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The Casalesi Clan of the Camorra

By Hollander (nickname)

This innocent looking boy is the feared boss of the most powerful clan in the Neapolitan Camorra. Born on September 20 1964 in the town of San Cipriano d'Aversa, Antonio o'ninno Iovine woud rise to the top of the Casalesi clan. Iovine, a fugitive for 12 years, got his nickname o'ninno (the baby) because the boss of his crime family Mario Iovine…


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Camorra Boss: Augusto La Torre

By David Amoruso

Published: May 1, 2007

Augusto La Torre took the place of his father and became boss of the clan which ruled in the north of the province Caserta, in the south of Lazio and along the coast of Domizio. The empire of the La Torres stretched out into The Netherlands. Augusto's brother…


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Europol Issues Warning: "Hells Angels Expanding Into Eastern Europe"

By David Amoruso

Posted on August 2, 2010

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Europol has recently identified a major expansion in the activity of the Hells Angels and other outlaw motorcycle gangs. According to a press release by the European law enforcement agency: “The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club has significantly expanded its presence into Eastern… Continue

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Whack Out on Willie Moretti

By Thom L. Jones

He went to church every Sunday in Deal, New Jersey, with his wife and three daughters. The kids in the neighbourhood called him 'cump.' He had a home there on five acres, where he raised prize ducks, that was valued at $400,000. By to-days standards, many millions. He was short and squat with thinning hair, brushed straight back and whenever you see a photo of him, he's wearing the most hideous, hand-painted silk ties.

One of a kind was Willie… Continue

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The Trouble With Harry

By Thom L. Jones

Way back in 1955, Alfred Hitchcock made this great movie called ‘The Trouble with Harry’ starring John Forsythe. An offbeat, hilarious black comedy about a bothersome corpse that keeps getting buried and then keeps re-appearing, causing all sorts of problems for peaceful neighbours in a New England township.

There was another Harry who caused all sorts of people, all sorts of problems, often involving dead bodies, but for quite different reasons.

At… Continue

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Dead Men On Leave: The Mafia Murder of Carlo Tresca

By Thom L. Jones

The man with the heavy black beard had left his comfortable, six-room apartment at 130 West Twelfth Street. It was late in the morning, and he had to go to his office; but first he had a lunch meeting.

It was January 11th, 1943.

There were four of them gathering late on this morning, and they went to eat at one of his favourite restaurants- John’s- also on Twelfth Street, a few blocks east from where he lived. Opened in 1908, it still to this…


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Hit in Harlem: The Life and Times of Eugenio Giannini

By Thom L. Jones

By all accounts he wasn’t that nice a person.

Described as small, lecherous and ugly, with a temperament to match, it’s hard to find anything redeeming in a life like his, cut short by the mid forties. He played one shady card too many, and found out the hard way that the mob doesn’t tolerate rats or double-crossers. It was only because of Joe Valachi that he made more than just a mention in the New York daily papers: another gangster taken for a one-way… Continue

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The Color Purple: Detroit's Early Mob

By Thom L. Jones

Whatever they amounted to as a bunch of criminals, the derivation of their name is intriguing enough in itself. There seems to be more versions of its origin and meaning, than combinations of a Rubik Cube.

One story goes that two Hastings Street shopkeepers, whose places had been targets for the gang, said something like:

'These kids, they’re tainted, they’re rotten, purple, like the colour of bad meat, they’re the Purple Gang.'

Detroit… Continue

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Being Ernest: The Life and Hard Times of Ernie 'The Hawk' Rupolo

By Thom L. Jones

I think he is one of my favourite mobsters of all time. The one-eyed killer who couldn't shoot straight.

Most people have never heard of him. He never achieved any immortal status as a big player in the Mafia crime families of New York, although he longed for and lusted after it. He was probably the rule rather than the exception when it came to setting the standard for the street hoodlums that made up the rank and file of organized crime. A grifter,… Continue

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The Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa

By Thom L. Jones

Missing Person #75-3425.

To paraphrase that famous line from The Scarlet Pimpernel, 'they seek him here, they seek him there, trouble is, Jimmy’s buried everywhere.'

There never really was any serious doubt about why he was killed. There is somewhat less doubt about who was behind the killing. The thing that has really…


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Some Good Killers

By Thom L. Jones

Copyright © Thom L. Jones & Gangsters Inc.

