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Estimate members: Between 200 and 225 (according to Jerry Capeci)
First Boss: Charles "Lucky" Luciano
Primary activities: The most powerful and wealthy crime Family in the New York area, and perhaps the entire country. The Genovese Family maintains major muscle in narcotics, loan-sharking, extortion rackets, pornography, labor union racketeering, waste hauling industry, restaurants, seafood distribution and vending machines. They are the most secretive, and well led, LCN Family in the New York region.
Boss: ?
Acting boss: According to a column by Jerry Capeci, Daniel Leo is the new boss of the Genovese Family. He quotes a law enforcement source: "We’re carrying him as the acting boss."
Underboss: ?


Daniel "The Lion" Leo (in prison)
Matthew 'Matty the Horse' Ianniello (dead, natural causes)
Vincent "Chin" Gigante (dead, natural causes)
  Vito Genovese(dead, natural causes)
Frank Costello (dead, natural causes)
  Charles "Lucky" Luciano(dead, natural causes)


Dominick "Quiet Dom" Cirillo (in prison)


Quarico "Willie Moore" Moretti (whacked)


Daniel Pagano (under indictment)
Anthony "Big Nose" Antico (in prison)
Tino Fiumara (dead, natural causes)



George Barone (flipped, dead)


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