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The Japanese Yakuza is one of the more traditional Organized Crime groups. The Yakuza are the main power in Japan and have branched out to other Asian countries, the United States, Canada and parts of Europe. However Japan remains their main stronghold. The Yakuza are active in gambling, drugs, prostitution, construction, weaponsmuggling, extortion, money-laundering and blackmail.

The name "Yakuza" comes from the losing number set of the game oicho-kabu (a version of black jack). That number set: 8-9-3 is spoken as ya-ku-za. The word yakuza is therefor used to describe a person who is not appreciated by society, an outcast.


Shigeharu Shirai (Boss of the Kodo-kai)
Kakuji "Seijo" Inagawa (founder of the Inagawa-kai)
Shinobu Tsukasa (sixth boss of the Yamaguchi-Gumi)
Hisayuki Machii (dead, natural causes)
Yoshinori Watanabe (retired boss of the Yamaguchi Gumi)
Kazuo "The Bear" Taoka (dead, natural causes)
Yoshio Kodama (dead, natural causes)


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