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Puparo Presents: Catania Province

Catania: Downfall

Arrests of Catania bosses

Santapaola killer Umberto Di Fazio
23 July 1992 were Francesco Celano and Lorenzo Marsengo (Marengo or Marsegno ?) near Palagonia killed by the Santapaola clan because they were part of the Pillera Cappello group. The pentiti Giuseppe Pulvirenti and Filippo Malvagia accused Umberto Di Fazio of being one of the killers and he later got a life sentence for the murders. 13 October 1997 was Rosario Di Dio arrested in the province Catania he was suspected of ordering the murders of Francesco Celano and Lorenzo Marsengo in 1992 in Palagonia. Di Dio is the former mayor of Castel di Judica and belonged to Santapaola and was reputed of being present at the Cupola meeting in Palermo where they decided to kill Salvo Lima.

Benedetto “Nitto”Santapaola orders murder of police inspector Giuseppe Lizzio
27 July 1992 was in Catania police inspector Giuseppe Lizzio (photo right) killed, Catania pentito Maurizio Avola, killer for Nitto Santapaola and accused of 70 murders, said one of the killers of Giuseppe Lizzio was Maurizio Zuccaro, the brother in law of Santapaola and that an other killer had been Umberto Di Fazio. The shooters were Filippo Branciforti, Francesco Squillaci and Francesco Di Grazia. Avola said the other killers were Vincenzo Santapaola and Maurizo Zuccaro. The order they had gotten from capomafia Benedetto Santapaola, Aldo Ercolano and Calogero Campanella 'Carletto'. Salvatore pappalardo

Francesco Di Grazia (sister is Iolanda Di Grazia) and his wife Patrizia Scriffignano
2 december 1996 was Carmelo Di Grazia killed.

Catania capomafia Benedetto Santapaola's brother in law Giuseppe Ercolano arrested
Giuseppe Ercolano was arrested in december 1992 and came free 22 january 2004, he had been imprisoned in Lanciano (Chieti) prison after a sentence of 12 years for mafia association.

Catania Regio member Benedetto "Nitto" Santapaola arrested
16 May 1993 Nitto Santapaola gets arrested, he is married to Carmela Minniti.

Giuseppe Ercolano's brother Sebastiano Ercolano arrested
26 May 1993 Giuseppe Ercolano's brother Sebastiano (49) gets arrested with his body guards Giuseppe Papalardo (37), Alfio Tomasello(41) and Giuseppe Capizzi (45).

Benedetto Santapaola’s brother Antonino Santapaola arrested
11 June 1993 there are 34 men arrested under whom Nitto's brother Antonino Santapaola”u Pazzu” (39), Roberto Vacante and Matteo Mazzei the brother of Santo "U'Carcagnuso" (arrested in march 1993).

operation Orsa Maggiore I
17 december 1993were 170 indicted for operation Orsa Maggiore I and among them were imprisoned Benedetto santapaola, imprisoned Giuseppe Pulvirenti, Aldo Ercolano, Giovanni Arena, Domenico Vasta, Umberto Di Fazio. Still sought is Santapaola man Domenico Vasta.

Arena clan (first supporters of Santapaola but then they went over to the Sciuto Tigna the allies of Cappello)
In 1982 was by accident Giuseppe Arena “pippu u piscaturi” killed when they wanted to kill his brother Vito Arena.
also Antonino Arena the son of fugitive Giovanni Arena sought since 1993 in operation “Orsa Maggiore”

Benedetto Santapaola’s son Vincenzo Santapaola arrested (Catania)
14 Januari 1994 Benedetto santapaola's son Vincenzo Santapaola was rearrested.

Pentito Claudio Pattarino and arrest of Aldo Ercolano
27 March 1994 was Aldo Ercolano (34) arrested he was connected to the murders of Fava and Lizzio and did in international weapondealings according to pentito Claudio Pattarino. Pentito Claudio Pattarino said that Ercolano was involved in the international weapontrade to which also Marcello Dell Utri was connected. He is the righthand of the political faction Berlusconi-Violante.

Benedetto “Nitto” Santapaola acting boss Umberto Di Fazio
Benedetto “Nitto” Santapaola (for life imprisoned) reputed acting boss was the in 2005 arrested fugitive Umberto Di Fazio (Catania province capomandamento).

Catania Regio member Giuseppe Pulvirenti “u malpassotu” arrested
Giuseppe Pulvirenti “’u malpassotu”, capocosca of Belpasso. 2 June 1993 was Santapaola's righthand Giuseppe Pulvirenti with his bodyguards Giuseppe Pappalardo, Alfio Tomasello and Giuseppe Capizzi arrested.

Pulvirenti (Catania province)
9 September 1993 were Natale Botta (27) and Daniele Mangione (25) respectively engaged with the daughter and niece of Giuseppe Pulvirenti arrested.

Pulvirenti (Catania province)
17 November 1993 was Giuseppe Pulvirenti's brother in law Pietro Puglisi (35) and his nephews Alessandro (32) and Salvatore Puglisi (31) arrested.

Pulvirenti (Catania province)
22 December 1993 were Alfio Stiro (32) and his brother in law Ludovico Verdone (36) arrested, Stiro belongs to the Pulvirenti cosca.

Catania family Pantano
Agatina Tomaselli and her deceased husband Pantano had as sons Rosario Pantano (killed), Carmelo Pantano (killed), Francesco Pantano (killed) and Piergiorgio Pantano.

Catania murdercase mafioso Rosario Pantano
Catania mafioso Rosario Pantano (26) was shot in the head and killed 16 december 1981. Benedetto Santapaola was accused by the pentiti Filippo Lo Puzzo and Antonino Calderone that he had ordered it but was spoken free. According to the later pentiti Agatina Tomaselli (his mother) and his brother Piergiorgio Pantano was he killed by Benedetto Santapaola, Salvatore Tuccio and Giuseppe Licciardello. According to the pentiti they were also behind the murders of his 2 brothers later.

Bronte (Catania province) kidnappingcase Carmelo Pantano
Carmelo Pantano was in 1986 kidnapped in Bronte and disappeared. The killed Rosario is his brother.

Catania murdercase Francesco Pantano
1 November 1993 was Francesco Pantano killed, the killed Rosario and disappeared Carmelo were his brothers.

Catania pentito Piergiorgio Pantano
In 1994 Piergiorgio Pantano (39) and his mother Agatina Tomaselli (71) became pentiti and started to cooperate with the judges to avenge the murders of his brothers.

Belpasso (Ct), Pietro Bellia arrested
Santapaola man Pietro Bellia was arrested by the Dda of Catania in 1994 in the course of an investigation into weapon trafficking, he also associated with Giuseppe Spampinato, a Catania constructor, who was accused by pentito of laundering money for the catania bosses Carletto Campanella and Aldo Ercolano.

Pentito Catania Regio member Giuseppe Pulvirenti
Catania Regio member Giuseppe Pulvirenti became in september 1994 a pentito.

Santapaola capomafia Umberto Di Fazio imprisoned
Umberto Di Fazio went to prison 3 december 1994 for the first time, he had been arrested in Pedara with Santo Battaglia. Umberto Di Fazio’s name also appeared in the "Orsa Maggiore" trial, the first big trial against the Santapaola clan.

trial Orsa Maggiore III
23 june 1998 trial Orsa Maggiore III

Francesco Mangion’s girlfriend for years Italia Amato became pentita and testified at Orsa Maggiore

Operazione Dionisio ends 7 july 2005 with the arrests of 88 mafiosi. In april 2007 were sentenced Giuseppe « Enzo »Mangio Mangio (13 years), Vincenzo Mangion (12 years), Alfio Mangion (5 years), Salvatore Alma (4 years), Giuseppe ferlito (4 years), Salvatore Copia (4 years), Francesco Marsigline (4 years), Francesco Ferraro (4 years), Pietro Balsamo (oneyear), Antonino Motta (one year), Giuseppe strano (10 years), Pietro Iudicello (10 years), Giuseppe Rindone (5 years), Antonino Santaopaola (5 years), Vincenzo Santapaola (5 years), Salvatore Rapisarda (5 years), Calogero « Carletto »Campanella (2 years), Umberto Di fazio (3 years), Santo Tringale (6 years), Sergio Gandolfo (6 years), Angelo Mirabile (5 years) and Pietro Mirabile (5 years). Spoken free were Matteo Ottavio Oliveri and Salvatore Chiara.

Catania Cursoti member Antonino Gullotta

Catania Cursoti member Antonino Gullotta
Cursoti member Antonino Gullotta was in may 1993 arrested.

pentito Catania Cursoti member Antonino Gullotta
Cursoti member Antonino Gullotta became pentito in november 1994.

18 July 1999 Vincenzo Gullotta (41) get arrested he is close to the Santapaola clan.

Pulvirenti family pentito Filippo Malvagna

Pulvirenti family pentito Filippo Malvagna
19 december 1992 was in Misterbianco then Giuseppe Buzza (Muzza) shot and killed. Minutes later police shot at the killers and wound Pulvirenti’s man Andrea Ventura who had done the murder and escaped with the other killers Pulvirenti’s nephew Filippo Malvagna and Orazio Caudullo.

Catania, Filippo Malvagna arrested
Filippo Malvagna was 25 march 1993 arrested.

Catania pentito Filippo Malvagna
In march 1994 became Filippo Malvagna pentito.

Laudani’s acting boss Giuseppe Maria Di Giacomo

Sebastiano Laudani’s son Gaetano Laudani killed
26 october 1992 was Sebastiano Laudani’s son Gaetano Laudani killed in his butcher shop and his family suspects the boss Ferone. Gaetano laudani’s son Giuseppe “Pippo”Laudani became pentito and his brother in law Giuseppe maria Di Giacomo became the boss.
Laudani’s acting boss Giuseppe Maria Di Giacomo

Laudani’s acting boss Giuseppe Maria Di Giacomo
Luca Illuminato was in Trecastagni on 15 december 1992 killed by the Laudani clan. Later got life for his murder the boss Giuseppe Maria Di Giacomo and the cosca members Giuseppe Ferlito and Vittorio La Rocca.

17 Januari 1993 was Cursoti man Gaetano Rapisarda (38) in Turin arrested, he was sought since april 1992.

Sciuto man Domenico Longo killed
Sciuto man Domenico Longo was killed 10 october 1992 .

Capomafia Giuseppe Sciuto (39) “Pippo Tigna”killed
29 december 1992 was Capomafia Giuseppe Sciuto (39) “Pippo Tigna”killed . possibly revenge for the murder earlier that week of Cappello’s uncle?? Roberto ferrara and Antonio Murdaca.

Catania war alliances
Santapaola- Ercolano and Laudani- Di Giacomo alliance who are supported by the Savasta clan and the Sebastiano Sciuto “Nuccio Coscia” clan are at war with the alliance Sciuto “Tigna”- Giuseppe Ferone- Angelo Castorina

Laudani later acting boss Alfio “a pipa”Giuffrida murders Sciuto “Tigna”man Aiello
1 march 1993 was Giuseppe Sciuto “Pippo Tigna” man (killed and now acting boss?? Ferone) Salvatore Aiello kidnapped and strangled by mafiosi led by Alfio Giuffrida (later pentito). Salvatore Aiello had tried to extort the builder Sebastiano Scuto who was protected by the Laudani clan and Scuto led Aiello into a trap.

Laudani’s acting boss Giuseppe Maria Di Giacomo
Carmelo Stefano Pace was in Catania on 6 march 1993 killed by the Laudani clan. Later got life for his murder the boss Giuseppe Maria Di Giacomo and the cosca members Giuseppe Ferlito and Vittorio La Rocca.

14 March 1993 was Carmela Campione (37) killed, she is the sister of Giovanni.

Laudani’s acting boss Giuseppe Maria Di Giacomo
Delfino Bergamo was in Catania on 25 june 1993 killed by the Laudani clan. Later got life for his murder the boss Giuseppe Maria Di Giacomo and the cosca members Giuseppe Ferlito and Vittorio La Rocca.

