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Estimate members: Around twenty active members.
First Boss: Salvatore Sabella started the family in 1911.
Primary activities: Extortion, bookmaking, gambling, drug trafficking and loan-sharking.

Boss: Joseph Ligambi
Underboss: Joseph "Mousie" Massimino
Acting Underboss: Martin Angelina
Consigliere: George Borgesi (in prison, scheduled for release in 2012)
Acting Consigliere: Gaeton Lucibello

Under Angelo Bruno the Philadelphia Crime Family was among the most powerful Families in the US. His death signaled the beginning of a violent era that continued until the mid 1990s. Nicky Scarfo has become known as one of the most violent mob bosses in US history. His thirst for blood sent the Family into darkness. The result of the Scarfo years were several turncoats, including the first ever Philadelphia made guy, and even more Philly mobsters convicted to long prison sentences. When John Stanfa emerged as new leader a new war broke out between Stanfa and the so called "young turks" led by Joseph Merlino. When Stanfa was convicted to several life sentences Ralph Natale and Joey Merlino took over. Natale was the official boss, however it became clear later that Merlino let him think that, and that he himself was really the power. When Natale was arrested he flipped, becoming the first Mafia boss to turn government witness. By now the Family was already in shambles, of all the US Mafia Families they have the highest amount of turncoats. Merlino is currently in prison and the Family is run by Joseph Ligambi. It consists of around twenty or more made members. (August 20, 2010)

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