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Bronx gangster who killed rival as he held his baby daughter in his arms gets 42 years in prison

By David Amoruso

Even among hardcore gangsters the heinous crime committed by James Capers (photo above, left) is considered crossing a line. Dealing drugs? Of course! Some robberies? Fine! Murder? Part of business. Shooting a rival while he is holding his 1-year-old daughter in his arms? Fuck no.

Yet, that’s exactly what Capers…


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NYPD and FBI bust Crips drug organization in the Bronx

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

Thirteen members of a Bronx-based drug ring run by the Crips street gang were charged with narcotics trafficking and firearms offenses on Wednesday. Prosecutors allege that these men were part of the Davidson Avenue organization which…


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Genovese mob family capo pleads guilty

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

Genovese crime family captain Pasquale “Patsy” Parrello (photo above) pleaded guilty to extortion charges on Monday. The 72-year-old mobster drew a large support crowd in Manhattan’s federal courthouse,…


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La Organizacion de Narcotraficantes Unidos: The Puerto Rican drug gang that smuggled cocaine and dealt death

By David Amoruso

Lucrative, violent, and very deadly. That’s how you can describe La Organizacion de Narcotraficantes Unidos, a drug organization from Puerto Rico that trafficked cocaine to the Bronx in New York and swiftly executed any rival it deemed necessary to protect its business.

Eight members and associates of La…


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Owner of Rao’s and notable actor Frank Pellegrino Sr. dies at age 72 – Starred in The Sopranos and Law & Order

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

Frank Pellegrino Sr. passed away on Tuesday at age 72. He had been diagnosed with cancer last year. Pellegrino Sr. is best known among the general public for his role as FBI Bureau Chief Frank Cubitoso on HBO’s The Sopranos…


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NYPD cop moonlighted for drug gang but finds no loyalty in return

By David Amoruso

Respect. That is in essence what we are talking about here. New York Police officer Merlin Alston had it in bunches when he put on the blue uniform and flashed his badge. But somehow, something was missing. Be it an ounce of respect more. Or maybe a few dollars. Either way, he went looking for it by teaming up with a …


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Rumble at Rao's: It's not over 'till The Fat Lady Sings - The night Louie Lump Lump chose the gun over the cannoli

By Thom L. Jones

When you mention Rao’s to someone, you can see their eyes light up. Probably they’ve never been there-you can’t get in the place-but they’ve heard about it: the location, the ambience, the mystique, all those stories. You can only image what it’s like. And then one night, you get lucky. You get in and find…


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Profile: Genovese crime family capo Pasquale Parrello

By David Amoruso

It’s been a bumpy road for Genovese crime family captain Pasquale “Patsy” Parrello (photo above). In his decade-long criminal career he has spent several stints in prison and saw his son murdered by men seeking to avenge a slap in the face. Regardless, it’s the path he chose and the one he sticks to. Live by the gun, die by…


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Bloods gang boss gets 55 years in prison for murder, shootings, and drug trafficking

By Gangsters Inc. Editors

Bloods gang boss Jamal Smalls was sentenced Tuesday to 55 years in prison for running a narcotics trafficking conspiracy that distributed coke, crack cocaine, and heroin in New York, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina as well as his involvement in several shootings and one murder related to his drug…


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Profile: Genovese family capo Joseph Denti Jr.

By David Amoruso

Joseph Denti Jr. is an alleged captain in the Genovese crime family’s New Jersey branch. His father – who was also a Genovese mobster - worked the Bronx streets as a loan shark. In the 1970s he forged friendships with several actors, chief among them…


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Profile: Genovese crime family boss Liborio Bellomo

By David Amoruso

New York’s Genovese crime family has a new official boss. Liborio “Barney” Bellomo has ascended the ranks and, according to authorities, is now firmly in control of America’s largest and most powerful Mafia family.

You have to hand it to them, while other mob families have been decimated by law enforcement and turncoats,…


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Head of multi-million dollar heroin organization gets 13 years

By David Amoruso

For a while there, 48-year-old Ygoa Almonte-Baez’s organization made millions of dollars selling highly pure smack. He was the main “pusher” of many a heroin addict in Massachusetts and New York. But with overdoses from the drug on the rise, authorities were quick to bring Almonte-Baez’s network down.

With big…


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With Broome Street Boys director brings back gritty mob flick

By David Amoruso

The gangster movie genre owes a lot to Italian-American directors like Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppolla. Soon we can add Matteo Ribaudo to that list. His words. Shoot for the moon and you might just hit a star. That’s his motto. With his new film Broome Street Boys this fresh director plans to make his mark and…


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The Gangster Alpo From Spanish Harlem

By Seth Ferranti

On the back of the bike with Alpo/doin’ a back down one-two-three/hopin’ to stay alive/favorite spot, Rooftop”- LL Cool J

Alberto “Alpo” Martinez (photo above) was from East Rivers projects in Spanish Harlem, better known as the Eastside. “Alpo’s building was on 105th and First Avenue,” the Spanish Harlem hustler…


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