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Riina’s enemies meet in Marseille
When later again arrested “Totuccio” Contorno confessed that he had attended in November 1994 a meeting in Marseille which was also attended by the fugitive boss Pietro Aglieri, Contorno’s nephew Gaetano Grado, Antonino Di Peri (not much later in Palermo killed), Giovanello Greco and other bosses. The connection between Contorno and Aglieri was later betrayed by pentito Pasquale di Filippo.

Villabate capo mafia Francesco Montalto (Bagarella) killed by Di Peri (Aglieri)
25 November 1994 was Villabate capo mafia Salvatore Montalto’s son Francesco Montalto killed by Giuseppe Di Peri and his son Salvatore Paolo Di Peri at the orders of Aglieri. Salvatore Montalto is a member of Palermo's Cupola and is a supporter of Bagarella.

Bagheria mayor
From 14 December 1994 till 15 May 1995 served Luigi Serra (Comm. Straordinario)


Brancaccio killer Salvatore Grigoli murders Giuseppe Pirrone and his sister in Alcamo (Tp)
24 January 1995 were Caterina Pirrone (26) and her brother Giuseppe Pirrone (25) killed, she was the girlfriend of Lorenzo Greco who becomes 8 May 1995 pentito. Their father was Mario Pirrone and their brother was Massimiliano Pirrone (23) who were in prison. They were killed by Corleonesi under whom Salvatore Grigoli and the Corleonesi killed them to help their local ally the boss Vito Coraci (he got a life sentence for the murders)

Brancaccio killer pentito Giovanni Ciaramitaro

Brancaccio transporter Pietro Carra (pentito)
Brancaccio transporter Pietro Carra had ties with Brancaccio mafiosi (and was connected to ambush at judge ??)

Antonio Scarano is a Calabrian who is allied with Messina Denaro


Riina’s wife Ninetta Bagarella and their children
Ninetta Bagarella had heared that Corleone citizen Giuseppe Giammona had been seen with two unknown men from outside of Corleone in the town and she suspects them of arranging the kidnapping of one of her children. Toto Riina's son Giovanni Riina spoke with Bagarella and they decided to kill Giuseppe Giammona and Contorno's nephew Marcello Grado.

Corleone murder case Giusto Giammona
28 January 1995 was in Corleone Giuseppe Giammona (23) killed by Leoluca Bagarella and his men Antonino Mangano and Antonino Calvaruso.

Bagarella Riina kill in Corleone Giovanna Giammona and Saporito
25 February 1995 were also Giuseppe Giammona’s sister Giovanna Giammona (27) and her husband Francesco Saporito killed in Corleone because they were asking around about the murder of her brother. Leoluca Bagarella, Giovanni Riina, Antonino Mangano and Tony Calvaruso were accused of their murders, the murder of Giuseppe Giammona and the murders of 4 other young men (Marcello “Marco” Grado and his friends Luigi Vullo, Onofrio Catalano and Giannantonio Sole) who they suspected of planning the kidnapping of one of Riina’s children.

Brancaccio killer Spatuzza
Brancaccio killer Spatuzza told about the murder of Giuseppe Vallecchia who disappeared in February 1995

Corleonesi kill their enemies Marcello “Marco” Grado and Luigi Vullo
2 March 1995 were Contorno's young nephew Marcello “Marco” Grado (the son of Gaetano Grado who got 5 years for mafia association) and his friend Luigi Vullo killed by Antonino Mangano because they are suspected of preparing the kidnapping of one of Riina’s children. According to pentito Tony Calvaruso was Nicola Di Trapani responsible with Bagarella for the murders of Marcello Grado, his friend Luigi Vullo and Domingo Buscetta (nephew of Tommaso Buscetta).

Corleonesi kill their enemy Catalano (Grado friend)
3 March 1995 they kill Grado's friend the drug trafficker Onofrio Catalano in Caltanissetta, he was sought by police for 12 years.

Brancaccio killer Spatuzza murders Armando Vitale (brother in law Filippo Mineo)
3 March 1995 was Armando Vitale killed he is the brother in law of Filippo Mineo who had disappeared and had supported Stefano Bontate in the past.

Corleonesi Spatuzza, Mandala murder pentito Buscetta's 12th family member
6 March 1995 was Domingo Buscetta (45) killed by Gaspare Spatuzza , Nicolo Mandala (from Villabate and the son of Nino Mandala, the president of Forza Italia in Villabate) and Salvatore Barbagallo (later he became pentito) he is the son of Vincenzo Buscetta and a brother of Benedetto Buscetta who were killed in 1982, he is the 12th killed family member of Tommaso Buscetta. According to pentito Tony Calvaruso was Nicola Di Trapani responsible with Bagarella for the murders of Marcello Grado, his friend Luigi Vullo and Domingo Buscetta (nephew of Tommaso Buscetta).

Corleonesi Spatuzza murders Villabate capo mafia Giuseppe Di Peri (Provenzano/Aglieri)
11 March 1995 were Villabate capo mafia Giuseppe Di Peri (46) and his son Salvatore Paolo Di Peri (23) killed by Gaspare Spatuzza.

Brancaccio killer Spatuzza (Corleonesi) murders Sole (Grado family)
22 March 1995 was in Carini (Pa) in a burned out car the body of Gianmatteo Sole (born 20 April 1971 and 24 when killed) found, one of his sisters was the wife of Marcello Grado. His killers were Gaspare Spatuzza and Cosimo Lo Nigro

Brancaccio killers Tony Calvaruso and Pietro Romeo “Pitruni” (Corleonesi) murder Carella
Francesco Carella was strangled by Pietro Romeo and Luigi Giacalone after which they made the body disappear

Villabate’s (Aglieri) Di Peri- Montalto (Bagarella) war
28 April 1995 was in Villabate Giovanni Spataro (29) killed by 2 assassins dressed as policemen. He is linked to the murdered Di Peri men.

Villabate’s (Aglieri) Di Peri- Montalto (Bagarella) war
29 April 1995 the body of Gaetano Buscemi (29) was found, he is a friend of Spataro and had disappeared the night before.

Contorno family
5 May 1995 tried Marcella Mazzola (mother of the 2 March 1995 killed Marcello Grado, the son of Gaetano Grado and a nephew of Contorno) to commit suicide.


