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Early Camorra History:

Early bosses were the brothers Antonio Spavone and Carmine Spavone and Nicola CAPUANO
3 January 1945 Carmine Spavone died in a duel with Giovanni Mormone. Carmine Spavone’s brother Antonio Spavone (18) revenged the murder by killing in april 1945 Giovanni Mormone in a restaurant in Marechiaro. Antonio Spavone got 20 years for the murder but came free in 1966.

Antonio Spavone
In 1971 killed Antonio Spavone the man Gennaro Ferrigno

Naples disappearancecase Pasqualino Simonetti
In january 1974 goes Maresca’s zoon Pasqualino Simonetti (18) to an appointment with Ammaturo on the buildingside of a viaduct there Ammaturo and Antonio Spavone kill him and have his body disappaer.

In the 50ties were the big camorra bosses: Antonio Spavone “‘O malommo”, Pasquale Simonetti “Pascalone ‘e Nola” and Vito Nappi “O studente”.

Charlie “Lucky” Luciano in Naples
In 1950 the exiled american Cosa Nostra boss Charlie "Lucky" Luciano settles in Naples and one of his friends is Mario Siniscalchi the camorra boss of Quindici.

Charlie “Lucky” Luciano in Naples
13 November 1950 Luciano gets smacked in the face on the Agnano race track of Naples by Vittorio Nappi. Nappi gets later than his skull cracked by his ex partner Pasquale Simonetti “Pascalone”, Nappi survives.

Camorra boss Vito Nappi “O studente”
20 january 1953 disappeared Battipaglia’s socialist mayor Lorenzo Rago. His brother is Fiorentino Rago. Vito Nappi was suspected in the disappearing of the mayor. 11 march 1959 was Francesco Scibilia sentenced to 2 years and 6 months for slander because he had accused Salvatore Lucania (Lucky Luciano), Andrea Ingoglia and Vincenzo Paolicchio of the disappearance of Battipaglia’s socialist mayor Lorenzo Rago.

Nola camorra boss Pasquale Simonetti “Pascalone e Nola” killed
16 july 1955 camorra boss Pasquale Simonetti “Pascalone e Nola” gets shot down by Gaetano Orlando “Tanino ’e bastimento” (the son of a former Marano mayor) at the command of his friend Antonio Esposito and he dies several weeks later.

Nola camorra boss Simonetti revenged by his widow Pupetta Maresca
camorraboss Pasquale Simonetti “Pascalone e Nola” his widow Pupetta Maresca (18 and pregnant) then personally shoots and kills 4 august 1955 Antonio Esposito, she was accompanied by her brother Ciro Maresca and their chauffeur Nicola Vistocco.

Nola camorra boss Simonetti’s widow Pupetta Maresca arrested
Pupetta Maresca was then 14 october 1955 arrested by police.

Cutoliano capo Giovanni Pandico
Giovanni Pandico (born 24 june 1944) was initiated 8 december 1963 by Cutolo into the camorra.

Michele Nappi killed
Giovanni Pandico became friends with Giorgio Della Pietra (who got convicted of the 3 april 1956 murder of Michele Nappi and got 24 years).

Luigi “the tomb” !!!SORRENTINO!!
US deportee Luigi Sorrentino was in Italy accused of a role in an Italian murdergang. 30 January 1961 dies Luigi “the tomb” Sorrentino (who once escaped the electric chair at Sing Sing prison) of a heart attack in jail in NAPLES (Italy) with his appeal against a life sentence still pending.

(in 1970 Badalamenti ordina a Salvatore Zara (ZAZA ?? ??), un camorrista napoletano affiliato a Cosa nostra, di uccidere un uomo che sul finire degli anni cinquanta si è reso responsabile di un oltraggio nei confronti del famoso Lucky Luciano, espulso dagli USA e da poco residente a Napoli. Luciano è schiaffeggiato all'ippodromo di Agnano da un esuberante guappo in vena di esibizionismo. L'offesa, seppure con molti anni di ritardo, è lavata e Badalamenti, «fiero» di aver ordinato l'assassinio, si precipita a far sapere negli USA quanto è appena accaduto (51).

Cutoliano capo Giovanni Pandico
Giovanni Pandico concluded that his own father and mother, Liveri mayor Nicola Nappi and his brother Salvatore Nappi (brothers of the killed Michele Nappi) had conspired and testified to have Giorgio Della Pietra convicted. Giovanni Pandico decides to take revenge and two days after Giovanni Pandico was released from Poggioreale prison (18 june 1970) he went to Liveri’s City Hall to kill mayor Nicola Nappi. In City Hall Pandico murders city super visor Giuseppe Gaetano and clerk Guido Adrianopoli and shot and wounded mayor Nicola Nappi and Pasquale Scola. Giuseppe Pandico got 30 years and became in prison Cutolo’s secretary.

Cutolo's NCO man Giovanni Pandico
In 1982 Andrea Pandico de brother of Giovanni Pandico gets shot to death during an ambush. Andrea Pandico's widow Filomena Schiavone gets killed in 1983? at his grave by Alfredo Guarneri at the command of Giovanni Pandico because she had a member of Nuova Famiglia as a lover.

21 march 1983 Giovanni Pandico became pentito

Murdercase Giovanni Pandico's mother Francesca Muroni
31 May 1985 a carbomb kills Giovanni Pandico's mother Francesca Muroni (65) and wounds seriously his sister in law Gisella Gioberti, his brother Nicola Pandico is unhurt.

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