No body knows for sure, just how the name came about.

I picture it a bit like this:

Michael Fiaschetti (photo right), 'Big Mike,' the boss of The Italian Squad, lounging back in a chair in his office, Police Headquarters, at 240 Centre Street, in downtown Manhattan, feet up on a pillar, doing a Henry Fonda like in 'My Darling Clementine,' jiggling his boots back and forth, doing a polka on… Continue

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Yidfellas: The Kosher Nostra

By Thom L. Jones

Copyright © Thom L. Jones

In the history of New York’s underworld, buried among the mythology that has created the people and places making up this often confusing landscape, there is one story that has grown much bigger over the years than the sum of its parts.

There have been countless narratives, and articles and at least two movies- the 1950 classic, 'The Enforcer,' starring Humphrey Bogart, and one with Peter Falk in 1960- perpetrating the…


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A Kiss is Just a Kiss

‘Man lives with the society he finds around him.’

Salvatore Lima, Christian Democratic politician,

Murdered by the Mafia, March 1992.

By Thom L. Jones

Copyright © Thom L. Jones

If he was right in what he said, it happened on the afternoon of September 20th 1987; if it did happen, it… Continue

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The Sun King of the Mafia

By Thom L. Jones

Copyright © Thom L. Jones

He could easily have been the first Mafia boss of bosses from Sicily to come to the United States, although when he hit New York, he may not yet have reached that lofty position. There were at least three men whose lives crossed his, who would have a crucial impact on the face of organized crime in America. One would try to destroy him, one would emulate him and one, acting as his missionary, would perhaps help establish the foundation for… Continue

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DeCavalcante Boss: John D'Amato

By Luca

Posted on: September 7, 2008

You could be easily forgiven for not mentioning John D’Amato in the same breath as Carlo Gambino or Carlos Marcello. Truth is he won’t go down as one of the most powerful nor successful mob bosses of all time. But the former DeCalvacante Godfather led an intriguing life, one that led to his death in 1992. Here’s the story.

Sam ‘Sam the plumber’ DeCalvacante certainly didn’t have a name… Continue

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DeCavalcante Capo: Francesco Polizzi

By Maarten Anthonissen

Posted: April 27, 2007

Copyright ©

Francesco Polizzi never was a very important figure in the world of American wiseguys. A typical soldier who climbed the ladder and became a capo. His income, and that of his whole crew, came from typical mob rackets; loansharking, gambling, extortion, and especially drugs. But eventhough he won't get a place… Continue

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Narco Players: Wanted Fugitive: A Colombian Beauty Queenpin

By Clarence Walker

Beauty queen models wanted. With class and stature, a superb figure, a kilowatt smile, a beautiful model is not only wanted by the entertainment and modeling industry but they are the object of many hearts.

Professional modeling is a prestigious achievement. Some performers become crowned champions as they strut their 'stuff' on runways across the planet.

But now there's a famous beauty queen on the run and she's not strutting…


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Mexico Spring Break: Will Drug War Violence Kill the Thrill?

By Clarence Walker

Posted on March 26, 2010

Editor's note: Gangsters Inc. investigative crime journalist, Clarence Walker, of Houston Texas & Southeast Arkansas, previously wrote the following story about Mexican Drug Cartels that appeared on this site: U.S. Government Crisis: Mexico Drug Cartels: Are they Number 1 Organized Crime Threat in America?

March 2010: Spring break season has finally arrived. Skies are blue, the sunshine casts a pleasant glow and the chirping… Continue

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A Live Shakedown: Gangsters Target NFL Super Bowl

Online Players: A Live Shakedown

Hi-Tech Gangsters Target NFL Super Bowl in Multi-Billion Dollars Gambling Extortion

By Clarence Walker, Investigative Crime Journalist

February 7th 2010: Event: Super Bowl XLVI : Team: New Orleans Saints vs Indianapolis Colts.

On this highly anticipated… Continue

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Organized Crime Test: Japan's Mob Needs Gangsters With Brains!

By Clarence Walker, Investigative Crime Journalist

Intelligent gangsters wanted: Any guys out there ready to work in the underworld?

If so, Japan's organized crime syndicates need immediate assistance. They need extra muscle to run prostitution rings, drug trafficking, collect debts, assassinating rivals and shaking down bar owners. To join this outfit - a candidate might think a blood oath must be taken, as with the La Cosa… Continue

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