Leoluca Bagarella’s wife Vincenzina Marchese suicide
12 May 1995 committed Leoluca Bagarella’s wife Vincenzina Marchese suicide

Leoluca Bagarella strangles Agrigento vice represent Antonino Di Caro
Canicatti (Ag) capo mafia and Agrigento vice represent Antonino Di Caro was 22 June 1995 taken by Misilmeri capomafia Giuseppe Lo Bianco into a trap in a stable owned by Giardinello (Palermo province) capomafia Francesco Di Piazza in Giardinello. There Canicatti (Ag) mafioso Antonino Di Caro was strangled by Leoluca Bagarella after which they destroyed his body in acid. present at the strangulation were Salvatore Riina's son Giovanni Riina, Riina, Vitale, Lo Bianco and Di Piazza. Pentito Giovanni Brusca said that this murder was the one that got Riina's son inducted into Cosa Nostra. for this was Toto Riina's son Giovanni 11 June 1996 arrested. Leoluca Bagarella, his sister Ninetta Bagarella and her son Giovanni Riina were of his murder accused. Francesco Di Piazza the capomafia of Giardinello (Pa) got 30 years for the murder of Antonio Di Caro whose body was dissolved in acid. 28 June 2004 Giardinello (Palermo province) capomafia Francesco Di Piazza commits suicide in Sulmona prison.
Salvatore Riina's son Giovanni Riina inducted

Family Di Filippo
Gaspare Di Filippo and Marianna Bruno had as sons Pasquale Di Filippo (wife Giuseppina “Giusy” Spadaro) and Emanuele di Filippo (wife Angela Marino) and as daughter Agata di Filippo (married with Bagarella’s brother in law Nino Marchese)

Brancaccio?? associate Emanuele di Filippo arrested
Emanuele di Filippo was in February 1994 arrested and became 23 June 1995 pentito

Pasquale Di Filippo (32) arrested
23 June 1995 was Pasquale Di Filippo (32) arrested and became pentito

24 June 1995 was Leoluca Bagarella (53) arrested , police then immediately also arrested Antonio Mangano and Tony Calvaruso.

pentiti brothers Pasquale and Emanuele di Filippo
The day after the arrest of Bagarella which was made possible by the pentito brothers Pasquale (wife Giuseppina “Giusy” Spadaro) and Emanuele di Filippo (wife Angela Marino) their family disapproves of them. Their sister Agata di Filippo is married with Bagarella’s brother in law Nino Marchese. Pasquale Di Filippo also betrayed the connection between Aglieri and Contorno to the police.

Leoluca Bagarella's former chauffeur Antonino Calvaruso (Brancaccio pentito) arrested
25 June 1995 was Tony Calvaruso the former chauffeur and righthand of Leoluca Bagarella arrested. He became pentito and was connected to the murders of Vullo and Buscetta and told that Luigi Giacolone with his boss Graviano were behind the murder of priest Puglisi. He testified in the Golden Market murder trial against Giovanni Brusca. Golden market trial: 37 murders by hit team Drago, Lorenzo Tinnirello, Filippo La Rosa, Francesco Tagliavia, Giuseppe Lucchese and Giuseppe Graviano. They killed Prestifilippo, the bloodbath of Mannoia's family, the businessman Amato, robber Salvatore Faia and small criminal Sebastiano Briolotta (shot in 1986 because he carried out thefts and robberies without permission) and in 1989 Giorgio and Salvatore Mandala family members of Mannoia.

Brancaccio businessman Tullio Cannella
Brancaccio businessman Tullio Cannella was 7 July 1995 arrested and became pentito

Belmonte butcher Salvatore “Picciriddu” Benigno (Bagarella) and son Simone Benigno
12 July 1995 police arrested Salvatore Benigno “Picciriddu” in Misilmeri. Much later he got a life sentence for the murder of Andrea Vicari in 1994.

Belmonte butcher Salvatore “Picciriddu” Benigno (Bagarella) and son Simone Benigno
Sarebbe implicato anche nella strage di via dei Georgofili a Firenze e nell'attentato contro Maurizio Costanzo.

Leoluca Bagarella associate Luigi Giaconia arrested
16 July 1995 was Luigi Giaconia (son of Stefano Giaconia who had been killed in 1976) arrested , he had given shelter to Bagarella and his wife Vincenzina Marchese while a fugitive.


Bagheria mayor
From 18 May 1995 till 16 March 2001 served mayor Giovanni Valentino

Villabate capo mafia Andrea Cottone (Bagarella) arrested
6 September 1995 was Andrea Cottone arrested, he is the boss of Villabate and was related to the Montalto clan and close to Leoluca Bagarella.

Villabate murdercase De Montis
21 September 1995 was Paolo De Montis killed, suspect is Antonino Di Pasquale from Villabate.


Bagarella killers arrested
17 November 1995 Bagarella’s killers Salvatore Faia, Francesco Giuliano and Cosimo Lo Nigro were arrested

Brancaccio killer Pietro Romeo arrested
14 November 1995 was in Palermo the fugitive Pietro Romeo arrested. the pentito Pasquale Di Filippo had accused him of being a killer for Bagarella and he would have committed 4 murders.

Brancaccio killer Pietro Romeo (pentito)
15 November 1995 were thanks to the testimony of Pietro Romeo, who started immediately after his arrest to cooperate and became a pentito, also arrested Cosimo Lo Nigro, Brancaccio mafioso Francesco Giuliano, Salvatore Faia mafiosi of the Bagarella clan. They were accused of 3 murders. A day later was Salvatore Buffa arrested in whose property fire weapons had been found.


Santa Maria di Gesu capo mafia and Cupola member Pietro Aglieri (Provenzano) arrested
5 June 1997 near Bagheria the boss Pietro Aglieri get arrested (he is the second in command in the Corleonesi behind Bernardo Provenzano and a member of La Cupola). With him get arrested his bodyguards and killers Natale Gambino (son of the boss Giuseppe) and Giuseppe La Mattina. Aglieri was sought since Mannoia’s confessions in 1989 and is the boss since his boss Pullara of the Santa Maria di Gesu cosca was arrested. His 2 bodyguards had also been named in the via D’Amelio massacre (Borsellino).

Brancaccio acting capomafia Gaspare Spatuzza

Brancaccio killer Salvatore Grigoli arrested and becomes pentito
19 June 1997 was the killer Salvatore Grigoli arrested and he became pentito.

Brancaccio underboss Giuseppe Garofalo arrested
Brancaccio underboss Giuseppe Garofalo became pentito when he was arrested with his brother Francesco Garofalo in the afternoon of 2 July 1997.

Brancaccio acting capomafia Gaspare Spatuzza arrested
later that day 2 July 1997 were in Palermo arrested: Pietro Tarantino, Michele Micalizzi, Antonino Montalto and Gaspare Spatuzza. Gaspare Spatuzza is of the Graviano family and ruled for them Brancaccio, he was suspected of participating in the bodged bomb attack at Contorno in Rome and also of participating in the bomb campaign of 1993.


In August 1997 was for 25 billion lires worth seized by police from the mafiosi Salvatore Pitarresi and Antonino Vitale (still at large) from Villabate. Several years ago they had participated in the mafia war in Villabate in a power

Giovanello Greco arrested
3 October 1997 was at Ibiza Giovannello Greco (41) arrested with his wife Francesca Ficano.


Porta Nuova capomafia Salvatore Lo Presti killed at orders of Partinico capomafia Vito Vitale (Bagarella)
In September 1997 the boss Vito Vitale arranges the murder and disappearance of the boss Salvatore Lo Presti (the boss of Porta Nuova and his son is Tommaso Lo Presti) in Palermo and one of the killers was Antonio Madonia (the suspected boss of Borgo Nuova and member of Palermo Central) with Marcello Fava.
Porta Nuova capocosca Marcello Fava

Ballaro butcher Marcello Fava
Marcello Fava (brother Giuseppe Fava) was Sicily’s leading wholesale butcher and had a butcher shop in Ballaro

Ballaro butcher Marcello Fava
Marcello Fava (brother Giuseppe Fava) his nephew Rosario Sarullo is the son in law of Antonino Di Puma (his son Giuseppe Di Puma)

Ballaro family Cali
Francesco Paolo Augusto Cali, son of the shopkeeper in Ballaro.

