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Italian police crack down on Nigerian Mafia in nationwide busts

By David Amoruso for Gangsters Inc.

The Nigerian Mafia in Italy has been on the rise in recent years. Italian authorities took notice and on Monday made 30 arrests throughout Italy targeting the Black Axe, a Nigerian crime group viewed as one of the…


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Drug trafficker who used messaging apps to arrange drug parcels gets 11 years in prison

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

A man who went on the run after he became wanted for his part in a drug smuggling ring was sentenced to 11 years in prison. 42-year-old Ajah Onuchukwu and his associates became a target of Britain’s National Crime Agency in…


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Nigerian Mafia in Italy now “on the same level” as the Camorra, police say

By David Amoruso for Gangsters Inc.

Police in Italy last week arrested over 40 people connected to the Nigerian Mafia in Italy and charged them with Mafia association, human trafficking, drug trafficking and distribution, and running a prostitution…


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British police recover $8 million linked to international organized crime

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

$8 million of laundered criminal money has been recovered by the National Crime Agency after an investigation into a corrupt Liberian business account. On 8 April 2020, the NCA issued a Notice of Forfeiture on the account’s…


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The 18 Gangster museum in South Africa run by ex-convicts tells cautionary tales of life of crime and violence

By Niko Vorobyov for Gangsters Inc.

Clouds sweep across the flat roof of Table Mountain like a giant swirling tablecloth. Cape Town is a beautiful city. But east of Table Mountain and its trendy suburbs lie the Cape Flats, where the First World meets…


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Former hitmen implicate ex-Gambia dictator in crimes and murders straight out of Narcos

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

There are levels to organized crime. Start at the bottom and you will find the street dealer. Follow the money handed to him by drug fiends and you can end up in some very high places. Some countries are more akin to a Mafia family than a genuine governed nation state. When that occurs, the…


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Cocaine and guns? Nah, the real money is in stealing hair weaves and vanilla

By David Amoruso

Crime is a flexible business. It can go from dealing in cars to trafficking cigarettes in the blink of an eye. Hell, it can do both at the same time. It can take bets and break skulls in the same inning. But crime usually revolves around a certain number of products and vices. Well, prepare to have your…


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Zheng Inc.: How two Chinese nationals operated global opioid and drug manufacturing business to supply demand

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

It was a family business. Father and son Guanghua and Fujing Zheng operated a drug ring that manufactured and shipped a large variety of chemical narcotics, including fentanyl, to at least 25 countries and 37 states. An indictment released on Wednesday also alleges the drugs sold by the…


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British career criminal shot in head and left for dead in Amsterdam

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

A British career criminal was shot in the head and left for dead on the streets of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on Saturday night. 55-year-old Allan P. (his last name has not been released…


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From Morocco to Spain in 30 minutes: How a crime group smuggled migrants and cannabis on jet skis

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

An organized crime group from Morocco used jet skis to smuggle migrants and cannabis across the Mediterranean Sea to Spain. The group was dismantled this week in a joint action day by the Spanish National Police and the Civil Guard.

They arrested and detained a total of 19 people of…


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Boss of international drug syndicate known as the Sultan arrested following joint investigation by DEA, agencies

By David Amoruso

It’s a drug case that has all the ingredients of a James Bond movie. An alleged international drug lord known as the Sultan was arrested at his London home on Friday, following investigations by the National Crime Agency and US Drug Enforcement Administration (…


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Czech mob boss threatens judge, gets 35 years for torture and murder

By David Amoruso

A Czech businessman who settled in South Africa and started a criminal empire there has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for attempted murder and kidnapping. Radovan Krejcir kept a smile on his face after the proceedings, which went down in spectacular fashion. He even threatened the judge in full view of reporters,…


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Chinese Organised Crime And Africa

Chinese Organised Crime And Africa

The Globalisation Of The Chinese Triads and Gangs

Dr. Gary K. Busch

There is a very important dimension to the Chinese interaction with Africa which is often overlooked; the interaction of Chinese organised criminal structures with African states and their symbiotic…


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Polish-American Arms Trafficker is Feeling the Heat

By David Amoruso

When the Soviet Union crumbled there were plenty of men who used the absence of a strong government to enrich themselves. The fall of the Iron Curtain ushered in the rise of the powerful oligarchs and introduced the world to Eastern European gangsters with access to the best and most advanced weaponry money can buy. One of those men…


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Investigating the Russian Mafia on its home turf

By Ronald Fino

The following is a report I made around 2003 regarding Russian Mafia activity. The threat from Russian organized crime (ROC) in the United States has been a major concern for some time. Most of us in the know agree that increased organized crime activity is widespread and rapidly growing. Its ability to change methods of operations creates…


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Crime Bosses with a Feminine Side

By David Amoruso

Posted on January 14, 2010

Copyright ©

A gangster can never show weakness. He must always act like a man. But does he really have to be a man? Or is he allowed to ‘make some changes’? In the past year there were two separate cases in Italy and South Africa involving crime bosses whose stories would rock the criminal world.

The South African underworld was shocked this week when it… Continue

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