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Philadelphia Boss: John Stanfa

By: David Amoruso

Posted in 2001

John Stanfa was going to be the guy who would bring the Philadelphia Crime Family back to the top. After the Scarfo years which crippled the Philadelphia Crime Family law enforcement and mobsters all agreed, John Stanfa was gonna get the Family back on it's feet. Stanfa was Sicilian, low key and knew the game. Things ofcourse would turn out very different.

John Stanfa was born on December… Continue

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Philadelphia Boss: Angelo Bruno

By: David Amoruso

Profile reviewed on July 31, 2006

Angelo "The Gentle Don" Bruno was the last of the old school Philadelphia Mafia Bosses. He was given the nickname "The Gentle Don" because he was like that, he thought everything over and didn't overreact, he handled his business in a quiet way that was good for the Philadelphia Family. Angelo Bruno was by far the most succesful boss that the Philadelphia Crime Family ever had.… Continue

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Philadelphia Capo: George Fresolone

By David Amoruso

Posted on October 14, 2006

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George Fresolone was the first mobster who taped his induction into the Mafia. His information led to indictments against 38 mobsters, including Philadelphia boss “Little Nicky” Scarfo. In 1994 his autobiography came out, titled “Blood Oath: The Heroic Story of a Gangster Turned Government Agent Who Brought Down One of America’s Most Powerful Mob Families.” This… Continue

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Profile of Philadelphia Mafia family capo Thomas “Tommy Del” DelGiorno

Written by David Amoruso

Tommy DelGiorno started out running a small bookmaking and numbers business during nights and weekends while also having a legit day job as a truck driver in the early 1960s. Tommy Del himself liked to gamble as well. He visited several mob run card and dice games. This is how he hooked up with the Philly mob. After slowly expanding his business Tommy Del came to the point where he needed a big partner…


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Drug Boss: Roland "Pops" Bartlett

By David Amoruso

Posted March 20, 2007

Roland Bartlett reputedly was the biggest drug boss of Philadelphia in the 1980s. His organization consisted of around 60 members, and had seperate crews which consisted of salesmen, cutting crew supervisors, and enforcers. Bartlett himself had started out as a streetdealer for the Philadelphia Black Mafia, and had worked his way up. Eventually he developed connections with the Gambino Crime Family from New York, from which he purchased… Continue

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The Trouble With Harry

By Thom L. Jones

Way back in 1955, Alfred Hitchcock made this great movie called ‘The Trouble with Harry’ starring John Forsythe. An offbeat, hilarious black comedy about a bothersome corpse that keeps getting buried and then keeps re-appearing, causing all sorts of problems for peaceful neighbours in a New England township.

There was another Harry who caused all sorts of people, all sorts of problems, often involving dead bodies, but for quite different reasons.

At… Continue

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