Ballaro capo mafia Cosimo Bruno
Ballaro capo mafia Cosimo Bruno (brother Lucio Bruno) had also a butcher shop in Ballaro and was arrested 6 July 2000.

Porta Nuova boss Marcello Fava (Vitale) arrested and became pentito
15 March 1998 in Palermo Marcello Fava (34) get arrested he is suspected of being one of the killers of the boss Salvatore Lo Presti and now he leads the Porta Nuova cosca for the boss Vito Vitale.

Domenico Campora arrested
Pentito Salvatore Grigoli said that in the garage of Domenico Campora he met Gaspare Spatuzza. In March 1999 were thanks to pentito Salvatore Grigoli mafioso Domenico Campora (44) and his friend Emanuele Lipari arrested .

Porta Nuova Mafioso Domenico Campora (44) killed
28 May 1999 Porta Nuova member Domenico Campora gets shot and killed and Emanuele Lipari wounded, Campora survived in 1996 an ambush. Porta Nuova family boss is Vincenzo Buccafusco. The order came from Vincenzo Buccafusca and the killers were Vincenzo Spadaro (the brother of Tommaso Spadaro), Tommaso Lo Presti, the brothers Castenze Lo Iacono and Marcello Lo Iacono and their nephew Luigi Lo Iacono. The last two were the actual killers


6 January 1998 was Antonino Vitale in the US arrested he is from Villabate.

8 March 1998 was near Villabate the body of Fabio Micciche (17) found. For this was Agostino Sanseverino (18) arrested he is the son of the mafioso Domenico.

Bartolo Di Natale
16 April 1998 were Bartolo Di Natale from Bagheria and Francesco Fuschi from Palermo arrested.

Villabate mayor
From 25 May 1998 till 20 April 1999 served Forza Italia mayor Giuseppe Navetta

Casteldaccia mayor
From 25 May 1998 till 27 May 2003 served mayor Bertolo Di Matteo

Villabate mayor
20 aprile 1999 26 novembre 2001 Giosuè Raia Comm. straordinario
20 aprile 1999 26 novembre 2001 Maria Rita Leonardi Comm. straordinario
20 aprile 1999 26 novembre 2001 Maria Teresa Cucinotta Comm. straordinario

Bagheria mayor
20 aprile 1999 19 giugno 2000 Laura Franchina Comm. straordinario
20 aprile 1999 16 marzo 2001 Fulvio Sodano Comm. straordinario
20 aprile 1999 10 dicembre 2001 Salvatore Mangano Comm. straordinario

Bagheria killer Paolo Cianciolo
14 December 1999 the killed Giustina Aggiato (22) was found, she was the former fiancee of pentito Paolo Cianciolo who had her killed because she had an other lover, he had been convicted for 3 murders under whom Francesco Morana who had been the new friend of Aggiato. Giuseppe Briamo, Vincenzo Giangrande, Salvatore Rovetto and Pietro Lo Coco di Bagheria (Pa) were accused of 3 murders between 1992 and 1996.


Brancaccio capomafia Benedetto Graviano's sister Nunzia arrested
19 July 1999 Nunzia Graviano (31) the sister of the bosses Giuseppe Graviano and Filippo Graviano get arrested with their lawyer Domenico Salvo.


Partinico murdercase Salvatore Alduino
30 August 1999 was Salvatore Alduino killed, he was the nephew of Francesco Paolo Alduino.

Partinico- Detroit drug line
In 1999 a large cache of narcotics was found near the city of Sterling Heights. It involves the same names as the persons from the Pizza connection case: Sam Evola, Girolamo Vitale and Giacamo Palozzola. They form the drugs pipeline from partinico to detroit. Vitale and Evola are descendants of Detroit family founders born in Partinico. The Corrado's were suspected of playing a role in the case.

Maurizio Lo Iacono from Partinico
In 1999 were Gaetano Baio from Porto Empedocle and Maurizio Lo Iacono from Partinico still sought for mafia membership and they relocated to Brasil where they lived in Rio de Janeiro and San Paolo.

Partinico's Alduino family
In October 1999 were arrested Francesco Alduino's son Vito Alduino and his nephew Angelo Alduino, Girolamo Mattina, Antonino Maragliotti, and already imprisoned were the pentiti Filippo Rossello and Tommaso Cilluffo. The Alduino family had been planning to go to war with the Vitale family. The arrests were ordered by pm Salvo De Luca, Francesco Del Bene and Franca Imbergamo.

Brancaccio capo mafia Francesco Tagliavia with house arrest in Partinico
Brancaccio capo mafia Francesco Tagliavia with house arrest in Partinico started to oppose Vito Vitale. His son is Giovanbattista Tagliavia

Partinico capo mafia Vito Vitale men Sciortino arrested in Castellammare (Trapani province)
26 December 1999 police from Monreale arrest Antonino Sciortino (37) in Castellammare he belonged to the cosca of Vito Vitale.

Partinico arrests
At the end of December 1999 police arrest in Partinico Rosario Sansone, Antonino Pecorella, Giuseppe DiMaggio, Girolamo Mazzara, Francesco Vetrano, Luigi Mutari from Balestrate and Vito Palazzolo from Cinisi. Sansone is probably a member of the Uditore family (Palermo) who has as boss Raffaele Spina.

28 January 2000
I pentiti fanno luce su otto delitti che per trent'anni sono rimasti nel mistero dell'impunità. Ma per due boss, Giuseppe Battaglia e Giuseppe Balsano, le porte del carcere non si aprono ancora: restano latitanti. La Procura di Palermo, coadiuvata dalle indagini di carabinieri e polizia, ritiene di avere svelato i retroscena di omicidi avvenuti tra il 1974 e il 1981. Sono quelli di Liborio Lucera, Francesco Castelluccio, Girolamo Di Maggio, Francesco Adelfio, Vincenzo Angelica, Marco Puccio, Giuseppe Scalisi e Francesco Petroncelli. Tutti uccisi perché condannati dal tribunale mafioso che non poteva ammettere la commissione di crimini senza l'autorizzazione del capofamiglia competente per territorio. Così, racconta Giovanni Brusca, Marco Puccio sarebbe stato strangolato perché si era permesso di rubare animali dei fratelli Tavolacci, vicini alla famiglia di Riina. Francesco Petroncelli aveva la colpa di spacciare droga a Partanna Mondello senza il benestare dei boss. Francesco Castelluccio si era invece fatto giustizia da solo, ritenendosi ferito nell'onore. La morte di Francesco Adelfio fu invece decretata solo perché aveva manifestato pubblicamente la sua "contentezza", così riferisce il pentito Giovanni Drago, per l'arresto dello zio di un mafioso di rango, Giuseppe Lucchese. Un altro, Liborio Lucera si atteggiava fin troppo a mafioso e parlava male di Stefano Bontade. Girolamo Di Maggio e Giuseppe Scalisi rimasero schiacciati dalle logiche di morte che contrapponevano cosche avverse. Su richiesta del sostituto procuratore Olga Capasso, il gip Gioacchino Scaduto ha emesso sedici ordinanza di custodia cautelare. In carcere sono tornati Salvatore Adelfio, Francesco Adelfio, Pietro Lo Iacono e Fedele Battaglia. In cella hanno ricevuto il provvedimento Simone Benenati, Antonio Madonia, Salvatore Biondo (classe '55), Salvatore Biondo (classe '56), Salvatore Biondino, Antonino Bonura, Francesco Iacono, Giuseppe Lucchese, Giuseppe Graviano e Leoluca Bagarella.


