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Man sentenced to life in prison for murder at 18 years old redeems himself and becomes entrepreneur

By David Amoruso

Growing up as a child, your surroundings matter. The neighborhood and the people in it have a profound impact on your life. Chris Wilson knows this all too well. Sucked into the violence surrounding him, he was sentenced to life in prison for murder at 18. Now, he’s a successful entrepreneur with a…


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The Sicilian banker who left his lucrative job in England to fight the Mafia in his hometown

By David Amoruso

A Sicilian banker had enough of his cushy job and six-figure salary and decided he wanted to do something with more meaning. So he put his life on the line fighting the Mafia as the mayor of a remote village in Sicily.

48-year-old Gaspare Giacalone managed billion-dollar investments as a manager at…


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Click here and see how your money disappears – Criminal #CyberScams of the 21st century

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

Cybercrime is on the rise. With more and more people online interacting, sharing, and buying and selling goods it’s inevitable that criminals seek to profit off that business. These fraudsters don’t operate on the Dark Web either, nope, they surf among us on the World Wide Web, ripping us off one…


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British secret agents have a license to commit crime

By David Amoruso

After all these decades, James Bond’s license to kill still sounds pretty cool. Though 007 is far removed from the real-life spies working at MI5, they do have a similar license that gives them a pass to commit crime in the United Kingdom, Theresa May, the country’s prime minister revealed in a text on…


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Japan’s banks can reject loans to Yakuza gangsters

By David Amoruso

Yakuza mobsters looking for money need to find a loan shark with good rates, because Japanese banks will reject many of them when they apply for loans. As of yesterday, the Japanese Bankers Association stated that its branches will be able to screen individual loan seekers using the National Police Agency’s database of…


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Chinese woman laundered £1.8 million in drugs money for Albanian organized crime group in just two weeks

By David Amoruso

The biggest problem with ill-gotten gains is how to turn them into squeaky clean gotten gains. Because criminal money remains vulnerable to being confiscated by authorities, whereas money laundered clean has no way whatsoever of ever being touched by law enforcement as the recent Panama Papers leak has showed.



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Crime group used corrupt banking insider to launder £16 million

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

Five men have admitted being part of a network responsible for laundering at least £16 million pounds stolen by international cyber criminals, following an investigation by the National Crime Agency. Four pleaded guilty in June, while the fifth pleaded guilty yesterday.

Iurie Mereacre, a 37-year-old …


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Greedy Sharks: The new rule for banking in Eastern Europe that makes fraudulent oligarchs billions

By John Christmas

Years ago, people in America talked about the “3-6-3 Rule” in banking. Bankers paid out 3% interest on deposits, collected 6% interest on loans, and were on the golf course at 3 o'clock.

But now in Eastern Europe, bankers have a new rule. They collect deposits, book “loans” that are actually uncollateralized…


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Rabobank taken to court on charges it laundered money for Mexican drug cartels

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

Dutch lawyer Göran Sluiter and his Mexican client Fernando Hernandez filed a criminal complaint in a court in the Netherlands this week against Dutch banking giant the Rabobank for its alleged involvement in laundering money for Mexican drug cartels at one of its subsidiaries in the border city of Calexico in the…


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DEA busts bi-coastal marijuana distribution ring

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

The DEA busted a large-scale marijuana distribution and money laundering ring operating between California and the East Coast today, two men were charged with drug and money laundering conspiracies, one of them remains fugitive.

The two men, 40-year-old Virayuth Chau, of Temecula, California, and 31-year-old Ratanack…


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