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The Phantom of The Grand Hotel: Sicily, the Mafia, a Mystery

By Thom L. Jones

Located in the historical center of Palermo, Sicily. Founded in 1874 and renovated in 1907 by one of the great masters of the Art Nouveau Style, Ernesto Basile, the exquisite Grand Hotel Et Des Palmes hotel exudes historical charm. Grand décor of marble floors and antiques combine nicely with very latest technology…


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Mafia attacks shopkeeper in Palermo for refusal to pay

By David Amoruso

So much for working in the shadows. Italian authorities have released video images (below) of a vicious attack in broad daylight on a shopkeeper by Mafiosi of the Palermo Noce clan. The shopkeeper, Antonio Vizzi, had refused to pay 3,000 euros in “pizzo,” protection money, to the local Mafia family and was beaten as a…


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Cops make the deadliest Mafia hit men

By David Amuroso

Cops and mobsters will never be the best of friends. But every wiseguy trusts that if he surrenders to the law he will not be murdered. Ironically, it’s that belief that got a bunch of gangsters killed. Not by the cops, but by their underworld rivals who abused the trust all members of society, including criminals, place in the badge and the…


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The Humble Origins of Joe Masseria and Lucky Luciano

By Alex Hortis

This story is an excerpt from The Mob and the City: The Hidden History of How the Mafia Captured New York (Amherst, NY: Prometheus Books, 2014), available at,, and other book…


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Sicilian Mafia travel guide reveals island’s underworld

By David Amoruso

The Sicilian Mafia emerged from the shadows as a criminal powerhouse that would rule the underworld not just in Sicily but in Italy and North America as well. Secrecy allowed them to grow. Now, author Carl Russo is pointing a photo camera at the places that played a role in Cosa Nostra’s shady history. His new book …


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Sicilian Mafia boss Toto Riina: Prosecutors have to die

By David Amoruso

For a Sicilian Cosa Nostra boss loyal to omerta, the code of silence, Toto Riina was quoted in the media an awful lot of times in the past few months. His incriminating and outright hostile words brought back memories of his vicious war on the Italian State during the 1990s in which the Sicilian Mafia terrorized the entire country…


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Puparo's Corner

In Memoriam:

This corner is dedicated to the Palermitan judges Giovanni Falcone (born 1939) and Paolo Borsellino (born 1940). They grew up in the borough Kalsa near Palermo's harbor where Falcone lived in Via Castrofilippo and Borsellino in…


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Puparo's History of Palermo's Porta Nuova Mandamento

Organized crime at its most organized. That’s what Sicilian Cosa Nostra achieved by organizing all the families on the island in what are called ‘mandamenti’. Gangsters Inc.’s Angelo Carmelo Gallitto explains that “a 'mandamento' is formed by three or more neighboring crime families and it's led by a 'capomandamento', who is a member of the Provincial…


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Mafia-State Trial Exposes Italy’s Corrupt Political System

By Angelo Carmelo Gallitto

No one is untouchable. Of course, others are easier to touch than others. In Italy this is being proven each and every day as Mafiosi and corrupt politicians escape justice by abusing one of the many loopholes the law offers them.

One of the men who managed to escape justice, according to many judges, pentiti,…


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The Woman in Black: Leoluchina Sorisi

By Thom L. Jones

I imagine a scene, long ago, in the town of Corleone, in the heartland of Western Sicily.

I see Doctor Michele Navarra (right). A classic valetudinarian; a sensitive and haunted expression playing across his features. The face of a man who had sold his soul to the Mafia and the devil for an excellent price, as English author Norman Lewis…


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The Sicilian Mafia: An Illustrated Travel Guide

Author and mafia expert Carl Russo is working on an illustrated travel guide about the Sicilian Mafia and needs our help!