Bagheria former priest Filippo Aiello killed
22 March 2000 was Bagheria’s former priest Filippo Aiello (62) killed (his brother is former Bagheria CD mayor Michelangelo Aiello)

Bagheria mayor
From 19 June 2000 till 10 December 2001 served Rosa Inzerilli (Comm. Straordinario)

Villabate marriage Francesco Campanella
In July 2000 married Francesco Campanella and had as witness Clemente Mastella (now recently appointed by new Prime Minister Romano Prodi as justice minister). That wedding was also reportedly attended by Salvatore Cuffaro, governor of Sicily and a former political ally of Mastella. Il pentito di mafia Francesco Campanella, ex sindaco di Forza Italia di Villabate,

Bagheria mayor
From 16 March 2001 till 10 December 2001 served Donatella Ferrera (Comm. Straordinario)

28 Marzo 2001
Confiscata l\'impresa di produzione e fornitura di calcestruzzo \"Sicilconcrete srl\" di Villabate (Pa), gestita da Tommaso Cannella e da Salvatore Pitarresi, accusati di appartenere rispettivamente alla mafia di Prizzi e a quella di Villabate e di avere riciclato il denaro di Bernardo Provenzano.

Villabate politician Francesco Campanella
Francesco Campanella told that in September 2001 he met Sicilian governor Toto Cuffaro at the casino of San Remo by coincidence. Campanella was accompanied by Villabate capo mafia Antonino Mandala.

Villabate mayor Lorenzo Carandino
In November 2001 was in Villabate Lorenzo Carandino chosen mayor.

Villabate town council dissolved
In 2001 was the Villabate town council dissolved because of mafia infiltration.

Bagheria mayor Francesco Giuseppe Fricano
Francesco Giuseppe “Pino” Fricano (born 18 October 1953) was chosen Bagheria mayor 25 November 2001. pentito Francesco Campanella (former mayor of Forza Italia in Villabate) said that Bagheria mayor Pino Fricano was chosen with the support of the Aspra cosca led by Guattadauro. Campanella said that after Fricano was chosen Carlo Guattadauro wanted a return of favours. Campanella heard this directly from Villabate mafioso Nicola Mandala , but also from Michele Sanfilippo.

Campanella said : ''Mi e' capitato di assistere personalmente a incontri tra Fricano e Michele Sanfilippo, si trattava di richieste di favori. Durante un viaggio a Roma, sull'aereo, Fricano mi confermo' l'apppoggio di Guattadauro, e mi disse anche che, dopo essere uscito dal carcere Carlo Guttadauro voleva incontrarlo, 'per fare il punto della situazione', mi parlo' del suo disagio, perche' non riteneva opportuno incontrarlo, anche perche' l'onorevole Lumia (Ds ndr) continuava minacciarlo di fare sciogliere il Consiglio comunale''.

further reveals secrets about fixed elections, centre-right wing MP's being "authorized" to stand for parliament by Villabate mafia families and makes serious accusations against Giuseppe Lumia, head of the Left wing democrat group in the anti-mafia commission. According to Campanella, Lumia put pressure on the mayor of Bagheria, Pino Fricano (Udeur) to get him to nominate ex-mayor of Corleone (Pippo Cipriani) and an architect (Marino) as high-ranking councillors. Lumia intends to take Campanella to court for slander Campanella ad indicare come persona legata ad interessi mafiosi Giuseppe Cipriani, ex sindaco di Corleone, suggerito per il consiglio comunale all'oggi sindaco dimissionario di Bagheria, Giuseppe Fricano (cugino del boss di Prizzi Masino Cannella) anch'egli indagato per collegamenti ad ambienti mafiosi. Proprio Cipriani rivestiva la carica al Comune di Bagheria di assessore alle politiche per la legalità e la gestione dei beni confiscati; e solo nella città di Bagheria se ne contano ad oggi, tra ville, casali e terreni, almeno 35 per un ingente valore immobiliare. Salvatore Cuffaro, avrebbe fatto al pentito Francesco Campanella nella primavera del 2003. Secondo il racconto del collaboratore, durante un incontro nella sede della Presidenza della Regione, Cuffaro gli avrebbe suggerito di stare attento alle sue frequentazioni perche' controllato e intercettato dagli inquirenti, e gli avrebbe chiesto di non venire piu' alla presidenza. Il maggiore Ottaviano ha affermato che i carabinieri avevano predisposto a carico di Campanella il 12 aprile del 2003 un rapporto in riferivano su relazioni di servizio, pedinamenti servizi di osservazioni condotti a partire dagli ultimi mesi del 2002. In tali attivita' investigative, Campanella venne visto piu' volte con i capimafia di Villabate, Antonino e Nicola Mandala' e Ignazio Fontana. Francesco Campanella, ex presidente del consiglio comunale di Villabate (dissolved per infiltrazioni mafiose nell'aprile del 2004) e successivamente consulente del sindaco dello stesso comune, Lorenzo Carandino (Fi). Il Presidente della Regione Sicilia, Totò "vasa vasa" Cuffaro, avrebbe chiesto una tangente di cinque miliardi di vecchie lire per fare realizzare un centro commerciale a Villabate, nel palermitano. E' quanto sostiene, in un interrogatorio del 5 aprile del 2005, il neo pentito di mafia Francesco Campanella, ex presidente del Consiglio comunale di Villabate

Villabate mayor
From 26 November 2001 till 8 January 2004 served mayor Lorenzo Carandino

Bagheria mayor
From 10 December 2001 till 21 March 2006 served mayor Francesco Giuseppe Fricano


Porta Nuova associate
Porta Nuova member Raffaele Micciche was arrested 8 May 2001

Palermo centro capo mafia Agostino “Il Pazzo”Badalamenti
Agostino Badalamenti (Porta Nuova capo mandamento) was chosen in 2003 capo mafia of Palermo Centro, he was just free from prison for 3 years


Casteldaccia mayor
From 27 May 2003 till 17 June 2008 served mayor Giovanni Di Giacinto

Villabate mayor
8 gennaio 2004 30 aprile 2004 Pietro Fina Comm. regionale

Villabate mayor
30 aprile 2004 29 maggio 2007 Giuseppe Rizzo Comm. straordinario
30 aprile 2004 29 maggio 2007 Salvatore Di Marca Comm. straordinario
30 aprile 2004 29 aprile 2007 Ester Mammano Comm. straordinario

Salvatore Geraci
La villa, costruita sul litorale di Altavilla Milicia, nel meraviglioso golfo tra il lido Sporting ed il promontorio denominato "L’ombelico di Venere", era di proprietà dell’imprenditore Salvatore Geraci, già affiliato a "cosa nostra" di Bagheria ed ucciso nel 2004.

