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The facts behind the Kansas City Mob depicted in Fargo

By David Amoruso

The second season of Fargo, the critically acclaimed television series on FX, is its best so far. With two crime families fighting a bloody war for control over small-town America, viewers are treated to some amazing TV. Still, I wondered, how “true” is the story of the Kansas City Mob battling the Gerhardt family?



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MS-13 member and former FBI Ten Most Wanted fugitive sentenced to life


Juan Garcia, also known as “Cruzito,” a member of La Mara Salvatrucha, also known as the MS-13 street gang, was sentenced to life in prison on Monday for his involvement in the murder of a young mother and her child. After the murder he and his co-conspirators had fled to El Salvador resulting in his placement on the FBI’s…


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Major Albanian-Czech people smuggling network busted


Law enforcement authorities from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany and the United Kingdom, supported by Europol, took action early today against a Europe-wide organized crime group composed primarily of Czech and Albanian nationals.

Members of the group are suspected of money laundering and smuggling mainly Albanian nationals into the European Union in breach of immigration law. Eight members have been arrested.

The group, operating since late 2013,…


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Crime Beat: Frank Sinatra, Crooked Brooklyn & more

Crime Beat Radio is back! Artist First Radio Network is pleased to announce its forthcoming schedule for December 3, 2015, through February 11, 2016. Topics covered include the drug war, gangsters in Prohibition, Spy Craft, government corruption, presidential assassinations, and more.

Here is the lineup:

  • December 3 - Richard Muti, the author…

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Sicily's Cosa Nostra can’t stop ISIS, says Mafia historian Lupo

Photo: The aftermath of the bomb attack on the A29 motorway near Capaci, Sicily, that killed anti-mafia judge Giovanni Falcone, his wife and three bodyguards.

By David Amoruso

As ISIS’ reign of terror is sending shockwaves through Europe, many of us are left guessing and…


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Leaders of Montreal Mafia and Hells Angels busted in raids

By David Amoruso

Police in Canada targeted a who’s who of Montreal’s underworld this morning, arresting leaders of the Montreal Mafia and Hells Angels, including Stefano Sollecito, the alleged current boss of the Montreal Mafia; Leonardo Rizzuto (photo above, left), son of deceased boss Vito Rizzuto; and Maurice Boucher (photo above, right),…


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Mafia may reduce Sicily's risk of infiltration by ISIS

By David Amoruso

If members of terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIS) are looking for a new target then Sicily might not be the smartest choice. Claudio Fava, the deputy chairman of the National Anti-Mafia Commission, told …


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Yakuza mob boss bludgeoned to death outside his home

By David Amoruso

Japan’s Yakuza gang war is heating up. Tatsuyuki Hishida (photo above), leader of Aioh Kai, an affiliate of the Yamaguchi-gumi, was bludgeoned to death on Sunday afternoon, Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun reported yesterday. The 59-year-old…


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Bonanno capo smashed glass in face of sushi lounge owner

By David Amoruso

Alleged Bonanno family captain Peter Lovaglio was arrested Friday morning and charged with assaulting the owner of a popular sushi restaurant in Staten Island. According to crime reporter Murray Weiss at…


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Court Report: Goodfellas mobster Vincent Asaro not guilty!

By Robert Sberna (He followed Vincent Asaro's trial for Gangsters Inc. This piece was written on 11-12-15. You can find his…


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106 bikers charged in deadly shootout, loyal to club or law?

By David Amoruso

A grand jury in McLennan County has indicted 106 bikers over the shootout in May that left nine people dead and eighteen people wounded at a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas. Each defendant is charged with engaging in organized criminal activity. The 71 other bikers arrested that day will face the same charges when the…


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Twelve Springfield Latin Kings hit with drug and firearms offenses


Twelve leaders and members of the Latin Kings were charged in U.S. District Court in Springfield Monday with drug distribution and firearms offenses.

“The defendants are alleged leaders and members of the Latin Kings, a criminal organization whose tactics include intimidation, violence and even murder,” said United States Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz. “The charges strike at the core of…


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Prison island for drug convicts to be guarded by crocodiles

By David Amoruso

The primary goal of every prison on earth is to keep its inmates locked up. Prison breaks are bad for business and blemish the reputation of authorities. Yet, with many criminals making copious amounts of cash bribery has become rampant. As more guards are being…


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The Rockford mob’s takeover of the Negro Policy Racket

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

The “Negro Policy Racket” in the 1940s-1960s in Rockford was not unlike the one in Chicago, only on a smaller scale. The policy racket gave some hope to poor blacks at the time that they would “hit it big” if they bet as little as a penny on this gambling operation. But odds were always in favor of the…


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Mexican cartels tighten iron grip on US drug markets

By David Amoruso

Mexican criminal organizations are the biggest drug threat to the United States, the 2015 National Drug Threat Assessment by the DEA reports. They already are the primary suppliers of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana, but continue to ramp up production and trafficking to flood drug markets in the U.S. “These groups are…


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Colombo mobster Giovanni Cerbone

By David Amoruso

Giovanni "John" Cerbone is an alleged made member of the Colombo crime family in New York. According to Assistant Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Geddes, 43-year-old Cerbone is part of the crew run by Colombo captain Joseph Amato.

Though he has a…


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Major heroin trafficking boss sentenced to 30 years in prison

PRESS RELEASE                

Virginia drug boss Alonzo Outten (35) was sentenced yesterday to 30 years in prison for his leadership and involvement in a heroin trafficking operation that was responsible for the distribution of between 30 and 90 kilograms of heroin with an estimated street value of up to $4.5 million dollars.



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"Camorra dei bimbi" - Profile of Camorra boss Pasquale Sibillo

By David Amoruso

Police in Italy captured fugitive Camorra mob boss Pasquale “Lino” Sibillo, yesterday. He had been wanted since June after evading his arrest on charges of murder, drug trafficking, and Mafia association. Authorities claim he is one of the men behind a violent gang war bloodying the streets of Naples.



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Sicilian businessmen stand up to extortion by Palermo Mafia

By David Amoruso

Palermo businessmen have had enough. For years they’ve been extorted by local Mafia clans who came to collect the “pizzo,” but today, ANSA reports, 36 of them made a firm statement by helping police bust 22 Mafiosi who were terrorizing their shops and lives.

Thanks to the businessmen police were able to identify and…


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