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Giancana had been extradited from Mexico to the US. He had been running gambling operations there on his own, without sending money back home to the Chicago bosses. Before that he had been ordered to leave the US by Outfit boss Antonino Accardo. Chicago had enough of Giancana. On July 19, 1975 Giancana let a friend into his house, and made him and his guest some dinner. His friend shot him in the head and fled the scene.

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Upon returning to his Oak Park home, Giancana bounced around the Carribean and Mexico, developing gambling enterprises in which the Chicago Outfit Bosses felt that they should've been receiving a percentage in and Momo felt differently, figuring that since he was operating by himself, that they deserved NO percentage and that is exactly what he told them. Something that they really didn't want to hear, as well as news that Giancana was scheduled to testify before a Senate Sub-Committee, they decided to take no chances. Whoever whacked him out, had to have had his trust, implicitly, due to his cooking sausage and peppers with beans as well as the fact that the 24 hour police detail on Giancana's house was pulled for exactly one hour allowing his murderer time to do the deed, and leave like nothing ever happened. The police detail did return, only after Sam lay dead on the floor of his basement kitchen.


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