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Gennaro Licciardi and his brother in laws Eduardo Contini, Francesco Mallardo and Patrizio Bosti

Gennaro Licciardi and his brother in laws Eduardo Contini, Francesco Mallardo and Patrizio Bosti
Gennaro Licciardi (married to ???? Aieta), Francesco Mallardo (married to Anna Aieta), Patrizio Bosti (married to Rita Aieta and their son is Ettore Bosti) and Eduardo Contini (married to Maria Aieta) are brother in laws because their wives are sisters.

Secondigliano alliance boss Gennaro Licciardi
Gennaro Licciardi “a’ scigna” (the monkey) (died 3 august 1994) and his brothers Vincenzo Licciardi, Pierino Licciardi and their sisters Maria Licciardi (her husband Antonio “Tartufon”Teghemie (Techemie) was killed) and Assunta Licciardi had married Gennaro Esposito (48 when killed 7 october 2000) and their son was Vincenzo “o principino”Esposito (21 when killed 16 march 1997)

Gennaro Licciardi “a’ scigna” (the monkey) (died 3 august 1994).
Gennaro Licciardi’s wife is ??? Aieta and their sons Giovanni Licciardi (Giovanni Licciardi’s brother in law Gennaro Cirielli), Pietro Licciardi, Vincenzo Licciardi and Gennaro Licciardi jr.

Licciardi members
Cosimo Cerino d.1985, Giuseppe Di Tommaso, Pierino Licciardi, Vincenzo Licciardi, Ciro Ottiviano d.1985

Gennaro Licciardi brother in law Eduardo Contini (Secondigliano alliance)
Eduardo Contini (married to Maria Aieta) and his underboss Riccardo Perucci (killed 27 August 1997). Giuseppe Contini.
Contini always at war with families Giuliano and Mazzarella who then even intermarried in 1996.

Contini man Luigi Galletto
Secondigliano alliance
Patrizio Bosti

Secondigliano alliance
Francesco “Ciccio”Mallardo from Giugliano, Feliciano Mallardo, Giuseppe Mallardo

Secondigliano alliance member Gaetano Bocchetti from Don Guanelli
Gaetano Bocchetti (arrested 24 september 1998) and Gennaro Sacco (Gennaro Sacco , 58, and his son Carmine Sacco ,29, were killed 23 november 2009)

Secondigliano alliance member Giuseppe Lo Russo from Miano
Camorraboss Giuseppe Lo Russo “capitone” (his son Antonio Lo Russo) and his brothers Salvatore Lo Russo, Carlo Lo Russo, Vincenzo Lo Russo, Domenico Lo Russo and Mario Lo Russo

Salvatore Lo Russo “Capitani”
1 february 1993 marry Francesco spina and Amelia Di maio. Witness at their marriage is Salvatore Lo Russo “Capitani”but police invaded the feast

la faida tra il gruppo Misso e le famiglie dell’Alleanza di Secondigliano, Licciardi, Contini, Bocchetti, Mallardo, Lo Russo;

la faida tra le famiglie dell’Alleanza di Secondigliano e la famiglia Mazzarella;

Licciardi brother in law Contini attacked by Luigi Giuliano
8 May 1990 Luigi Giuliano ordered the killing of capo Luigi D'Alba of Eduardo Contini.

Licciardi brother in law Contini attacked by Luigi Giuliano
10 may 1990 Giuliano orders also the killing of Contini`s man Giuseppe Starace.

Licciardi brother in law Contini attacked by Luigi Giuliano
12 may 1990 Giuliano orders also the killing of Contini`s man Salvatore Pecoraro. Contini then allies himself with the bosses Gennaro Licciardi, Ciro Mariano and Carmine Alfieri.

Licciardi brother in law Contini attacks Giuliano
18 May 1990 they strike back when Licciardi`s man Eduardo Morra enters the home of Giuliano's familymember Gennaro Pandolfi and kill the owner and his little son. Pandolfi's mother , his sister and his girlfriend Lucrezia Esposito get wounded.