Laudani later acting boss Alfio “a pipa”Giuffrida
In august 1993 were Cappello man Antonino Balsamo and Amalia Pisano killed, their bodies were later found thanks to pentito Alfio “a pipa”Giuffrida

9 September 1993 was Carmelo Fazio (32) a member of the Cappello-Pillera clan arrested.

Laudani’s acting boss Giuseppe Di Giacomo arrested
10 September 1993 Giuseppe Di Giacomo, acting boss of the Laudani cosca gets arrested, he was arranging an ambush at the pentito Antonino Corrado.

Savasta-Laudani members Emilio Comis (40) and Sebastiano Tomaselli (39) killed
3 October 1993 Emilio Comis (40) and Sebastiano Tomaselli (39) got killed, they were members of the Savasta-Laudani cosca but when Matteo Marino moves the bodies by car to dump them somewhere he was shot to death.

Catania prison guard Luigi Bodenza and pentito Maurizio Avola
Catania mafioso Maurizio Avola became in march 1994 pentito thanks to Catania prison guard Luigi Bodenza.

Laudani -Di Giacomo cosca murder Catania prison guard Luigi Bodenza
25 march 1994 was catania prison guard Luigi Bodenza (photo right) killed by the Laudani clan who want to intimidate the prisonguards. Later got life for his murder the boss Giuseppe Maria Di Giacomo and the cosca members Giuseppe Ferlito and Vittorio La Rocca. Court president Antonio Majorana also gave 16 years and 6 months to the pentiti Alfio Lucio Giuffrida and Salvatore Troina, former Laudani members. Spoken free were Matteo Di Mauro and Angelo Lo Giudice. Pentiti Salvatore Cristaldi and Maurizio Avola were questioned.

Savasta pentito Riccardo Messina
In may 1994 Riccardo Messina gets arrested and becomes a pentito, he is a member of the Savasta group led by the boss Antonino Puglisi and his underboss Orazio Nicolosi.

Savasta boss Antonino Puglisi, underboss Orazio Nicolosi
In june 1994 Nicolosi’s mother in law Lucia Niciforo was arrested for loansharking and extortion of prostitutes.

Savasta pentito Riccardo Messina’s wife and her mother killed
13 July 1994 Messina’s wife Liliana Caruso and her mother Agatha Zuchero got killed by Puglisi and Nicolosi.

Laudani -Di Giacomo cosca
They tried to kill Rosario Torre in Acicatena on 3 august 1994 but he survived. Angelo Lo Giudice was accused but spoken free.

Savasta boss Antonino Puglisi, underboss Orazio Nicolosi arrested
In november 1994 Antonino Puglisi and his wife Domenica Micci got arrested with his underboss Nicolosi and his wife Maria Rosa Vasta for the murders of Messina’s family members.

Calatabiano (Ct) capomafia Antonino Cinturino (Cappello ally)
24 december 1994 was in a bar in Calatabiano the man Vincenzo Franco killed by Felice Finocchiaro, Gaetano Intelisano, Rosario Lizzio and Giuseppe Lombardo. It is the war of Cappello’s clan with the boss Cintorrino.

Cappello man Antonio Bracciolano killed
4 january 1995 was important Antonino Bracciolano (51 from the Cappello clan) killed by Antonio Musumeci, Cappello man Gaetano La Guzzi (26), Cappello man Silvestro Indelicato (29) and Cappello man Francesco Spampinato (28) (the last 3 were arrested 17 april 1993).

Calatabiano (Ct) capomafia Antonino Cinturino (Cappello ally)
21 January 1995 were in Linguaglossa (Catania) killed Salvatore Scalora and his mother Francesca Trovato. Scalora was a trustee of the boss Nino Cinturino (in prison since 1992).

In may 1995 was Cappello man Tommaso Ursino killed. The next day was Ceusi man Lorenzo Maida killed.

24 july 1995 was Stefano Bruno killed and 5 august were for the murder arrested the brothers Concetto and Giuseppe Privitera for the murder. They killed him because he had offended Nitto Santapaola’s son Francesco santapaola (arrested with Davide Grillo for kidnapping).

13 august 1995 was in Randazzo (Ct) killed Roberto Guisa.

Killers Giuseppe Grasso and Silvio Riannetto
Silvio Riannetto was a suspect in the double murder of Silvana Correnti and Giovanni Giusto of which murder was also suspected Giuseppe Grasso . 26 December 1995 were Giovanni Giusti “Bafacchia”and Silvana Correnti killed
Giovanni Giusti “Bafacchia” was with the Cursoti but had before been close with the Carcagnusi clan and was now close with Santapaola

In December 1995 was Mario Villani killed and his wife Agata wounded.

Calatabiano (Ct) capomafia Antonino Cinturino (Cappello ally)
Cinturino's wife Maria Filippa Messina (26) was 4 february 1995 arrested in Calatabiano because she wanted to avenge the murders of Scalora and his mother Trovato. She had also wanted to invade the territory of the opposing "Laudani".

capomafia Giuseppe Ferone “Cammisedda” (Santapaola enemy)
Vincenzo Ferone sr (killed) had as son Giuseppe Ferone “Cammisedda”. Giuseppe Ferone “Cammisedda” and his wife Maria Ravalli (her nephew is Giuseppe Ravalli) had as son Vincenzo Ferone jr (killed).

Capomafia Giuseppe Ferone “Cammisedda” (Santapaola enemy) arrested
In november 1994 was Giuseppe Ferone “Cammisedda” arrested.

Ferone was suspected of killing Gaetano Laudani after which Laudani acting boss Di Giacomo ordered the murders of his family.

Catania boss Giuseppe Ferone’s son Vincenzo killed
17 March 1995 Vincenzo Ferone (the son of the boss Giuseppe Ferone) killed by Laudani man Giuseppe Marchese.

Catania boss Giuseppe Ferone’s father killed
31 march 1995 was also Giuseppe Ferone's father ?? Vincenzo Ferone sr??? killed, just weeks after the murder of his son.

Sciuto “Tigna”prominent Vito Censabella (brother Arturo Censabella “u Scinziatu”)
Sciuto “Tigna”prominent Vito Censabella suspect in the 31 march 1995 murder of Vincenzo ferone’s father Giuseppe Ferone

Laudani clan murders Cappello- Pace cosca (Pillera supporters) member Mario Privitera
8 April 1995 was Mario Privitera killed he is a member of the Cappello clan at war with Laudani.

Laudani’s acting boss Alfio Giuffrida orders murder of Cappello-Pace man Venerando Scavo
In april 1995 was Giardini-Naxos entrepeneur Venerando Scavo of the Cappello-Pace cosca killed. His killers were Giuseppe Ferlito, Salvatore Troina and Marcello Salvatore Catti, affiliates of the Laudani clan who did this at the order of their boss Alfio Giuffrida, who later confessed he had ordered the murder.

Laudani supporter Michelangelo Giuffrida killed by Giuseppe Grasso
Giuseppe Grasso who is suspected in the murder of Michelangelo Giuffrida (killed 19 may 1995 in Tracastagni, Catania, and he was close with the Laudani clan)

Pillera Cappello man Rosario Mineo killed
22 may 1995 was Pillera Cappello man Rosario Mineo killed, the clan is at war with the savasta clan

Pillera Cappello men Angelo Tudisco and Agatino Riva killed
23 may 1995 were the Pillera Cappello men Angelo Tudisco and Agatino Riva found killed

Pillera Cappello man Giovanni Tomaselli killed
24 may 1995 was Pillera Cappello man Giovanni Tomaselli killed

Calatabiano (Ct) capomafia Antonino Cinturino (Cappello ally)
18 June 1995 were Mariano Arezzi and his girlfriend Giuseppina Maria Alfonso killed, Arezzi worked for Cinturino.

Calatabiano (Ct) capomafia Antonino Cinturino (Cappello ally)
24 june 1995 was Francesco Muratore killed, it is the Cinturino war with the Carrapipani clan from Valguarnera Caropepe (En).

Savasta man Battaglia and Laudani man Mannino killed
14 July 1995 were Salvatore Battaglia (Savasta member) and Salvatore Mannino (Laudani) killed.

In may 1995 was Francesco Mannino arrested. 14 July 1995 was Salvatore Mannino killed with Salvatore Battaglia. 5 april 2003 was Francesco Mannino (38) killed and his brother Isidoro Mario Mannino (28) wounded and also wounded were gaetano Granvillano (49) and Orazio Sanfilippo (41). Their brother Cosimo “Abratta”Mannino is pentito against the Laudani clan.

Calatabiano (Ct) capomafia Antonino Cinturino (Cappello ally)
17 July 1995 was Giovanni Gerami killed.

Sciuto “Tigna”prominent Vito Censabella (brother Arturo Censabella “u Scinziatu”)
Sciuto “Tigna”prominent Vito Censabella suspect in the 14 september 1995 double murder of Sebastiano Cali (31 and works for Ferrera) and Maurizio Flaccomio (28 and works for Pillera Cappello).

Sciuto “Tigna”prominent Vito Censabella (brother Arturo Censabella “u Scinziatu”)
Sciuto “Tigna”prominent Vito Censabella suspect in the try to murder Francesco Rizzo

Benedetto “Nitto”Santapaola’s wife Carmela Miniti killed by Giuseppe Ferone

Catania capomafia Santapaola's wife Carmela Minniti killed by Giuseppe Ferone
1 September 1995 Benedetto Santapaola's wife Carmela Minniti was shot to death in Catania by Giuseppe Ferone who had dressed like a policeman and was just free after having testified as a pentito. He killed her because Santapaola had given permission to Puglisi to murder Ferone's father and son.

Catania boss Vito Licciardello killed
Fifteen days after the murder of Benedetto Santapaola's wife Carmela Minniti, underboss Aurelio Quattroluni kidnapped (16 september 1995) his boss Vito Licciardello, tortured his boss and then strangled him after the “confession”, his body was dissolved in acid a lupara bianca. According to the accusation, Quattroluni accused Vito Licciardello to have organized with the intelligence agencies the elimination of Carmela Minniti the wife of Santapaola. This of course of pentito Ferone who killed her when free. According to police Aurelio Quattroluni only wanted to take the place of his boss. This is the Provenzano- Santapaola war with Vito Vitale and Bagarella.

19 June 1996 was in Catania then Aurelio Quattroluni arrested he was seen as the leader of the Santapaola clan. With him were 5 others arrested in operation Orione.

Savasta boss Antonino Puglisi's son in law Romeo and Zuccaro killed
23 november 1995 was Savasta boss Antonino Puglisi’s son in law matteo Romeo(21) killed and within 7 hours was as revenge pillera cappello man Salvatore Zuccaro killed. Romeo is the husband of Santa Puglisi and the son in law of Savasta boss Antonino Puglisi.

Savasta men Nicolosi and Marano killed
12 July 1996 there are 2 ambushes in Catania and Giacomo Nicolosi (27) and Sebastiano Marano (28) got killed, they worked for the Savasta cosca.

In Catania were 19 july 1996 killed Filadelfio Bivona and Giovanni Carbonaro who support Cappello.

27 July 1996 were 48 arrested in Catania and Palermo, police try this way to stop the war between Santapaola and the Pillera-Cappello clan.

Savasta boss Antonino Puglisi’s daughter Santa and Botta killed
27 August 1996 Santa Puglisi (22) and Salvatore Botta (14) the first is the daughter and the last a nephew of Antonio Puglisi they get killed at the grave of Santa’s husband Matteo Romeo. The next day 5 men get arrested for those 2 murders and for the murder of Santapaola’s wife Minniti under them Giuseppe Ferone who had started his vendetta after being freed after having testified.

Catania borough Picanello based Ceusi (Ceusa, Geusi or Gelsi) family Piacenti (support Cappello??)

Catania ‘s quarter Picanello capomafia Calogero Campanella

Picanello capomafia ??? Salvatore Cristaldi (Santapaola ally) arrested
Salvatore Cristaldi and brother Venerando Cristaldi “u prufissuri”(born 16 november 1952 and arrested in may 1995). 6 October 1995 Salvatore Cristaldi (38) gets arrested, he leads Santapaola’s killers.

Catania borough Picanello based Ceusi (Ceusa, Geusi or Gelsi) family Piacenti (support Cappello??)
Ceusi clan in the borough Picanello led by Giovanni Piacenti whose brother Giuseppe Piacenti (50) disappears in January 2007. Their sister is Rosaria Piacenti. Capomafia Rosario Piacenti and his nephews the brothers Domenico and Salvatore Stelo.

