

Corleonesi Brusca, Vitale, Gerardi murder Giuseppe Barreca
In November 1994 was Giuseppe Barreca killed and later talked about his murder pentito Giovanni Brusca after which Leonardo Vitale and Giuseppe Gerardi were indicted.

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