Licciardi brother in law Contini attacked by Luigi Giuliano
22 May 1990 Contini man Gennaro Starace (26) gets killed in Sanita.

Gennaro Licciardi imprisoned
23 march 1992 arrest of Gennaro Licciardi "the Monkey", he was arrested with Francesco Mallardo

Licciardi brother in law Eduardo Contini imprisoned
In december 1993 was Eduardo Contini imprisoned. He was an Alfieri Cupola member

Gennaro Licciardi dies
3 august 1994 dies Gennaro Licciardi “Scigna” in prison.

Licciardi family
???In 1994 was Gennaro Licciardi’s son (nephew??) Gennaro Licciardi jr in Padova’s prison killed. ????????

Alfieri’s Cupola member Giuseppe Mallardo arrested
20 August 1996 the camorraboss Giuseppe Mallardo get arrested, he belongs to the clan of Contini, Licciardi, Moccia and Alfieri. He was the last of Alfieri's commission who was free.

Mazzarella alliance Giuliano family
In september 1996 Luigi Giuliano’s daughter Marianna Giuliano (16) marries Michele Mazzarella (16) of the so named camorra family making a bond between the 2 families.

Secondigliano camorra boss Aniello la Monica/ Paolo Di Lauro

Secondigliano and Scampia, two poor neighbourhoods on the city's outskirts.

Mugnano boss Giuseppe Ruocco
Angela Ronga (killed) had as sons Antonio Ruocco, Giuseppe Ruocco and Sebastiano Ruocco (his wife Elena Moxedano killed) and her daughter is Anna Ruocco. Their uncle Michele Ruocco (killed 30 october 1991)

Mugnano boss Giuseppe Ruocco
Alfieri supporter Mugnano boss Giuseppe Ruocco fought a feud with Paolo Di Lauro and his supporters the Prestieri brothers

Secondigliano alliance camorra family Prestieri
Brothers Raffaele Prestieri (killed 18 may 1992), Rosario Prestieri (killed 18 may 1992), Salvatore, Maurizio and Tommaso Prestieri.

Secondigliano alliance

Secondigliano alliance camorrafamily Di Lauro
camorraboss Paolo Di Lauro "Ciruzzo the Millionaire” and his wife Luisa D’Avanzo (her brothers Enrico D’Avanzo and Michele D’Avanzo) had 10 children (one has died in a car crash) under whom their sons Vincenzo Di Lauro, Antonio Di Lauro , Nunzio Di Lauro , Salvatore Di Lauro , Ciro Di Lauro, Marco Di Lauro and Cosimo Di Lauro.

Secondigliano Di Lauro’s killers
killers Emanuele D’Ambra, Ugo De Lucia ‘Ugariello’, Nando Emolo ‘o’ schizzato’, Antonio Ferrara ‘o tavano’, Salvatore Tamburino, Salvatore Petriccione, Umberto La Monica, Antonio Mennetta.

Secondigliano Di Lauro’s capos
capos: Gennaro Aruta, Gennaro Marino (became a scissionisti), Ciro Saggese, Fulvio Montanino (killed), Antonio Galeota, Giuseppe Prezioso (bodyguard of Cosimo Di Lauro) and Costantino Sorrentino.

The conflict pits local mafia boss Paolo Di Lauro - aka Circuzzo the Millionaire - who is in hiding, against former members of his organisation who have formed a splinter group the socalled “scissionisti”.

Secondigliano Di Lauro “scisionisti” boss Gennaro Marino
Gennaro Marino and his brother Gaetano Marino (their cousin Massimo Marino was killed).

Secondigliano Di Lauro “scisionisti” boss Amato
Raffaele Amato (wife Ermelinda Pagano) and his brother in law Cesare Pagano. Raffaele Amato fled to Spain when he came into a conflict about money with Di Lauro. Amato was allied with Gennaro Marino and Giacomo Migliaccio who controls the fish trade in and around Mugnano.