Catania’s Ceusi member Salvatore Piacenti arrested
9 September 1995 near Catania the capo Salvatore Piacenti (38) gets arrested he is a member of the Ceusi group who supports the clan of Salvatore Cappello in the war against Santapaola.

Ceusi capomafia Santo Piacente killed by boss Giuseppe Ferone
23 january 1996 was Santo Piacente of the Ceusi killed by Giuseppe Ferone. Ceusi boss Santo Piacente was followed up by his nephew Giovanni Piacente.
Ceusi capomafia Giovanni Piacente

7 october 2002 police end operation “Icaro”and arrest the leader Domenico Stelo and his brother Salvatore Stelo,

Ceusi capomafia Giovanni Piacenti “l’elegante”was arrested in 2004. His brother Giuseppe Piacenti (50) disappeared 19 january 2007. Their sister is Rosaria Piacenti.

16 january 2009 was ceusi member Carmelo Piacente (44) and wife Mary Pascale (35) arrested. Ceusi clan member Gaetano grillo (41) was arrested 17 november 2009.

Ceusi clan of the Piacenti family destroyed by police operation Morus
The Ceusi clan of the Piacenti family was destroyed 26 november 2009 by police operation Morus when they arrest: Antonio Tavolacci (37), Rosaria Piacenti (56), Salvatore Marchese (56), Riccardo Testa (27), Umberto Fazio (71), Santo Panarello (38), Carmela Bua (49), Gioele Carmelo Musumeci (27), Giovanni Bruno (21), Albanian Laurant Kapaj (26), Rosario Luca Privitera (33), Mario Moscatt (54). Already imprisoned but also indicted were Giovanni Piacenti (62), Giovanni Piacenti (47), Giuseppe Emilio Platania (43), Alfio Dario Montauro (25), Salvatore Gravagna (62), Giuseppe Bonafede (48), Mario Lionti (25), Giuseppe Guglielmino (27), Antonino Morabito (27) and Albanian Gentjan Selimaj (32).

Laudani’s acting boss Alfio Giuffrida

Laudani man Giuseppe marchese arrested
7 November 1995 was Giuseppe Marchese (Laudani man) arrested for the murder of Vincenzo Ferone (Giuseppe’s son).

Laudani “I mussi I ficurinia”acting boss Di Giacomo orders murder of his lawyer Serafino fama
9 november 1995 the lawyer Serafino Fama(57) in Catania was killed, Laudani killer Salvatore Catti was the driver of the motorbike at the order of the Laudani- Di Giacomo cosca. Also pentito Alfio Giuffrida had to do with the murder.

Cappello acting boss Giuseppe Lombardo arrested
19 Januari 1996 was Giuseppe Lombardo (29) a nephew of Cappello arrested, he had supervised the cosca.

Laudani conflict with Cappello
29 January 1996 was Luigi Di Bella (Laudani) killed and then was Giacomo Tirri (Cappello) killed.

Arturo Censabella “u Scinziatu” (brother Sciuto “Tigna”prominent Vito Censabella)
Arturo Censabella “u Scinziatu” suspect in the 21 february 1996 murder of Francesco Bonforte

Cappello- Pace cosca (Pillera supporters)
5 March 1996 there was in Catania a meeting between mafiosi and it ends in a shootout in which was killed Angelo Di Pietro of the clan Cappello, and were wounded Giulio Magri and Antonio Di Mauro, also of the clan Cappello and also was wounded Maurizio Galletta, the last gets arrested for the murder.

Salvatore Cannava killed
6 may 1996 was Salvatore Cannava killed by Giuseppe Cutaia

Arturo Censabella “u Scinziatu” (brother Sciuto “Tigna”prominent Vito Censabella)
Arturo Censabella “u Scinziatu” suspect in the 19 may 1996 murder of Pietro Privitera

13 may 1996 was Cursoti Giovanni Indelicato killed and Santi Ferlito wounded.

11 July 1996 were in Catania and Enna men arrested of the cosca of the brothers Prestianni and the cosca of Calogero Conoscenti.

Giovanni Zito was a suspect in the murders of Giuseppe Di Mauro, Salvatore Battaglia and the double murder 12 july 1996 of Savasta clan members Giacomo Nicolosi and Rosario Munzone (he died 28 july 1996).

Capello man Orazio Vinciguerra killed
2 September 1996 near Catania the criminal Orazio Vinciguerra was killed he worked for Cappello.

Natale Reito (Pillera ally) killed
the next day 3 september 1996 in Catania Natale Reito (48) got killed he was a member of the Reito-Pillera groups who form the Cursoti and he was a suspect in the ambush in Iris street against Santapaola.

Cursoti man Francesco Papa killed
6 September 1996 Francesco Papa (41) got killed, he is the 5th in 5 days. Papa belonged to the Cursoti of Cappello and Pillera.

Curosti pentito Carmelo Papa

12 september 1996 was Pillera – Cappello man Rosario Buzzanga killed

14 september 1996 was arrested Agatino Fontanarosa boss of the Pillera Cappello clan.

Killer Giuseppe Grasso
Giuseppe Grasso who is suspected in the murder of Mario Minuto who was found killed 19 september 1996.

10 October 1996 were in Catania arrested Carmelo and Giuseppe Alcantara, Agatino Mirabella, Giuseppe Platania and Emilio Panebianca who lauder money for Santapaola.

Savasta boss Antonino Puglisi, underboss Orazio Nicolosi sentenced to life
In november 1996 Puglisi and Nicolosi get life for the murders of Messina’s family and their wifes get 4 years.

Killer Silvio Riannetto
22 december 1996 was Laudani man Francesco Fichera strangled by Silvio Riannetto

24 december 1996 was Paolo Privitera killed (he was close to the Piacenti clan) it could be revenge from the Laudani clan because before had their man Francesco Fichera been killed.

Laudani “cashier”Carmelo Rizzo killed
24 february 1997 was Laudani “cashier”Carmelo Rizzo killed and life sentences got the killers Vittorio La Rocca, Domenico Sapia, Salvatore Marcello Catti, Rosario Bonanno. Pentito Salvatore Troina. The murder was ordered by the bosses Alfio laudani and Giuseppe Maria Di Giacomo.

Capello orders murder
26 February 1997 in Catania Giuseppe Di Paola (28) and Roberto Arcangelo get arrested, they had killed 24 januari 1997 Agatino Chiesa (41) for the Cursoti of the imprisoned boss Salvatore Cappello.

19 December 1996 were near San Giorgio (Catania) Antonio Franceschini (27) and Roberto Di Bella (24) killed.

3 January 1997 was Angelo Di Blasi (36) shot dead.

20 February 1997 was Carmelo Puntillo (22) killed and earlier on the day was Giuseppe Russo (55) killed (he had been convicted).

20 February 1997 in Catania 11 men get arrested they are part of the clans of Santapaola, Laudani and Puntina for extortion.

In 1996 escaped Santapaola’s man Francesco Mantarro (43) from prison. 7 March 1997 Santapaola’s man Francesco Mantarro (43) was arrested.

Cappello clan pentito Massimiliano Cali commits suicide
3 may 1997 pentito Massimiliano Cali commits suicide. His brothers Giovanni Cali (?? Giovanni Cali killed 28 april 1989??) and Nuccio Cali had been killed. They worked for the cappello clan.

Salvatore cappello
31 august 1997 Cappello’s men killed Vincenzo Greco.

28 November 1997 were in Catania Sebastiano Desi (19) and Mario Fazio (30) killed.

Operazione Clessidra against malpassotu clan of Giuseppe Pulvirenti

In 1984 was the benzene station owner Richichi killed by Francesco and Carmelo Morales and Salvatore Corica. This happened to avenge 2 robbers who had been shot dead by Richichi when they held him up, they belonged to the holdup men of the Cursoti.

6 March 1995 were in Catania 3 man killed. Two were members of the cosca of Giuseppe Pulvirenti: Natale Lombardo (44), Massimo D’Urso and Carmelo Morales (42). The last had in 1984 with his brother Francesco the tankstationowner Richichi killed because he had captured during a holdup the perpetrators.

6 march 1995 killed Virgilio Cosentino in a quarrel Pulvirenti’s men Natale Lombardo, Carmelo Morales and their friend Massimo D ’Urso. Cosentino got 24 years , an uncle of him had become pentito (?? Antonino Cosentino son in law of Giuseppe Pulvirenti??) and a brother of Cosentino was shot and killed by police in a holdup. Cosentino got eventually house arrest and 13 july 1998 was his wife Antonina Debora Delfino (30) found killed and her husband is the suspect.

Catania province murdercase Lanzafame
16 May 1995 was Alfio Grazioso’s brother in law Giuseppe Lanzafame killed.

Pulvirenti (Catania)
14 March 1996 was in Misterbianco Alfio Grazioso (69) shot dead, he is the father of the 3 pentiti Giuseppe, Salvatore and Mario. Giuseppe Grazioso had been engaged with Pulvirenti’s daughter. Giuseppe Pulvirenti is pentito but already had wounded himself once to escape from being transferred.

2 august 1996 was Pulvirenti man Umberto Formosa killed.

3 december 1996 was in Belpasso wounded Prospero Motta (family of Alfio Licciardello the boss of the Pulvirenti clan)

14 April 1998 was Giovanni Riela wounded, he is the son of Lorenzo Riela who works for the son in law of Pulvirenti.

Operazione Clessidra against malpassotu clan of Giuseppe Pulvirenti
Giuseppe Barbagallo (30 years sentence), Agatino Bonaccorsi, Natale Botta (life sentence), Alfio Giovanni Di Bella, Aldo Ercolano (30 years sentence), Angelo Guidotto (30 years sentence), Carmelo Guidotto (30 years sentence), Maurizio Longo, Francesco Maccarrone, Orazio Pino, Carmelo Santonocito (30 years sentence), Antonino Licciardello, Salvatore Licciardello, Alfio Rino Lo Castro (got a life sentence), Francesco Maccarrone, Santo pisano (30 years sentence), Pietro Puglisi, Antonino Pulvirenti (40 and got a life sentence), Salvatore Pulvirenti (37 and got a life sentence and is the son of the boss pentito Giuseppe Pulvirenti), Girolamo Rannesi (41 and got a life sentence), Francesco Spampinato and Francesco Stimoli (got a life sentence).

The lifesentences were for the murders of Sebastiano Cambria 1 june 1990 in Palagonia, Alfio Furnari killed 20 january 1987, Carmelo Buda killed 21 january 1989, Salvatore D’Aquino killed 29 may 1986

Carmelo campo lupara bianca in june 1989, cursoti capo Gaetano Porzio killed 8 january 1991 and the 19 september 1984 killed Sebastianello Calandra

Pentito Antonino Cosentino got 8 years, pentito Giuseppe Grazioso got 16 years, pentito Giuseppe Licciardello got 16 years, pentito Rosario Licciardello got 12 years, Alfio Giovanni Di Bella was spoken free for the lupara bianca of Sebastiano Mancia 25 february 1989.

Provenzano enemies in Catania

In 1998 Partinico capomafia Vito Vitale became allies with the catania bosses Gesualdo La Rocca from Caltagirone and Santo Mazzei. Mazzei was already for a long time imprisoned and tried this way to lead the rise of his “Carcagnusi” clan who should dispose of the Ercolano Santapaola group.

Provenzano enemies in Catania
Vito Vitale also inniated Giuseppe Intelisano (against the wishes of the imprisoned bosses Aldo Ercolano and Benedetto Santapaola) as a made man (mafiosi) of Cosa Nostra, at the same time were also made the Catania men Francesco Riela and Massimiliano Vinciguerra, the last is the head of the "Carcagnusi".

Provenzano enemies in Catania
Then Giuseppe Intelisano, Santo Mazzei, Massimiliano Vinciguerra, Francesco Riela and Aldo La Rocca and other members of the Carcagnusi togather with Partinico capomafia Vito Vitale start opposing the Provenzano allies. They killed the important entrepeneurs Domenico Zucchero and Sergio Signorino who had been close with the old families. They also killed in Catania at the orders of Vito Vitale then Caltanissetta representative Lorenzo Vaccaro an ally of provenzano.