In the story below (and the video above) Carl will explain everything. For those that want to contribute but are in a hurry and have no time to read the whole story, simply go to …


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A Bullet for Burrafato

By Thom L. Jones

In his government photograph, Antonino Burrafato (photo, below right) has something of the look of actor Jon Cryer, wearing a uniform and a funny hat. His lips are pursed as though he is about to ask the man behind the camera to get on with it. The eyes are steely and piercing, someone who does not suffer fools gladly. He looks more like a Jefe than simply a…


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The Slaughter at Slaughterhouse Square

By Thom L. Jones

It was bloodletting out of all proportion, even for the men who ran the Mafia in Sicily.

Eight men killed for eighteen horses.

The worst day of mass killing in its history since May 1947, when 11 people were shot dead and 33 wounded by Salvatore Giuliano’s bandit gang at Portella della Ginestra, near San Giuseppe Jato; an…


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Puparo's Cosa Nostra: Palermo in the 2000s


Catania murdercase Sciuto mafioso Giuseppe Pidatella

10 February 2000 was in Catania the body of the killed criminal Giuseppe Pidatella (43) found, he had been convicted for mafia association and holdups, he was a member of the clan of Biagio Sciuto. Pidatella was killed with 2 bullets. Pidatella had been shortly arrested in 1996.

Enna murdercase Leonardo’s righthand Antonino Timpanaro

After Giuseppe Pidatella (43) got killed in Catania… Continue

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Puparo's Cosa Nostra: Palermo in the 1990s


Ciaculli capomafia Giuseppe Lucchese arrested

1 April 1990 Giuseppe Lucchese (29) the boss of Ciaculli get arrested at the home of his girlfriend Claudia Chines (25).

Judge Borsellino and pentito Rosario Spatola

19 September 1990 Rosario Spatola contacts judge Borsellino and starts to tell about the killers of his friend L'Ala.

Pentita Giacoma Filippello (widow capocosca Natale L'Ala) (Trapani province)

16 October 1990 in Trapani 14… Continue

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Puparo's Cosa Nostra: Palermo in the 1980s


Murdercase CD politician Mattarella

1 January 1980 was Pier Santi Mattarella (44), the son of Mattarella, the cd prime president of Sicily, shot dead by Francesco and Salvatore Davi, Giacomo Giuseppe Gambino, Antonino Madonia, Antonino Rotolo, Santino Inzerillo and Salvatore Federico. Mattarella was a supporter of Aldo Moro and had protested the pact between cosa Nostra and Salvo Lima- Vito Ciancimino. Some months before the murder had Bontate met the… Continue

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Puparo's Cosa Nostra: Palermo (introduction)


San Giuseppe Jato (about 10000 people) is about 1,5 km from nearby San Cipirello (about 5000 people)

San Cipirello (Palermo province)

Capomafia Giuseppe Agrigento and his son Romualdo Agrigento the bosses of San Cipirello (Pa), Giuseppe Agrigento is the father in law of pentito Giuseppe Monticciolo. Brusca man Salvatore Fascellaro is close with the bosses Agrigento and is a friend of Monticciolo.

San… Continue

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Cosa Nostra Boss: Stefano Bontade

By Angelo Carmelo Gallitto

Posted in 2003

Copyright ©

Stefano Bontade was born on April 23, 1939 in Palermo. His father was Francesco Paolo “Don Paolino” Bontade, the boss of Santa Maria di Gesù family, one of the most powerful families of the city of Palermo. Born in 1914, he was a farmer and he ran the fields and the wells around Villagrazia, Santa Maria di Gesù,… Continue

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Turncoat Mobster Once Again Involved in Dirty Business

By David Amoruso

Posted on September 19, 2009

Copyright ©

DeCavalcante mobster Vincent “Vinny Ocean” Palermo (photo right) disappeared into the witness protection program at the turn of the millennium after giving testimony about mob rackets in New Jersey and New York. Like all criminals who decide to cooperate, he hoped to get a second chance at life. But it seems he is up to his old tricks… Continue

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