Secondigliano Di Lauro “scisionisti” Marano capo Raffaele Abbinante
Raffaele Abbinante a boss in Marano and his brothers Antonio Abbinante and Guido Abbinante. Raffaele Abbinante his nephew Francesco Abinante (his son is Salvatore Abinante (who was killed 24 november 2004)

Secondigliano Di Lauro “scisionisti” Mugnano camorraboss Giacomo Migliaccio
Mugnano camorraboss Giacomo Migliaccio. Biagio Migliaccio (killed 20 november 2004) is the son of Giuseppe Migliacco (the nephew of Salvatore Migliaccio and Giacomo Migliacco).

Secondigliano camorra boss Aniello la Monica
Paolo di Lauro "Ciruzzo the Millionaire" had been a man of Secondigliano camorra boss Aniello “Nanuccio” la Monica. Paolo di Lauro was present at a meeting of mafiosi in the early 1980s, when his boss Aniello la Monica parlayed with Michele Greco, capo di capi of the Sicilian Mafia.

Secondigliano camorra boss Aniello “Nanuccio”la Monica killed
Paolo Di Lauro "Ciruzzo the Millionaire” was among the mourners after la Monica was shot and killed 1 may 1982. Di Lauro's was implicated in his boss's murder by several pentiti.
Secondigliano camorra boss Paolo Di Lauro "Ciruzzo the Millionaire”

Di girolamo
the boss Gennaro Di Girolamo (who was killed 4 july 1991) the brother of Salvatore Di Girolamo. Gennaro Di Girolamo’s brother in law is Gennaro Amitrano. one of the first scissionisti Massimo Galdiero was the nephew (nipote) of Salvatore Di Girolamo?,

Mugnano boss Giuseppe Ruocco fought a feud with Paolo Di Lauro and his supporters the Prestieri brothers
21 april 1991 Antonio Ruocco’s brother in law Agostino Russo killed Rosario Amoruso who is close with Gennaro Di Girolamo

In june 1991 escaped Antonio Ruocco and Giuseppe Vallefuoco from an ambush done by the Di Lauro clan who had with them Maurizio Prestieri

Mugnano boss Gennaro Di Girolamo “o niro” killed
4 july 1991 Antonio Ruocco and his brother in law Agostino Russo killed Gennaro Di Girolamo “o niro”. Gennaro Di Girolamo’s brother in law is Gennaro Amitrano

Mugnano boss Gennaro Amitrano
Mugnano boss Gennaro Amitrano (43) was shot and killed 17 october 1998 at the orders of Licciardi

25 september 1991 the Di Lauro clan burned the house of Angela Ronga the mother of Antonio Ruocco

5 october 1991 Ruocco trustee Vincenzo Pennino was attacked and died

8 october 1991 Ruocco trustee Carmine Cipolletta was killed

19 october 1991 was Elena Moxedano killed, she is the wife of Sebastiano Ruocco the brother of Antonio Ruocco.

21 october 1991 was Di Girolamo man Antonio Abbatiello killed

30 october 1991 was Michele Ruocco killed, he is the uncle of the brothers Antonio Ruocco, Giuseppe Ruocco and Sebastiano Ruocco

In november 1991 was 2 times the house of Antonio Ruocco’s sister Anna Ruocco attacked

25 march 1992 Antonio Ruocco and Alfredo Negri killed Annibale Cirillo and Luigi Pirozzzi who support the Di Girolamo clan

In april 1992 was wounded Antonio Ruocco’s brother in law Antonio Cecere

6 april 1992 was severely wounded Salvatore Ronga, he is an uncle of Ruocco

6 may 1992 was Biagio Ronga killed

Secondigliano camorrafamily Prestieri hit
18 may 1992 were in Secondigliano the important bosses and brothers Raffaele (32) and Rosario Prestieri (26) killed with their 2 bodyguards by Antonio Ruocco, Giuseppe Ruocco, Agostino Russo and Alfredo Negri Of the 5 Prestieri brothers only Salvatore, Maurizio and Tommaso Prestieri still live.

