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Puparo's Cosa Nostra: Palermo in the 1990s


Ciaculli capomafia Giuseppe Lucchese arrested
1 April 1990 Giuseppe Lucchese (29) the boss of Ciaculli get arrested at the home of his girlfriend Claudia Chines (25).

Judge Borsellino and pentito Rosario Spatola
19 September 1990 Rosario Spatola contacts judge Borsellino and starts to tell about the killers of his friend L'Ala.

Pentita Giacoma Filippello (widow capocosca Natale L'Ala) (Trapani province)
16 October 1990 in Trapani 14 mafiosi get arrested thanks to L’Ala’s widow Giacoma Filippello (41) and his underboss Rosario Spatola. They had been exterminated by corleonesi Nunzio Spezia who took over their heroinbusiness and becomes the new boss of Campobello di Mazara. Filippello and Spatola tell later that minister Calogero Mannino had connections with the boss Nene Passanante of Mazara and Gerlando Caruana from Siculiana (he is the son of the killed Leonardo). Rosario Spatola also knew Rosario Di Caro, Riccobono and commissionair Contrada.

Catania Cursoti member Antonino Gullotta
Antonino Gullotta became part of the “Cursoti” in Catania in november 1990.

Brancaccio capomafia Giuseppe "Pino" Savoca replaced (Palermo borough)
26 July 1991 in Palermo Giuseppe Savoca (30) and his son Andrea (4) get shot to death, his wife Diana Seggio (her brother is Lorenzo) and son Massimiliano get wounded. Several days before Giuseppe`s brother Salvatore (27) had disapppeared. They are nephews of Pino and Vincenzo Savoca (60) who got convicted at the mammothtrial. Giuseppe got killed in front of the Tinnirello home where also was the attack at Contorno. The Savocas had supported Bontate but changed sides during the war. Riina replaces them by the Graviano brothers.

Brancaccio capomafia Graviano

Partanna Mondello capomafia Gaspare Mutolo arrested
Gaspare Mutolo (52) the boss of Partanna Mondello was arrested in august 1991 and had been Riina's chauffeur.

Judge Borsellino in Germany
Beginning july 1992 judge Borsellino talks in Germany with the cokedealer Heico Kschinna who betrays the killers Schembri, Calafato and Incardona, and Schembri becomes a pentito.

Noce boss Raffaele Ganci arrested
10 June 1993 were also Ganci (61) , his son Calogero (33) and Calogero's brother in law Francesco Paolo Anselmo (36) arrested. Calogero Ganci confessed about a 100 murders to have committed in the last 16 years, also he killed his brother in law Salvatore Anselmo who they killed in his fortress dressed as (Anselmo is also family of Salvatore Spina who now leads the Noce cosca).

Pentito Calogero ganci
Calogero Ganci (the son of Raffaele Ganci) who had become pentito confessed to be one of the perpetrators in the murders of Dalla Chiesa, judge Chinnici, captain D'Aleo and commissionar Cassara. Calogero Ganci confessed about a 100 murders to have committed in the last 16 years, also he killed his brother in law Salvatore Anselmo who they killed in his fortress dressed as (Anselmo is also family of Salvatore Spina who now leads the Noce cosca).

Ucciardone prison, Caccamo boss Francesco Intile suicide
4 May 1995 was Caccamo capomafia Francesco Intile found dead in his cell in the Ucciardone prison, he had committed suicide. New Caccamo capomafia became Antonino Nino Giuffre who is married with Rosalia Stanfa and was sought since 1993.

Caccamo capomafia Antonino Nino Giuffre Noce boss Salvatore Spina
20 December 1995 were the 14 perpetrators of the holdup arrested, under them Ganci's nephews Antonio Galliano and Francesco Spina.

Trabia capomafia Giuseppe Rancadore
Trabia’s old capomafia was Giuseppe Rancadore whose son is Domenico Rancadore.

Trabia capomafia Domenico Rancadore
19 July 1996 was Manlio Drago Ferrante (35) from Bagheria arrested, he worked for Domenico Rancadore capomafia of Trabia.

Lifesentences Gerlando Alberti, Giuseppe Rancadore and Salvatore Rinella
5 Dicembre 1996 got Gerlando Alberti, Trabia capomafia Giuseppe Rancadore and Caccamo member Salvatore Rinella life sentences for a murder of which they were accused by pentito Salvatore Contorno. It is the first lifesentence for Gerlando Alberti, who till now only had been convicted for drugs and mafia association. Salvatore Rinella was still a fugitive

Giovanello Greco arrested
3 October 1997 was at Ibiza Giovannello Greco (41) arrested with his wife Francesca Ficano. 4 October were then killed Giovannello's brother in laws Gaspare and Michele Ficano. Giovannello Greco was from Ciaculli but had become a killer for the Bontate clan and was a trustee of Gaetano badalamenti and had been a friend of Pino greco but they had become bitter enemies. According to a pentito had Giovanello Greco in 1983 two mafiosi killed who Badalamenti didn't trust.

Partinico boss Francesco Lo Iacono and son Maurizio Lo Iacono
Partinico boss Francesco Lo Iacono supported the Corleonesi and Provenzano. Maurizio Lo Iacono was sought since 1997 and went to Spain where police lost track of him. In 1999 were Gaetano Baio from Porto Empedocle and Maurizio Lo Iacono from Partinico still sought for mafia membership and they relocated to Brasil where they lived in Rio de Janeiro and San Paolo.

Caccamo capomafia Antonino Nino Giuffre
9 June 1998 were 16 arrested while Caccamo capomafia Nino Giuffre was still sought. Arrested were Giuseppe Panzeca (who was suspected of being a capodecina in Caccamo), Dario Lo Bue who ran the business "Gente di mare" for Panzeca in which was capomafia Pietro Vernengo also a participant and Giorgio Ciaccio a nephew of Panzeca. Caccamo capomafia Antonino Nino Giuffre’s wife Rosalia Stanfa got housearrest.

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