“Carcagnusu” acting boss Massimiliano Vinciguerra (for Sebastiano Mazzei)
“Carcagnusu” boss Sebastiano Mazzei is imprisoned and acting boss was Massimiliano Vinciguerra, Vinciguerra’s wife is Jessica Scott who acts as a go between for Santo Mazzei and Vito Vitale from Partinico.

Enna murdercase Giovanni Minacapilli (48)
Giovanni Minacapilli (48) from Aidone (En) was killed 24 january 1998. By accident was attacker Orazio Di Franco (28) from Enna wounded and after the others phoned their boss, they killed in the evening Di Franco whose body was found months later. Giovanni Minacapilli and Orazio Di Franco were both men of Enna’s old capomafia Giovanni Mattiolo “U vecchiu” who is a Provenzano supporter. For the two murders were arrested Sebastiano Varelli (69); Salvatore Dimaria (52); Vincenzo Giunta (69); Salvatore Chisari (26); Antonino Fallica (27) and Vito Antonio Zingale (36), Mario Alessandro Savoca, Salvatore Leonardi and Antonino Mavica. The murder of Minacapilli had been ordered by Vincenzo Giunta and Sebastiano Varelli. Leonardi and Savoca had tried to get medical care for the wounded killer Orazio Di Franco till the order came to kill him also.

Brusca's trustee Partinico capomafia Vito Vitale
28 Januari 1998 police arrest 14 mafia members from Partinico, Alcamo and Castellammare who are suspected of working for the boss Vito Vitale, they would be the killers of the recently in San Giuseppe Iato murdered uncle and nephew of pentito Balduccio di Maggio after his arrest.

Provenzano enemies kill Santapaola man Sergio Signorino
23 February 1998 was in Mascalucia (Ct) the criminal Sergio Signorino killed, member of the Santapaola clan.

Provenzano enemies kill Santapaola man Domenico Zucchero
13 March 1998 was Santapaola man Domenico Zucchero wounded and died 2 days later at the orders of Sebastiano Mazzei. Domenico Zucchero’s nephew Carmelo Zuccaro.

Mazzei topkiller Nicola Tucci had killed Santapaola man Domenico Zuccaro in march 1998

Brusca's trustee Partinico capomafia Vito Vitale orders murder of San Giuseppe Jato pentito Balduccio Di Maggio's brother Emanuele Di Maggio
21 March 1998 in San Giuseppe Iato Emanuele Di Maggio (52) get killed, he is one of the three brothers of pentito Balduccio Di Maggio and behind it is Vito Vitale.

Giuseppe Intelisano arrested
In march 1998 was Giuseppe Intelisano arrested. Pentito Salvatore Chianetta the former chauffeur for the boss Giuseppe Intelisano talks about the connections between the mafia, entrepeneurs, politicians and freemasons in Catania.

Palermo meeting of the Catania rebels
After Giuseppe Intelisano was arrested in march 1998 Vito Vitale held a meeting in Palermo for the Catania rebels of Vinciguerra, Riela and La Rocca with them also came Angelo Mascali. Mascali got the order to organize the murder of Nuccio Cannizzaro. They wanted to take Catania over from the Ercolano Santapaola clan by eliminating all their opponents under whom would also be Benedetto Santapaola’s son Vincenzo. But Angelo Mascali went to his friends Antonio Motta, Maurizio Zuccaro and Sebastiano Cannizzaro and told them about the rebels. The Catania cosca reacts on the from Palermo led mutiny with the murders of Giovanni Riela (a mistake because they wanted to kill his brother Francesco Riela) and Massimiliano Vinciguerra.

Partinico capocosca Vito Vitale
6 April 1998 seven members of the cosches of Vitale (Partinico), Brusca and DiMaggio get arrested. While Vito Vitale was on the run the cosca was run by his sister Giusy and their brother Leonardo Vitale.

Partinico capomafia Vito Vitale arrested
13 April 1998 Vito Vitale (39) the boss of Partinico get arrested and he is second only to Provenzano. While Vito is in prison his cosca was run by his son Giovanni Vito Vitale jr (15).
Partinico acting capomafia Giovanni Vito Vitale jr

Caltanissetta representant Domenico Vaccaro (Provenzano ally)
After Vito Vitale was arrested there was in Enna a peacemeeting in which particpated Domenico Vaccaro.

“Carcagnusu” acting boss Massimiliano Vinciguerra (for Sebastiano Mazzei) killed
In april 1998 was Massimiliano Vinciguerra killed by Vincenzo Santapaola (Benedetto’s oldest son), and his cosca members Antonio Motta, Maurizio Zuccaro, Nicolo Maugeri and Guido Agosta after which they hid his body, his body was found 20 november. 5 august 1998 were the killers Vincenzo Santapaola (Benedetto’s oldest son), and his cosca members Antonio Motta, Maurizio Zuccaro, Nicolo Maugeri and Guido Agosta arrested.

Laudani’s acting boss Alfio Giuffrida

Calatabiano (Ct) capomafia Antonino Cinturino (cappello ally)
17 March 1998 was Rinaldo D’Urso wounded. 28 April 1998 was Rinaldo D’Urso killed.

Cappello- Pace cosca (Pillera supporters)
22 March 1998 was in Milan Mario Pace (39) arrested, he is a member of Cappello’s clan and has got life for the double murder of Santo Laudani (the son of the boss) and Sergio Petralia.

Salvatore Cappello man Antonio Garibaldi (police operation Titanic)
8 may 1998 was Cappello man Antonio Garibaldi (44 and from Palagonia) arrested in Milan, also were 40 other men of the Cappello cosca arrested in police operation ''Titanic''.

Cappello acting boss Orazio Pardo arrested
16 May 1998 was in Catania arrested Orazio Pardo (45), the acting boss of the Cappello clan.

Salvatore Pillera arrested
1 june 1998 was in Catania Salvatore Pillera arrested , he was sought since 1996 when he got 11 years. He was also accused of 2 murders in 1977.

Pillera che nell'ultimo periodo di libertà, in cui ci sarebbe stato un tentativo di eliminarlo da parte del clan Santapaola, sarebbe riuscito a recuperare il controllo della sua organizzazione consolidando il legame con i clan dei Piacenti "Ceusi", dei "Cursoti", degli "Sciuto" e di Turi Cappello.

Giuseppe and Michele Ponticello
16 october 1999 were in Germany arrested the brothers Giuseppe and Michele Ponticello from Catania.

Sciuto- Cappello man Orazio Buda (his mother is Giovanna Privitera) was 18 october 1999 arrested

Catania Santapaola
28 November 1999 police arrest 7 members of the Santapaola cosca for 7 murders committed between june 1992 and februari 1993 the killed were members of the Cursoti who were at war with Santapaola's supporter Laudani under the killed were Sergio Lo Giudice (bother of Diego), the boss of the ceusa rosario Piacenti and Roberto Ferrara the uncle of cappello.

11 august 1992 was Cappello man Sergio Lo Giudice (43 and brother of former politician Diego Lo Giudice who is 41) shot and killed

Calatabiano mayor Intelisano arrested
15 May 2000 was Calatabiano’s (Ct) mayor Giuseppe Intelisano arrested with Alfio Lizzio, in an operation in which also an other 33 persons were arrested who were close with the cosca Cappello-Cintorino. Nino Cintorino was already imprisoned and was the boss. They were also accused of 2 murders; Rinaldo D'Urso killed in 1998 and Giancarlo Gerami killed in 1995.
Tra gli arrestati altre due donne, Vincenza Barbagallo e Domenica Blancato, e tra le persone a cui il provvedimento è stato notificato in carcere un'altra donna, Sebastiana Trovato. Also indictments for Cinturino and his wife Maria Filippa Messina who are imprisoned.

In june 2000 there starts a trial against members of the Laudani clan who are seen as the killersquad of Benedetto Santapaola they are indicted for 46 murders.

Calatabiano (Ct) capomafia Antonino Cinturino (Cappello ally)
In december 2001 was Antonino Benvegna killed. Operation Wolf started against them early 2002 after the murder of Antonino Benvegna.

Calatabiano (Ct) capomafia Antonino Cinturino (Cappello ally)
The april 2002 attack at Marco Maffei in Taormina.

Catania's Laudani clanleader Orazio Scuto arrested
19 March 2004 police arrest 25 members of the Laudani clan: Orazio Scuto (45 the leader of the group), Sebastiano Torrisi (36), Salvatore Tulletti (51), Antonino Lo Presti (35), Antonino Torrisi (43), Mario Primavera (29), Gerardo Mangano (56), Rosa Napoli (66), Santo Coco (37), Angelo Mario Grasso (32), Carmelo Privitera (35), Gianni Zappala (40), Antonino Di Mauro (51), Carmelo Maugeri (33), Sebastiano Zappala (39), Gaetano Cristaudo (40), Mario Gaetano Di Marco (36), Daniele Gullotta (27), Franco Guglielmino (29). Already imprisoned had been Mario Di Mauro (24) and Alessandro Bonaccorso (32).

Laudani man Sebastiano Saglimbeni arrested
Laudani man Sebastiano Saglimbeni (37) was arrested 15 april 2008.

Laudani clan killed Sebastiano D’Arrigo

Santapaola capomafia Umberto Di Fazio

Santapaola capomafia Umberto Di Fazio
13 february 2000 Di Fazio met in a car with a provincial councilman with whom he talks a long time about politics, police held them but let them go through.

Catania murdercase Roberto Pistone suspect Branciforte arrested
In february 2000 Filippo Branciforte (36) who worked for Santapaola was accused of the murder of Roberto Pistone on 5 august 1992 who worked for the Cappello clan.

Catania, Cursoti group
30 March 2000 was in Catania Salvatore Costanzo (44) arrested he is a member of the Cursoti.

16 april 2000 were in Catania elections. ???

Santapaola capomafia Umberto Di Fazio
Umberto Di Fazio’s name also appeared in operation 'Orione' against 110 members of the Santapaola clan which was finished by police 4 april 2000. in operation 'Orione' 26 got convicted to life sentences: Filippo Bonnaccorsi, Sebastiano Cannizzaro, Giuseppe Intelisano, Francesco Riela, Nicola Tucci, Vito Vitale, Alfio Savoca, Giovanni Arena, Gabriele Armeli Moccia, Calogero Campanella, Giuseppe Cocuzza, Aldo Ercolano, Antonino Lauria, Mario Maugeri, Aurelio Quattroluni, Benedetto Santapaola, Salvatore Santapaola, Orazio Scalia, Giuseppe Squillaci, Mario Testa, Giovanni Tropea, Ottavio Catania, Marcello Catti, Francesco Sutera, Salvatore Torrisi and pentito Angelo Mascali. Also sentenced were Gesualdo La Rocca, Sebastiano Mazzei, Antonio Alfio Motta, Vincenzo Santapaola, Maurizio Zuccaro, Salvatore Battaglia, Benedetto Cosimano, Antonino Cocuzza, Eugenio Galea, Natale Salvatore Fascetto, Carmelo Venia, Salvatore Tuccio and Francesco Maccarrone.

Santapaola capomafia Umberto Di Fazio
capomafia Umberto Di Fazio was sought since april 2000.

16 May 2000 were 4 persons arrested and also 28 indictments for already imprisoned persons who were accused of 13 murders. Accused were capomafia Benedetto Santapaola, his nephew and partner boss Aldo Ercolano, boss Piero Puglisi and Carletto Campanella. The murder of Orazio Scaravilli, capo of the rival Cursoti clan, three young boys affilated with the Cursoti: Rosario Chillemi, Filippo Alesci Lo Presti and Salvatore Mirabile who were strangled because they extorted the brothers Costanzo, Graci and Palmeri who build in Messina but were protected by Santapaola. The bodies were put on fire. Also they strangled Giuseppe Marino, affiliate of the Pulvirenti clan, and burned his body, his friends of the Pulvirenti clan killed him because the young man had become a drugaddict.