Palermo murdercase Salvatore Geraci
3 October 2004 was in Palermo Salvatore Geraci killed, with his firm Enterprise he handled the building contracts for the mafia. He had been sentenced in 1998 and was released in 2000. later became a suspect in the murder mafioso Francesco Pastoia.

Bagheria mayor
From 27 June 2006 till 14 June 2011 served mayor Biagio Sciortino


Torretta restaurant “Lo Sparviero”
Giovanni Angelo Mannino ((brother in law of the killed boss Salvatore “Totuccio”Inzerillo) runs restaurant “Lo Sparviero” at via Sperlinga in Torretta

Totuccio Inzerillo's son Giovanni Inzerillo
Police photographed Giovanni Inzerillo’s car in front of Torretta pizzeria "Al vecchio mulino" on 11 August 2003 at the meeting of mafiosi from Carini, Torretta, Passo di Rigano and Montelepre

Torretta pizzeria Al Vecchio Mulino (The Old Windmill) meeting
11 August 2003 there is in pizzeria Al vecchio mulino (Maria Grazia Mannino) in Torretta a meeting in which participated Giovanni Inzerillo, Carini capo mafia Vincenzo Pipitone, Carini Mafiosi Antonio Pipitone, Carini Mafiosi Angelo Conigliaro, Carini Mafiosi Giuseppe Lo Duca, Carini Mafiosi Giuseppe Passalacqua, Carini Mafiosi Gaspare Pulizzi and Carini Mafiosi Antonino Di Maggio, Salvatore Plauzio, Matteo Inzerillo, Alessandro Mannino, his brother Giovanni Mannino, Antonino Montelepre, Antonino Pipitone (son of Angelo Pipitone), Filippo Di Maggio, Giacomo Raccuglia (brother Rosario Raccuglia), Francesco Inzerillo « Franco u Nivuru » (born 1955), Ferdinando Gallina.

Nino's Restaurant (Brooklyn) owner Pietro Peter Inzerillo
Peter InzerilIo, cl. 1967, from Palermo. Men of honor of the Gambino family, brother in law is Paul Francis (Frank) Cali, who married his sister Rosaria Inzerillo. He ran the restaurant Nino's, located at 531 Henry Street in Carroll Gardens , Brooklyn. Nino’s has been sold and was renamed Francesco’s with owner Francesco « Frank »Mazzoli

Francesco Paolo Augusto Cali, son of the shopkeeper in Ballarò.

Francesco Inzerillo u' truttaturi ("the trotter") returns to Passo di Rigano
The first to return is Francesco Inzerillo u' truttaturi ("the trotter"), son of Pietro Inzerillo of Nino's Restaurant fame. He is also Franky Boy's brother-in-law. He was allowed to return in 1997 when he was expelled from the USA

Tommaso Inzerillo returns
The next to return is Tommaso Inzerillo, cousin of the boss Salvatore Totuccio Inzerillo, who was killed on 10 may 1981 in Via Brunelleschi. Tommaso is also the brother-in-law of John Gambino and nephew of the old boss of bosses Carlo Gambino.

Totuccio's brother Francesco Inzerillo returns
After that, Totuccio's brother, Francesco Inzerillo, also returns.

Bernardo Provenzano in Marseille hospital "La Ciotat"
In October 2003 arrived Bernardo Provenzano in Marseille hospital "La Ciotat" under the name of Gaspare Troia to have a prostate operation. He was accompanied by Salvatore Troia, the son of Gaspare Troia.

Villabate capo mafia Nicola Mandala and Gianni Nicchi (Pagliarelli) in NY
26 Novembre 2003 Nicola Mandala and Gianni Nicchi (25) fly to New York, reentering Italy the following 07 December 2003. The F. B. I. reported that Nicola Mandala and Giovanni Nicchi had on their first trip contacts with Pietro Inzerillo and his brother-in-law Francesco (Frank) Cali.

The fact that in November 2003 MANDALA' Nicola and NICCHI Giovani met CALI' Frank is proven also by photographs found during a search carried out in Palermo on 2nd October 2006 of premises belonging to COSTANZA Vincenzo. Costanza had emerged at various times during the investigations as a close collaborator of NICCHI Giovanni (hiding from the law) and his girlfriend ADDOTTO Rossana. The photographs show the two men in the company of some women, among whom their respective girlfriends. On finding the photos COSTANZA told investigators that they had been entrusted to him by ADDOTTO. It would seem reasonable to deduce that this was designed to prevent police from finding compromising documents.

Villabate capo mafia Nicola Mandala and Gianni Nicchi (Pagliarelli)
Nicola Mandala and Gianni Nicchi came back in Italy 7 December 2003.

Resuttana (Palermo) mafiafamily Bonanno
23 December 2003 was near a hospital in Palermo the body found of the fugitive Francesco Bonanno (38), who was known as a capo of the Resuttana cosca, allied with Lo Piccolo, capimafia of the area. Bonanno had died of a heart attack, he was a son of Armando Bonanno, one of the killers with Giuseppe Madonia and Vincenzo Puccio of Monreale (Pa) carabinieri captain Emanuele Basile, who was killed in may 1980.

Santo Inzerillo's son Giuseppe Inzerillo goes to New Jersey (from Sicily)
On the 23rd December 2003 Santo Inzerillo's son Giuseppe Inzerillo and Salvatore Greco both depart for New Jersey.

Filippo Casamento
the last intercepted conversations in Italy involving Filippo Casamento, shortly before his return to the U. S. A. On the 29th December 2003, CASAMENTO revealed to his 'godson' INZERILLO Giovani the existence of solid ties between members of his biological family and the well-known drug traffickers Salvatore MICELI and PANNUNZI Roberto. The former absconded, and is still hiding from the law in South America while the latter is currently in jail. On this issue, CASAMENTO described how his nephew, CASAMENTO Raimondo, had given hospitality to the wanted men in the home of his father-in-law, LO VERDE Antonio. A previous criminal investigations carried out by this Police Unit in 2002 also documented the meeting between these men in the home of LO VERDE Angelo, located in Addaura (Palermo)

Filippo Casamento
Concerning the trips by CASAMENTO Filippo and INZERILLO Giovanni it was ascertained that the final destination was New York, where the former, under false name, joined his family, while the latter met his cousin INZERILLO Giuseppe with whom he traveled back to Italy.

Totuccio Inzerillo's son Giovanni Inzerillo goes via Toronto to the USA
On the 22nd January 2004 Totuccio's son, Giovanni Inzerillo, leaves for America in the company of important mafioso Filippo Casamento (82) who was once the lieutenant of the Boccadifalco family. Before landing in New York the two men stop over a few days in Toronto, Canada. They take a room at the Sheraton. Then they go to the restaurant "Peppino" at 2201 Finch Avenue. Here they participate in a summit. It lasts nine hours around a table with other Sicilo-Americans. Among the present are Michele Modica and Michele Marrese "well known Mafiosi members resident in Canada but natives of Casteldaccia

Villabate capo mafia Nicola Mandala in NY
18 March 2004 Nicola Mandala and Ignazio Fontana , known as Ezio, both members of the Villabate family, returned to new York. On Mandalà's second trip to the U. S. A. the collateral investigating organization documented the use of an automobile registered to "Haskell International Trading Inc" a company dealing in food distribution with headquarters at 900 South Avenue, Staten Island (NY) administered by Frank Cali, and that on this occasion Nicolo Notario was present. Notario is thought to be close to the mafia 'family' of Vilabate.

