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The Chinese Triads find their origin centuries ago. At least since the Tang dynasty (617-907) China has had secret societies. Several Triads identify themselves with the White Lotus Society. The White Lotus Society expelled the Mongolian occupation force from China and installed Buddhist monk Hung Wu as the first Ming emperor in 1368. Another incident several Triads identify themselves with, takes place in the 17th century. It tells the story of 128 monks of the Shao Lin convent who offer their services to the second emperor of the Qing dynasty, and defend China from invading forces. The emperor was frightened by their power and burned down their convent. 110 monks died in the fire, 18 escaped the flames, of which only 5 managed to get to a safe haven. These five monks became known as the First Five Ancestors. These five men founded a secret society to avenge their dead brothers.


The Triads operate throughout the world, but their main base of operations is Hong Kong. Other important bases are: Shanghai, Macau, Taiwan, and Singapore. Triads are involved in gambling, loansharking, extortion, drugs- arms- and people smuggling.

The three main Triad groups are:
- 14K Triad, which consists of twenty subgroups.
- The Wo group, consists of twelve factions, including Wo Shing Wo, and Wo On Lok.
- The Teochiu Societies, consists of six subdivisions, of which San Yee On is the biggest and best known.

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