Gaetano Graci (his son in law Placido Dino Aiello) did the restauration of the San Siro track in 1990. Costanzo build L’Aeroporto di Trapani Birgi and also build with Graci and Rendo Aeroporto Pantelleria (Island near coast North Africa)

20 january 1992 were Giuseppe Pirri and Antonio Accetta tortured and killed, according to pentito Maurizio Avola the murders had been ordered by Santapaola because the boys had tried to extort the builders Costanzo and Graci.

Just before young Cursoti members Rosario Chillemi, Filippo Alesci Lo Presti and Salvatore Mirabile were strangled because they extorted the brothers Costanzo, Graci and Palmeri who build in Messina but were protected by Santapaola. The bodies were put on fire.

The murder of Orazio Scaravilli, capo of the rival Cursoti clan

capomafia Salvatore Cappello trustee Orazio Pardo arrested
In october 2000 was Orazio Pardo (trustee of capomafia Salvatore Cappello) arrested. Microspie ed intercettazioni dei carabinieri hanno permesso di delineare un quadro ben definito della famiglia mafiosa, ai cui vertici, secondo l’accusa, sarebbero assunti Antonio Arcidiacono e Angelo Guzzetta. Nonostante i reggenti del clan siano stati arrestati in diverse operazioni antimafia, le indagini dei carabinieri sono andate avanti: le microspie permettevano loro di avere un’idea aggiornata in tempo reale delle nuove gerarchie interne al clan e le sue dinamiche criminali. Ed è dagli ’ascolti' che i carabinieri scoprono che Guzzetta rinsalda i rapporti e stringe patti di non belligeranza anche con i clan catanesi storicamente rivali, come il presunto boss Salvatore Amato, responsabile unico del clan Santapaola, e Angelo Privitera, esponente di spicco del clan di Santo Mazzei.

Mascalucia (Ct)
7 February 2001 was in Mascalucia (Ct) the young Giovanni Finocchiaro shot and killed. Several days later police arrested his 5 killers (aged between 18 and 22) who had killed him because he had stolen money from their loot which they had stolen togather. Under the arrested is Salvatore Puglisi (nephew of capomafia and pentito Giuseppe Pulvirenti). The killed Giovanni Finocchiaro was the nephew of imprisoned capomafia Salvatore Pillera, archenemy of Pulvirenti and Santapaola.

Santapaola capomafia Umberto Di Fazio
In february 2001 Umberto Di Fazio escaped from an ambush.

In august 2001 disappears Mario Attina

7 december 2001 was Sergio Gardani (32) killed and Filippo Asero got a life sentence for the murder.

4 june 2002 was Bruno Pulici Sanfilippo killed and lifesentences were given to Giuseppe Pruiti and the nephews Gianfranco Conti Taguali and Marco Conti Taguali

Catania’s “Carateddi”family Bonaccorsi (Cappello supporters)

Catania’s “Carateddi”family Bonaccorsi (Cappello supporters)
The violent wing of Cappello’s group is the Carateddu clan of the brothers Ignazio Bonaccorsi and Concetto Bonaccorsi - photo left - (his wife is Concetta Valenti ) (both brothers are imprisoned for life for murder) and their sister Caterina Bonaccorsi and her husband Gaetano Lo Giudice have as son Sebastiano Lo Giudice. Carateddi clan boss Massimiliano Bonaccorsi (killed 23 Januari 1997) and his brothers Ignazio Bonaccorsi and Alessandro Bonaccorsi. Carateddi boss Antonio Bonaccorsi

21 February 1991 were the shot and killed car thieves Giovanni Durante (19) and Moreno Bennici (24) found in turin, they had been killed at the orders of the brothers Ignazio Bonaccorsi and Concetto Bonaccorsi because they had stolen the car of their brother in law Gaetano lo Giudice but the car was used by the Bonaccorsi brothers in Turin. Giovanni Durante (19) and Moreno Bennici their friend Battista Carpentieri survived because he wasn’t there.

11 july 1991 was Concetto Bonaccorsi (30) arrested immediately after his marriage to Concetta Valenti (25) he was sought for the double murder of the car thiefs Giovanni Durante (19) and Moreno Bennici.

21 april 1992 was Marco De Zorzi (26) shot and killed in his house by Concetto Bonaccorsi who got 24 years for the murder. Zorzi was hiding the fugitive Concetto Bonaccorsi and former Epaminonda trustee Nunziatino Cono Maddalena “Re di San Siro”.

Catania alliance Garozzo Bonaccorsi Cappello.
In an attached postcard to a letter, send in the first months of 2004 from Giuseppe Garozzo to Salvatore Cappello (both prisoners at the time) appeared a Formula 1 Ferrari with a driver who had the face of Capello and two men next to his side, one of which had the face of Bonaccorsi. Cappello had tightened his alliance with the groups of Giuseppe Garozzo, leader of the "Cursoti" and Ignazio Bonaccorsi, founder of the "Carateddu" group.

Catania’s more recent alliances:
Mazzei, Sciuto fraction "Tigna", Cappello and parts of the groups Pulvirenti, Pillera and Cursoti fight against:
Santapaola, Laudani, Sciuto fraction "Coscia" and parts of the groups Pulvirenti, Pillera and Cursoti.

“Nino” Santapoala and Benedetto Santapaola's brother in law Giuseppe Ercolano clash
Internally had come some troubles between Ercolano and “Nino” Santapoala. Alfio Mirabile was seen as the head of the San Cristoforo quarter in Catania for the santapaola family and was a close friend of “Nino” Santapaola the brother of Benedetto.

“Nino” Santapoala's friend and Monte Po (Catania province) capomafia Alfio Mirabile wounded
24 april 2004 was Monte Po capomafia Alfio Mirabile shot and so severely wounded he became paralyzed and ended in a wheelchair.

Benedetto Santapaola's brother “Nino” Santapoala and murder of Salvatore Di Pasquale
Revenge from “Nino” Santapoala came swift. After the attack was in San Giovanni Galermo quarter Salvatore Di Pasquale killed. 29 April 2004 was in Catania Salvatore Di Pasquale shot and killed, he was a small drugdealer.

Benedetto Santapaola's brother “Nino” Santapoala and murder of Gaetano La Rosa
1 May 2004 was the body of the killed Gaetano La Rosa (36) found in his burned Mercedes in the borough San Cristoforo. Gaetano La rosa was the brother of pentito Giuseppe La Rosa 'Pippu 'u nobili' and gaetano La Rosa was also the brother in law of capomafia Alessandro Strano (he is married to Angela La Rosa).

Benedetto Santapaola's brother “Nino” Santapoala and murder of Michele Costanzo
Then was Michele Costanzo killed and Antonino Sangiorgi wounded.

Catania operation “Risiko” ended
21 july 2004 were in Catania 12 persons arrested who support the Santapaola cosca in Monte Po, of which capomafia Alfio Mirabile had been severely wounded 24 april. 21 July 2004 were arrested of the Santapaola clan: Salvatore Francesco Guglielmino (32), Dario Caruana (26), Marco Strano (22), Gaetano Vitale (33), Paolo Mirabile (28), Antonino Tomaselli (27), Francesco Mirabile (48), Luigi Ferrini (30), Pietro Privitera (26), Antonio Comis (26), Mario Costa Cardone (25). Under the arrested were the brother and nephew of Alfio Mirabile, Francesco and Paolo mirabile, and Marco Strano, capomafia at the post of his imprisoned brother Alessandro.

“Nino” Santapoala's friend and Monte Po (Catania province) capomafia Alfio Mirabile arrested
Later was Alfio Mirabile (40) arrested. Also indicted Vincenzo Sicaro (52) and Marcello Scardia (38). Vincenzo Sicali, di 42 anni, e Marcello Scardina, di 38,

Catania capomafia Benedetto Santapaola's acting boss Giuseppe Ercolano (69) arrested
31 January 2005 was Giuseppe Ercolano (69) arrested, he was the capomafia of Catania province since the lifesentence of his brother in law Benedetto Santapaola.

Catania mayor Umberto Scapagnini
Umberto Scapagnini became 15 may 2005 mayor.

Catania, Raimondo Maugeri arrested
17 June 2005 was in Catania then Raimondo Maugeri arrested, he was seen as the capomafia of the cosca in Villaggio Sant’Agata di Catania, and was an ally of Santapaola. Police also arrested three members of a group who are allies of Santapaola, and are in the area Monte Po, who wanted to kill Maugeri after an internal conflict about drugtrafficking.

Catania capomafia Benedetto Santapaola's acting boss Umberto Di Fazio arrested in Agira (Enna)
Now he would have been back on the topspot with the backing of the Ercolano clan. 22 October 2005 was Santapaola clan capomafia Umberto Di Fazio (43) arrested in Agira (Enna) with his nephew Giuseppe Di Fazio (44 from Leonforte), Giuseppe Giannitto (43 from Agira) and Michele Stivala (26 from Agira). In the triangle Valguarnera, Agira (Enna), Leonforte the boss Umberto Di Fazio had relatives: nine uncles and about 60 cousins.

Catania capomafia Benedetto Santapaola's acting boss Umberto Di Fazio pentito
In december 2005 Catania capomafia Benedetto Santapaola's acting boss Umberto Di Fazio becomes a pentito.

Catania double murdercase
Two men were shot to death on June 11th 2006 in Paternò. Giuseppe Salvia, 29, and Roberto Faro, 19, were murdered by a command of killers inside their Fiat Uno. The ambush left seriously wounded Alessio Salvia, the 7 years old son of Giuseppe, who was in the car at that moment.


Benedetto’s nephew Angelo Santapaola (45) killed
30 september 2007 were Benedetto’s nephew Angelo Santapaola (45) and his bodyguard Nicola Sedici (31) (also a nephew of Santapaola because he married a niece of antapaola) killed.

Benedetto’s nephew Angelo Santapaola ‘s brother Francesco Santapaola (46) was 9 october 2007 arrested.

Bronte mafia family Incognito
Salvatore Incognito (born 1945?) and Luigina Maggi (born 1945?) had as sons Marcello Incognito (born 1965?) and semi pentito Enrico incognito (born 1964? And killed by his own brother 14 march 1994 under the eyes of their mother which was videotaped)

14 march 1994 was Enrico incognito (30) taping his own confessions about the mafia in Bronte when his family arrived and his own brother Marcello Incognito (29 and he later got a life sentence) shot and killed him while their mother Luigina Maggi (49) tried to withhold him by protesting which was all taped on video.

8 february 1996 was Andrea Parasiliti Rantone (Randone) (15) killed because he was witness to the lupara Bianca 5 days earlier of his uncle Roberto Scorciatore Bontempo. Police immediately arrest the witness Salvatore Bellito Grillo. 8 august 1996 was in Maniace killed witness Salvatore Bellito Grillo. 25 august 1996 was in Bronte killed Franco Montagno Bozzone which is connected to the murders.

Bronte representant for Mazzei’s Carcagnusi Francesco Montagno Bozzone

Bronte police operation Trash
Police start operation Trash 25 march 2008 with the arrests of 15 members of Mazzei’s Carcagnusi clan, they arrest Bronte representant for Mazzei’s Carcagnusi Francesco Montagno Bozzone and his son Santino Montagno Bozzone, Bozzone’s trustee Antonio Gaetano Di Marco, Maletto representant for Mazzei’s Carcagnusi Eugenio Spitaleri, Gaetano Spitaleri , Antonino Orefice, Giuseppe Barbagallo, Alfio Camuto, Biagio Batticani, Luciano Musumeci, Salvatore Parasiliti Parracello.

Bronte mafia boss Salvatore “Turi”Catania (Santapaola supporter) feud with Claudio Reale (34) whose brother Alessandro Reale (32) shot and killed 15 december 2009 Salvatore Costanzo (17)

16 june 2010 commits the small Bronte boss Antonio Gaetano Di Marco (43) suicide in Catania’s prison Bicocca. He was a nephew of the boss Francesco Montagno Bozzone who according to ???????? pentito Santo Mazzei?????? Was now Catania province representant!

Adrano feud Santangelo Scalisi

Adrano feud Santangelo Scalisi
27 july 2006 were in Bronte killed Alfio Rosano (brother of “Pipituni”leader Vincenzo Rosano), their nephew Daniele Crimi and Alfio Finocchiaro

20 september 2006 were the killed Carmelo Anzalone (43) and Sebastiano Gangi (30) from Adrano found.

