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Camorra boss Antonio La Torre charged with plotting murder of Anti-Mafia prosecutors

By David Amoruso

Alleged Camorra boss Antonio La Torre (photo above) was arrested in Italy this week after police say they have evidence that he and his imprisoned brother Augusto plotted to assassinate two Anti-Mafia prosecutors. The two brothers made a name for themselves as they built an empire from Italy to Scotland and left the streets littered with dead bodies in the process.

The La Torre brothers led the Camorra clan based in Mondragone, a seaside town near Naples. Following in the footsteps of their mob boss father Tiberio La Torre, Augusto took center stage of the organization with his willingness to kill. With their reputation for violence, the brothers quickly built a multimillion-dollar empire which stretched from Italy to other parts of Europe, mainly the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Antonio settled in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1984, married a Scottish woman, and opened up several successful businesses using the clan’s ill-gotten gains. It took authorities 20 years to realize the La Torre brothers were laundering their dirty cash through their British business empire.

Antonio was busted in 2005 and convicted of extortion and racketeering in Italy a year later. He was released from prison in 2014. His brother Augusto (right) was also arrested and admitted his involvement in over 40 murders and is still serving his sentence.

Now, however, the two men are back in the news. Police claim they have evidence that the brothers threatened to murder two prosecutors: Alessandro D’Alessio and his deputy Maria Laura Lalia Morra. The plot allegedly originated from Augusto’s prison cell and was uncovered by authorities when they used wiretaps and intercepted phone calls to listen in on discussions about the sinister plot.

In one recorded call, Augusto tells Antonio he “kills people” and orders him to “call” D’Alessio. According to authorities these words are a veiled threat. As Italian prosecutors are all too familiar with Mafia violence against them, they pounced quickly, arresting 62-year-old Antonio and three other men in a series of police raids and charged them with illegal possession of firearms, attempted extortion, attempted robbery and Mafia association. Antonio has denied being guilty of any crimes.

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Comment by John Ramsey on September 2, 2018 at 9:15am

Watch yourself in Scotland.Some of those Jocks are hard guys.They take nae Shit fray anyone!


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