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Court turns down Mafia mayor’s appeal to keep state pension

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A disgraced Sicilian mayor who spent 11 years in prison for Mafia association and corruption did not agree that his lifetime mayor’s pension was annulled after his conviction. He appealed the annulment, but was turned down today, ANSA reported, when a Sicilian court nixed his appeal.

Vincenzo Lo Giudice (photo above) was a very successful politician, who eventually became mayor of the town of Canicattì in the Agrigento province of Sicily. But he did so with help of local Cosa Nostra clans. After his conviction he was banned from ever again holding public office.

His decision to appeal shows how unscrupulous some of these mobbed up politicians in Italy have gotten. If prime minister Silvio Berlusconi could start anew after all his screw-ups and Mafia projects, then surely a mayor from a Sicilian town can keep his pension, no?

Luckily, justice has made a comeback on the island of Sicily and a court told him firmly, “No.”

Lo Guidice was among forty politicians, businessmen, bankers, and architects who were arrested in 2004 on charges ranging from corruption and Mafia association to fraud relating to public works contracts, abuse of office and wrongdoing in the management of confiscated Mafia assets.

Investigators discovered Mafia families in the region influenced elections with threats and violence to put Lo Giudice and other Mafia candidates ahead during the general and regional elections in 2001. Police were able to implicate Lo Giudice by wiretapping him.

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