Adrano feud Santangelo Scalisi
4 august 2007 was Nicolo Liotta killed.

Adrano feud Santangelo Scalisi
18 january 2008 was Francesco Rosano (a friend of the brothers Liotta the sons of killed Nicolo Liotta) killed as revenge for the killed Rosano, Crimi and Finocchiaro. The Rosano family were known as “Pipituni” and were led by Vincenzo Rosano

26 march 2008 was Alfio Santangelo arrested. 18 april 2008 was Salvatore Santangelo (32) killed.

Then somebody tried to kill Francesco Coco. 15 august 2008 was then Alfio Neri killed who was close with the Scalisi clan and with the criminals Roberto Angelo Zitello and Francesco Coco.

Police arrested 28 april 2009 of the Santangelo clan : Alfio Santangelo (56), Antonino Guaceci (39), Antonino Bulla (26), Piero Caruso (35), Nino Crimi (29), Salvatore Crimi (23), Antonino La Mela (34), Agatino Petronio (31), Alessio Samperi (24), Gianni Santangelo (26), Carmelo Sardo (47), Carmelo Scafidi (41).

Of the Scalisi clan police arrested: Carmela scalisi (61), Carmelo Scafidi (42), Francesco Coco (32), Carmelo Chiaramonte (48), Antonio Scarvaglieri (35), Graziano Napoli (25), Antonio Scalisi (31), Salvatore Severino (30), Marcello Stissi (36), Giuseppe Chiaramonte (24), Salvatore Chiaramonte (20), Giosue Lanza (19), Antonio Sanfilippo (33).

3 july 2010 were people from Messina province arrested
Paterno carabinieri commander captain Francesco Cavallo did operazione Uragano with help of pentiti Francesco Bonomo, Roberto Spampanato, Carmelo Barbagallo (his mother is Lucia Mirenna) and Liberato Emilio Mirenna

Catania war alliances

12 july 2008 was Carmelo Zito - photo right - (37) shot and killed he is the brother of Santapaola man Salvatore Zito “Turi Mafia”

Catania war alliances
According to a 2008 report was the Benedetto “Nitto”Santapaola- Ercolano clan supported by the families Assinnata, Santangelo, Sebastiano Sciuto- Savasta- laudani, Brunetto, Catania, Francesco Squillaci, La Rocca, Laudani, (Paterno’s Morabito clan), Laudani protégé Michele Di Mauro “Mussi di ficurinia”(suspect in murder of Salvatore Messina on 15 january 1990) and Paolo Di Mauro, Randazzo city based Rosta- Mangani- Ragaglia clan, Mazzei, Santo Di Benedetto (arrested 24 june 2007), Sciuto “Tigna”prominent Vito Censabella (suspect in the 31 march 1995 murder of Vincenzo ferone’s father Giuseppe Ferone), 14 september 1995 double murder of Sebastiano cali – works for Ferrera- and Maurizio Flaccomio –works for Pillera cappello-, try to murder 14 september 1995 Francesco Rizzo) and his brother Arturo Censabella “u Scinziatu” (suspect in the 21 february 1996 murder of Francesco Bonforte and the 19 may 1996 murder of Pietro Privitera)

Their enemies were the bosses Pillera and Cappello who were supported by the boss Cintorrino, Sciuto “Tigna”faction and nowadays the Puntina (Di Mauro ) clan who are now led by Corrado Favara and Nuccio Ieni.

The conflict started when Santapaola was left by the bosses Giuseppe Squillaci “Martiddina” from Piano Tavola and Strano from Monte Po who went over to Cappello whose carateddi allies then fight Santapaola.

Giuseppe Squillaci “Martiddina” (his son is Francesco Squillaci) got a life sentence for the murder of Carmelo Liotta who was killed 26 september 1988 in Misterbianco.

Carateddi clan acting boss Sebastiano Lo Giudice “Ianu u Carateddu”
Carateddi acting boss Sebastiano Lo Giudice “Ianu u Carateddu” went to war in the second half of 2008 with the Sciuto “tigna”cosca.

Sciuto Tigna capomafia Biagio Sciuto arrested
30 december 1995 were in Motta Sant'Anastasia (Ct) arrested Biagio Sciuto, capo of the Sciuto Tigna clan, and the killer Antonino Torrisi.

Sciuto member Sebastiano Fichera (37) killed
15 (or 26) August 2008 was Sciuto member Sebastiano Fichera (37) killed (his nephew is Giuseppe Bosco).

Sciuto “Tigna”acting boss Giacomo Spalletta killed
Sciuto acting boss Giacomo Spalletta (born 22 june 1957) (51) was 14 november 2008 killed. He was followed up by Sciuto “Tigna”capomafia Biagio Sciuto
Sciuto “Tigna” clan boss Biagio Sciuto (62)

Sciuto “Tigna” clan boss Biagio Sciuto (62) arrested
27 november 2008 was Sciuto Tigna clan boss Biagio Sciuto (62) arrested with Santo Marchi (49), Luciano D’Alessandro (36), Filippo Vinciguerra (36) and Alfio Di Marco (38).

Sciuto tigna man Giovanni Arena (born 9 august 1956) and his sons Agatino and Antonino Arena

Police arrested Biagio Sciuto “Tigna’’s man Vincenzo Venuto (36) who had participated in the murder of Annalisa Isaia (21) in april 1998.

Police operation Crepuscolo 8 november 2006

Sciuto clan
capomafia Giuseppe Sciuto (imprisoned) and now is their boss Filippo Marchi

Santapaola’s socalled squadra San Cocimo
12 january 2009 police arrest Santapaola men the brothers Antonio Testa (37) and Angelo Testa (30) (who are part of the socalled squadra San Cocimo) and Carmelo Ferraro (34 and son of Francesco Ferraro a mafioso from Caltagirone), Salvatore Massimino (52) and Salvatore Scordo (31), Giovanni Luca Buscema (33) and Corrado Giunta (38). They were arrested in the course of the investigation into the murder of Salvatore Lizzio (33) on 13 june 2005.

Giuseppe Vinciguerra (40) was killed 7 april 2009. 9 april 2009 were Massimiliano Cappello (brother of the boss Cappello) and Nicola Lo Faro arrested as suspects of the murder of Giuseppe Vinciguerra.

Garozzo- Mazzei Cursoti acting boss Nicola Lo Faro (45) (married to a sister of Giuseppe Garozzo who is his brother in law) was killed 4 may 2009

Carateddi clan acting boss Sebastiano Lo Giudice “Ianu u Carateddu”
Carateddi acting boss Sebastiano Lo Giudice “Ianu u Carateddu” went to war in 2009 with the Santapaola- ercolano clan and the Milan cursoti.

Sant Agata capomafia Raimondo Maugeri (47) was killed 30 june 2009 by Michele Schillaci, Paolo Mirabile and Salvatore Papale who were arrested.

Sciuto “Tigna”clan acting boss Salvatore Romano arrested
Sciuto “Tigna”clan acting boss Salvatore Romano (53) was 7 september 2009 arrested
Later Sciuto boss Pippo Fiasche.

Milan Curosti acting boss Francesco Palermo killed
Milan Curosti acting boss Francesco Palermo (46) was 27 september 2009 killed

Ercolano Santapaola acting boss Santo La causa “Pantalone”
25 July 1999 was Claudio La causa (33) arrested, he was the brother of the in january 1999 arrested boss Santo La causa who supports Santapaola.

Ercolano Santapaola acting boss Santo La causa
Pentito Ignazio barbagallo was arrested 8 October 2009 at a meeting with Santo La Causa, Carmelo Puglisi, Francesco Platania (boss of San Cristoforo), Rosario Tripodo (boss of Picanello), Antonino Botta, Sebastiano Laudani, Enzo Aiello and Venerando Cristaldi.

Salvatore Platania “Turi u Salaru”

Carateddi boss Antonio Bonaccorsi arrested
Carateddi boss Antonio Bonaccorsi (born 1968) (41) was 22 october 2009 arrested with Vito Acquavite (born 1978) , Antonio Arcidiacono (born 1960), Domenico Bertelli born (1979), Giovanni Colombrita (born 1958), Francesco Crisafulli (born 1961), Gaetano D’Aquino (born 1971), Salvatore D’Aquino (born 1958), Orazio Finocchiaro (born 1972), Rosario Foti (born 1975), Andrea Giuffrida (born 1980), Giuseppe Litrico (born 1984), Rosario Litteri (born 1952), Orazio Pardo (born 1957), Vincenzo Pettinati (born 1958), Girolamo Gino Ragonese (born 1978), Francesco Rizzotti (born 1980), Giovanni Piero Salvo (born 1977), Salvatore Massimiliano Sangiorgio (born 1971), Giuseppe Scalia (born 1979), Mario Strano (born 1965), Eugenio Salvatore Sturiale (born 1960), Mario Tedeschi (born 1976), Santo Tucci (born 1981), Roberto Sebastiano Viglianisi (born 1974), Michele Vinciguerra (born 1967), Agatino Zuccaro (born 1985) and Giovanni Zuccaro (born 1956).

santapaola’s socalled squadra Picanello
9 November 2009 were arrested Ignazio Di Fede (74), Antonino Meli (54) and Tommaso Carmelo Sciuto (already imprisoned). They would be members of santapaola’s socalled squadra Picanello. 14 october 2009 was already arrested Santo Tudisco (47).

Sciuto “Tigna”man Antonino Nicotra (48) arrested
26 december 2009 was Sciuto “Tigna”man Antonino Nicotra (48) arrested.

Carateddi clan acting boss Orazio Privitera arrested
24 january 2010 was Orazio Privitera “Pilu Russu” (48) arrested he was a cappello capo and then went over to the Sciuto “Tigna”clan and he was now the boss of the Carateddu.

Carateddi member Salvatore Tucci (30) killed
6 March 2010 was Carateddi member Salvatore Tucci (30) killed because he was suspected by the Carateddi leaders of stealing money from the group.

Carateddi clan acting boss Sebastiano Lo Giudice “Ianu u Carateddu”
Carateddi acting boss Sebastiano Lo Giudice “Ianu u Carateddu”(33) was arrested 8 march 2010.

Carateddi clan
16 march 2010 were arrested the Carateddi members Alessandro Bonaccorsi (32), Salvatore Bonvegna (30), Paolo Ferrara (36), Giovanni Musumeci (38), Natale Cavallaro (28) and Marco Rapisarda (33).

Giovanni La Porta (39) killed
23 march 2010 was Giovanni La Porta (39) killed he was the brother in law of Santapaola ally Orazio Magri.

Santapaola ally the boss Giuseppe Mazzaglia killed
Santapaola ally the boss Giuseppe Mazzaglia (50) was killed in Biancavilla 19 april 2010. War of Santapaola allies Mazzaglia- Toscano against Cappello –Cursoti of Miano

Carateddi acting capomafia gaetano Musumeci (27) arrested
29 april 2010 Carateddi acting capomafia gaetano Musumeci (27) arrested.

24 june 2010 was Maurizio Signorino shot and killed. His brother was the killed Sergio Signorino.

Maurizio Gravino (brother in law of Nino Testa) was wounded 1 july 2010, it was revenge for the murder of Maurizio Signorino (52) on 24 june 2010.

Cursoti member Angelo Mormina
In july 1986 cursoti Angelo Mormina shot and killed the prostitute Assunta Montagno in Siracusa.

Malpassotu boss Giuseppe Pulvirenti war with Miano and Garozzo
In February 1991 was Luciano Lo Re killed. In march 1991 was Orazio Intravaia killed by cursoti member Antonino Giustolisi. Pasquale Coci was killed 11 april 1991 by Cursoti capo Angelo Mormina.

Cursoti family Scaravilli
26 Februari 1993 were Angelo Mormina and Salvatore Scaravilli of the Cursoti arrested.

Operazione Pegaso ???
Pentito Gaspare Drago said they had wanted to kill the son Antonio (14) of pentito Salvatore Filistad. Sought is Salvatore Cristaldi.