Frank Cali’s companies
Haskell International Trading Inc. is just one of a list of companies including Circus Fruits Wholesale Corp with head office at 5015 Fort Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn; The two brothers produce Inc on 17th Street; Bontel Usa Corp on Hamilton Avenue; Ox Contracting Inc on 52nd street and Ital Products express Lmt on 3rd Street. All of these companies - in the food or construction business - are registered to Franky Boy or officially to Silvestre Lo Verde an Italo-american known in Brooklyn as "Silvio".

Toronto “California Sandwiches shooting”
the attempted murders 21 April 2004, in Toronto, of Michele Modica (linked to the Bagheria family), Andrea Carbone, Pietro Scaduto, and Michele Marrese. Carbone and Scaduto were serving as Modica's bodyguards and muscle while here in Toronto. Pietro Scarcella masterminded the plot to kill Michele Modica and was arrested a year later.

Provenzano contactman Francesco Pastoia
In June 2004, mafioso Francesco Pastoia completed his jail sentence. In an abandoned farmhouse near Palermo, Mafia members seeking contact with Provenzano left coded notes for Provenzano and later received responses from Francesco Pastoia. Francesco Pastoia son in law Giuseppe Greco

Provenzano contactman Francesco Pastoia
In an abandoned farmhouse near Palermo, Mafia members seeking contact with Provenzano left coded notes for Provenzano and later received responses from Francesco Pastoia. Police hid three listening bugs in the farmhouse and learnt that Pastoia was to meet Provenzano 19 September 2004 , but the Mafia boss was tipped off.

Altofonte murdercase Oreste Lo Nigro
3 October 2004 was also near Altofonte killed Oreste Lo Nigro (son of Enrico Lo Nigro who had been killed in 1997).

Venezuela arrest of Campobello di mazara capomafia Vincenzo Spezia aftermath
14 October 2004 were arrested Francesca Bianco, her daughter Rosetta from Santa Ninfa (Tp), Francesca Viviano from Partanna (Tp), they were accused of helping Vincenzo Spezia with Francesca Bianco’s husband Gaspare. Also the imprisoned drugtrafficker Vincenzo Patti from Castelvetrano (Tp) was accused of helping Spezia.

Totuccio's brother Rosario « Sarino »Inzerillo returns
Totuccio's other brother, Rosario Inzerilllo who returned 29 December 2004 with approval of Salvatore Lo Piccolo

Santo Inzerillo's son Giuseppe returns
Santo Inzerillo's son Giuseppe Inzerillo returns

Totuccio Inzerillo's son Giovanni Inzerillo returns to Passo di Rigano
The last to return is Giovanni. Giovanni is Totuccio's surviving son. He was born in New York 30 April 1972 and is an American citizen.


Villabate capo mafia Antonino Mandala arrested
25 January 2005 was Villabate capo mafia Antonino Mandala arrested in operation "Grande Mandamento".

Operation “Grande mandamento”
25 January 2005 police end operation “Grande mandamento” and arrest about 50 people under whom Salvatore Troia who becomes pentito and told about Provenzano’s prostate operation in the Marseille clinic. His story was supported by his at the same time arrested friend Mario Cusimano who also became a pentito. Also Belmonte Mezzagno mafioso Francesco Pastoia was arrested, he was the contactman for Provenzano and the other bosses had to communicate with Provenzano via Pastoia. Also Villabate mafioso politician Francesco Campanella, a town councilman in Villabate who confessed to aiding Sicilian boss Bernardo Provenzano, became pentito and had given Provenzano false papers.

Belmonte Mezzagno (Pa) mafioso Francesco Pastoia (62) commits suicide in Sant'Anna prison
28 January 2005 hanged Francesco Pastoia (62) himself in his cell in Sant'Anna prison. Pastoia became aware that police had records of telephone conversations in which he had tried to cheat Provenzano in business dealings, and had carried out killings without the authorisation of his superiors in the Cosa Nostra

Torretta capo mafia Vincenzo Brusca
NY Gambino soldier Salvatore Badalamenti (born 1952) was taped in Sicily talking to Torretta capo mafia Vincenzo Brusca in 2004 or 2005

Torretta capo mafia Vincenzo Brusca
Torretta capo mafia Vincenzo Brusca had also phone calls with USA mafioso Salvatore Badalamenti.

Torretta capo mafia Vincenzo Brusca arrested
police arrested Torretta capo mafia Vincenzo Brusca 22 March 2005
Torretta capo mafia Calogero Caruso (69)

Partinico capomafia Giuseppe Gelardi arrested in Ivory Coast
24 March 2005 was in Ivory Coast the fugitive Partinico capomafia Giuseppe Gelardi arrested. He stands trial with Leonardo Vitale for the murder of Vito Salvia who was killed 1994 in a clash between cosche. Gelardi is the son in law of Partinico capomafia Giovanni Bonomo, who also had been arrested in Africa in 2003.

Monreale capomafia Giuseppe Balsano suicide in Novara prison
19 July 2005 Monreale capomafia Giuseppe Balsano (60) commits suicide in Novara prison.

a conversation intercepted at 10.18am on 20 July 2005 inside the offices of the "Immobiliare Raffaello" between BONURA Francesco and MANNINO Calogero in which the 'active rolè of CIPRIANO Santo in the Passo di Rigano territory is again underlined.


Borgetto capomafia Benedetto “Benny” Valenza arrested
Nel 2005 Valenza è tornato in carcere. Ancora una volta, però, fu assolto dall'accusa di avere fatto parte della famiglia mafiosa dei Vitale e di tentata estorsione.

Erano due le fazioni che si erano create dopo che l'operazione del 2005, Terra Bruciata, aveva portato all'arresto dei fratelli Vito e Leonardo Vitale.

Partinico acting capo mafia Antonino Giambrone (for Nania)
Antonino Nania and his son Francesco Nania (who are in the USA) are represented in Partinico by Antonino Giambrone (born 1971)

Borgetto capo mafia Francesco “Ciccio” Rappa (his son in law Francesco Nania, the son of Antonino Nania) and son Vito Rappa

Partinico / Borgetto : Nania- Giambrone (Provenzano) versus Nicolo Salto- Salvatore Corrao (Raccuglia)
Partinico / Borgetto : Nania- Giambrone (Lo Piccolo) versus Nicolo Salto- Salvatore Corrao (Raccuglia)

Partinico capo mafia Maurizio Lo Iacono
In June 2005 decided Bernardo Provenzano to make Maurizio Lo Iacono the new capomafia of Partinico

Provenzano allies kill Vitale man Mario Rappa
24 June 2005 was Mario Rappa (63 from Borgetto) of Partinico’s Vitale clan killed, of this were the Provenzano allies suspected. Two years later police arrested the suspected shooter Francesco Arato (47 and his brother Vincenzo Arato had been killed in 1997)

Partinico capo mafia Maurizio Lo Iacono (Provenzano) killed by Raccuglia (Vitale)
3 October 2005 was in Partinico (Pa) Maurizio Lo Iacono (34), the son of capo mafia Francesco Lo Iacono (in jail for some time) killed. The man had been a trustee of capo mafia Vito Vitale, but after that ones arrest he had gone to the side of Provenzano. Police speculate that the murder had been ordered by Mimmo Raccuglia, from Altofonte (Pa), an ally of Vitale, it is a message to Provenzano and revenge for the murder of Mario Rappa of the Vitale clan.