25 may 1992 the Di Lauro men Massimiliano Cafasso, Guido Abbinante, Ciro Vitale and Raffaele Amato killed Angela Ronga the mother of the Ruocco brothers as revenge for the murders of the Prestieri brothers. The murder had been ordered by Paolo di lauro, Rosario Pariante and Raffaele Abbinante

22 july 1992 the Ruocco clan tried to kill Giuseppe Pezzurro
26 may 1992 the Ruocco clan killed Alfonso Mangiapili and Biagio Pezzurro (brother of Giuseppe Pezzurro)

27 july 1992 was Alfredo Negri killed

3 august 1992 was Antonio Ruocco arrested
13 april 1993 was Rocco Capuozzo “Rocchino”killed by the Di Lauro clan because he betrayed the killed Raffaele Prestieri to the Ruocco clan

9 may 1993 was Rocco Capuozzo’s son Pasquale Capuozzo killed by the Di Lauro clan

1 july 1995 were shot and killed the boss Cosimo Cerino (38) and his bodyguard Ciro Ottaviano (28) and wounded were Francesco Castiello and Gennaro Fastidioso. Cerino had followed up imprisoned boss Licciardi and was a trustee of the boss Paolo de Lauro

Licciardi war with Prestieri brothers (supported by Paolo Di Lauro)

Licciardi war with Prestieri (supported by Paolo Di Lauro)
In the first months of 1997 there is a war between the heirs of Licciardi and the Prestieri clan who are supported by the important boss Paolo Di Lauro who operates in Secondigliano. The Licciardi clan had met the Prestieri clan in a disco and a woman was insulted when the young Gennaro Romano flirted with her. The day after the rival gangs met on their home turf in Secondigliano, a run-down suburb of Naples. During the meeting, a member of the Licciardi gang was shot in the leg.

Licciardi nephew Vincenzo "o principino" (the Little Prince) Esposito
It wasn't long before Vincenzo "the Little Prince" Esposito (21), rode his Vespa into Prestieri territory and killed a rival gang member with one shot. Vincenzo Esposito (21), the son of Gennaro Esposito and a nephew of Gennaro Licciardi sr, he was the topkiller of the clan in this war.

Licciardi nephew Vincenzo "o principino" (the Little Prince) Esposito killed
Vincenzo "the Little Prince" Esposito (21) the nephew of Gennaro Licciardi sr. Esposito died in a hail of gunfire with his friend Salvatore Esposito 16 march 1997 (San Patrizio festival) on the steps of a church as he tried to flee.

Licciardi war with Prestieri (supported by Paolo Di Lauro)
What followed was a vendetta in which contracts were put out on the heads of 10 members of the Prestieri gang. In the following months, 10 more people were killed. Gennaro Romano, the youth who had flirted with the woman in the disco, was shot to death in his bed as his mother looked on. In their war died 12 persons (age from 17 to 32) in 6 months.

Mazzarella orders murder of Giuseppe Contini’s underboss Riccardo Perrucci
27 August 1997 were killed Riccardo Perrucci and Giuseppe Bifaro. Perrucci was the righthand of the sought boss Giuseppe Contini.

21 march 1999 was Carlo Amato (21) killed , he is the son of the future boss Salvatore Amato

Boss Pietro Licciardi arrested
8 June 1999 was in Prague Pietro Licciardi arrested. Vincenzo Pernice (53) brother in law of Pietro Licciardi the boss of Secondigliano and Miano.
Boss Maria Licciardi

16 September 1999 in Naples Armando Ferraro (44) was killed he was close to the Secondigliano clan and within 24 hours was in Villaricca Antonio Del Prete (49) killed.

21 Decembre 1999 police arrest 25 members of the clans of Sabatino and Licciardi (Secondigliano) who were going to war eachother.