Operazione Pegaso delivers the Cursoti of Garozzo 11 life sentences
14 july 1995 got the Cursoti members Giuseppe Garozzo, Angelo Stabile, Angelo Mormina (murder of Pasquale Coci on 11 april 1991), Nicola Lo Faro, Carmelo Giusti, Salvatore Mertoli, Carmelo Privitera, Bruno Getano, Antonino Giustolisi (murder of Orazio Intravaia on 26 march 1991 and the try to murder of Franco Farina and Salvatore D’Aquino who escaped), Rosario “Sarettu u furartere” Pitara and Salvatore Maugeri all a life sentence.

Cursoti family Pitara
21 march 2003 was Rosario “Sarettu u furartere” Pitara (49) arrested.

Cursoti member Angelo Mormina
15 october 2005 police arrest Cursoti capo Angelo Mormina (53) and Mazzei topkiller Giuseppe Coppola(sought since 1984), several days later was also Gaetano Roberto Giuffrida (46) arrested. Also arrested were Pietro Cannizzaro (74 and his son is the boss Sebastiano Cannizzzaro), Antonino Ensabella (47), Giuseppe Guerrieri (33), Salvatore Guerrieri (32), Salvatore Lunelio (44), Alfio Vadala (49), Alfio Catania (49) and Mario Giustolisi (24).

Operazione Plenum
9 june 2009 were arrested Santo Mazzei acting boss Angelo Privitera (45), Santo La Rosa (44), the brothers Angelo Copia (48) and Antonino Copia (47), Agatino Di Mauro (50), Carmelo Giusti (44), Alfio Maugeri (50), Francesco Severino (32), Carmelo Massimo Tomasello (39), Cosimo Tudisco (35), Rosario Vasta (41), Daniel Cannavo (32), Maurizio Miano (34), Pietro Nicolosi (32), Sergio Platania (45). Pentito Armando Raciti.

Cursoti family Pitara
2 may 2010 was wounded Salvatore Pitara (59) he is the brother of Milan Cursoti capo Rosario “Sarettu u furartere” Pitara.

Cursoti family Giustolisi
28 august 2010 was Luigi Giustolisi (21) shot and killed and Michele Beninato (23) wounded.

Paterno war
Salvatore Marzola and Natale messina got life for the double murder of Vito Assinnata and Lorenzo Chisari around 13 september 1992 for those murders got Gianfranco farina 16 years. They were killed at the orders of boss Carmelo Tilenni Scaglione jr (who also participated) who wanted to become the boss and ordered the murder of boss Domenico Assinnata’s son Vito Assinnata

24 october 1992 was Francesco Sanfilippo (son in law of Indelicato??) ) killed by Carmelo Tilenni Scaglione jr and Salvatore Di Marco “I Cantanti”.

Carmelo Tilenni Scaglione jr was also suspected of killing the brothers Giuseppe and Antonio Ventura

Carmelo Tilenni Scaglione jr killed
17 March 1994 had Maria Indelicato (widow deceased boss Bonanno) the killers Carmelo Tilenni Scaglione jr and Salvatore Di Marco shot and killed by her nephew Carmelo Indelicato (29) and Carmelo Nista (30).

Alleruzzo’s man Luigi Panebianco’s ex wife the woman Gaetana Consolazione Garraffo (37) killed
4 august 1995 was Alleruzzo’s man Luigi Panebianco’s ex wife the woman Gaetana Consolazione Garraffo (37) killed..

Paterno (Catania province)
5 December 1995 were in Paterno Antonino Sinatra and Agatino Gulisano killed by Orazio Farina (23).

war between Alleruzzo and Morabito
23 december 1995 was Mario La Delfa killed in the war between Alleruzzo and Morabito.

Paterno (Catania province)
16 May 1996 was the killer Orazio Farina in Colonia, Germany arrested with Rinaldo Battiato (41) who had fled from prison in Italy where he was imprisoned for murder.

Paterno (Ct)
3 March 1997 was in Paterno (Ct) Giuseppe Alleruzzo (39), the nephew of capomafia Pippo Alleruzzo killed, in the attack was also Alleruzzo trustee Luigi Panebianco (42) killed, before had Panebianco’s wife been killed.

calabrian Morabito Stimoli clan in Catania
25 January 1998 was in Paterno the criminal Orazio Franco killed by Salvatore Leonardi (37 and from Catania) and Salvatore Chisari (28 from Paterno) who are members of the clan Morabito Stimoli who work in Catania with the local mafia. Orazio Franco was killed and his body destroyed because he was suspected of informing the police.

Alleruzzo- assinnata clan members Antonio Calio (23), Pietro Puglisi (25), Domenico Asinnata (47) and his son Salvatore Assinnata (27) and Francesco Amantea were suspected in the 2 february 1998 murder of Antonino Zito in Paterno.

Alleruzzo- Assinnata clan member and killer Alfio Scuderi killed in june 2007 in Adrano small criminals Giuseppe Salvia (29) and Roberto Faro (19). Alfio Scuderi had also 12 april 1991 Alfio Salvatore Anastasi killed.

Antonino Monteleone (Alleruzzo)

Operazione Lampo: Giovanni Uccellatore, Francesco Musumana, Antonino Rapisarda, Vincenzo Stimoli, Daniele Claudio Magri, Salvatore Messina, Salvatore Stimoli

14 april was the shot and killed Gaetano Parisi (53 from Paterno) found.

Catania operation Cherubino arrests brothers Santo Alessandro Spampinato and Giuseppe Spampinato and the brothers Antonio and Andrea D’Emanuele the sons of Natale D’Emanuele

Adrano (Catania province) capocosca Alfio Santangelo arrested
In february 1988 or 1989 was at Sicily Alfio Santangelo arrested he is the boss of Adrano and was now replaced by Salvatore Salamone (32).
Adrano (province Catania) capocosca Salvatore salamone

Kempten arrests (Adrano diaspora)
5 December 1989 was Salvatore Salamone in Kempten (Germany) in a stolen car arrested. He is a mafiaboss from Adrano and was sought by Interpol Rome for a double murder, he had dozens of men in Amsterdam. Several days later were in Offenbach his partners in Kempten Antonio Giuliano and Ignazio Vinciguerra arrested. Salvatore salamone was followed up as boss in Kempten by pizzeria owner Vito di Stefano. In Kempten were also the nephews Alfio and Giovanni Leanza from Biancavilla (near Adrano)

Germany, Adrano capomafia Alfio Santangelo arrested
5 March 1998 was in Germany Alfio Santangelo the capomafia of the mafia clan Taccuini in Adrano (Ct), sentenced to 22 years.

Adrano (Catania province)
In march 1996 was Placido D’Oga (41) a member of the Santangelo clan arrested.

Adrano (Ct) murdercase Giuseppe Pruiti
26 March 1996 was in Adrano (Ct) the criminal Giuseppe Pruiti killed, he was suspected of being part of the Santangelo clan. His fiancee was wounded.

5 february 1997 were Taccuni clan boss Giuseppe Lo Cicero (35) and his bodyguard Salvatore Battiato (31) killed.

Adrano (Catania province) capomafia Giuseppe Scarvaglieri arrested
In march 1997 was Adrano’s capomafia Giuseppe Scarvaglieri arrested and his place was taken in by Concetta Scalisi the daughter of the killed Antonino Scalisi.
Adrano capomafia Concetta Scalisi

Adrano capomafia Concetta Scalisi (Catania) arrested
12 april 1999 Concetta Scalisi was arrested for 3 murders. They are supporters of the Laudani clan that rules the area Adrano, Biancavilla and Paterno. Concetta was sought since october 1998 for ordering the 3 murders of father Gaetano Cordaro (56) and his son Salvatore Cordaro (34) and Salvatore Rapisarda (39) in Acireale and Adrano on 18 march 1994 (also a suspect in these murders is Giuseppe Scarvaglieri). Concetta Scalisi got 20 years.

Adrano clan Santangelo- Cortese (Santapaola allies)
Adrano (Catania province) clan Santangelo-Salamone capocosca Alfio Santangelo
Alfio Santangelo (Santapaola ally) (his son in law is Antonino Quaceci) was capo of the mafiaclan Taccuini (Taccuni) in Adrano (Ct) and was at war with the also in Adrano based Scalisi clan (Laudani ally).

Adrano (Catania province) clan Scalisi- Stimoli capocosca Antonino Scalisi (Laudani ally)
Antonino Scalisi (killed 3 june 1981) and his son Salvatore Scalisi (killed in 1987) and his daughters Carmela Scalisi (her son is Giuseppe Scarvaglieri) and Concetta Scalisi. Nephew Vincenzo Ciadamidaro (Ciaramidaro)

Morabito- Stimoli- Fiorello clan (Scalisi ally??)

Boss Vincenzo Stimoli and son Salvatore Stimoli

Boss Vincenzo Morabito

Adrano (Catania province)
15 January 1997 was Placido D’Oga a member of the Santangelo clan killed in Adrano near Catania.
16 May 1998 was in Adrano (Ct) shot and killed Agatino Cosentino.

Biancavilla (Catania province) capocosca Orazio Gurgone
Orazio Gurgone (Pulvirenti ally) and his brother Placido Gurgone (killed)

Salvatore Toscano (disappeared in 1992) and his brother Placido Toscano “u Cicaluni”- Giuseppe Mazzaglia “Fifiddu”- Tomasello clan (Gurgone allies)

Santapaola ally the boss Giuseppe Mazzaglia (50) was killed in Biancavilla 19 april 2010

Biancavilla bosses
Biancavilla capomafia Giuseppe Mancari “pippu u pipi” (imprisoned) and Giuseppe Longhitano “Pippu u Zizzu”who was killed in September 1992 by the Malpossuto of Giuseppe Pulvirenti

Biancavilla clan Salvatore Toscano- Giuseppe Mazzaglia- Placido Tomasello clan (Gurgone allies)
after which the boss became Salvatore Toscano “u cicaluni” who disappeared as victim of a lupara Bianca and the new Biancavilla boss became Giuseppe Mazzaglia

Biancavilla (Catania province)
8 Februari 1997 were in Paterno, Adrano and Biancavilla 14 men of the boss Orazio Gurgone arrested, he worked for Pulvirenti. Later sentenced were Orazio Gurgone (42) (Orazio had followed up his brother Placido Gurgone who was killed) (Gurgone was then followed up by Salvatore Toscano who was now sentenced at this trial in absentia but was presumed killed and victim of a lupara Bianca), Roberto Ciaramidaro (26), Giuseppe mazzaglia (39), Giuseppe Monaco (49), Salvatore Venia (52), Giuseppe Attanasio (22), Alfio Ambrogio Monforte (30), Vito Amoroso (30), Giuseppe Genaro (32), Antonino La Cava (28) and Carni Monforte.

Giuseppe Amoroso and his brother Vito Amoroso the capomafia of the Toscano- Mazzaglia clan and his wife Grazia Lucia Muscia.

Biancavilla (Catania province)
1 februari 1998 was Carmelo Ventura (22) killed, he is of the Gurgone Toscano cosca. Suspect is Salvatore Maglia of the Gurgone- Toscao- Mazzaglia clan.

Biancavilla clan Toscano- Mazzaglia- Tomasello clan (Gurgone allies)
In December 2001 were sentenced of the clan: Vito Amoroso (37), Giuseppe Mazzaglia “Fifiddu”(41), Giuseppe Amoroso “l’avvucatu”(29), Alfio Ambrogio Monforte (32), Roberto Ciaramidaro (28), Carmelo Vercocco (28), Antonino Fichera (34), Nino Garofalo (49), Salvatore Neri (40), pentiti Alessio Verzi and Carmelo Zappala.