Partinico capomafia Francesco Lo Iacono son Maurizio Lo Iacono killed
Partinico capomafia Francesco Lo Iacono son Maurizio Lo Iacono (34) was killed in Partinico 3 October 2005.
He was a former trustee of Vito Vitale but when Vitale was arrested he became a supporter of Provenzano. Police think he was killed at the orders of Altofonte capomafia Mimmo Raccuglia (Vitale supporter) as revenge for the earlier murder of Vitale man Mario Rappa

la cava American Rock S.R.L. di Montelepre, proprietà di Francesco D´Amico, da sempre vicino a Raccuglia e poi costretto a scendere a patti con gli appetiti di Lo Piccolo

One of the findings of the "Gotha " investigation showed that Frank CALI' was the subject of a conversation that took place between NICCHI Giovanni and his 'district boss', ROTOLO Antonio, on 21st October 2005 and intercepted during the criminal procedure 1287/05 of this judiciary authority. In this context NICCHI Giovanni tells the district boss ROTOLO Antonio that in the United States he met the American relatives of INZERILLO, "Piero INZERILLO" and Frank CALO' explaining how " .. so we met up and the first among all introduced me to CALO' who then introduced me to Piero INZERILLO". Still referring to US persons, NICCHI Giovanni then added "... this Piero is our friend. Frank CALO' is our friend, and everything from there.." underlining in this way the proximity of both CALIO' and INZERILLO Pietro to the mafia association 'Cosa Nostra'.

Pagliarelli capo mandamento Antonino Rotolo (60)
He (Frank Cali) is our friend and he is everything over there (America)," confides Gianni Nicchi to his 'district' boss Antonino Rotolo on October 21st, 2005. .

Totuccio Inzerillo's son Giovanni Inzerillo
Police saw meetings in bar Johnny Walker in Villagrazia di Carini between Giovanni Inzerillo and Torretta capo mafia Angelo Antonino Pipitone (his trustee Angelo La Manna became a pentito in 2005).

Carini pentito Angelo La Manna
Torretta capo mafia Angelo Antonino Pipitone his trustee Angelo La Manna became a pentito in 2005.

Alla fine del 2005 Claudio Lo Piccolo è andato in America (con la madre e la moglie) e s' è incontrato con Tommaso Gambino che vive a Los Angeles. E quando Tommaso è venuto in Italia, pedinato dalla Dia, si vedeva con Claudio che secondo l' informativa ha contatti anche con Nino e Anna Gambino, fratello e sorella di Tommaso. I rapporti sarebbero tali che proprio Tommaso Gambino, in alcune telefonate intercettate nell' estate del 2006, manifestò il timore di tornare in Italia. «Verosimilmente temendo per la sua incolumità», riferisce la Dia. Come dire paura di essere ucciso. Anche perché in quel periodo erano venuti fuori i progetti di morte contro Lo Piccolo e gli alleati dei cosiddetti «scappati» in America da parte di Rotolo e altri boss di stretta osservanza corleonese. Tommaso Gambino parlava con Salvatore Greco, fratello di un condannato per mafia, gestore del bar del Bingo «Las Vegas» e considerato vicino agli eredi degli Inzerillo sterminati dai corleonesi nella guerra di mafia dei primi anni Ottanta, rientrati a Palermo e «sponsorizzati» proprio da Salvatore Lo Piccolo, il quale nella corrispondenza con Provenzano sosteneva che gli Inzerillo «devono stare qua».

7 March 2006 were entrepreneurs and local administrators, including the mayor of Villabate arrested, they are involved in the joint Anti-mafia operation of Carabinieri and Police from Palermo, Rome, Catania, Modena and Ravenna. Since dawn, soldiers from the provincial command of Palermo and workers on the flying squad have been carrying out 18 arrest warrants issued by the preliminary investigative judge Pasqua Seminara, on request from the public prosecutors of the Anti-Mafia District Department Michele Prestipino Giarritta, Maurizio De Lucia and Antonino Di Matteo, and of the deputy prosecutor Giuseppe Pignatone. Two collaborators of justice contributed to investigations: Francesco Campanella, former president of the town council of Villabate, arrested for having supplied the identity card used by Mafia boss Bernardo Provenzano for his trips to France, and Mario Cusumano, a prominent member of the Mafia clan of Villabate, where the town council was broken up for Mafia infiltrations in 2001 and 2003

Under the arrested were Catania’s former mayor Francesco Lo Presti (63) and accused by pentito Francesco Campanella. Lo Presti had been Catania’s mayor from 10 March 1992 till 27 June 1992. Also arrested was Villabate’s former mayor Lorenzo Carandino (36) accused of mafia association. Carandino had to give up his position as mayor of Villabate in 2003 when the town council of Villabate was dissolved because of mafia infiltration. The confessions of Francesco Campanello, turned state’s evidence in the investigation of a tender for a EUR200 million commercial centre in Villabate, a small village outside Palermo, have revealed a Maltese company was used to transfer a EUR50 million bribe to local politicians. The company, as yet unnamed, belongs to former Catania mayor Angelo Francesco Lo Presti, from which the bribe was transferred to the bank account of a grocer in Villabate, posing as the commercial centre’s technical consultant. From there the bribe was expected to be passed on to the developers of the commercial centre, Paolo Marussig and the company Asset Development, to sap any political resistance to the project. A total of 18 arrests all over Italy were made this week after confessions by Campanello led to the rounding up of businessmen, politicians, and other Villabate mafiosi who organized a welcome reception for Mafia godfather Bernardo Provenzano, on the fugitive’s return to Sicily from Marseilles, after having done prostate surgery in 2003. The indicated include Villabate mafia boss Nino Mandala, former Villabate mayor Lorenzo Carandino, Lo Presti, and the developers of the commercial centre, which include a consultant of Rome mayor Walter Veltroni, all accused of association with mafia, extortion and corruption. Campanella was president of Villabate’s communal council, and who was in charge of the proposed EUR200 million shopping mall, described by the Italian press as the “pact of steel” between the Villabate mafia and local, regional and national politicians. Sicily’s governor Totò Cuffaro, already held in questioning for mafia association, was identified as having given the go-ahead to the development of the commercial centre, but then repealed his blessing after asking for 5 billion old lires, and then sponsoring a competing commercial centre in Brancaccio connected to the clan of boss Giuseppe Guttadauro. According to declarations by entrepreneur Marussig, Cuffaro and his under-secretary Saverio Romano were responsible for getting another development company into contact with the Brancaccio clan.

