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Drug kingpin “Freeway” Rick Ross: Moving tons of cocaine with a nod of approval from the Reagan White House

By David Amoruso

California drug kingpin “Freeway” Rick Ross shows that you can play the game and survive. His story shows the hypocrisy of the government’s war on drugs, while also shining a light on the struggles of growing up in the ghetto. Above all, it’s about learning from mistakes and bettering yourself. “I used to…


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British secret agents have a license to commit crime

By David Amoruso

After all these decades, James Bond’s license to kill still sounds pretty cool. Though 007 is far removed from the real-life spies working at MI5, they do have a similar license that gives them a pass to commit crime in the United Kingdom, Theresa May, the country’s prime minister revealed in a text on…


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Gang hijacked trucks in Fast & Furious style

By David Amoruso

A gang of truck hijackers roamed through Europe in search of lucrative cargo. Once they found a juicy target they went all out to get their loot. Using tactics straight from the blockbuster Fast and the Furious movies, the gangsters carried out their crime while the truck was speeding over the highway.

They were…


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Norteño hitman gets over 17 years in prison for hunting and shooting at gang rivals

By David Amoruso

“There is no hunting like the hunting of men,” wrote Ernest Hemingway. 29-year-old Norteño gangster Julian Ruiz can relate. He was sentenced to over 17 years behind bars on Wednesday for his role in a racketeering conspiracy in which he admitted hunting and shooting rival…


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