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Catania mayors

Catania mayor Angelo Francesco Lo Presti
Catania mayor Francesco Lo Presti (later arrested) only served from 10 march 1992 till 27 june 1992. Angelo Francesco Lo Presti was Catania’s short-lived mayor between March and June 1992. Among his various incursions with the law, he had been investigated for corruption on a Lire 1,500 million bribe. He was later suspended from the Christian Democrat Centre party.

Catania mayor?????
June 92 and june 93????

Catania mayor Enzo Bianco
Enzo Bianco became mayor in june 1993. Enzo Bianco was rechosen in november 1997. He was followed up 15 may 2005 by mayor Umberto Scapagnini.

Catania pentito Maurizio Avola

Maurizio Avola
Maurizio Avola was born in Catania 28 july 1961.

Catania mafioso Maurizio Avola
Maurizio Avola was inducted in the Catania cosca in 1982.

Killer Giuseppe Iannello murdered (Messina province)
17 December 1992 in Barcellona Giuseppe Iannello (27), suspect in 2 murders in Tortorici, and Antonino Bencivenga (18) were killed. 6 april 2004 pentito Maurizio Avola (trusted killer fot the Santapaola clan) got for the murders 14 years and 8 months, spoken free were Catania mafiosi Marcello D’Agata and Eugenio Galea who had been accused of ordering the murders by pentito Avola. According to Avola they had been asked by the Barcellona clan to handle the murders because of the alliance that early 90ties was started between Giuseppe Gullotti and boss Salvatore Santapaola. Maurizio Avola had accompanied the Catania killers Giuseppe De Leo and Giuseppe Crisafulli (both killed???)

Catania mafioso Maurizio Avola arrested
Catania mafioso Maurizio Avola was in march 1993 arrested.

Catania pentito Maurizio Avola
13 March 1996 there were indictments based upon the testimonies of Maurizio Avola.

Santapaola capomafia Umberto Di Fazio and pentito Maurizio Avola
13 december 1996 pentito Maurizio Avola named Umberto Di Fazio as one of the killers of policeman Lizzio. Avola said the other killers were Filippo Branciforti, Vincenzo Santapaola and Maurizo Zuccaro. The order they had gotten from capomafia Benedetto Santapaola, Aldo Ercolano and Calogero Campanella 'Carletto'.

Umberto Di Fazio got 16 years for extorting the distribution center Sigros di Piano Tavola in Misterbianco.

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