Also arrested were:
I manager della Asset srl di Roma, Paolo Pierfrancesco Marussig, di 56 anni, e Giuseppe Daghino, di 47 anni, sono stati arrestati a Roma nell'ambito dell'inchiesta sulla famiglia mafiosa di Villabate. Giuseppe Daghino è indicato come il managing partner Asset Group, che ha uffici a Roma, Milano e Torino.L'inchiesta sulla famiglia mafiosa di Villabate si è estesa anche all'Emilia Romagna. I carabinieri dei reparti operativi di Modena e Ravenna hanno arrestato a Nonantola (Modena), Vincenzo Alfano, di 48 anni, originario di Palermo, e Giampiero Pitarresi, di 30, bloccato a Massa Lombarda (Ravenna). Entrambi sono accusati di associazione mafiosa. Pitarresi è titolare di attività imprenditoriali che sarebbero collegate ai boss di Villabate, in particolare con Antonino Mandalà. È accusato anche di "avere fatto parte del gruppo che in più occasioni ha fornito ausilio al boss latitante Bernardo Provenzano in occasione delle trasferte che ha svolto in Francia per sottoporsi a cure mediche specialistiche". Vincenzo Alfano è accusato di avere messo a disposizione della famiglia mafiosa di Villabate le proprie società, tra le quali la C.G.A. Costruzioni, "al fine di acquisire appalti pubblici e di reinvestimento di ingenti somme di denaro di provenienza illecita".L'operazione ha messo in luce vari aspetti criminali della famiglia mafiosa di Villabate. L'inchiesta intreccia gli affari dei boss con la politica e l'imprenditoria e mette in risalto le protezioni date alla latitanza del capomafia Bernardo Provenzano. Uno dei 18 provvedimenti richiesti dai pm della Dda riguarda Antonino Mandalà, ritenuto il capomafia di Villabate e padre di Nicola, arrestato nel gennaio dello scorso anno perchè accusato di avere organizzato il viaggio di Provenzano a Marsiglia, dove il boss è stato sottoposto ad intervento chirurgico.L'uomo, che già in passato era finito in carcere per mafia ed è sotto processo insieme al deputato di FI, Gaspare Giudice, è adesso nuovamente accusato di associazione mafiosa. Mandalà è stato uno dei primi politici in Sicilia che istituì un club di Forza Italia a Villabate, poi chiuso dal partito.Secondo i pentiti Francesco Campanella e Mario Cusimano, il boss Antonino Mandalà, detto "l'avvocato", aveva grande influenza sulla gestione dell'attività comunale, tanto che imponeva al sindaco Lorenzo Carandino, arrestato stamani per concorso in associazione mafiosa, scelte amministrative, in particolare sul nuovo piano commerciale che il consiglio comunale doveva varare per far realizzare il centro commerciale su cui ruotano interessi di boss, politici e manager Perquisizioni sono in corso in diverse zone della Sicilia, a Roma, Bologna e Modena.

11 April 2006 was near Corleone capomafia Bernardo Provenzano arrested. With him police arrested Calogero Lo Bue, his son Giuseppe Lo Bue and Bernardo Riina who are all from Corleone.


Resuttana (Palermo) mafiafamily Bonanno
11 January 2006 disappears Giovanni Bonanno (35 and his wife is Monica Burrosi), reputed underboss of the Resuttana “family” he was a victim of the so called “lupara bianca”. He is a son of Armando Bonanno and Francesco Bonanno was his brother. Giovanni Bonanno was released from prison some months before, and in the same period Aldo Madonia, the younger son of boss Francesco, gets out of prison. In January 2006 disappeared Resuttana capomafia Giovanni Bonanno and for this got a life sentence Antonino Cina and Antonino Rotolo. Gaspare Pulizzi was involved in the disappearance of Giovanni Bonanno and later pointed out the place where they had buried the body and where was also buried the body of the later killed Bartolomeo “Lino” Spatola. Giuseppe Pecoraro “u cagnuleddu” got 7 years and pentito Gaspare Pulizzi got 2 years for Bonanno’s murder

Tommaso Natale mafioso Gaspare Pulizzi (his father is Giobattista Pulizzi)
Gaspare Pulizzi was initiated into the Tommaso Natale family in June 2006 in the presence of Salvatore Lo Piccolo, his son Sandro Lo Piccolo, Andrea Adamo and Pippo Di Bello.

Salvatore Piccolo’s son Claudio Lo Piccolo
Salvatore Piccolo’s son Claudio Lo Piccolo met in 2006 in Italy the American Tommaso Gambino

Partanna Mondello capo mafia Francesco Franzese (Lo Piccolo) arrested and becomes pentito
2 August 2007 was Partanna Mondello capo mafia Francesco Franzese arrested, he is the underboss of the sought boss Salvatore Lo Piccolo. Lo Piccolo man Francesco Franzese became pentito in august 2007. With Franzese had been arrested Antonino Nuccio who then also became pentito

Partanna Mondello capomafia Salvatore Graziano
Partanna Mondello now capomafia Salvatore Graziano

Torretta acting capo mafia Calogero Caruso arrested
police arrest 9 August 2007 then 14 people in an operation against the clan from Torretta who had close ties with the USA Cosa Nostra Gambino family member Frankie Cali "u Frankie" who is related to the Inzerillo family. police arrested Baucina mayor Rosario Bordonaro (55) and Benedetto Dragotto (58). police arrested imprisoned Torretta capo mafia Vincenzo Brusca (63 and imprisoned since 2005) 's acting boss Calogero Caruso (70).

Giovanni Inzerillo
30 August 2007 Giovanni Inzerillo and his cousin Giuseppe Inzerillo went to visit their uncle Francesco Inzerillo in the prison of Turin. He tells them to leave Italy and settle in South America


Borgo Vecchio capo mafia Francesco Paolo Romano
Borgo Vecchio capo mafia Francesco Paolo Romano (his brother is Davide Romano and their father is the in February 1995 killed Borgo Vecchio capo mafia Giovan battista “Giacobbe” Romano) was arrested 14 February 2004 with Palermo centro capo mafia Tommaso Lo Presti (son of the in 1997 disappeared and killed Salvatore Lo Presti)

Palermo centro capo mafia Agostino “Il Pazzo” Badalamenti
Agostino Badalamenti (Porta Nuova capo mandamento) was chosen in 2003 capo mafia of Palermo Centro, he was just free from prison for 3 years and he served till 2005 when Ingarao took over
Porta nuova capomandamento Nicola Ingarao

Palermo Centro (Porta Nuova mandamento) pentito Emanuele Andronico
Emanuele Andronico (17) killed 16 June 1980 Gaetano Galatolo and got for the murder 23 years.

Palermo Centro (Porta Nuova mandamento) pentito Emanuele Andronico
16 December 2005 was cocaine dealer Amedeo d’Agostino (family of boss Nunzio Milano) killed by Emanuel Andronico (43) and Francesco Paolo Calvaruso

Porta Nuova capo mafia Salvatore Gioeli
Porta Nuova capo mafia Salvatore Gioeli (born 1 September 1966 and living in via Messina Marine and arrested 2006 in operation “Gotha”)

Porta Nuova capo mafia Tommaso Lo Presti and Kalsa capomafia Antonino Lauricella “U Scintilluni”
Porta Nuova capo mafia Tommaso Lo Presti (son of the in 1997 killed Salvatore Lo Presti and brother in law of Giovanni Marino) and Kalsa capo mafia Antonino Lauricella (son in law is Giuseppe Ruggeri) made Salvatore Pispicia capo mafia of Palermo Centro (mandamento Porta Nuova) and Angelo Monti capo mafia of Borgo Vecchio

Read Part 3 here.

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