Licciardi, Lo Russo, Riso, Gaetano Bocchetti, D’Amico

Boss Maria Licciardi
The Licciardi clan is now led by Gennaro Licciardi's daughter Maria Licciardi (49), who took over after a nephew was killed. She forged an alliance between the clans and they worked togather in drug smuggling. When a heroin shipment arrived they find out it was to pure so Maria said they wouldn't bring it on the market, the Russo clan thought different and sold it on the streets. In april 2000 alone then died 11 addicts on overdoses.

Boss Maria Licciardi
The chain of murders committed can be linked to retaliations made by the Liccardi clan following the splitting of the Lo Russo clan and its simultaneous approach to the Mazzarella group, due to the sharing of smuggling illicit proceeds; because of the above mentioned reasons, we cannot exclude that the Misso clan, allied with the Mazzarella group, intervened in the dispute in favour of the Lo Russo group.

Lo Russo family
5 april 2000 was Carmine Lebro (47) killed, he worked for the Lo Russo family

Contini’s and Licciardi’s brother in law Francesco “Ciccio” Mallardo arrested
In april 2000 was the boss Francesco “Ciccio” Mallardo (49) arrested.

Licciardi brother in law Eduardo Contini
11 may 2000 was Eduardo Contini’s trustee Giuseppe Scuotto (48) killed.

Sarno man Ciro Velardi (38) killed
28 may 2000 was Sarno man Ciro Velardi (38) killed while wounded was Maurizio Cernacchiaro and he died 9 june.

Prestieri man Renato Tramontana (47) killed
31 may 2000 was Prestieri man Renato Tramontana (47) killed. ?? Tramontano??

Boss Maria Licciardi
7 June 2000 were on seperate occasions killed in 24 hours Giuseppe Russo (44) from the Lo Russo clan, Angelo Liccardo (43) from the Licciardi clan and Vincenzo Avolio (35) of the Prestieri clan.

Maria Licciardi men Giuseppe Di Tommaso and Luigi De Falco killed
10 june 2000 were killed Giuseppe Di Tommaso and Luigi De Falco former members of the Mariano clan and now working for Maria Licciardi.

Maria Licciardi
12 June 2000 police arrest members of the Licciardi clan when they are preparing some counterattacks, they arrest: Ciro Marigliano (45) (former member of the Rinaldi- Reale clan who was always at war with Licciardi, Marigliano was wounded 3 months ago in an attack), Gennaro Cirielli (22) brother in law of Gennaro Licciardi's son Giovanni, Giovanni Varriale (36) a member of the Contini- Mariano clan, Antonio Fiocco (34) a member of the Licciardi clan, Nunzio Balestrieri (56), EA (17) a nephew of Ciro Marigliano, Davide Cella (19) a member of the Contini clan.

Red Brigad arrested
12 Augustus 1989 the Red Brigadist Franco La Maestra (29) gets arrested in Naples, he is suspected of the murders of the magistrates Tarantelli, Conti and Ruffili. The police find evidence that the Red Brigades work close with the clan of Vincenzo Rinaldi, the boss of San Giovanni in Teduccio.

San Giuseppe Vesuviano (NA) camorrafamily Rinaldi attacks Mazzarella
16 February 2003 were Filippo Ciletti (47) and Gennaro Manfredi (51) of the Mazzarella clan killed by the Rinaldi clan.

Maria Licciardi’s brother in law Gennaro Esposito killed
7 October 2000 was Gennaro Esposito (48) killed, he is married to Assunta Licciardi (their son is the killed Vincenzo “o principino”Esposito) the sister of Gennaro Licciardi and Maria Licciardi.

Maria Licciardi arrested
15 June 2001 police arrest Gennaro Licciardi's sister Maria licciardi (50) The sister of a Mafia boss, Licciardi took control only after her brothers were imprisoned and her husband and a nephew were murdered, investigators say.

Maria Licciardi imprisoned
In march 2003 Maria Licciardi gets special security to prevent contacts between her and the clan.

Maria Licciardi trustee Oligino killed
In april 2003 is Giovanni Oligino killed he was a trustee of Maria Licciardi.

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