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Profile: Canadian drug boss Kevin Donald Kerfoot

By David Amoruso

Smugglers have always found the border between Canada and the United States to be a lucrative one. It’s long and accessible by various routes on water and land. Back during Prohibition, traffickers would do rum runs, but nowadays it’s all about narcotics. 53-year-old Kevin Kerfoot knows this all too well.

Kevin Donald Kerfoot…


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Read the first chapter of the new book Dock Boss: Gang Rule – A Longshoreman’s story

By Neil G. Clark

The following is an exclusive book excerpt from Neil Clark’s Dock Boss: Eddie McGrath and the West Side Waterfront, which was released this month and is available at stores everywhere. The book chronicles Irish mob boss Eddie McGrath’s rise to power as a racketeer on the Manhattan waterfront, offering readers a rogue’s…


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Profile: Los Zetas Cartel boss Ivan Velazquez Caballero

By David Amoruso

Sometimes a nickname tells you all you need to know about a person. They called Los Zetas Cartel boss Ivan Velazquez Caballero “El Talibán.” They did so because just like his namesake in Afghanistan he chopped off heads and put them on display. It was the kind of viciousness that made his rise through one of Mexico’s most…


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Gangsters Inc. at the movies: Proud Mary, starring Taraji P. Henson as deadly hitwoman taking on underworld

By David Amoruso

Gangsters better watch who they call a bitch, because there’s a new powerhouse in town and SHE doesn’t mess around. Meet Mary, a deadly hitwoman who dresses the part while doing contract murders for an organized crime family in Boston.  

Mary is played by Taraji P. Henson, known from the hit television series…


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Genovese family capo Eugene Onofrio doesn’t want to stand trial alongside Philadelphia Mafia boss Joseph Merlino

By David Amoruso

They may both be standup guys, but if it’s up to Genovese family capo Eugene “Rooster” Onofrio, he won’t stand trial alongside codefendant and Philadelphia mob boss Joseph Merlino. Apparently, Onofrio's legal team is making moves this week, claiming the 75-year-old capo wants to be tried separately from Merlino in the…


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Profile: British drug boss Patrick “Badger” Maloney

By David Amoruso

It’s always nice to see the older generation pass on its wisdom to the youngsters out there. Except when that wisdom pertains to trafficking drugs. Yet that’s exactly what 62-year-old Patrick Maloney did, running a crew of young dealers that bragged to clients they could deliver drugs anywhere “within 30 minutes of central London and…


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“Everybody Loves” Ray Romano joins all-star cast of Martin Scorsese’s new mob epic The Irishman

By David Amoruso

Comedian Ray Romano has joined the cast of director Martin Scorsese’s new mob epic The Irishman, about mob hitman Frank Sheeran. The Netflix production already snared ‘usual Mafia suspects’…


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The Joloperros: Pay up or get tortured – Vicious and sophisticated crew robbed and kidnapped drug dealers

By David Amoruso

A wide-ranging investigation involving the FBI and several police departments has brought down multiple vicious kidnapping and home invasion crews operating in Lawrence, Massachusetts. According to court documents, these crews – often referred to as “joloperros,” which loosely translates to “stick-up guys” – were…


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Three Good Men: Life and death in Sicily fighting the Mafia

By Thom L. Jones

Sometimes, history makes us remember and then, at times, helps us to forget.

It’s easy to recall the first iPhone that was launched in 2007 and would come to change everything we have ever known about personal communication. Mention a judge who was blown up by the Mafia in 1983, and eyes glaze and heads shake and no one…


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Gangster Disciples Chief of Security and four members sentenced to federal prison

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

The Chief of Security of the Gangster Disciples involved in the violent shooting that occurred in Memphis, Tennessee was sentenced to 263 months in federal prison on Thursday. Edwin “Ren” Carvin was responsible for ensuring the security of fellow gang members and providing protection from law enforcement or…


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LISTEN: Gangsters Inc. has been touring the mob podcast circuit

By David Amoruso

The underworld loves darkness. It loves to be hidden just beneath the surface, ready to jump up and grab you by the throat, shake out all your money, and descend back into the dark. As founder of Gangsters Inc. I too preferred this modus operandi – minus the throat grabbing and thievery of course - but friends of mine made…


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Corrupt couriers smuggled half a ton of cannabis

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

Meet your friendly neighborhood delivery men! Two British delivery drivers ran - what seemed to be - a pretty ingenious operation smuggling hundreds of kilos of cannabis. Ingenious or not: 43-year-old Andrae Davis (photo above, left corner) and 42-year-old Vincent Simpson (right top corner) were each sentenced to two years and…


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