In November 2004 was in Biancavilla killed Alfio Milone

Catania war alliances
Santapaola- Ercolano and Laudani- Di Giacomo alliance who are supported by the Savasta clan and the Sebastiano Sciuto “Nuccio Coscia” clan are at war with the alliance Sciuto “Tigna”- Giuseppe Ferone- Castorina

Acireale capomafia Sebastiano Sciuto “Nuccio Coscia” (his brother in law is Gaetano Pennisi)
Sebastiano Sciuto “Nuccio Coscia” (his son is Stefano Sciuto) and his brother in law Maurizio Farace (killed by police when he did a holdup in may 1993)

Salvatore cappello
9 april 1989 were Vincenzo Catalano and Orazio Zappala killed at the orders of Cappello and Benedetto Cascio wounded, they were members of the Puntina alliance with Sciuto. Spoken free of the murders were Giuseppe Cutaia, Giovanni Costanzo and Antonino Favara. Pentiti Giovanni Pantellaro “Giocattolo”and Giuseppe Bussolari accused of the murder of Claudio Di Mauro with Antonino Favara. Orazio Nicolosi “U Lisciu”got 39 years for the murder of Francesco Savarino. Sebastiano Balbo and Celestino Mollica got 20 years for try to murder Giuseppe Campagna and Alfio Barbagallo.

Acireale (Ct) capomafia Giuseppe Sciuto
The Sciuto clan was part of the Cappello Pillera alliance against Santapaola and had under its members Orazio Signorelli and the brothers Santo and Angelo Castorina (Angelo Castorina was a friend of Santo Mazzei, they had met in prison).

Catania boss Pillera orders murder of ???Acireale?? capomafia Santo Castorina
Santo Castorina wanted to murder Pillera who found out and 15 may 1989 Santo Castorina (the brother of Angelo) was killed in Milan by Cappello’s men Enrico Sapienza and Giovanni Catanzaro.

Santo Castorina was followed up by Giuseppe “Pippo”Garozzo aka “u Maritatu”who goes to war against Pillera. The Sciuto cosca leaves the Pillera allies but won't work with Santapaola.

Sciuto alliance
the brothers Santo Castorina (killed 15 may 1989) and Angelo Castorina (killed 7 april 1998)
Giuseppe Garozzo and his brother in law Nicola Lo Faro

Acireale boss Angelo Castorina
13 March 1993 escapes Angelo Castorina from an ambush.

Acireale capomafia Sebastiano Sciuto “Nuccio Coscia” underboss Rosario Scuto arrested
Acireale capomafia Sebastiano Sciuto’s underboss Rosario “Puccio”Scuto was arrested in july 1994. He became pentito and Rosario Scuto’s wife Maria barbagallo immediately divorced him

Acireale capomafia Sebastiano Sciuto “Nuccio Coscia” arrested
4 June 1996 were 13 men arrested under whom Giuseppe Scalia the owner of a well known bar and Sebastiano Sciuto the suspect in the attack at the house of Pippo Baudo. Also were arrested Alfio trovato and his nephew Mario trovato and Sebastiano Pagano who worked for Sebastiano Sciuto and who all became pentiti.

Police operations Ciclope and Gallatea against Acireale clan

15 january 1997 the judges in Catania cancel 33 indictments of the 34 indictments which had been issued 20 december 1996 against imprisoned members of supporters of the Santapaola Ercolano cosca in Acireale. The judges don’t trust the pentiti.

Sciuto clan capomafia Romano arrested
15 January 1997 was in Catania Salvatore Romano arrested, police suspect him of being the boss of the Sciuto clan.

Sciuto underboss Giovanni Gennaio was suspected with capo Carmelo Ragusa to have ordered the attack that killed the boss Angelo Castorina and wounded boss Orazio Signorelli (40).

Acireale’s Sciuto boss Angelo Castorina killed
7 April 1998 was Angelo Castorina killed, he belonged to the Sciuto cosca and was killed by 3 killers of his own cosca, also wounded were Sciuto member Orazio Signorelli and the child Domenico Querulo (5). The shooters had been Luciano Daniele Trovato (28) and Giuseppe Cangemi who were driven by Lorenzo Patane. They had been ordered by Sciuto man Carmelo ragusa.
Acireale’s Sciuto boss Orazio Signorelli

26 august 1995 was in Belpasso capomafia Pulvirenti’s man Giuseppe Isaia killed (father of Annalisa Isaia??)

Acireale murdercase Annalisa Isaia
17 April 1998 was Annalisa Isaia (21) shot dead by her uncle Luciano Daniele Trovato (she is the daughter of his sister) who belongs to the Sciuto clan because she went out with members of the opposing Laudani clan, the weapon he used was also used in the murder of Castorina. (Isaia’s father had been killed in 1993).

Acireale arrests
18 April 1998 were in Catania for the murder of Angelo Castorina arrested: Carmelo Ragusa, Lorenzo Patane, Luciano Daniele Trovato and Giuseppe Cangemi. Still sought was Giovanni Gennaio.

Fiumefreddo (Ct) capomafia Paolo brunetto (supporter of Santapaola and Ercolano)
24 July 1999 Sebastiano Cantarella gets arrested he worked for capo Paolo Brunetto who is a supporter of Santapaola and Ercolano. 5 november 1999 was in London Giovanni Bonanno (28) arrested, he is a capo of Fiumefreddo capomafia Paolo brunetto who supports santapaola.

In ??? december?? 2001 were arrested Acireale bosses Sebastiano Sciuto, Paolo Vasta and Alfredo Quattrocchi, Fiumefreddo bosses Paolo Brunetto and SebastianoPatane, Giarre boss Salvatore Di Mauro and Antonino Cannavò who bosses the area between Santa Venerina and Zafferana.

Acireale capoamfia Sebastiano Sciuto “Nuccio Coscia” son Stefano Sciuto arrested
In operazione Santalucia were 28 july 2010 arrested: Stefano Sciuto (28 the son of Acireale boss Sebastiano Sciuto), Domenico Petronio (47), Francesco Patane (30), Sebastiano Rapita (32) and Sebastiano Patane (22).

Santapaola man Giovanni Salessi (via salamone garage in Milan) his brother Vincenzo Salesi

Catania’s quarter San Cristoforo
pentito Giuseppe Pulvirenti supplied news about Mazzei’s Carcagnusi clan which according to him exists since 1963 in Catania’s quarter San Cristoforo (the area of Catania’s Fish Market) in which Pulvirenti also lived. Mazzei was approached by Santapaola’s enemies the Cursoti which he joined.

Catania’s quarter San Cristoforo is split in two:
the east and west of Via delle Salette is the ‘frontier’ between two mafia controlled zones, that of the Savasta clan and that of the Carcagnusi clan.

Savasta clan
Savasta boss Antonino Puglisi (married to Santa Domenica Micci, their daughter is Santa Puglisi who is married with Matteo Romeo), underboss Orazio Nicolosi (married to Maria Rosa Vasta whose mother is Lucia Niciforo)

Catania’s “Carcagnusi”family boss Santo Mazzei
capomafia Santo "U'Carcagnuso" Mazzei (imprisoned) and his brothers Francesco Mazzei, Nuccio Mazzei and Matteo Mazzei. Now capomafia Sebastiano Mazzei (fugitive and his brother in law is Angelo Scalia who has as girlfriend Maria rita Evola).

Carateddi clan boss Massimiliano Bonaccorsi (Cappello affiliate) killed
23 January 1997 was Massimiliano Bonaccorsi (24) in Catania killed and his brother Alessandro Bonaccorsi wounded by Mazzei man Salvatore Di mauro.

Carateddi clan boss Ignazio Bonaccorsi (Cappello affiliate) orders murder of Giuseppe Pitera
Imprisoned Ignazio Bonaccorsi was angry at fellow inmate Rosario “Pitera because he had not brought his proper respects after the murder of Massimiliano Bonaccorsi, so 25 january 1997 he had Rosario Pitera’s brother Giuseppe Pitera (49) killed in Catania by Pietro Guerra and Rosario Pafumi.

28 July 1998 was Francesca Patrizia Privitera (38) arrested she still had to do 21 years for a double murder and she worked for Santapaola.

Between 26 june and 8 august 1998 there are in Catania 7 murders when there starts a war between Santo mazzei (Vito Vitale supporter ) and Benedetto Santapaola (Provenzano supporter)

Pentito Acireale mafioso Gaetano Vinciguerra
10 October 1998 the pentito Gaetano Vinciguerra from Acireale (Ct) told that in 1995 the catania mafia decided to kill Claudio Fava (son of the killed journalist), gaetano Vinciguerra would have been one of the killers. It didn’t go though.

29 may 1999 near Catania Angelo Renna (35) get killed.

30 July 1999 the capo Giansante Maugeri was arrested and he is close with Santapaola.

Santapaola capomafia Umberto Di Fazio
1 June 1999 was Umberto Di Fazio imprisoned but was already set free 16 june 1999. Santapaola capomafia Umberto Di Fazio was seen as between 1999 and the end of 2000 as the highest boss in Catania.

Benedetto santapaola's niece Grazia Santapaola arrested
22 March 2001 was in Catania then Grazia Santapaola (niece of capomafia Benedetto santapaola) arrested with her husband Salvatore Amato.

Catania capomafia Benedetto Santapaola's brother in law Giuseppe Ercolano comes free
Giuseppe Ercolano had already been arrested in december 1992 and had come free 22 january 2004, he had been imprisoned in Lanciano (Chieti) prison after a sentence of 12 years for mafia association.

Natale Benvenga got a life sentence for the murders of Giuseppe Sciuto and Salvatore Spitaleri

Savasta member the woman Venera Campagna and her daughter Graziella and Venera’s brother Angelo Concetto

Milan crimeboss Francis Turatello (Leggio and Coppola protege)
Francis Turatello his gangmembers were mainly catanesi like his trustee Angelo Epaminonda (who emigrated to Milan in 1969 when he was 24 years old) and they worked with the gang of Albert Bergamelli. Turatello trustees were the Catania family Mirabella “i Cipudda”.

Milan based catanese family Mirabella “i Cipudda”
The 4 “i Cipudda” brothers Rosario Mirabella (in 1980 killed), Salvatore Mirabella, Gaetano Mirabella (killed) and Carmelo Mirabella (killed) came from Catania and settled in Milan and their archenemy is the family Strano. Three of them were killed and the last survivor Salvatore Mirabella went to prison with which they lost their power in Milan.

Monte Po (Catania province)
Alfio Mirabile and his brother Francesco Mirabile and Alfio’s nephew Paolo (son of Francesco)?.

Monte Po (Catania province) capomafia Alessandro Strano
Monte Po capomafia Alessandro Strano and his brother Marco Strano. Alessandro Strano and his wife Angela La Rosa (her brother is Gaetano La Rosa ,killed, and their brother pentito Giuseppe La Rosa “Pippu 'u nobili”).

Monte Po boss Natale Di Raimondo brother in law Pietro Gravagna

Salvatore Pappalardo was a trustee of Montepo boss Natale Di Raimondo. Salvatore Pappalardo became Montepo boss later.

Cappello clan murders Antonino Faro
Antonino Faro was killed 26 august 1992 by Rosario Albino spina and Mario Grasso “il nano”(himself killed) because he left the Cappello clan and started working for Santapaola. His murder was ordered by Alfio Manca (also killed??).

23 november 1993 businessman Giuseppe Scaringi killed. Both these murders were solved thanks to pentito Monte Po boss Natale Di Raimondo and the murders were ordered by Aldo Ercolano

26 February 1993 was in Milan the Catanesi Giuseppe Strano (42) arrested.

Pentito Claudio Severino Samperi
Beginning 1993 Santapaola's trustee Claudio Severino Samperi (32) becomes pentito and will testify against the brothers Ivan and Francesco Ferrera.

Salvatore Pappalardo arrested
21 Januari 1994 Maria Iannone (29) the wife of pentito Claudio Severino Samperi and his nephew Salvatore Pappalardo (33) get arrested, she lived with Pappalardo since her husband became a pentito. Pappalardo leads Santapaola's killers (estimated at about a 100) and was suspected of the murder of inspector Lizzio and the ambush by Calabrians at tv presentator Pippo Baudo.

Salvatore Pappalardo killed
Salvatore Pappalardo was killed 29 october 1999 and his murder was ordered by his boss Alessandro Strano.

Monte Po boss Natale Di Raimondo
18 january 2008 was Carmelo Parlato “capelli Bianchi”(47) (sought since operation Plutone) 4 december 2007 arrested he worked for Monte Po boss Natale Di Raimondo.

Pentito Carmelo Grancagnolo

Pentito Maurizio Vinciguerra

Catania’s “Carcagnusi”family acting boss Massimiliano Vinciguerra

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