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Diary of a Motor City Hit Man: Chester Wheeler Campbell

By Christian Cipollini

This is the true story of Detroit’s most dangerous underworld enforcer.

In February 1975, while travelling a narrow stretch of road in a picturesque suburb of Detroit, Chester Wheeler Campbell’s big black sedan nearly collided- head on -with an approaching patrol car on its way to a call. That close encounter would eventually unravel the details of Campbell’s true mission in life – to take the lives of others.

A career criminal, Campbell was always on the radar of law enforcement, but the events set forth on that brisk winter night shed light on the true story and unimaginable magnitude of Detroit’s narcotics underworld. Chester Wheeler Campbell was a professional assassin, employed by Motor City’s most notorious drug lords. In his deadly tool chest, Campbell carried guns, cash, drugs, and the most dangerous item of all… notebooks filled with the intimate details of people on both sides of the law – information that would strike fear in the hearts of the inhabitants of an entire city.

On the surface, Campbell was not entirely unlike anybody else; strengths, weaknesses and seemingly normal daily routines. His career, however, was that of gangland legend. High priced contract killings, a keen knowledge of law enforcement practices and a resolute desire to employ the most advanced instruments of death and counter surveillance. Chester Wheeler Campbell was an anomaly even within the world of organized crime.

The Book unravels the vast history of Detroit’s underworld culture, economics and characters – including Campbell, Henry Marzette, Frank Lee Usher and many more. Filled with courtroom dialogue, interviews with those who encountered Campbell and over forty rare photographs and illustrations.

Release Date: July, 2013 on Strategic Media Books

About the author:

Christian Cipollini is a freelance writer, journalist, designer, and co-creator of mob-themed clothing line Knokaround Apparel. A graduate of Seton Hill University in Corporate Communications, he has covered entertainment, human interest and organized crime topics for over a decade, for print and online publications. Diary of a Motor City Hit Man is his first full-length book project. He is currently working on a book delving into the legend of Lucky Luciano for an anthology series called “Gangland Mysteries.”

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