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Profile: Genovese crime family capo Tino Fiumara

By David Amoruso

Last update in September 2010

Tino Fiumara was born on August 11, 1941. Fiumara became head of the Genovese Crime Family’s New Jersey faction in 1994, when he replaced Bobby Manna. Fiumara had been released from prison on parole after serving 15 years of a 25 year sentence for racketeering. After…


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Profile: Genovese crime family associate Peter "Petey Cap" Caporino

By David Amoruso

Posted on September 9, 2007

Peter "Petey Cap" Caporino was, until his defection, an associate of the Genovese Crime Family. His career in crime started forty years ago when he worked at a freight company after serving three years in the Army. A co-worker asked if he wanted to help collect bets from workers.…


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Profile: Genovese crime family associate Andrew Gigante

By David Amoruso

Updated on June 16, 2008

Andrew Gigante was born September 30, 1956 in New York. Andrew's father is Genovese crime family boss Vincent "Chin" Gigante. When you go by testimony by Salvatore Gravano it seemed…


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Drug Boss: Roland "Pops" Bartlett

By David Amoruso

Posted March 20, 2007

Roland Bartlett reputedly was the biggest drug boss of Philadelphia in the 1980s. His organization consisted of around 60 members, and had seperate crews which consisted of salesmen, cutting crew supervisors, and enforcers. Bartlett himself had started out as a streetdealer for the Philadelphia Black Mafia, and had worked his way up. Eventually he developed connections with the Gambino Crime Family from New York, from which he purchased… Continue

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Whack Out on Willie Moretti

By Thom L. Jones

He went to church every Sunday in Deal, New Jersey, with his wife and three daughters. The kids in the neighbourhood called him 'cump.' He had a home there on five acres, where he raised prize ducks, that was valued at $400,000. By to-days standards, many millions. He was short and squat with thinning hair, brushed straight back and whenever you see a photo of him, he's wearing the most hideous, hand-painted silk ties.

One of a kind was Willie… Continue

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The Trouble With Harry

By Thom L. Jones

Way back in 1955, Alfred Hitchcock made this great movie called ‘The Trouble with Harry’ starring John Forsythe. An offbeat, hilarious black comedy about a bothersome corpse that keeps getting buried and then keeps re-appearing, causing all sorts of problems for peaceful neighbours in a New England township.

There was another Harry who caused all sorts of people, all sorts of problems, often involving dead bodies, but for quite different reasons.

At… Continue

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Elderly Genovese Mobsters Ran South Florida

By David Amoruso

Posted: February 23, 2007

Updated: May 28, 2007

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Florida has the highest percentage of senior citizens in the United States. 17% of Florida’s citizens are 65 or older. It is clear then that Florida attracts the elderly. Mobsters also like Florida for the sun and warm temperatures, and of course they always look for ways to make an extra dollar. On June 30, 2006 two aging Genovese… Continue

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Unrest within the New York Mob

In three days one mobster dead, another wounded

By David Amoruso

Posted June 25, 2007

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On Tuesday morning, June 5, Robert DeCicco got in his father's fiancé's Cadillac DeVille after picking up a prescription at Dolinsky's Pharmacy. As he sat in his car another car rolled up beside him.… Continue

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