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40 Mafiosi of Cosa Nostra family in Catania arrested - Stashed drugs in cemetery

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40 alleged members of the Santapaola-Ercolano family in Catania, Sicily, were arrested on Tuesday and charged with Mafia association, drug trafficking, extortion, social security and pension fraud. The Santapaola-Ercolano clan is led by infamous boss Benedetto “Nitto” Santapaola (photo below), who is currently imprisoned for life.

The investigation focused on Mafiosi operating in Siracusa, Cosenza and Bologna and based in Paternò and Belpasso, two villages near the city of Catania. Authorities uncovered corrupt partnerships with legitimate businessmen, several used the Mafia to get rid of toxic waste from their factories or to get an edge on the competition.

Still, despite these “legit” partnerships, the Cosa Nostra clan was also heavily involved in narcotics. It plotted organizing large shipments of cocaine from Ecuador. The drugs were to be hidden in a load of bananas.

They also trafficked marijuana and used a local cemetery as a stash place. So much for all that talk about honor.     

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